Explore: 10 Best French Islands In The Mediterranean!

10 Best French Islands in the Mediterranean Sea: Unveiling the Beauty of Mediterranean Island

Immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of the Mediterranean with the best French islands to visit. From the enchanting coastlines of Corsica, the largest island in France, to the diminutive yet breathtaking charms of other French islands, experience the allure of stunning beaches and natural wonders. Explore the mesmerizing beauty of these islands off the southern coast of France, and indulge in the captivating blend of French culture and Mediterranean charm.

French Islands are the epitome of the heavenly beauty of nature, filled with wondrous ancient ruins and amazing archeological sites. From French islands along the Breton Coast to the French islands in the Mediterranean to the French islands in the middle of the Pacific, they all astonish tourists with their surreal sights.

10 French Islands In The Mediterranean

French islands represent the diversity of French landscapes, and we all know that French landscapes never fail to mesmerize people worldwide. French islands feel like a dreamland straight out of fairytales; these islands have intoxicated tourists with the scenic sights so much that some people have decided to live permanently on these islands.

After learning all these beautiful things about French islands, you might get eager to know more about these islands.

So here’s a list of the Top 10 French islands in the Mediterranean. You’ll also get to know why these islands are famous and all of the fun activities you can do on these dreamy islands.

French Island NameCountryPopulation
MaltaRepublic Of Malta5,18,536
CyprusRepublic of Cyprus1,244,188
Îles d’HyèresFrance54,615

1. Sicily, Italy:

Sicily, also known as Italian Sicilia Island ranks in the 1st position when it comes to the largest and most densely populated island in the Mediterranean Sea. This island is located in southern Italy and is the largest Island in Italy. Sicily forms an autonomous region in Italy that contains Egadi, Lipari, Pelagie, and Pantelleria islands.

Besides being the largest island, Sicily is famous for its atypical beaches, captivating villages, cathedrals, vineyards, and picturesque archeological sites. Also, this island is home to many wine regions like Mount Etna, Noto, Faro, and Vittoria.

This place is perfect for cultivating wine grapes because of its natural gifts, volcanic soil, and Mediterranean climate. So the best of the wines that we drink are made on this island, and that makes this island known to many people.

Another interesting fact about Sicily is that many ancient Greek ruins are on this island outside of Greece. One of its citizens is also responsible for making this place famous. Archimedes, the well-known Greek mathematician was born here and lived half of his life on this very island.

The one thing that people love to do while visiting the island is try this place’s out-of-the-world delicious foods. This island mostly focuses on seafood dishes cooked with some local but excellent ingredients. If you ever visit Sicily, don’t forget to try its exceptional cuisine.

Also, Mount Etna, the highest volcano in Europe, is located on this island. Exploring this volcanic summit is one of the best fun activities that you can do on this island. Other than visiting the volcano summit, you can go hiking in this island’s Zingaro Nature Reserve. This is a perfect spot for hiking.

How To Go To Sicily:

You can fly to Italy from your country and then take the A1 motorway from Northern Italy to Naples. After reaching Naples, continue your journey through A3 to Villa San Giovanni and Reggio Calabria. You can take the ferry from here directly to Messina.

Where To Stay In Sicily:

The top places where you can stay while visiting Sicily island are La Terrazza Sul Centro, where you can enjoy the view of Sicily from the terrace and cook your own food in the shared kitchen, A Casa Di Amici where they offer both en-suite rooms and beds in shared dormitories, B&B Villa San Marco where you can do swimming in the swimming pool which is placed in a large garden.

If you’re searching for some places with reasonable prices, then you can opt for Airone Wellness Hotel where they have a swimming pool and a luxury wellness center, Masseria Rosella which is surrounded by Olive groves and Vineyards, Modica Boutique Hotel where you can enjoy your late night drinks in the bar, or try delicious foods in the restaurant.

2. Sardinia, Italy:

After Sicily, Sardinia is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and it measures 9,194 sq miles. This island is known to Italians as Sardegna, and the official name is the Autonomous Region Of Sardinia. Fortunately, it’s not an earthquake-prone area because of its ancient geoformation which makes this place safe to stay in.

