Where To Go Hiking In Qatar? 6 Best Places To Go Hiking In Qatar

Where to go hiking in Qatar? 6 Best Places to go hiking in Qatar

When planning a holiday to Qatar, what’s on your bucket list? Undoubtedly, hiking in Qatar, even though many there is really less information on the web. Wondering where to go hiking in Qatar?

Adventure enthusiasts have found Qatar heaven for their adventures. There are the dramatic terrain, highlands and lowlands, dunes, limestone formation, and beaches.

Those hidden treasures that offer some breathtaking experiences should not be ignored. You are entirely wrong if you think Qatar is all about luxury, leisure, and culture.

You won’t find steep hikes like these anywhere else in the world. So, let’s explore the undiscovered paths and beat the heat.

Here is the list of 6 Best Places to go hiking in Qatar:

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Where to go hiking in Qatar? 6 Best Places to go hiking in Qatar

When is the best time to Hike in Qatar?

During winters, you will find moderate temperatures in Qatar, ideal for hiking in less-known regions. The weather in Qatar is cold in the mornings and evenings and warm during the day, which makes hiking easier.

Are there mountains in Qatar?

There are 251 named mountains in Qatar. The highest and most prominent mountain is Qurayn Abu al Bawl.

hiking in Qatar
Highest PeaksMost Prominent Mountains
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Qurayn Abu al Bawl

104m (Prom: 93m)
Qurayn Abu al Bawl

104m (Prom: 93m)
Tuwayyir al Hamir

103m (Prom: 3m)
Hazm al Mashabiyah al Janubi

73m (Prom: 64m)
Naslat al Qalayil ash Shamaliyah

98m (Prom: 38m)
قرن ابو وايل

60m (Prom: 51m)
Khashm an Nakhsh

94m (Prom: 38m)
Barqat al Kharaz

52m (Prom: 41m)
Hazm al Mashabiyah

94m (Prom: 36m)
Naslat al Qalayil ash Shamaliyah

98m (Prom: 38)
Barqat as Sai

90m (Prom: 30m)
Ksashm an Nakhsh

94m (Prom: 38m)
Jabal Qal’at al ‘Urayq

90m (Prom: 29m)
Jabal Dukhan

72m (Prom: 38m)
Barqat Halimah

89m (Prom: 27m)
Hazm al Mashabiyah

94m (Prom: 36m)
Salamiyat at Tiwar

89m (Prom: 27m)
Nafkhat al ‘Urayq

47m (Prom: 35m)
Maqrin Umm Tuwaym

89m (Prom: 13m)
Salamiyat at Tiwar

89m (Prom: 33m)
Best Mountains to go hiking in Qatar

The 6 Best Places To Go Hiking In Qatar

Most of us think hiking can only be done on hilly terrains, but Qatar is one of the only spots where you can hike on flat land.

Qatar’s peninsula is quite popular because of its uneven landform. It allows you to walk for miles and discover its hidden beauty.

In this country, you will experience the most enthralling adventure of your life with its charismatic beaches and deserts. There are several impressive hiking spots in Qatar, including:

1. Abu Samra to Al Mashrab – Best Hiking Place in Qatar

Abu Samra to Al Mashrab - Best Hiking Place in Qatar

Experience hiking adventures in Qatar to discover the country’s most stunning and serene offbeat spots. It is fascinating for travelers to visit these areas in Qatar. As they are not very popular among tourists.

To cover the distance, the hike may take more than eight hours. There is an approximate distance of 208 kilometers between the two hiking spots.

Alternatively, you can find any nearby hotel in Qatar if you plan a stopover on your way to camping.

Despite the flat terrain, the hike is quite strenuous and requires stamina and energy to complete. Abu Samra to Al Mashrab is one of the best places to go hiking in Qatar.

2. Ash Shaqra – Best Place to go Hiking in Qatar

Ash Shaqra is a great hiking spot in Qatar. The settlement of Ash Shaqra is located 52 kilometers away from Doha in Al Wakrah, Qatar. An adventure-packed hike in Qatar is a great way to enjoy a day of fun and adventure.

In short, approximately 1 to 5 hours will be required to walk the 31 km long town in the country. You will be able to determine the time based on your skill and speed.

Moreover, the Ash Shaqra hike is one of the best hiking destinations in the country. It is suitable for enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to experts. Take a trip through Qatar’s beautiful barren landscape or discover the city life.

3. Fuwairit Beach to Al Mafjar – Beautiful Place to go hiking in Qatar

In Qatar, Fuwairit Beach is a great place to relax and enjoy the beach. Besides its rustic beauty, the beach offers leisurely vibes and a fascinating sea view.

But, starting from Fuwairit Beach and ending at Al Mafjar, you can now plan a hike in Qatar.

Serenity, tranquil shorelines, and adventures are why these two beaches are so popular among locals and tourists.

Furthermore, depending on your speed, it will take you between 2 and 5 hours to travel from Fuwairit Beach to Al Mafjar.

Stay hydrated and energetic throughout the journey by carrying water and other refreshments. Fuwairit Beach to Al Mafjar is one of the most beautiful and best hiking places to go in Qatar.

4. Umm Bab – Famous Place to go hiking in Qatar

It is famous for its fascinating beauty, and Umm Bab is considered a hidden gem in Qatar. Al Shahaniya beach is located in Qatar’s Al Shahaniya region.

It is a fun place to hike since palm trees dominate the beach, and the land is uneven.

On the other hand, nature lovers can enjoy the solitude of the beach while soaking up its beauty.

