The 7 Best Things To Do In Le Poet-Laval

The 7 Best Things To do in Le Poet-Laval

Discover how to visit and the best things to do in Le Poet-Laval, one of the pearls that make the beautiful days of French historical and architectural heritage.

Before visiting Le Poet-Laval, make sure you have your camera to immortalize your stay. With its historical charm and picturesque beauty, Poet-Laval is one of the most popular villages in France.

Lovers of beautiful stones, be warned, you will find your account. Walking through the narrow and cobbled streets, meeting an authentic village where every street corner tells you its story.

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The 7 Best Things To do in Le Poet-Laval

1. The old village

Best Things To do in Le Poet-Laval

Visiting Le Poet-Laval also means confronting its history closely linked to religion. It is the installation of part of the Order of the Hospitallers, during the twelfth century, in place of the current Poet-Laval, which is at the village’s origin.

The stigmata of the past, including several religious conflicts that took place there between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, are still visible on some buildings.

Do not hesitate to get lost in the village; in search of these stories, you will naturally find your way back anyway.

2. The Château du Poet-Laval

Its castle is at the top of the rocky eminence on the current Poet-Laval. It is the building that would be, according to the writings, at the origin of the village itself. Indeed, the houses would have come to settle at the foot of the building, thus participating in the expansion of Poet-Laval.

It was only a dungeon initially, but over the centuries, the castle has gradually grown. Today it is possible to visit it, with or without a guide, and it occasionally hosts art exhibitions.

The Commandery (or Commanders’ Lounge)

At the foot of the village, a second castle, wider, more accessible, and more comfortable, was born in the sixteenth century. It is called the “Salon des Commandeurs.”

Its function remains hypothetical, but a priori, it was used to house the administrators of surrounding domains, who were themselves under the Commanders’ orders.

3. The Museum of Dauphinois Protestantism

Religion has had a strong influence on the region. At the village’s origin, it is also the cause of destructive conflicts. Two communities of Christianity rubbed shoulders in Poet-Laval: Catholics and Protestants.

The second became more important than the first, and today, the Musée du Protestantisme Dauphinois du Poet-Laval pays tribute to him. Visiting the museum of Dauphinois Protestantism is one of the best things to do in Le Poet-Laval.

Discover the history as well as some artistic collections and booksellers.

4. The Huguenot Hike

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The day after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, in 1685, many Protestant people had to go into exile: the Huguenots Dauphinois. The starting point of this huge international hiking route takes place at the Musée du Protestantisme Dauphinois du Poet-Laval.

Nearly 1600 kilometers of trails cross France, Switzerland, and Germany to Bad Karlshafen. A way to reconnect with the past.

5. A bike tour

There are several loops specially designed to visit Le Poet-Laval by bike. These itineraries will then allow you to see the place freely. You have the choice in the undergrowth along the river Le Jabron, from the town hall in Gougne, or around the Chabotte.

The most complicated and exciting of these loops is the one that goes around the Chabotte. For more than 16 kilometers, discover the surrounding nature, with passages in the undergrowth, sometimes narrow and very wide. A bike tour is a fun thing to do in Le Poet Laval.

6. The Yvon Morin Art Center

Founded in 1995 by Yvon Morin, this art center is located in the heart of the village of Poet-Laval. It fits perfectly into the village’s heritage by its architecture that does not denote.

The center extends over 300 square meters and has three floors, which allows the exhibitions it organizes very regularly to be highlighted. Also, through the outdoor theater and the auditorium, this associative place offers its inhabitants and visitors many opportunities to cultivate themselves differently.

Especially thanks to concerts (jazz, classical music) and performances by theatre companies. Do not hesitate to inquire about the program planned during your stay at Poet-Laval. Going to the art center is one of the unique things to do in Le Poet Laval.

7. The surroundings of Poet-Laval


Visiting Le Poet-Laval is already in itself something extraordinary. But you should not miss its surroundings.

Less than 5 kilometers away, discover Dieulefit, a pleasant Provencal village from which you can hike and conquer its still wild nature.


To the north, do not miss the village of Pont-de-Barret, unknown and yet so beautiful. Its architecture is close to Poet-Laval’s, and the village is crossed by Le Roubion, just like Montélimar. It is a river where it is possible to swim and reserves you breathtaking landscapes.

Transparent waters, limestone rock, and a very green environment are excellent ways to break from nature during your stay.


Otherwise, nougat lovers will be delighted to visit its capital, Montélimar, less than 30 kilometers from Poet-Laval.

A detour is mandatory to see its public garden, its castle, its old town, and the banks of the Rhône!

The Baronnies Provençales Regional Natural Park

It should be noted that Poet-Laval occupies a small part of the Baronnies Provençales Regional Natural Park that we invite you to discover. With its lavender fields, green mountains, and valleys, it is a concentrate of Provence to enjoy.

Also, it is one of the few places in France where light pollution does not spoil the sky: ideal for stargazing!

How to get to Poet-Laval?

  • Poet-Laval is located between Lyon and Marseille, on the outskirts of the A7 motorway. So to get there, you will have to follow it, then take the D540 from Montélimar or Dieulefit (if you come from the east). Indeed, this departmental crosses Poet-Laval on all its width!
  • The nearest airports are Valence and Avignon. Smaller than those of Lyon and Marseille, they nevertheless allow you to reach Poet-Laval’s village quickly. To get an idea of the pricing, go to a flight comparison site like Skyscanner. It will offer you the best flights at the best prices. To fully enjoy your stay, all you have to do is rent a car as soon as you arrive at the airport: essential to visit the region independently!
  • As the last option, the bus will allow you to get closer to Poet-Laval from Montélimar, where a bus line departs. This line, n°35, connects Montélimar to Dieulefit via Poet-Laval.

Where to stay in Poet-Laval?

You will not encounter any difficulty staying in Poet-Laval. The city has no housing shortage, even with its small population (fewer than 1000 people)! The Hotel des Hospitaliers is the only major establishment, also very famous throughout the region.

Otherwise, you still have the option of the cottage or Airbnb, which is very widespread in all areas of the village. The Gougne district is the most central because it brings together the town hall and some restaurants where it is good to regain strength.

Do all the best things to do in Le Poet-Laval and have a great vacation?

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