The 9 Best Places To Go Paragliding In Alsace [Adventure]

The 9 Best Places to Go Paragliding in Alsace [Adventure]

Do as the bird and fly away with these 9 best places to paraglide in Alsace!

Who has never dreamed of flying? Fly with the beautiful landscapes of Alsace under your feet and the ridges of the Vosges massif in the skyline.

If the activity does not have the tourist fame found in other regions, the East of France still has nice spots to fly.

Many free flight clubs exist from which you can inquire. Some even offer discovery flights in a two-seater. Also, an instructor to introduce you to the discipline.

To guide you in your choice, here is our selection of the 9 best places to paraglide in Alsace.

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The 9 Best Places to go Paragliding in Alsace

1. The Breitenbach

Located less than an hour south of Strasbourg, this spot is one of the best known for paragliding in Alsace. Its take-off site is at Le Pelage at 970 meters on the Champ-du-Feu. The landing is mainly on the Plateau. But other locations are possible depending on the weather conditions.

The airspace is regulated on this spot, and you can not exceed 1,350 meters above sea level. Similarly, the Grand Vol paragliding school club manages the take-off site. It is with them that you can make two-seater flights or training. You must also apply for authorization if you hold a permit to fly alone.

You have a beautiful view of the green and wooded hills of the Val de Villé in the Bas-Rhin. To access the take-off site, you have to park on the Chemin de la Chaume des Veaux above the village of Breitenbach and finish on foot.

Modalities: It takes at least 65 € for a two-seater discovery flight of 15 to 20 minutes.

2. The Altenberg – Cuckoo Rock

At the top of the Schlossberg, this site is well-known to those who practice paragliding in Alsace. It is considered one of the best. It has an excellent yield, especially in the East/Northeast. The take-off site is located in Neubois, near the Castle of Frankenburg.

The landing is near the village of Breitenau in the direction of Neuve-Eglise. During the flight, you can admire the castle’s ruins and enjoy the magnificent view of the Vals of Villé and Lièpvre.

The take-off site is only accessible for holders of a pass issued by the Delta Club des Cigognes. Besides, flights are prohibited between November and March. Similarly, you can only take off between 11 am and 6 pm. Finally, the maximum altitude allowed is 1,520 meters.

Modalities: Several structures have partnerships to take off from the Altenberg. It takes an average of 90 €.

3. Mundolsheim

It is a minimal site frequented by individuals who have just bought a sail and want to try it. It is a few kilometers from Strasbourg, just a 10-minute drive away. And the difference in altitude is only 45 meters.

It is mainly aimed at free flight practitioners who have undergone training to fly solo. The site has the advantage of having an often favorable wind that allows making dynamic ancestry for a long time. But only for those who mastered the skill.

Modalities: The Argent’air website can offer two-seater flights on the hill of Mundolsheim. Contact them directly for more information.

4. Reinhardsmunster

This paragliding site in Alsace also has a slight difference of about 180 meters. However, you can practice long soaring by wind sector East.

You can admire the Haut-Barr castle before returning to the village of Reinhardmunster. The landing site is located near it.

Alternatively, you can fly to the plain of Alsace, which is located just in front of the takeoff. For beginners or in case of too strong wind, there is also a school slope that allows you to practice static flight.

You must go to the village of the same name in the Bas-Rhin to get to the site. Once you have crossed it, you have to go up in the direction of Wangenbourg. Then go up to the Billebaum crossroads, where you can park. As with all paragliding sites, you have to finish on foot.

Before embarking on a free flight on this site, you must contact the Aerozorn association that manages it. It is forbidden to fly there on weekdays due to the training of helicopter pilots.

Modalities: A priori, the site is mainly used by clubs for free flights.

5. Schwarzbach

If you are a beginner paraglider, this paragliding spot is ideal. It is a small site of fewer than 180 meters. It allows you to train for take-off and landing because the slope is gentle and grassy. In good North-West thermo-dynamic conditions, you can make longer flights to Shirmeck.

