Slingshot PCB: All You Need To Know

Slingshot PCB: All You Need To Know

If you like to crank up adrenaline in the greatest possible thrilling way while visiting PCB, there may not be any better place than the slingshot- the heart-thumping attraction! The slingshot PCB is the thrill ride that flings you into fun! 

Literally, nothing can compare to being flung skyward at 100 miles per hour in just a matter of seconds! Only then will you know what it feels like to be a giant toy! Step in if you dare a devil to slay lifestyle!

But when daring and adventurous people desire to have a ride, many thoughts arise at the moment, including cost, rider qualifications, safety concerns, how the ride will feel or whether it will be scary, and so on. That’s so natural to wonder about the slingshot! 

Slingshot PCB

Come to think of it; we are going to provide you with an ultimate know-all covering all the queries that can arise in the mind about the slingshot just in one place. So, look no further to search your queries individually, just stay tuned with us!

Where Is The Slingshot PCB Located? What About The Opening Hours Of It? 

You can ample to take the opportunity to crack things up in the slingshot PCB from 10 am up to 1 am the next day, based on the season and weather. Being located in PCB on Thomas Drive, the slingshot is the ultimate in pounding your heart and making your mind racing! 

When the height does not matter to you anything, and you dare to challenge gravity, then you may consider beelining to slingshot PCB. 

The slingshot and vomatron are located at 8762 Thomas Drive, at Indy Speedway PCB, Florida 32408, USA. Just get directions and reach out to the PCB to have the challenges.

As for the opening hours, in general, from March to November, you can get the ride from early to very late in the night. The operation of the slingshot starts from 10.30 am to about 1 am the next day. 

But in winter, the cold weather interferes with the slingshot operation. That is why the opening hours vary in this season. 

On the weekdays, the slingshot of PCB aims to open at 3 pm and offers exhilarating rides till 10 pm, whereas for weekends, the opening hour is 10 am to 10.30 pm. 

However, for any kind of more information, you can also contact PCB at (850) 234-1121 or through mail.

How Much Does It Cost To Ride The Slingshot In PCB?

When it is about the extremely exciting ride of PCB, then surprisingly, you can get your heart pounding for just $40 per person. Besides, in the PCB, you need to cost a little more if you want a slingshot video or USB and T-shirt. 

Yeah, we know, not everyone wants to be turned into a projectile, but what about those who want to feel similar to a human cannonball? 

No doubt, the slingshot at the Indy Speedway is the perfect sought-after for them! 

You know the slingshot ride can’t accommodate more than two people at a time. That’s why the slingshot ride to PCB may seem pricey. 

As we already got the hint about the prices, however, let us get to know the details below.

Slingshot Tickets

Ride $40 per person 
Slingshot video or USB $20 
T-shirt $20 

Apart from this, the Slingshot and Vomatron of PCB also provide some impressive packages at an affordable price that anyone can love. Let us get to know the details about the packages. 

Slingshot PCB Packages

Package 11 ride; 1 T-shirt and 1 USB or video $60.00
Package 22 riders; 2 T-shirts and 1 USB or video $150.00
Package 32 riders; 2 T-shirts and 2 USB or video $115.00
Package 42 riders; 2 T-shirts; 2 shots and 1 USB or video $130.00 

How Fast Is The Slingshot Ride In The PCB?

The exciting, of course, daring slingshot ride of PCB is faster than any other slingshot in the world. Where some slingshots are designed to send the passengers at 60 miles per hour, the PCB slingshot is a far faster ride that flings its riders at the speed of 100 miles per hour. 

The PCB offers plenty of joy. Among all those, the slingshot is at the heart of the park. 

The pent-up tower of the slingshot unleashes itself to fling you up very high into the air at a speed of 100 miles per hour. 

Yeah, you heard just right 100 miles per hour! 

So, obviously, the slingshot is not a kid’s play. The ride is only possible when you have only got the braveness in you.

How Long Does The Slingshot Ride In The PCB Last?

The slingshot, the exhilarating ride of the Panama City Beach aka PCB lasts approx. 2 minutes. The 2 minutes ride of the slingshot is a perfect challenge for those who dare to defy the gravity of the world.

When you want to have some daring memories to make a boring life into an exciting one, no need to mention, slingshot may be the first choice for you. 