Its exceptional but most unique feature is that it has a lot of nuraghi (structures made of basalt blocks). These majestic structures were built in prehistoric times and the civilization by which these nuraghis were made, is the prehistoric population of this island.

Other than Nuraghi, this island also has exquisite beaches, turquoise oceans, and rock formations. The places which attract tourists to this island are Isola Rossa, Stintina, and Alghero.

Besides these amazing tourist spots, the island also has beautiful places like Costa Smeralda, The Maddalena Archipelago, Cala Goloritze, the Village of Tiscali which can’t be seen before entering the inside of the rocky cavity, Bay of Chia, Barbagia which is filled with high mountains and water clear like crystals, and Su Gorropu.

The most fun thing that you can do in Sardinia is paddling with adorable dolphins in the Golfo Aranci. This place is home to cute bottlenose dolphins that like to have fun in the water just off the coast. You can also go snorkeling in the Wild Cagliari. Wander around deep under the sea and experience a fully mesmerizing adventure with your loved ones.

This place also lets you go on cave tours in dark spooky caves which are known as the Neptune Caves. Other than all these fun activities, you can also wander around the streets of Orgoslo and see the amazing wall paintings.

This place is also known as an open-air museum. And don’t even dare to miss visiting the majestic archeological sites of Tharros which are ruins of both Phoenician and Roman eras. You’ll regret a lot if you come back home from Sardinia without visiting these ancient archaeological sites.

How To Go To Sardinia:

You can go to Sardinia from the mainland of Italy by both air and sea. Deciding to go by air will be lucrative for you as this is the cheap option to go to Sardinia. But if you want to take your vehicle with you to Sardinia Island, then you have to take a ferry from Toulon and Nice.

The cheapest ferry to Sardinia is the Livorno to Olbia ferry; the rate of this ferry is only $200. If you want a fast route to Sardinia, then you should take the Bonifacio to Santa Teresa di Gallura ferry. If you take a ferry from Naples, it may take you 16 hours to reach Cagliari.

Where To Stay In Sardinia:

For the best experience, you can stay in these top hotels- Casa Obia which is only 1.7km from Sardinia International Fair, Istedda Boutique where you can enjoy swimming in an outdoor swimming pool, breathing in a garden, and amazing views from a terrace, Palas De Serra Country Resort where you’ll get a concierge service, a bar, and a terrace, Viale Italia Boutique Rooms where they offer you rooms with private balcony and a satellite flat-screen Tv.

The cheap options are- Casa Oleandri, with an outdoor swimming pool, a terrace, and rooms with balconies, and Antico Borgo where you’ll be able to enjoy an inner courtyard view and a garden view.

3. Malta, Republic Of Malta:

Malta is an island filled with historic sites related to the succession of rulers like the Romans, Moors, Knights Of Saint John, French, and British. This place has a lot of fortresses and megalithic temples. This island had a major part in World War2, this place was used as a base for the Allied Powers, but it was aggressively destroyed by German and Italian aircraft.

The Malta country consists of two more amazing islands, Gozo and Comino. This country became independent in 1964, and before being independent, it was controlled by Great Britain.

This plan is mostly known for its scenic beauty and friendly but very simple citizens. This island also has a warm climate, which is just perfect for tourists to enjoy this place. Malta attracts tourists from all over the world with its natural cliffs, wondrous landscapes,  magnificent coastlines, and dive sites.

This place is even famous for being used for filming movies in its picturesque sites. Malta is a very fun place because people in this country love holidays and religious celebrations

People come here to experience various water adventures like scuba diving, windsurfing, and kayaking. But if you’re someone who lives for breathtaking adventures, then you can also try wakeboarding, water skiing, and paragliding here. More water activities that you can do in Malta are water polo, canoeing, fishing, sailing, and yachting.