Aside from hiking, you can add many other activities to your bucket lists. Such as night camping and BBQ parties. For doing hikes, Umm Bab is undoubtedly a great place to go.

5. Qurayn Abu al Bawl to Abu Samra – Best Hiking trail in Qatar

Plan a trip to Abu Samra from Qurayn Abu Al Bawal if interested in a longer hike in Qatar. In Qatar, Qurayn Abu al Bawl is the highest point at 103 meters and lies towards the southwestern edge. In approximately nine to ten hours, it will take you to reach Abu Samra, 57 km away.

If you are hiking, pack well since there may not be any facilities nearby. So, keep yourself hydrated throughout the journey by carrying enough water and energy drinks. Qurayn Abu al Baw is located in a region bordering Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Qurayn Abu al Bawl to Abu Samra is one of Qatar’s best mountain hiking trails.

How long is the hike from Qurayn Abu al Bawl to Abu Samra?

Regarding a longer hike in Qatar, Qurayn Abu Al Bawal to Abu Samra offers the best options. Approximately nine to ten hours will be needed to travel between the two places, 57 km apart.

Qurayn Abu al Baw is located near the border between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

6. Zekreet Peninsula – Best hiking mountain in Qatar

One of Qatar’s most beautiful hiking spots in the Zekreet peninsula. The spot is defined by its limestone escapements and mushroom-shaped rock formation.

A dramatic terrain makes hiking on the peninsula an unforgettable adventure.

Besides this, the umbrella rock, renowned for its unique shape, is near the beach, then the Zekreet fort.

Additionally, there is an exotic and rare wilderness in the Al Reem Biosphere Reserve on the peninsula.

Zekreet is situated west of Dukkan and features attractions like Richard Serra’s East-West/West-East desert sculpture and the film city.

Approximately five hours would be needed to hike 44 km in Zekreet.

Other Famous Hiking Places in Qatar

Qatar has few hiking spots, making hiking a rare but thrilling adventure. There are few well-known hiking spots for those who fear exploring unexplored terrains.

Likewise, it is possible to hike through the deserts and forts in Qatar. These places are relatively remote from the cities.

You can choose your spot to explore untamed land from Al Koot fort in Doha to Al Khor’s Barzan tower and some historical sites like Zekreet Fort, Al Thaqab Fort, and Al Rakayat Fort.

Despite hiking being fun, the country’s extreme temperatures make it quite challenging.

To enjoy hiking activity in Qatar, one needs not only a healthy body but also a well-prepared bag and favorable weather conditions.

Hence, to help you plan better, we have outlined some essential points.

Also, you should avoid hiking in summer to enjoy your trip. When planning your holiday in Qatar, choose a season when the weather is cold.

So, you need to carry hydration bottles, energy drinks, snacks, chocolate bars, and nutritional food in your bag. It will help you keep going for a longer time of the day.

To avoid hassles, carry extra batteries, power banks, flashlights, and sunglasses. Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats if you want to avoid the sun.

Also, if you’re going to be outside during a sandstorm, make sure you have a buff to protect your nose and lips.

And, don’t forget to bring hiking shoes, a scarf, an extra bag for trash, and a light jacket.

Moreover, if you want to experience Qatar uniquely, hiking is one of the best activities you should try.

The country’s fascinating skyline and fantastic architecture have always magnetized tourists. But hiking is one of those thrills that many have never experienced.

Besides being rich in beauty and wilderness, hiking along the untamed lanes on the outskirts of the cities is also thrilling and enjoyable.

If you want a hassle-free hiking experience, hike with a group and an expert.

So, prepare for a never-before-seen adventure in Qatar during your winter holidays.

What are the things to remember before planning a Qatar hike?

If you’re planning a hike in Qatar, ensure you’re well equipped and have everything you need.

Take extra batteries, a power bank, a torch, and sunglasses with you so you won’t have to deal with hassles while on vacation.

Ensure you carry a water bottle, energy drinks, snacks, chocolate bars, and nutritional food.

Which are the top places for a 1-day hike in Qatar?

The short hike from Fuwairit Beach to Al Mafjar or Ash Shaqra is a good choice for a one-day excursion.

Additionally, you can include the best fort tours like Zekreet Fort, Al Thaqab Fort, and Al Rakiyat Fort in your itinerary.

Which are the famous hiking spots in Qatar for beginners?

The Zekreet Fort, the Al Thaqab Fort, and the Al Rakayat Fort are great places for beginners to hike in Qatar.

Beginners can also enjoy the hike from Fuwairit Beach to Al Mafjar, Ash Shaqra, or Umm Bab Beach.

Hiking In Qatar is one of the best adventures you need for a unique experience in the territory. So, was the “Where to go hiking in Qatar? 6 Best Places to go hiking in Qatar” guide helpful to you?

FAQ on Best places to Hike in Qatar (Best Hiking Spots in Qatar)

Qatar offers a unique and exciting hiking experience. Experience some adventure by hiking at these famous places if you are an adventure enthusiast:

  • Umm Bab
  • Ash Shaqra
  • Zekreet
  • Fuwairit Beach to Al Mafjar
  • Qurayn Abu al Bawl to Abu Samra

There are 251 named mountains in Qatar. The highest and most prominent mountain is Qurayn Abu al Bawl.

Enjoy nature’s beauty and experience its wild and serene beauty by hiking. It’s fun and thrilling. With a beach view, a fort, and dramatic terrain, the Zekreet peninsula in Qatar is a great place to hike.

Afterward, you can hike toward the beach, the Zekreet fort, and umbrella rock. Umbrella rock is famed for its unique shape.

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