The 15 Best Things To Do In La Plagne In Summer And Winter

The 15 Best Things to do in La Plagne in Summer and Winter

Want to discover the best things to do in La Plagne? You’ve come to the right place: Travelvibe presents you with the most fun.

La Plagne is a large winter sports resort in the Tarentaise Valley. It is shared by four mountain communes, all as charming as each other. This station itself consists of seven altitude stations and four village stations. The ski area offers 225 km of alpine ski slopes and 95 ski lifts.

In addition, it has been connected since the early 2000s with that of Les Arcs and Peisey-Vallandry, thus forming the large estate of Paradiski. The best things to do in La Plagne depend on… of you. What are your desires during your stay at altitude?

You could; why not try free flight, rafting, climbing, or hiking during the summer. Nordic skiing, ice waterfalls, and sled dogs will appeal to young and old in winter! Whatever you decide to do in La Plagne, your stay will remain unforgettable.

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Here is the list of the best things to do in La Plagne in the Summer and Winter season:

The 15 Best Things to do in La Plagne in Summer and Winter

Best Things To Do in La Plagne in Summer


Best Things to do in La Plagne in Summer and Winter

Trail running is an excellent way to get back in shape. Running in the mountains allows you to vary the difficulty levels by choosing more or less long and steep trails. This outdoor activity to do in La Plagne can be very accessible financially.

In addition, it is the perfect way to explore the fantastic marked paths of the surroundings. We particularly recommend the Alpacists trail or the Deux Lacs trail. The surrounding nature is sumptuous!


An emblematic sport in mountain areas, paragliding allows you to free yourself from gravity and rub shoulders with jackdaws and golden eagles. When you decide to practice this outdoor activity in La Plagne, it is necessary to surround yourself with competent professionals. These instructors will train you to fly or offer you two-seater flights.

Take-off takes place at the top of La Grande Rochette. You will contemplate the massif of La Vanoise, Beaufortain and Tarentaise. Flying over the resorts of Paradiski, you can even perceive Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva…

You can fly for 70€! Then, prices vary depending on the flight options chosen.


Best Things to do in La Plagne in Summer

It is possible to indulge in the joys of white water sports when you go to this splendid resort. Canoeing is an outdoor activity in La Plagne in the heart of the Centron leisure center. The latter borders a bank of the Isère, a river with many rapids!

Of course, at Centron, the coaching is at the top, and you can learn this sport under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor. We recommend the month of June to practice this activity to enjoy the best river conditions.


Rafting is an extreme sport. It consists of going down a river as a team on an inflatable boat designed to accommodate up to ten people. Here again, Centron’s leisure base is the most suitable to test this outdoor activity to do in La Plagne.

The route follows the route of the gorges for seven kilometers. The advantage is that the journey starts slowly to let you get your bearings… before the rapids become more turbulent! Thrills guaranteed: alone, with family or friends. It is one of the best things to do in La Plagne in summer.


Climbing on the wall in the mountains is considered a main hobby. Why not take advantage of your stay to discover this outdoor activity in La Plagne? You can practice at the Rocher de la Villette or the climbing wall of the Pierre Leroux space.

Different levels of difficulty will be offered to you, and you will be able to progress in peace. The framing is at the top, and the spots are famous throughout the region. In short, if you are still looking to distract yourself during your stay, this is the ideal activity!

Quad bike

Are you looking for an outdoor activity to do in La Plagne that goes off the beaten track? We offer you to try the quad during a half-day hike. On the menu: the Col de l’Arpette, the Bauches Valley, Montalbert and Longefoy. These corners of paradise will no longer have any secrets for you!

Particularly pleasant when it is hot, the quad is a safe bet in the resort. Travelvibe recommends it (the B permit is mandatory).

Horseback riding

The horse is the most beautiful conquest of the human being, as they say. We tend to agree, especially when we have the opportunity to do it in the mountains! This outdoor activity in La Plagne allows you to discover its sumptuous landscapes with ease. Just you, the horse, and the view plunging towards the valley…

The ideal is to make this excursion with the family: the little ones will be perched on ponies.


Enjoying the mountains does not necessarily mean climbing, skiing, or tasting raclette. You can decide to sunbathe and perfect your breaststroke! Hold on, you who are looking for an outdoor activity to do in La Plagne: go to the leisure center of the Versants d’Aime.

In this open-air leisure center, you will contemplate the surrounding mountains while letting yourself be gilded by the alpine sun. Surprisingly good water is of great purity and will delight young and old. Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat, you’d regret it!

Best Things to do in La Plagne in Winter

Sliding sports

Best Things to do in La Plagne in winter

Whether you are a fan of snow, skiing, or sledding, the Paradiski ski area welcomes you from December to April. Paradiski is 425 kilometers of track, 130 lifts, and 3,250 meters above sea level. A dense and modern snow plow network reinforces the outstanding quality snow cover.

The resort attracts countless tourists from all over Europe every year. Multiple rental agencies in the center of La Plagne offer equipment if you do not have one. You have no excuse not to ride anymore!


In winter, you can walk the marked paths of the resort by putting on snowshoes. They will allow you to progress easily without sinking into the snow! Snowshoeing is a great outdoor activity to do in La Plagne in winter.

Our advice is to make the loop of Roche de Mio, a magnificent route with sublime panoramas of the snow-capped mountains of the Tarentaise.

Ice waterfall

Waterfall climbing in winter is one of the most spectacular outdoor activities to do in La Plagne. Equipped with crampons and ice axes, you will have to climb great sheaves of frozen water. The local spot is also one of the best known in the region.

The ice tower of Champagny le Haut is an artificial structure made of steel and wood covered with water. This gradually cools thanks to the very low temperatures. There is plenty to do with its 25 meters high! Visiting an ice waterfall is one of the best things to do in La Plagne.

Construction of an igloo

The construction of an igloo is not offered in all ski resorts during the winter. But it is possible to do this outdoor activity in La Plagne: enjoy it, especially with your family!

To learn all about ice architecture techniques, go to the company of guides in the ski area. They will share their experience with you to build your snow shelter.

Then, it will be up to you to train, in turn, your loved ones during your next stay at altitude. The Inuit just have to stand their ground!

Fatbike on snow

To go on a fatbike is to enjoy an outdoor activity in La Plagne, fun and sport in the middle of pristine landscapes. Finally, sporty… A little less since here, it is an electric fatbike that we are talking about. From the center of La Plagne, in the morning before the opening of the slopes or the evening after their closure, outings are proposed.

An instructor will guide you to the Col de Forcle to contemplate the majestic Mont Blanc. Then, gentle descent to the Dou du Praz. Riding a fat bike is one of the best things to do in La Plagne in winter.


Snowmobiling is a tourist must know things to do. This outdoor activity in La Plagne will allow you to discover the estate in the sun or at nightfall. In Belle Plagne, this happens: alone or in pairs on your snowmobile. You will live an unforgettable adventure.

Bring a warm ski outfit, thick gloves, and off you go for an unforgettable tour of the resort.

Sled dogs

Huskies, malamutes, Samoyeds… These Nordic dogs are the guarantors of this outdoor activity in La Plagne. Installed in a large sleigh covered with reindeer skins, let yourself slide on bucolic paths.

Two sites are available, the village of Longefoy or the spot of Dou du Praz in Plagne Village. Depending on the snow cover, different routes are available.

In any case, the sensations are unforgettable. We recommend it in case of a family visit, that’s okay! So, which one you will do from our list of “best things to do in La Plagne in summer and winter.”

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