Is Metz France Worth Visiting? 12 Reasons To Visit

Is Metz France Worth Visiting? 12 Reasons to Visit

Yes, Metz France is worth visiting. The city of Metz is located in the northeast of France and has existed for more than 2,000 years. Its rich and diverse architecture dates back to antiquity with French and German influences. With a population of just over 100,000, it is considered a medium-sized city.

Metz is now a city of communication and information technology looking to the future. The city of Metz is vibrant both culturally and historically. It has been asking for a few years to be classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. To visit Metz is to discover a city full of riches and promises of the future.

Metz is full of exciting places and deserves to be visited. But, do you want to go to Metz and discover the must-sees of this city? So, here we present the 12 best things to do in Metz!

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Is Metz France Worth Visiting? 12 Reasons to Visit

1. Centre Pompidou-Metz

Is Metz France Worth Visiting? The 12 Best Things to do in Metz

Visiting Metz without doing the unmissable Centre Pompidou-Metz is unthinkable! Little brother of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, that of Metz is also a masterpiece of contemporary art.

Opened in 2010, it is covered by a bold roof reminiscent of a Chinese hat. The spire at the top is 77 meters high. It is a nod to the year 1977, the date of the opening of the Pompidou Center in Paris. Its three galleries host temporary exhibitions to show the best modern and contemporary art.

2. Golden Court Museum

The Museum of the Golden Court takes its name from the palace of the kings of AustrasiaOpens in a new tab.. Formerly, it stood in Metz.

It brings together superb collections to see absolutely. Indeed, its archaeological section is of exceptional richness, and medieval architecture is incredible. A maze of rooms and passages leads from the attic of Chèvremont to the ceilings of the Voué or chancel of St-Pierre-aux-Nonnains. Also, the Gallery of Fine Arts allows you to admire the works of Monsù Desiderio or the School of Metz.

3. The opera-theatre

To visit Metz at best, we suggest you see the opera-theater Metz Métropole, one of the first theaters built in France. Inaugurated in 1752, it is still in service to this day. This makes it the oldest operating theatre in the national territory.

It is beautiful and very well decorated. Notably, statues depicting muses are placed all along the fence. A local artist sculpted these in 1858. The programming of this opera theater ranges from the traditional lyrical to the contemporary creation.

4. The New Temple

Inspired by the Rhine cathedrals of Speyer and Worms, the Temple Neuf shows a medieval look. Even so, it was built in the early twentieth century. Moreover, it is located in the Jardin des Amours. Thus, it contrasts incredibly with the classical architecture of the opera theater, the latter being nearby.

Visiting Metz during the day is rich in emotion but visiting Metz at night is magical! The temple is even more impressive and beautiful. Indeed, as soon as the night comes to its nose, the building is illuminated and reflected in the Moselle. Thus, it offers one of the prettiest night views of the city.

5. Place Saint-Louis

The creation of the Place Saint-Louis dates back to the Middle Ages. In the thirteenth century, Metz became an important commercial and banking platform. Place Saint Louis is also called Place du Change.

Saint Louis has located hundreds of kilometers from Italy. Yet the architecture of this square has Sienese influences. Indeed, the arcades and the houses are glued together to give a very southern atmosphere. In short, visiting Metz makes you travel to the four corners of Europe!

6. Avenue Foch

Another place, another time, and another style. Avenue Foch is built on the ramparts of the old town. It is a perfect example of a mixture of materials and techniques. Its architects choose these during the twentieth century. Besides, the city of Metz, particularly Avenue Foch, is often considered an architectural laboratory.

Also, you can find a well-shaded green area in the center of this avenue. This is the old bridleway that has been converted into a park. The result of all this? An urban landscape without equality in France and even in all of Europe.

7. Metz train station

Metz station was also built at the beginning of the twentieth century, during the reign of William IIOpens in a new tab.. This three-hundred-meter-long building also included the Emperor’s apartments and reception pavilion. The large Metz station was designed to ease the transport of goods and passengers. But, more strategically, it also allowed wartime to quickly move as many soldiers as possible.

Its interior architecture is as surprising as the exterior. So, don’t hesitate to visit Metz by taking a tour there, even if you don’t take the train.