The joy crosses the limit ultimately in the slingshots as it flings you at a higher speed than any other slingshots. Moreover, the slingshot PCB lasts for about 2 minutes. 

Sounds just a little terrifying! 

That means you can challenge gravity by catapulting yourself for about 2 minutes or 120 seconds, which is less than the Vomatron here. The Vomatron lasted longer than the slingshots, about 4 minutes.

How High Is The Slingshot PCB?

Do you dare to challenge the height, defying gravity? Then the slingshot at indy speedway, Panama City Beach, Fl is just what you must do if you dare a devil as it will take you 300 feet high far in the sky. 

Say, you take your seat in the slingshot and buckle up. You start hearing the rumbling sound as the seat is tilting back, and your heart starts pounding and your mind racing. 

Before understanding anything else, you will be catapulted 300 feet high in the sky in less than 2 seconds, similar to a bullet. Now you can experience what weightlessness is. As quickly you rocket up, you will zoom back toward the ground. Sometimes bouncing or rotating head over heels until you reach the launch point. Whew! 

From that height, you will be able to praise the whole beautiful scenery of Panama City Beach. 

Obviously, the view is worth watching, but only if you can keep your eyes open! So exhilarating and daring at the time!

How Many People Can Ride In A Slingshot?

The Slingshot is the most exhilarating and daring ride all over the world, one of the main attractions for daring people. When it comes to the number of riders on the slingshot of PCB, it is a reality that only two people can ride at a time.

No doubt the joy of riding any ride in the world becomes doubled when you have them with your friends or family. 

In the PCB, the slingshot is always the first chosen ride. When you are here, you are mostly seen coming in groups or with your family. 

That time it became the most crucial question of how many people could ride in the slingshot at a time. To tell you the truth, the slingshot can’t accommodate more than 2 people at a time. 

So, when you are trying to enjoy the slingshot, convince your friend or partner to join this insane ride and praise the beautiful bird’s eye views of the park from the high of the sky, of course, if you can!

How Does The Slingshot Ride Feel?

Undoubtedly, you’ll have a supernatural experience on Slingshot. It is more likely a bungee jumping that will give a feeling of a fall where your stomach is either sinking or going right up. While on the ride, you will experience a quite weightless feeling with the rapidly changing your movement from side to side and top to bottom.

After perusing the ticket and managing your travel friend, both of you will ask to enter and sit in a capsule that will be attached with a strong steel cable. The cable is designed to pull back and release in a few seconds. By doing so, it will lift the capsule in the air at a high speed. As from research, it will be able to fly the capsule up to 300 feet or even more than that in many cases. 

At the very top, you will feel almost weightless, and right then, it will zoom back toward the ground. As a few riders say, you will feel gravitational forces exerted on the body while falling down to the ground. Thanks to the steel cord, that will do an excellent job of absorbing the shock of gravitational force. 

But the cord will keep you riding all over the place; you will feel like a bird at the moment. So, think once; it will certainly be a surreal experience that you never want to miss! 

How Scary Is The Slingshot?

To be frank, people always find themselves a bit scared when the term comes to any adventure activities. Similarly, the slingshot can be both enjoyable and terrifying as it sounds. The slingshot comes in different perspectives to different people. Most ones just get afraid by the looks of it even before getting the riding experience. As long as you are entering the little cart, it will give you a sensational feeling when you are looking at the bottom from that place. 

At the start of the ride, you will feel completely floating in the air, and the ground will rush towards you. So, as you can realize, it will certainly be an exceptionally scary experience for you, even more than that if you are the first time. 

But no worry, once you’ve done it, you will never be scared of doing it the next time. The next time, you will not only enjoy the ride but an amazing view in front of you from above several hundred feet of the ground. It just depends on your feeling, you need to feel that you are attached with a secured cord, and that’s enough. 

Is A Slingshot Safe Enough To Ride?

Yes, undoubtedly! Slingshot is in the range of the extreme safest ride in the world. PCB has an impeccable safety record and provides the hottest safety ride in Florida, and the main attraction is the slingshot.

Despite the speed and the height of the slingshot PCB, the ride is a very safe experience. Thanks to the PCB, it has taken many steps to ensure that the slingshot is safe and secure. The slingshot uses steel cables and a patented spring propulsion system rather than using elastic ropes to ensure ultimate safety. 

