Fort Somba Opu – Makassar, An Amazing Historic Attraction

Fort Somba Opu – Makassar, An Amazing Historic Attraction

In addition to being famous for its stunning natural potential, Makassar also offers several tourist attractions full of history. One of them is The Attraction of Benteng Somba Opu, located not so far from The Landmark Makassar City, Losari Beach. The historic buildings at this site tell the story of the community’s struggle in fighting the invaders.

Fort Somba Opu (Benteng Somba Opu) – Makassar, An Amazing Historic Attraction

A trip here can be a good option for a family vacation. At the more than 250-year-old Somba Opu Fort, you will not only see historical items that are still preserved but also get a great deal of information about the fort. But, unfortunately, the place also became a silent witness to the ferocity of the invading tribes when they attacked the Makassar people.

Do you know this fort served as a hiding place for the Gowa-Tallo kingdom when the invaders were at war? Additionally, Somba Opu Fort is known to have also had an extremely strong defense, to the point of it being called the most difficult fortress to be damaged by invaders. The fort was built in 1669 by the 9th King of Gowa.

At that time, the fort of Somba Opu was also a symbol of the glory of Gowa-Tallo. The area around the Citadel was also a port and a spice trade center in the 16th century. The fort was abandoned after it was washed away by the tide in 1980. However, archaeologists rediscovered it, and it has become a popular tourist attraction in Makassar.

Somba Opu Fort: Admission Price, Location, Travel Route, and Facilities Available

In addition to its historical significance, this place naturally attracts interest. On this occasion, we will share information about the historical attractions of Somba Opu Fort, starting from the price of admission, location to facilities available in this place. For more details, you can immediately check out the review below.

Admission Price

Each tourist who visits here will be charged 20,000 rupiahs as an admission ticket. In addition, visitors are also charged a parking fee of 3,000 rupiahs for two-wheeled vehicles and 5,000 rupiahs for four-wheeled vehicles. As for the operating hours, it is open from 08.00 am to 07.00 pm local time.

Location of The Fortress

You can travel to Dg Tata Street, Fort Somba OpuOpens in a new tab. (Benteng Somba Opu) Village, Barombong District, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi Province for those curious and want to visit this place. 

To get to the location, you can use a private vehicle. Road access to Sompa Opu tourism has also been very good because it has been improved by the Gowa Local Government Tourism Office.

Travel Routes

As for the route, you can depart from the city center of Makassar. From there, you choose the direction to the road Dg Tata approximately 6 kilometers. 

After that, you will find a signboard leading to the Entrance of Somba Opu. Travel time from Makassar city center to this tourist attraction is only about 15 minutes. The location is also quite strategic, so it is easy to find.

Available Facilities

This attraction is managed directly by the local Tourism Office so that the facilities available can be said to be quite complete. In this place, you can use facilities such as public toilets, restaurants, rest areas, information boards, to a large parking area. 

In addition, not far from this place you can also visit a ride called Gowa Discovery Park. The attractions are a giant swimming pool complete with water games and a water park.

More or less like that information that we can present about the attractions of Fort Somba Opu (Benteng Somba Opu). Until here, are you interested in filling the vacation time in this place with family? 

If so, the reviews we present above may guide the price of admission, location, road access to Lokawista, and what facilities and rides are available at Somba Opu Fort.

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