8. The Gate of the Germans

The Porte des Allemands is a tiny autonomous castle. Its name comes from the Teutonic Knights, or Hospitaller Brothers founded a hospital nearby in the thirteenth century. It served as a double gateway to Metz and a bridge over the river Seille.

Besides, it is considered the most significant relic of the city’s medieval ramparts. Also, it is from here that the circuit visits of the ramparts begin. This walk allows you to discover what remains of the fortifications of the city of Metz. Do not hesitate to do it alone or accompanied by a local guide!

9. St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Visiting Metz without seeing its cathedral is simply unthinkable! Built between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries, St. Stephen’s Cathedral results from two separate churches.

Its nave has a height of forty-two meters is more than impressive. Also, its stained glass surface is 6500 m², earning it the nickname Lantern of the Good God. Moreover, many artists contributed to the cathedral’s decoration between the thirteenth and twentieth centuries. Their masterpieces revealed by light constitute a true encyclopedia of the art of glass.

10. The Arsenal

The Arsenal was a military building intended to store weapons and ammunition. Built under Napoleon III, it is now a place for shows and exhibitions. Thanks to exceptional acoustic quality, Arsenal has become a place at the service of music.

This cultural space also has two other buildings worthy of interest because there are also must-sees to do in Metz.

● Indeed, the chapel of the Templars is the only octagonal chapel in Lorraine and serves as an exhibition room.

● Next to it, the church of Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains is the oldest in the city. Indeed, it dates from the fourth century.

11. The parks and gardens of Metz

Metz’s agglomeration signs display four flowers, which reflects his philosophy. Indeed, the city is an example of urban ecology, with the equal of almost 50m² of green spaces per inhabitant. Vister Metz is to discover many esplanades, bodies of water, parks, and green gardens, shimmering and flowery.

It is an absolute pleasure to walk in the many green spaces that punctuate the city.

12. Other exciting points in Metz

The surroundings of Metz are full of places to visit.

● You can start by going to Mont Saint-Quentin to visit its fortified group of seventy-two buildings.

● Descending by the southern slopes, stop at the house of Robert Schuman, the initiator of lasting peace in Europe.

● Continue to Jouy aux arches to admire its Roman aqueduct.

● Then take due East to reach the Château de Pange and let yourself be counted its history.

● On the way back, stop at the fruit gardens of Laquenexy. The program can also include visiting tastings of Moselle wines and a Mirabelle distillery.

How to get to Metz?

● By air: Metz has a small international airport, inaugurated in 1991 and 30 kilometers from the city center. Four low-cost airlines are present and operate national or international flights. To find the flight that suits you, do not hesitate to help you with flight comparators such as, for example, Skyscanner. For the transfer, many shuttles take you in 30min to the city center. If you prefer, the taxi option is also possible. You can also book your taxi at Metz airport with TaxiTender. It is an online booking platform that allows you to make an airport transfer reliably and affordably.

● By bus: Metz is located on critical European roads. It is thus very easy to reach this city by bus. Besides, its bus station is next to the train station. Indeed, you will be able to combine several types of public transport easily.

● The A31 motorway on a north-south axis or the A4 on the east-west makes it easy to reach Metz by car. In addition, many departmental roads converge in this city for those who wish to take their time.

Where to stay in Metz?

The must-sees of Metz are not far from each other. Indeed, you can easily reach them on foot or by taxi, if you feel like it. Thus, you could easily stay anywhere in the city. Still, the hyper center of Metz is where you will find accommodation in number and quality. Therefore, you should probably go through a hotel comparator to see the establishment that will suit you.

If you want to enjoy typical and traditional accommodation, we recommend booking an Airbnb. Here you will find many apartments and houses for all tastes and prices.

Wrap Up: Is Metz France Worth Visiting

Metz, France, is unquestionably worth visiting. Its rich history, diverse architecture, and vibrant cultural scene offer a unique blend of experiences. Metz has much to offer, from contemporary art at Centre Pompidou-Metz to the stunning St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Its green spaces and proximity to other attractions make it a must-visit destination. Whether you’re interested in history, art, or simply enjoying the charm of a European city, Metz has something for everyone. We hope you liked our article “Is Metz France Worth Visiting? The 12 Best Things to do in Metz”.

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