Moreover, for the riders, the seat of the slingshot ride has a safety belt that attaches between the legs and has a shoulder restraint. Moreover, for the safety of the riders, the slingshot has maximum and minimum height requirements and also includes safety information about the amputees riding the slingshot. 

Riders with any neck injury, neck brace, or full-sized casts are not allowed to ride on the slingshot for their safety. 

Overall, the slingshot of PCB is an incredibly safe ride.

What Is The Minimum Height For Slingshot In PCB?

According to the rider qualification of the slingshot of PCB, the rider must be at a minimum height of 50 inches. As a rule of thumb, you should keep in mind that the minimum height for riding the catapult slingshot is 48 inches and the highest height is 79 inches tall to ride.

If you are daring to take a challenge to the slingshot of PCB, who cares about gravity? You can defy the force with a surreal once-in-a-lifetime experience on the slingshot. The Slingshot of PCB is absolutely an insane ride. 

But there is a special height requirement for the riders to experience the attraction of PCB. The riders of the slingshot must have been 50 inches tall. 

Moreover, no expectant mother can ride in the slingshot for the safety of both mother and child. Parkgoers under the influence of drugs and alcohol are also not allowed to ride on the slingshot of PCB.

Is There Any Age Limit While Riding On The Slingshot Of The PCB? 

The slingshot of PCB has no age limit or no weight limit for its riders to have an exciting ride. All you just need to be able to fit in the seat of the slingshot safely and properly fasten the seatbelt of the ride. That’s enough!

The slingshot of PCB is thriving and exhilarating, no wonder anyone will want to have a ride on that. But whether there should be any age limit to have an exciting ride on the slingshot, many people become curious about the query. 

Whereas most of the catapult slingshot of the world has an age limit of a minimum of 12 or 13, the slingshot of PCB has not mentioned any specific age as a limitation for the ride. 

According to the rider qualification of the slingshot of the PCB, if the rider is able to fit in the seat safely and can fasten the seatbelt correctly and safely, they are allowed to enjoy the ride. The riders below these requirements and under the height of 50 inches will not be able to be catapulted far into the sky.  

Rider Safety Information That You Must Know Before Riding On The Slingshot PCB 

Here is some rider safety information for the riders who want to have a thrilling ride on the slingshot of PCB, Florida. Let us check that out. 

  • When you are riding on the slingshot of the PCB with your partner or friend, the combined weight should be 110 lb. per ride.
  • While riding, secure yourself with the shoulder harness with a between-the-legs safety belt. It ensures the safety of every ride over the head and along the chest.
  • When nature is restrained, the ride of the slingshot may not accommodate a rider of a larger size. 
  • You should not use any ride restraints for support as they will shift.
  • As the rider exists, alternate access is available. The rider should be capable of taking several steps on their own or with the help of their companions or elevating themselves up into the seat.
  • If the rider has a neck brace, full arm cast, cervical collar, broken collar bone, braced arm cast, lower leg cast, or full foot cast, they will not be allowed to ride on the slingshot of PCB.
  • The rider with any prosthesis should ride in the slingshot until they can ensure that the device is totally secured and they will not misplace during the ride.
  • You should follow the caution while entering or existing in the slingshot ride as the ride can shift.

Why Do People Blackout On Slingshot Rides?

No doubt, the slingshot is the best alternative to regular rides. In the best-case scenario of the slingshot ride, people get the excitement of catapulting high in the sky, and in the worst-case scenario, they black out. It happens due to a drop in the blood pressure. While riding the slingshot, some people’s blood pressure becomes lower than normal, and they experience passing out on the ride.

You know, when you are on a slingshot ride, your blood pressure and heart rate abruptly fall. The temporary loss of consciousness may happen when there is reduced blood flow to the brain. 

Yeah, of course, given the height and speed of the slingshot, it is safe for its riders. But for some riders of the slingshot, it may happen that their brain experiences a lack of oxygen and reduced blood flow. As a result, people pass out while on the ride. 

The blood pressure of the body is maintained by the nervous system, and the vagus nerve, which sends signals around the blood vessels to maintain normal blood pressure. The neurologist believes that the ride’s “g force” robs the oxygen level and blood flow to the brain as it overwhelms the system and causes passing out. When that happens, the victim feels dizzy, which forces the blood flow to rush quickly in the brain. 

