The 8 Most Beautiful Hikes to do in the Drome

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What are the most beautiful hikes to do in the Drome? We often think of the Drome for its river, lavender, or famous Clairette. But in addition to being a gateway to Provence, it is also the landmark of the most beautiful massifs of the Vercors and Baronnies. Let’s discover the most beautiful hikes to do in the Drome!

The Drôme is generally equated with the nougat of Montélimar or the raviole of Romans, but the region is especially famous for its magnificent panoramas.

The majestic massifs of the Vercors, the Baronnies, or the enchanting forest of Saoû are natural treasures for hikers. Thus, the Drôme carries famous hiking names such as the 3 beaks or the Grand Veymont.

Like giants of nature, they are not only considered simple traces but represent the true cultural heritage of the region. If you visit the Drôme, take its trails to discover all its nuances. Here is the list of the most beautiful hikes in the Drome.

The 8 Most Beautiful Hikes to do in the Drome

1. The 3 spouts

Most Beautiful Hikes to do in the Drome

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The 3 Becs represent the essential hike if you pass in the Drôme. Rich in aerial panoramas, it offers you a real 360 ° of the region. The trail is very popular, and it will first make you climb through the forest of Saou before providing you an unobstructed view of the meadow of the donkey and the famous 3 beaks.

You should know that each beak consists of a pass offering a different and spectacular view of the Drôme and its surroundings. The ascent of the first beak (Mount Veyou) is the most challenging portion of the three. But once done, you will access without problem the Signal, the second spout, then to the Roche Courbe, the last spout, before starting the descent.

The hike is not technical, but the climbs are sometimes steep, which requires some physical effort. Many steps are present on the course (especially at the beginning), but the sweat is well worth it as the panoramas are grandiose. It remains accessible to all, and it is also a perfect idea for hiking with the family.

The whole route and perfectly marked, and who says unavoidable hike also says popular and borrowed trail. We, therefore, advise you to avoid peak hours to make the most of the show.

2. The Barry Troglodyte Village

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For an extraordinary hike, we offer a family circuit to see the troglodyte village of Barry. This ancient village is one of the most beautiful in France, but it is also one of the most important.

You will start the hike to Saint Restitut, which is a real wonder. Between its chapel, its church, and its ramparts, the village contains treasures of history in a beauty specific to the most picturesque places.

If most of the walk is done in the undergrowth, it will then allow you to access the unusual troglodyte village nestled on the hillside. You can observe remains dating from Celtic times to the Roman period on the site. And as you continue on your way, you will be treated to a superb show on the Rhone Valley.

This easy and accessible hike in the Drôme will offer you to discover various unusual monuments of history. Actual time travel, if you do not know this trail, go and discover it. It is one of the most beautiful trails in the Drome.

3. The Grand Veymont

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If there is one hike you need to know in the Vercors, it is the Grand Veymont. Famous, this trail will offer you a breathtaking view of the Vercors massif and Mont Aiguille.

The setting is truly sensational, with a 360° panorama from the Vercors highlands to the Trois Becs in Drôme. In the background, you can observe a new show with a view of the Écrins massif and the Chaine de Belledonne.

But beyond the panorama, you may have the chance to witness beautiful life scenes between the inhabitants of the massif: marmots and ibex have taken up permanent residence in this mountain. Culminating at 2,341 meters above sea level, the Grand Veymont dominates a good part of the Vercors and is the ideal place to observe vultures.

The biggest difficulty of the ascent lies in its length, and if the trail itself does not present any technicality, with a hike of 8 hours, it will be necessary to leave early!

However, you can split the course in two by bivouacking on site. We do not advise you to put the tent at the Grand Veymont, which is too exposed to the wind, but the experience is magical to achieve at the level of the Pas des Bachassons. For hiking to rhyme with adventure and breathless breath, do not hesitate for a second to go to the assault of the Grand Veymont.

4. The Canyon des Gueulards

For a refreshing stop, head to the Canyon des Gueulards. With a trail that could not be more atypical, narrow cliffs, and an imposing canyon, the hike ensures you a total change of scenery.

A large part of the walk is in the shade in the coolness of the undergrowth to end a stone’s throw from the river. Although the climb to reach the Chaffal is steep, the reward is in order with a superb view at the key. You can also find a magnificent collection of mini cairns from the Canyon.

The hike of the region is easy, original, and atypical that is fun to do for adults, teenagers, and children. Be careful, however, to avoid venturing on the trail in rainy weather. The place is humid and has slippery areas, so we advise you to leave the flip-flops for a good pair of walking shoes. The Canyon des Gueulards is one of the best hikes in Drome that you can enjoy to the fullest.

5. Head of Chevalière via the valley of Combeau

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Wondering what will be the best and most beautiful hikes to do in the Drome? To discover high mountain landscapes without suffering significant elevation gain, the Tête Chevalière via the Vallon de Combeau is the popular hike to be carried out on the Hauts Plateaux du Vercors.

Between the departments of Drôme and Isère, the route starts at the valley of Combeau. A small corner of paradise and gateway to the highlands of the Vercors, this first stage offers a sublime panorama, more than promising for the future.

The trail then takes the Pas de l’Essaure before reaching the Tête Chevalière at 1,915 meters above sea level. The arrival is striking, above the clouds with a superb panorama of Mont Aiguille, the Trièves valley, and the rest of the Vercors.

The hike is not long; count three or four hours in a green setting from where you can even see ibex crossing the mountain.

Accessible to all, each portion of the hike is conducive to contemplation. So you can modulate, decide to make the loop, or stop before enjoying the visit to the surrounding villages.

6. Piegon and the hamlet of the Giants

Photo credit: Wikipedia – Marianne Casamance

New hike both sumptuous and unusual to do in the heart of the wild mountains of the Baronnies: Piegon and the hamlet of the Giants. With panoramic views of Mont Ventoux and the discovery of the region’s historical heritage, this hike is a superb discovery if you are passing through the Drôme.

This magnificent walk is accessible to young and old, alternates between vineyards and undergrowth, and offers superb views of the surrounding villages. And imagine a hamlet of giants in the middle of the Baronnies mountains. Legend or reality?

Skeletons of larger than average sizes have been found in the very crypt of La Chapelle that you are about to visit… It’s worth a visit! Piegon and the hamlet of the Giants hikes is a popular hiking spot in the Drome.

7. The Grand Pomerolle from the Auberge des Dauphins

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In the heart of the symbolic site of the Saou forest, discover a magnificent hike in the Drôme from the former Auberge des Dauphins. The trail starts towards the small Pomerolle and offers you superb valley views.

Much of the ascent is in the heart of the Saoû forest, ideal for being cool in the summer season. The view emerges around 800 meters above sea level and then arrives at the superb panorama long-awaited on Saoû and Roche Colombe.

Once this first part is behind you, you then access the path to the Grand Pomerolle, and the serious things begin. The presence of a greater difference in altitude may be difficult in places.

But once at the top, the effort is quickly forgotten by the bird’s eye view of the 3 Becs. Sporty but dazzling, the Grand Pomerolle and the ideal hike to discover the forest of Saoû and the magnificent landscapes of the Drôme.

8. The Julian Rock

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For its diversity of landscapes, the rocher de Julien hike in Buis-les-Baronnies represents a magnificent glimpse of the Drôme Provençale.

Between vineyards, villages, and mountains, the route goes around this famous climbing site while offering you the most beautiful panoramas of the Baronnies and Mont Ventoux. Young and old children will appreciate the beauty of this renowned place of locals but little known to tourists. So, which do you think are the most beautiful hikes to do in the Drome?


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