The 10 Best Workshops In Metz-Nancy You Should Do

The 10 Best Workshops in Metz-Nancy You Should Do

Do you want to learn about a craft activity? Discover the best workshops in Metz-Nancy without further delay!

The cities of Metz and Nancy have the charm of eastern cities that we like to discover on foot. Two of them are 60km away from each other.

Metz and Nancy have something to amaze people passing through from pretty squares to small alleys through local shops and gourmet restaurants.

In Metz-Nancy, the quality of local craftsmanship is well established. Besides being diverse, this craft is very accessible. Some craftsmen open the doors of their workshop for an hour or an afternoon. The goal? Make you discover and learn their know-how.

Metz-Nancy is worth visiting if you have the artistic soul and the desire to learn. Travelvibe has selected the 10 best workshops to do in Metz-Nancy.

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1. Textile

Want to prepare for your wedding or that of a friend? So don’t hesitate to register for Rémi’s workshop in Nancy to make your personalized bow tie!

Remi learned art and crafts at the School of Fine Arts in Nancy. He let his natural creativity speak to specialize in the bow tie, the chic accessory par excellence.

For 2 hours, at the rate of 100 € for two people, Rémi will welcome you in a good mood and give you some quick styling lessons. Then will come the time of the making of the knot-pap’.

Whether plain or patterned, you will carry out all the steps of making a bow tie yourself. Let your creativity speak for itself to leave with two personalized bow ties designed by you!

2. Wood

The patina workshop at Angélique

Best Workshops in Metz-Nancy

With this workshop in Metz-Nancy, in Thionville, you will learn from Angélique the patina on wood. This term describes the process of aging a piece of furniture to give it an old-fashioned appearance.

For 1h30 at the rate of 30 € per person, Angélique will give you all the tips to skate a piece of furniture. You will leave with new knowledge. Your patina samples reproduce everything you have learned about your table at home!

The furniture makeover workshop at Angélique

Angélique also holds this workshop in Metz-Nancy. Here too, we are on the theme of wood and furniture. You will learn how to use patinas to restore your furniture.

You can bring your old furniture with you to restore it. Angelique will teach you all the basics of furniture restoration.

There will be three sessions, 2 hours each for 6 hours will cost you 100 €. After completing the workshop, you will leave with your small furniture restyled. It’s one of the best workshops in Metz-Nancy.

3. Alcohol

The whisky workshop at Jonas

This workshop in Metz-Nancy allows you to enter the fantastic estate of Rozelieures.

Sabine is the heiress of the Grallet-Dupic family. He has transformed the former family farm into a whisky distillery!

It is a relatively rare example of 100% French whisky whose family masters all its production.

Jonas will teach you all the techniques of whisky distillation. It also will show you around the cellars where the distillery’s whisky they store. This will cost 75 € per person for 2 hours of the workshop.

Of course, this workshop wouldn’t make sense if you didn’t assemble your whisky! This will be done, and you will even have the opportunity to bottle it with personalized labeling.

The brewing workshop at Théo

Best Workshops in Metz-Nancy

If you like craft beer, this workshop in Metz-Nancy is for you! It is one of the best workshops in Metz-Nancy.

Theo is an artisan brewer in Metz-Nancy. In his workshop, you will learn all the techniques of brewing beer and go to its manufacturing spot.

You’ll do everything from A to Z, crushing the grains to bottling and weighing the hops.

For 4 hours, at 60 € per person, you can make up to 10 liters of beer. Of course, you will take them to fritter in the evening!

4. Cosmetics and well-being

Want to have pretty scented candles? Choose this workshop in Metz-Nancy in the company of Virginie and Marine, and always in a good mood! The two inseparable artisan wax makers created their workshop in 2018.

Virginie and Marine will teach you how to make scented candles to integrate well into the decoration of your home. The workshop cost 45 € per person for 2 hours.

You will choose the scent and decoration of your candles. If you wish, adorn them with shells or dried flowers!

5. Pottery and ceramics

This workshop in Metz-Nancy allows you to make your porcelain jewelry. For 2 hours and 50 € per person, Marine will train you to make your porcelain pin.

Porcelain is a complex material to work with. You can make several models to recover within 3 to 4 weeks. This time is necessary for the drying of the earth.

6. Glass

We finish our selection of workshops to do in Metz-Nancy with this workshop. This will allow you to make your glass accessory. Théophile, a glass craftsman, will be your trainer for 2h30 at the rate of 100 € per person.

During your training in glass art, you will choose the accessory you will make: pen, bottle opener, or cap… everything is possible! Then, you will handle the torch to make your future personalized object. Théophile will cook it; you can pick it up a few days later to expose it at your home!

So, were the best workshops in Metz-Nancy helpful?

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