Parasailing is also a fun adventure that you can do in Malta. The places that you can visit in Malta are the Blue Lagoon, St. Agatha’s Tower, Popeye Village, The Parish Church of Mellieha, St. John’s Co-Cathedral, Hagar Qim Temples, The Mnajdra Temples, The Tarxien Temples, and Golden Bay.

How To Go To Malta:

Malta has its airport located in Luqa (Malta International Airport), and that is the common way to enter and exit this island. You can take a flight to Malta from any European or Mediterranean country.

If you want to travel by water, then you can take ferries from Pozallo, Italy. Going to Malta by water is the most recommended option. If you want to cruise to Malta, you can take cruises from Indian ports.

Where To Stay In Malta:

If you want to enjoy the beach anytime you want, then you can stay in Sliema Studios, because it is just a few minutes away from Balluta Bay Beach, Exiles Beach, and Fond Ghadir Beach. Not only that, but you can also enjoy soothing views from a terrace and use free WiFi.

Dock 1 Boutique Hotel is also a great place to stay with a bar and a sun terrace. A great place for adventure lovers is Victoria By Petit Chic, as it provides guests with free bikes to go biking on the beach.

Alexandra Hotel, Inhawi Boutique Hostel, and Mayflower Hotel are some of the places that tourists love a lot, and these are the ones that get booked the most.

4. Porquerolles, France:

It’s an island located in Îles d’Hyères, France, which was established in the year 1820. The great history of this island is that it was purchased by an entrepreneur named Francois Joseph Fournier as a gift for his beloved wife after they spent their honeymoon on this island.

They were awestruck by the beauty of this place that’s why they decided to buy it and start a family in this dreamland. In recent times, most of the island has been part of a national park called “Port-Cros Parc National ”.

Porquerolles is the largest island among the three islands of  Îles d’Hyères. It is 7 kilometers by width and 3 kilometers by length and has a population of 200.  Porquerolles is believed to be ruled by the Roman Empire in the 1st century. The other groups which ruled this island were the Celts, Ligurians, and Phoenicians.

Porquerolles is the apple of the eyes of tourists for its ethereal beaches and clear blue ocean. This place will be the best option for you if you’re looking for a place to escape from it all. This island has the most peaceful and not overly-crowded beaches, as the number of people that can visit this place is strictly controlled by Port-Cros National Park.

The beaches that are lying quietly in the north of Porquerolles are sandy, heavenly, and gravely secluded. People are also told not to make loud noises or drive cars on these beaches, which is Just what you need for a stress-free vacation in immense peace.

Visiting the most surreal beach of Porquerolles, Plage Notre Dame, is the first thing you should do in Porquerolles. You can either walk there, which will take you about 40 minutes from the Central Village, or you can just go there by bike.

You can also visit the art museum Fondation Carmignac. It was built by a French Businessman, Edouard Carmignac. You can see authentic sculptures, exceptional art installations, and exquisite paintings here.

Saint-Anne church which is located right in the heart of Porquerolles village, is also a great place to visit. You’ll surely feel like you got lost in a reverie filled with gorgeous stained glass windows. This catholic church was built in 1850, and it served as a military chapel.

How To Go To Porquerolles:

You can travel to Porquerolles by ferry or a shuttle boat that leaves from the coastal towns near, like Toulon, Saint-Tropez, Sainte-Maxime, or Sanary. Some boats start from La Tour Fondue harbor in Hyeres directly to Porquerolles.

Where To Stay In Porquerolles:

 L’Arche de Porquerolles, a place filled with exciting facilities like a bar, a terrace, and free WiFi, is a nice place to stay while visiting Porquerolles. You can also opt for L’Oustaou De Porquerolles to stay in because you’ll get a majestic view of the Mediterranean Sea and the village right from your room.

The most popular places in Porquerolles are Hébergements Bateaux A Quai, Hotel Residence Les Medes, and Hotel Le Porquerollais.

5. Cyprus, Republic Of Cyprus:

The Greek poet Leonidas Malenis described this island as a “golden-green leaf thrown into the sea” and a “land of wild weather and volcanos.” This country, full of wealth, excellent wines, and natural beauties, became independent in the year 1960, and it was named “Republic of Cyprus.”

