The 11 Best Things To Do And See In Salers (Best Places)

The 11 Best Things to do and see in Salers (Best Places)

Visiting Salers: what are the best things to do and see in Salers, the village of Cantal, one of the prettiest villages in France?

Located at the gates of the Regional Natural Park of the Volcanoes of Auvergne, in cantal, come and visit Salers. Just 40 kilometers from Aurillac, do not miss to discover this charming village, whose historical heritage is as rich as its terroir is renowned.

Successively a merchant city and then a city of nobles, you will find the testimonies of its past through incredible architecture. This medieval fortified city contains an exciting history in the heart, all in the heart of a preserved nature.

So, you’re wondering what best things to do and see in Salers? We’ll tell you everything in this Salers travel guide of “best things to do and see in Salers”!

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The 11 Best Things to do and see in Salers (Best Places)

1. The Church of Saint-Mathieu de Salers

Best Things to do and see in Salers (Best Places)

Photo credit: Wikipedia – Velvet

If you are going to visit Salers, one of the first things to see is the beautiful village church.

Classified as a Historical Monument, it combines Gothic and Romanesque styles, testimony to several phases of construction and reconstruction. Don’t miss the magnificent 17th-century Aubusson tapestries inside and the fifteenth-century entombment painting. The Church of Saint-Mathieu de Salers is one of Salers’s best things to see.

2. The Museum of Salers (or The House of the Commander)

Are you visiting Salers and want to know more about the history of the village and its popular traditions? Then head to the exciting Salers Museum, called “the Commander’s House.” Its exhibitions, installed in a magnificent Renaissance bourgeois residence, are as enjoyable to admire as the architecture of the building.

3. The Chapel of Our Lady of Loreto

Best Things to do and see in Salers

If you wonder what to do in Salers, we advise you to stop at the Notre-Dame-de-Lorette chapel. This neo-Byzantine style building dates from the nineteenth century. A place of pilgrimage even today, the furniture it houses and its stained-glass windows are worth a look. The chapel of our lady of Loreto is one of the notable historical monuments to see in Salers.

4. Family Houses

The 11 Best Things to do and see in Salers (Best Places) | Family Houses | Travelvibe

Photo credit: WIkipédia – Christophe.Finot

House of Bargues

The Maison de Bargues is a historical monument for its façade, roof, and vaulted passage. His descendants still inhabit the house, and you can visit it only by reservation.

The House of the Bailiwick

Discover this incredible building built in the 15th century, located on the Place Tyssandier d’Escous. You will fall under the spell of its architecture and style marked by the Haute Auvergnate Renaissance. These towers of more than 20 m are just impressive.

House of Flogeac

Admire its façade, which bears the scars of some of its changes over the centuries. Then, push the doors of this 16th-century house and let yourself be invaded by the history it exudes.

House of the Ronade

If you visit Salers, your eyes will certainly be on this strange house or this tower. 5 floors high, it contains a spiral staircase to serve them.

House of Vernhes

Following a fire in 1898, the municipality bought this former hotel, which moved there in 1901. Today, it houses the Town Hall and the Intercommunal Tourist Office of the Pays de Salers.

House of the Missionaries

This beautiful building, adjoining a pretty little chapel, was built by diocesan missionaries in the 18th century. It has now become a retirement home. Very nice to admire from the outside, if you are going to visit Salers.

5. The Esplanade de Barrouze

The 11 Best Things to do and see in Salers (Best Places) | The Esplanade de Barrouze | Travelvibe

Photo credit:

This pretty park with trees and surrounded by ramparts is located in the upper part of the village. From its “terrace,” which culminates at 300 m high, you will have a breathtaking panorama of the Cantal mountains and the 3 glacial valleys: the Maronne, that of the Rat, and the Aspre.

To do in Salers absolutely, for a souvenir and a magnificent photo.

6. Place Tyssandier d’Escous

The 11 Best Things to do and see in Salers (Best Places) | Place Tyssandier dEscous | Travelvibe

When visiting Salers, do not miss the main square in the center of the village: Place Tyssandier d’Escous. Here proudly sits on its base, the bust of Ernest Tyssandiers d’Escous, a famous native of the village who worked to recognize the Salers cattle breed.

