The 3 Most Beautiful Hikes In Parmelan

The 3 Most Beautiful Hikes in Parmelan

Are you ready for an unforgettable hiking experience in Haute-Savoie? Look no further than the Parmelan, with its stunning panoramas and impressive cliffs overlooking the city of Annecy. It’s no wonder that this mountain is a must-see for any hiker in the region.

With so many trails to choose from in Haute-Savoie, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. But fear not, as we have narrowed down the options for you.

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Most Beautiful Hikes in Parmelan

Here are the top 3 hikes to discover the beauty of Parmelan. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned hiker, there is a trail for you.

1. The Parmelan by Villaz

  • Duration: about 3 hours
  • Distance: 7.1 km
  • Height difference: 710 m
  • Difficulty: Difficult

The Parmelan by Villaz is a superb loop hike offering you a nice glimpse of Mont BlancOpens in a new tab., but not only. You will also be able to observe from your first stop at the chalet Chappuis a sublime panorama of the Aravis chainOpens in a new tab. and Lake AnnecyOpens in a new tab.. The trail then takes the large mountain range well known for its aerial passages and steep landscapes.

This hike in Parmelan is accessible, it is very pleasant in summer, but it is also a superb playground to do in winter on snowshoes. The trail is perfectly marked and the view once you get to the top is simply grandiose!

2. The head of the Parmelan by the Chalet de l’Anglettaz

  • Duration: about 2h30
  • Distance: 5.6 km
  • Height difference: 365 m
  • Difficulty: Difficult

For an easier way to reach the head of Parmelan, start at the Chalet de l’Anglettaz. This route has a smaller difference in altitude and smoother surfaces, making for a smoother ascent. In just 30 minutes, you’ll reach the Petit Montoir, which offers a wider path with breathtaking views of the Aravis and Mont Blanc. The next stop is the Chalet Camille Dunan, located at the foot of the Parmelan head, which takes 1.5 to 2 hours to reach from the starting point. It’s open from May to September, and it’s the perfect place to take a break during the hike. You’ll climb up to 1,834 meters above sea level during the hike in Parmelan.

If you want to spend the night on the plateau, the Parmelan Refuge is available directly at the top of the ascent. It’s guarded from mid-May to the end of September, and it’s an ideal place for a unique experience. Imagine waking up and having your coffee in such a majestic setting!

3. The Circuit Le Petit Montoir- Tête du Parmelan- Col de Pertuis

  • Duration: about 4 hours
  • Distance: 11.6 km
  • Height difference: 1,021 m
  • Difficulty: Difficult

The Petit Montoir, Tête du Parmelan and Col de Pertuis circuit will make you discover the most beautiful passes in the region. You will follow the parmelan ridge before reaching the Col de Pertuis. It is a path less used than the others and yet the diversity of its landscapes is a real feast for the eyes.

This hike in Parmelan is very pleasant to do during the spring and summer seasons, but the terrain is not recommended in winter. It is a superb course that will allow you to discover the Parmelan in a new light and it is also a good way to venture on the massif on weekends without suffering the over-frequentation of sunny days.

For those who crave adventure and a challenge, the circuit through the Col du Pertuis is a must-do while visiting Haute-Savoie. This hike is both grandiose and original, and still remains a little preserved from tourism.

However, it should be noted that certain portions of the trail can be quite technical, so it may not be ideal for novice hikers. But for those who have some experience under their belt, this circuit presents a pleasant challenge that is well worth taking on. So if you’re passing through the area and looking for a unique and rewarding hiking experience, the Col du Pertuis circuit is not to be missed.

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