This beautiful island country is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, and its cultural ties and geopolitics are Southeastern European even though geographically it is in Western Asia.

Cyprus is in the third position as the largest and most populous island in the Mediterranean Sea. This island is called the Island of Love because Cypriot legends believe that the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite rose from the foam near a rock.

The place is now called “Aphrodite’s Beach,” the people living on the island claim that when waves break over the rocks creating a pillar, it looks like Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

The reason why people love to visit Cyprus is that this place is filled with historical ruins like ancient tombs, fortresses, and palaces. The castles of this island are something you don’t get to see every day.

The ancient sites of this island bear witness to this island being ruled by several rulers like Assyrian, Egyptian, Persian, Greek, and Roman. Because of being ruled by so many groups, this island is a mixture of various historical ruins.

Moreover, Cyprus island is a very renowned because of the Limassol carnival, Wreck diving in Zenobia wreck, Haloumi cheese, the dessert wine called Commandaria, and the ghost town of Famagusta.

The interesting things that you must do in Cyprus are, visiting majestic archeological sites in Paphos city, swimming at Aphrodite’s Rock, wandering through the Tombs of The Kings, sailing in the ocean, exploring wondrous sculptures in the underwater museum called Musan Museum, witnessing the historical castles and fortresses. 

If you’re visiting Cyprus with kids, you can take them to the fun water parks in this place, let them try the thrilling rides at Park Paliatso, and hang out with the pink adorable flamingos at Larnaca Salt Lake.

How To Go To Cyprus:

If you’re planning to go to Cyprus by water, then you can take the daily ferry from southern Turkey to northern Cyprus. You can travel to Cyprus from the Uk or any part of Europe through Istanbul by water.

If you opt for a journey by air, you can take flights from London to Larnaca Or Paphos. The flights are 4 hours and 30 minutes long.

Where To Stay In Cyprus:

Cyprus is one of the best French islands in the Mediterranean Sea because of its amazing options of hotels and resorts. Whether you choose to stay in Kokkinos Boutique Hotel where you’ll get a big balcony and a swimming pool, or in Aphrodite Beach Hotel where you’ll get to see wondrous sights of the Mediterranean Sea right from your room, you’ll definitely have a great time.

But suppose you want to go with the mass opinion. In that case, you can opt for Capital Coast Resort and Spa in Paphos City, Nissiana Hotel and Bungalows in Ayia Napa, or Universe House, which is just 5.8 km away from the beautiful Larnaca Salt Lake.

6. Corsica, France:

Corsica is the 4th largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, which sits southeast of the French mainland. Its official name is Collectivité Territoriale de Corse. The cultural tradition of this place is very unique as Genoa ruled it for many centuries, and during that time, this place has been gravely influenced by Italy.

This French island in the Mediterranean Sea is a perfect blend of modern coastal towns, dense forests, and high cliffs, among which Monte Cinto is the highest. This place provides tourists with ineffable beaches, exciting hiking trails, and many historical sites.

Your adventurous vacation in Corsica can be really fun with activities like hiking along the high cliffs, sailing in the ocean, lazing around the beaches, wandering underwater, traveling in the special train named Trinichellu, and many more.

The special places that you can visit on this island are Calanques de Piana which is the main attraction of tourists all over the world; Escalier du Roy d’Aragon which is a long narrow staircase leading down to the sea; the regional park Reserve Naturelle de Scandola, and Porto-Vecchio a port town.

How To Go To Corsica:

You’ll get the best experience of traveling to Corsica if you go by boat or ferry. You can take ferries to Corsica from the Italian cities Piombino and Livorno (in Tuscany), Genoa and Savona (in Liguria), and Santa Teresa di Gallura, whichever city is convenient for you.

This island has four airports- Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi, and Figari so it’s evident that you can also fly to the island. If you want to go to Corsica while enjoying the scenic beauty, then you can take a train to Corsica, the train on this island is called Trinighellu, which means a little train.