So, the thing you can do to prevent passing out on the slingshot ride is to drink more water. It is because dehydration sometimes appears as a major reason for passing out. When you are on the slingshot, and you know you are feeling like passing out, start taking fast and deep breaths. Just go with the flow, as you do not have very much to do on the ride!

Is Passing Out On Slingshot Ride Dangerous? 

To be frank, most healthy people suffer no long-lasting effects due to brief fainting. When you awake after a few seconds of faintness, you are perfectly alright. But for people with heart conditions, fainting can theoretically induce a heart attack as it causes stress on the heart. It is also true for those who are already at risk of stroke and heart attack. 

That is why people with high blood pressure and heart conditions and people with a high stroke risk should avoid riding a slingshot or similar rides in amusement parks. You know what, while on the ride, ‘g forces’ produce stress on the body, which worsens all these conditions. 

As a result, afterward, the body will react with an adrenaline rush, a fight-or-flight type situation. You should consult a physician in case you have any health problems or chronic illnesses before having a slingshot ride.

Whether There Are Ever Any Accidents In The Slingshot Of The PCB? 

As far as we got to know, there were no injuries ever reported in the slingshot of PCB. But an incident was there, where two riders got scared when the slingshot-style ride snapped even before it started.

The news outlet reports that, at the Cobra Adventure Park of PCB, what happened was that two men were very excited to be catapulted in the air on the slingshot ride of the Florida amusement park PCB. 

But before the operator set to launch the ride, everything became scary and surprising when the cable was frayed out and the people were strapped into the Vertical Accelerator ride. 

The incident was captured by Krissy Hurst, who posted the incident video on Facebook and WTVT and said that the riders were a brother-in-law and an acquaintance of hers. She was capturing the video as the recording system of the ride was not working. 

Hurst has ridden the ride many times, but as she was not feeling well, she decided not to ride. She told Fox 13Opens in a new tab. that the riders were completely freaked out, saying they just dodged death. 

Officials at Cobra Adventure Park refund them, but according to Hurst, she felt that no one is apologetic at all. About the incident, the officials also did not give any comments immediately.

What Are The General Park Rules Of The PCB? 

PCB is a family-friendly park and offers joys aplenty for those stout-hearted who want to taste them. 

However, PCB has general park rules that the park expects you to follow while you are visiting. 

So, we think you should also get to know them when you are planning to go for a slingshot ride on PCB. Let us check that out. 

#1. There should not be riding or climbing while in the park.

#2. Guests should wear shirts and shoes all the time. 

#3. No one should be allowed to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol. 

#4. No Skateboarding, Scooters, Bicycles, or Roller Skating while being on PCB.

#5. And at last, no profanity is allowed. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] 

Where is the world’s largest slingshot ride?

The world’s tallest slingshot is in the ICON park- the Orlando slingshot. The Orlando slingshot is about 300 feet high which makes it the highest slingshot in the world. It launches the two riders about 45 feet high in the sky, reaching 0-100 mph speed. 

How much G force is in a slingshot ride at the amusement parks?

The g force of the slingshot of the amusement parks is between 3 to 5. G’s. If you compare the g force with the space shuttle and fighter jets, the space shuttle has a g force of about 3 G’s, whereas for the fighter jets, it is about 8 to 9 G’s. 

What is a giant slingshot?

Moment giant slingshot is the giant slingshot that hurls payloads 25000 feet above the surface of the earth. It spins for about 5000 miles per hour. The giant slingshot is set to launch the satellite into space orbit by 2026. 

How much does the Orlando Slingshot cost?

When it is a matter of enjoying the slingshot ride of Orlando, it will cost you about $35 per person. There will be additional charges for the USB or slingshot video and the T-shirt. The slingshot USB or video will cost about $20, as well as the T-shirt.

To Wrap It Up! 

Well, that is almost the end of our discussion. We think there is no more single query left about the slingshot PCB after going through the whole write-up today, hopefully! The Slingshot of PCB is the main attraction for visitors visiting here who want to catapult high in the sky and dare to defy gravity. 

If you are also one of those daring people to whom height does not matter, the slingshot of the PCB is right there for you. Just maintain safety precautions before and while riding; that will be enough. 

Get on the slingshot, sit down, buckle up, and wait up to fling up to 300 feet high in the sky. Then boom!

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