Yet, the altitude has a limit of 1520 meters. You must be careful not to enter the regulated airspace of Strasbourg.

The Ribamb’ailes club manages the paragliding site in the Alsace. From them, you can inquire about flight conditions. To get there, you have to cross the village of Schwarzbach and then take the direction of Russ. Then you need to take the first forest path on your left.

Modalities: The site has free flight facilities. Also, it offers few possibilities outside of training for the first flights.

6. Belmont

We regain a little altitude with this paragliding site in Alsace. It is about fifty kilometers from Strasbourg. It is located at 920 meters above sea level and is quite popular on weekends because it allows you to fly downhill.

This spot is perfect for experienced paragliders who want to practice maneuverability and tricks.

Among the landscapes that you can admire, the Field of Fire is also a winter sports resort. You can also fly over the Col de la Perheux and enjoy the beauty of the skyline’s peaks. The best times to fly are when the wind is southwest, West. As for the maximum altitude, it is 1,520 meters.

There is no official landing website. Either you choose to land at the starting point, or you can do so towards the village of Walsderbach.

Access to the site through the village of Belmont, located below the Champ du Feu. The Ribamb’ailes club is the site manager there.

Modalities: Two-seater flights are possible depending on the proposals of the clubs. You can see, for example, with Argant’air for which it takes about 95 € for the flight.

7. Gaschney Petithohneck

The Petithohneck take-off site is on the Gaschney ski resort in Muhlbach-sur-Munster. It is 1290 meters in altitude. It is perfect for taking a complete view and admiring the mountain landscapes. You can get an experienced paraglider if you choose to fly freely. Favorable winds should be oriented Southeast, South, or Southwest.

It is possible to rest on take-off or in a meadow near the village of Muhlbach. Adrenaline and beautiful views are necessarily at the rendezvous on this spot!

To get there, it happens in the Valley of Munster. Take the direction of the Gaschney station from Muhlbach-sur-Munster. Once in the resort, you have to go under the chairlift and park in the hostel’s parking lot.

Modalities: Many clubs in the Vosges offer two-seater flights for tourists, because of the beauty of the landscapes and the site’s possibilities. It takes at least 95 € for a flight of about twenty minutes.

8. Schnepfenried mittlach

It is one of the most frequented sites for paragliding in Alsace. In winter, a ski resort, the Schnepfenried, attracts paragliders and tourists in summer. This is normal, and it is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the region. The take-off will be on the Mittlach site at 1,245 meters above sea level with an altitude difference of 600 meters.

The spot is mainly oriented East, but it is possible to fly with a North-East wind. Soaring flight is the most practiced here. Schnepfenried has a magnificent view of the Vosges mountains and the Munster Valley. The landing will be upstream of the village of Sondernach in a rather technical spot. There is also a possibility of resting on take-off.

Access to the site is via the Munster Valley, via the D27 known as the Route des Crêtes. You have to park at the Platzerwaesel pass and continue for about fifteen minutes on foot.

Modalities: Many companies offer discovery flights in two-seaters. Especially since flights are possible all year round, count a minimum of 85 € for a discovery flight.

9. The Markstein

Also known as the Treh, it is one of the most prominent paragliding spots in eastern France. The disadvantage is it is hectic. The most experienced pilots can even make distance flights over the entire Vosges region.

The site is mainly oriented South-West at 1,206 meters above sea level.

You can take off from there if the northwest wind is in favor. You will also get a pilot who will keep you safe when paragliding.

From up there, the view can give as far as the Bernese Alps on a clear day. You also have a magnificent view of the Thann Valley and the Grand Ballon. Landing is possible at several sites near Oderen or in La Carrie. The more experienced can also land at the top of the Treh.

Access to the take-off site is via the village of Oderen, following the lake road and then the Crêtes road. You have to park in the car park below the stubble and finish about 10 minutes walk by the marked path.

Modalities: Markstein organizes many two-seater flights. Count between 90 € and 100 € in call price depending on the companies.

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