Where To Stay In Corsica:

Whether you want to stay in a place with a hot tub or a swimming pool, you’ll everything you want in this island’s hotels and resorts. For people who want to enjoy a warm bath in a hot tub while enjoying wine, these hotels would be perfect- Hotel Demeure Les Mouettes, Hotel Spa Restaurant l’Ostella, Best Western Plus Ajaccio Amiraute, and Residence de Tourisme Ajaccio Amiraute.

But if you are someone who likes to have swimming sessions to cheer yourself up, then you can choose Hotel Cala di Sole, Hotel et Spa Version Maquis Citadelle, Radisson Blu Resort and Spa Ajaccio Bay, and Hotel Fesch and Spa

7. Corfu, Greece:

Corfu, also known as Kerkyra, is the capital of the Ionian Island. It is one of the most gorgeous islands in Greece and is located in the northwest corner of Greece. People all over love to visit this place because of its white sandy beaches and high mountains.

This island has a mixed culture of French, English, Venetian, and Greek, and this mixed culture and mixed historical attributes make it an exceptionally amazing island to visit.

The history of Corfu is highly related to Greek mythology. The name “Kerkyra” has an interesting story behind it. It is believed that the island was named Kerkyra after the nymph Korkira with whom the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon, fell madly in love.

He loved her so much that he ended up kidnapping her and hiding her on this island which is now called Kerkyra or Corfu.

This island is filled with greeneries. You will find all the amazing kinds of plants right on this island. This island has more than 2 million olive trees and many other beautiful plants like the Chinese Kumquat Shrub that only grows there.

This is the island where the first University of Greece, the Ionian University, was founded. That’s why this place holds grave importance among the Greek people.

This island of Ionian is mostly famous for its large number of churches, and the number is 37. Tourists visiting this gorgeous island find its authentic architecture and colorful buildings that bear witness to the Venetian period very charming.

The renowned beach Canal d’Amour, also known as Channel of Love, is on this island, making this place more than perfect for romantic getaways. Lovers come to this beach now and then to make some special memories with their partners.

The hidden gem of this island is the historic fishing village called Agni Bay. You must go to this village if you ever go to Corfu and take a peaceful long dip in the warm water and relax at the tavernas where you’ll get to eat delicious Corfiot dishes.

Wandering around the old town of Corfu can make you realize the beauty of historical sights. Though it’s a small town, this town will not let you down when it comes to rusty historical archeology. You’ll see the Georgios Theokotis statue, the Liston, the Old Fortresses, Spilias Square, and Saint Spyridon Church here.

You can also witness the best sunset of your life at Logard Beach, located on this island. Chilling and relaxing on the beach while gazing at the gorgeous sunset over the sea is the best feeling ever.

The Achilleion Palace in Gastouri built as a home for Austrian Royalty, is open for the commoners. It’s a great opportunity to see all the amazing things inside this palace and appreciate all the proficient archeological designs of this palace.

How To Go To Corfu:

You can travel to Corfu from Greece’s mainland by water and air, whichever you like. The ferry ride will take you approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Corfu. You can also take ferries to Corfu from Italy, especially Venice, Bari, and Ancona.

You can take a flight to Corfu from Athens, Preveza, Thessaloniki, and some European countries also. The international airport of Corfu is called Ioannis Kapodistrias and receives all-year-round flights from many European countries.

Where To Stay In Corfu:

The best-reviewed hotels in Corfu are Corfu Shell Apartments which offers an outdoor swimming pool and a garden; Hotel Rossis, which features a garden and a terrace; Averto Corfu Apartments, which offers a garden and a bar; Jordi Apartments, which offers rooms with a balcony, and Acanthus Blue which offers concierge services.

But if you prefer reasonably priced hotels to top reviewed ones, then these ones are for you- Chandris Apartments with an outdoor pool, Corfu Room with a garden and a terrace, La Grotta verde which located right in the middle of a pine tree forest, and Oasis Hotel where you will be able to enjoy the views of the Ionian sea.

