The 6 Most Beautiful Hikes In Puy De Sancy

The 6 Most Beautiful Hikes in Puy de Sancy

The Puy de Sancy is a beautiful and challenging hiking destination, and here are some of the best hikes to explore it. One of the most popular routes is the ascent of the Puy de Sancy from the town of Mont-Dore. It is a steep climb, but the reward at the top is a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

Another great hike is the ascent of the Puy de la Perdrix. It is a shorter and less strenuous route than the Puy de Sancy, but still offers breathtaking views of the Massif Central. From the top, you can see the Monts du Cantal, the Monts Dore, and the Forez Mountains.

For a longer and more challenging hike, you can try the Tour of the Sancy Massif. This multi-day trek takes you through the heart of Massif Central, with stunning views of the Puy de Sancy and other peaks in the range. It is a demanding route, but the scenery and solitude make it well worth the effort.

No matter which hike you choose, the Puy de Sancy and the surrounding Massif Central region are sure to offer unforgettable experiences for any hiker.

The Puy de Sancy is the highest volcano in metropolitan France, rising to 1,886 meters above sea level. Although a cable car can take you up to the top in just a few minutes, there’s no better way to appreciate the landscapes than by exploring them on foot. To truly experience the richness of the Sancy massif, follow our guide and discover the most beautiful hikes!

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Most Beautiful Hikes in Puy de Sancy

1. Loop of the puy de Sancy

Duration: 2h 30

Distance: 7,9 km

Height: 536 meters

Difficulty: Moyenne

This medium-difficulty loop is a great way to climb Puy de Sancy while exploring its surroundings. Starting from the car park of Mont-Dore ski resort, you’ll discover the sources of the Dordogne and enjoy a nice view of the Dore waterfall. During a steep ascent, you’ll admire the local fauna and flora, and maybe even spot a groundhog, chamois, or bighorn sheep.

Once you reach the top of Puy de Sancy, your efforts will be rewarded with a breathtaking view, including Puy Gros and Lake Chauvet. You’ll then climb several peaks, including the cute Pas de l’Âne, before crossing the Val de Courre. This wide valley, with its lava peaks and treeless grassy slopes, sometimes evokes the Alps and sometimes Iceland.

Sounds like an amazing hike! With its diverse scenery, from passes and ridges to valleys, lakes, and waterfalls, this loop offers a wonderful summary of the natural beauty of the region. Although it is somewhat challenging, it remains accessible to most hikers, and the reward of stunning views along the way makes it well worth the effort.

2. The Puy de Sancy via the Chaudefour valley

Duration: about 5h

Distance : 15.3 km

Envelé : 893 meters

Difficulty : Difficult

Continuing on the loop, you will cross the Col de la Cabane before reaching the Plateau de Charlannes. This vast grassy plateau offers a magnificent view of the Puy de Sancy and its surroundings. You will then reach the heart of the second national nature reserve, the Fontaine Salée. This exceptional site offers a particularly diverse landscape with vast peat bogs, small lakes and waterfalls.

As you continue on the loop, you will cross the col de la Geneste before arriving at the Col de la Croix Saint-Robert. From this point, the climb to the top of the Puy de Sancy is relatively easy and you will enjoy an exceptional panoramic view of the Massif Central. The descent will then take you through the wild valley of Courre and its vast lava flows.

This loop is relatively long and requires good physical condition but the landscapes encountered along the way make it a hike not to be missed for lovers of nature and hiking.

This hike in the Chastreix-Sancy reserve offers breathtaking views of the Sancy massif. As you climb the slopes, you’ll be rewarded with stunning panoramas of the passes, ridges, and peaks that make up the landscape. Take your time to appreciate the unique flora and fauna that make their home in this natural reserve. Keep an eye out for rare and endangered species, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural surroundings.

3. Great loop in the nature reserves and the Val de Courre

Duration: about 5h 30

Distance: 16.9 km

Height: 1183 meters

Difficulty: Difficult

This challenging but breathtaking loop combines the two previous hikes and allows you to explore the most beautiful sites in the region in one day. Starting from Mont-Dore, you will first take the small loop of the Sancy before heading towards the Chaudefour Valley.

After exploring the valley, you will return to the Chastreix-Sancy reserve and climb Puy de Sancy. Finally, the walk will lead you to the beautiful Val de Courre. This sporty hike will leave you with an unforgettable memory of your exploration of the Sancy region.

4. Col de la Geneste, puy de Sancy, pas de l’Âne

Duration : 3h

Distance : 9,8 km

Height : 581 metres

Difficulty : Medium

With its varied landscapes, this hike offers a glimpse of the diversity of the Auvergne region. Starting from the Col de la Geneste, located between Picherande and Super-Besse, you will ascend the Puy de Sancy via its southern face. This moderately difficult trail takes you off the beaten path, allowing you to discover the Puy de Sancy from a different perspective.

As you walk between the peaks and passes, you will immerse yourself in the heart of the Auvergne Volcanoes Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The trail offers stunning views of the surrounding volcanic landscape, as well as the opportunity to spot local flora and fauna. It’s a great hike for those looking for a different way to explore the region.

5. Great loop from Super-Besse

Duration: about 7h30

Distance: 20.4 km

Height: 1243 meters

Difficulty: Height

This extensive loop starts from the Super-Besse ski resort, providing a southeast approach to the Sancy massif. The climb is difficult, and while it may be tempting to cut corners by taking the ski slopes, doing so would mean missing out on the beautiful wild trails of Super-Besse.

Once you reach the summit of the Sancy, you have the option to descend directly to Super-Besse, passing by the Puy Ferrand and Puy de la Perdrix, two neighboring peaks of the Sancy. However, for the more daring, it would be a missed opportunity to end the hike here! By following the suggested route, you will discover the Chastreix-Sancy reserve and multiple summits.

6. Pic du Capucin, puy de Sancy, plan des Longes

Duration: about 5h30

Distance: 15.9 km

Height: 942 meters

Difficulty: Medium

This final hike is a convenient option as it can be accessed from the center of Mont-Dore without the need for a car. The route begins by climbing up the slopes of the massif to reach the picturesque Capuchin peak. Continuing on, you will ascend over various peaks, including the Puy de Cliergue, Square Tower, and Puy Redon. Once warmed up, you will then tackle the ascent to the top of Puy de Sancy. The loop will then take you back to your starting point, following the valley.

The Puy de Sancy is the star attraction of the massif, with many hiking routes leading to it. There are also other nearby peaks worth exploring, such as the Banne d’Ordanche and Puy Gros. As you have probably gathered, the Sancy massif is a hiker’s paradise. Moreover, when planning your route, be sure to check the Horizons Sancy festival program. During the summer months, the festival presents a series of land art installations in the middle of nature, which can be discovered during your hikes.

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