Surrounded by pretty Renaissance houses and especially the Maison du Baillage, it is pleasant and lively, especially on market days.

7. The Belfry Gate

The 11 Best Things to do and see in Salers (Best Places) | The Belfry Gate | Travelvibe

The Belfry Gate vestige of the old rampart is a square tower with a vaulted pointed door preceded by a round tower.

The roof, which some say resembles the hat of Merlin the Enchanter, is topped with an iron dial containing a bell, which still rings every half hour.

8. Events and festivities

The 11 Best Things to do and see in Salers (Best Places) | Events and festivities | Travelvibe

Photo credit: Flickr – Laurent Ribot

If you wonder what to do in Salers, know that the village hosts many summer activities. Participating in these festivities, you can get the most out of the best things to do in Salers. Here are some appointments:

  • The market is every Wednesday morning.
  • The Salon des Sites Remarquables du Goût (end of April, beginning of May)
  • La Pastourelle, a sporting event that combines several disciplines: hiking, mountain biking, races (end of May)
  • The Festival of the Mountain (end of June)
  • The wool market: artisans and breeders of the association La Toison d’Art offer for sale their creations and productions (end of July)
  • Cow and cheese day: market, animation, demonstration, tasting (early August)
  • Folk Gala on August 15

9. The Peyrade climbing site

The 11 Best Things to do and see in Salers (Best Places) | The Peyrade climbing site | Travelvibe

Still wondering what to do in Salers? Climbing enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that the village is located near an excellent spot that borders the Salers plateau: the Peyrade. 30 lanes that can satisfy all levels await you at 970 m altitudes.

10. Hiking

The 11 Best Things to do and see in Salers (Best Places) | Hiking 1 | Travelvibe

If there is one essential sport to do in Salers, which will delight lovers of the great outdoors, it is hiking. The village is the starting point of many marked trails at various difficulties. To name a few:

  • La Montagnoune (4km)
  • La Ronde de Salers (6km)
  • The GR de Pays – On the transhumance route (11km, 19.5 km, or the large loop of 89.5km)
  • La Pastourelle (32 km or 2 circuits of 16 km)
  • The bridge of Saingoux (7km)

11. Local products

The 11 Best Things to do and see in Salers (Best Places) | Local products 2 | Travelvibe

If you come to visit Salers, you will not be able to ignore its gastronomy, which is an integral part of the local culture. Indeed, the reputation of its cheese, beef, or aperitif with extracts of gentian roots is well established!

Also, do not forget to taste the culinary specialties of the Cantal region, such as truffade, bourriol, pounti, or stuffed cabbage. A delight! Buying local products is a great way to remember your trip and the best thing to do in Salers when you visit there.

How to get to Salers?

You want to visit Salers, wondering how to get there? We’ll tell you everything here!

All aboard

  • To reach the village of Salers, you will have to take the D922 road, whether you arrive from the north or the south.
  • IF YOU ARRIVE FROM MONTPELLIER OR BORDEAUX, the A75 and A89 motorways do not pass very far.
  • From Aurillac, it takes about 40 minutes to travel.

By plane/train/bus

  • Aurillac Airport’s nearest airport is 45 km away if you are traveling by plane. Larger and international, Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport is 144km away. From here, the best option is to rent a carOpens in a new tab. to enjoy fully – and especially independently – your stay.
  • TER trains also serve the cities of Aurillac and Mauriac.
  • You can then reach Salers by bus by taking the local lines of the “Cantal Lib'” network, LR102 – Mauriac / Aurillac, and LR134 – Salers / Mauriac.

Where to stay in Salers?

If you choose to visit Salers, we advise you to read our article “Where to sleep in Salers?”. You will find all the most beautiful addresses of hotels, guest rooms, and apartments to stay in the heart of the village.

For amateurs, know that it is also possible to put your tent at Camping Municipal le Mouriol. You can also check our article on “wild camping in France

Above all, do not hesitate to book your stay in advance and help you with a hotel comparator to find the cheapest rates.

So, what are the best things to do and see in Salers point you will do on your trip to Salers?

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