8. Îles d’Hyères:

Îles d’Hyères also known as Îles d’Or ( Golden Islands) is a combination of four islands which are Porquerolles, Port-Cros, Île de Bagaud, and Île du Levant, and is located on the southern coast of France. All four islands that are in Hyeres Island are filled with exquisite natural views and terrifically beautiful mountains.

The hillside old town of this island has medieval castles and centuries-old walls that make the town look aesthetically pleasing to its tourists. Also, the local arts of this place, unavoidable buildings, and colorful shuttles of the craft stores have a lot to do with increasing this place’s beauty.

Hyères Island is famous for the unordinary plants that grow on this island, such as Mimosa trees and Angel’s Trumpet. One of the most amazing facts about this island is that there are more than 7000 palm trees on this island. Isn’t that something? This is a must-visit place for all plant lovers.

It would be best if you keep a lot of time in hand to take the full fun of Hyéres island as there are a lot of interesting places to visit and things to do in 4 different islands of this place.

From the Fort St. Agathe Fortress in Porquerolles to Plage de la Palud beach in Port-Cros to Bregancon Fort in  Île de Bagaud to Plage des Grottes in Île du Levant each of these tourist attractions on each island will surely give you the time of your life.

How To Go To Îles d’Hyères:

Boats to Hyères depart from Toulon, Le Lavandou, Cavalaire-sur-Mer, and La Croix-Valmer. There are also shuttle boats and ferries that can take you to this island. The cheaper option is to take ferries from the harbor of La Tour Fondue.

Where To Stay In Îles d’Hyères:

Loft Romantique with a spa and a bar, Giens with Jacuzzi and a garden, Appartement de Charme with amazing sea views right from the balcony, and Souvenirs d’hier with a casino are some of the great places in Hyeres for tourists to stay while visiting the island.

9. Procida, Italy:

Procida is often introduced to the world as the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea because of its turquoise seas and aesthetically pleasing cottages with hundreds of sheds and hues. This is the most colorful one among all the French islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

This island is known as Isola di Procida in Italy. It is located along the northwest entrance to the Bay of Naples and in the south of Italy and is surrounded by Ischia Island and Cape Miseno.

Procida has only 4.1 square kilometers of land which is very less than the islands that are surrounding it and that’s why it often gets overshadowed by its large siblings even though Procida is filled with colors and natural beauties.

This island is best for summer vacations when you can have the full fun of beaches and see the vibrant colors of this island under a clear sky. The highest peak of this island is the Terra Murata hill which is 299 ft tall.

You’ll get the most unique and tasty lemons in the world only on this island as this island is best known for its exceptionally well-grown lemons. These lemons are large in size and very sweet, you can spot these lemons in lemon salads and lemon granita.

Another extraordinary food item that you’ll find on this island is Ox’s Tongue. No, it’s not literally Ox’s tongue, it’s actually a buttery pastry shaped like a tongue. This dessert is filled with heavenly-tasting creams and lemons with crispy sugar on top.

So next time don’t ignore this small adorable island for its size, this small island will offer you the best day trip of your entire life with its exceptional culture and colorful sights.

Also, there are a lot of fun activities that you can do on this island such as basking on the volcanic beach called Chiaiolella which is mostly known for its dark and volcanic sand, splendid rocks, and clear water.

Also, if you’re someone who’s obsessed with spooky and creepy things, then you can roam around the abandoned prison at Palazzo D’Avalos.

This edifice played different roles at different times- a palace for a Cardinal, a hunting retreat for the Bourbon kings, and also as a military academy. Lastly, it was used as a prison from the 1800s to the year 1988. In recent times, it is spending its leisure time as a museum and an art gallery on the Procida island.

 How To Go To Procida:

You can’t travel to Procida by air or by road. The only option is to get to the island by water on a private boat or ferry from the ports along the coastline. Ferries leave from Naples and Pozzuoli for Procida on a daily basis all year round.

The main port of Procida is Marina Grande where boats, ferries, and even hydrofoils disembark. The ferry rides can take up to 40 minutes to reach Procida. It can take you less time to reach the island on hydrofoils than on ferries.

Where To Stay In Procida:

All of the hotels and resorts in Procida will provide you with great facilities like a terrace, a garden, a bar, a restaurant, clean rooms, etc.

Some of the great places with all these facilities are Vento di Mare with a sea view from the balcony, Le Querce with free bikes to go biking on the beach, Piccolo Bed with a nice large patio, Sonnino B&B with its big spacious rooms, Villa Barone which is within a short distance from Chiaia Beach, Punticello House with free WiFi and free parking, Casa Athina an apartment in a historical building, and Insula Boutique Hotel with an outdoor swimming pool.

10. Chios, Greece:

Chios, in the traditional language Scio is the fifth largest island in Greece and the tenth largest sea among all the French islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The nickname of this island is “The Mastic Island” because it became a significant island for its exports of mastic gum.

This island has a dark history of the massacre that happened during the Greek War of Independence in 1822. The Ottoman troops murdered, enslaved, and expelled thousands of Greeks on this very island.

One of this island’s unique features is that it has historic buildings with very exceptional architectural styles. The unique architectural styles of these buildings bear witness to the rich culture of this island.

Every inch of this island represents its influential rulers including Byzantine, Genoese, and Ottoman. This island will amaze you with its insurmountable amount of historic sites and many architectural gems.

This island manages to catch the attention of people all over the world with its mastic tree production, surreal white beaches, fortified medieval villages, and most importantly the warm friendly welcome of the residents of this island.

This island has 70 beaches in total among them the most famous ones are darkly pebbled Mavra Voila and Komi Beach with soft sands. Chios looks like a place directly out of our imagination because of its uniquely decorated villages, and historic places like the Castle of Volissos, Nea Moni Monastery, etc.

Visiting the museums of Chios is something you don’t get to experience every day. Whether you visit the Archaeological Museum in Chios Town, the Byzantine Museum built by Sultan Abdul Majid, or the Citrus Museum filled with oranges and lemons called Kampos, you’ll surely have great fun in all of these museums.

How To Go To Chios:

You can get to Chios from Athens by ferry that leaves daily from the main port of Athens Piraeus Port. It’ll take you a journey of 7 hours to reach Chios from Athens by ferry.

You can also go to this island by air as it has a national airport called “Omiros” that receives flights from the cities- Athens and Thessaloniki.

Where To Stay In Chios:

The hotels with top reviews in Chios are Chios BnB with a terrace and a balcony, Venetis Luxury Apartments with hot tubs in every room, Castle Maisonette with a homelike environment, Bella Cisterna with a children’s playground and other facilities like free parking and free WiFi, GK Apartment which is just within 7 minutes walk distance of the Archaeological Museum, and Vila Kotetsi with private kitchen and bathroom.

The cheaper options are Agia Markella which features rooms with balconies, Stroubis Studios I with an outdoor swimming pool, and Louiza Apartments with lush gardens and stone-paved alleys.

Conclusion: French islands in the Mediterranean Sea

French islands all over the world are the perfect place for vacations and romantic getaways. Among all of them, the French islands in the Mediterranean Sea are really unique and have an insurmountable amount of historical ruins and natural beauty. If you’re planning for a long-desired escape from the colorless life, then you should definitely visit one of these wondrous islands.

These islands of the Mediterranean Sea will not only amaze you with their heavenly beaches and mountains but also all the historic archaeological sites that bear witness to its rulers in the past. You’ll never regret spending your vacations on these exquisitely decorated islands.

The French islands in the Mediterranean Sea also have very exceptionally rich cultures that make these places superior to other places in this world. The most amazing and astonishing structures and beaches sit quietly on these islands inviting all the tourists to appreciate their uniqueness.

So if you have already made up your mind to visit one of these gorgeous islands, then I hope all the information above helps you with your visit to these islands. So, Au Revoir and have an amazing escape on these pieces of heaven on earth.

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