22 Things To Do In Orlando With Dogs!

22 Things To Do In Orlando with Dogs!

It is the perfect time to plan for a trip or an outing to see the dog-friendly City of Orlando and learn the amazing things to do in Orlando with dogs, as this is a pet-friendly place where dogs are allowed in restaurants, bars, tourist spots, and parks also. 

Now, you do not have to leave your Fido behind anymore as Orlando is not just for humans! This city welcomes local dog owners and their pups.

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22 Things To Do In Orlando with Dogs! [Enjoy Dog-Friendly Activities with Your Furry Friend]

Plan your vacation with the given list of the top dog friendly places in Orlando City and enjoy it with your furry friend. Before we go into the main part, let’s clear some queries.

Is Orlando a dog-friendly city?

Yes, Orlando is a dog-friendly city with many pet-friendly accommodations, activities, and restaurants. According to Ruff Day Bark Club, BringFido, the Orlando Sentinel, and Visit Orlando, there are plenty of options for large dogs and pups in the city. Additionally, Orlando is home to popular theme parks like Disney World.

In fact, Orlando is ranked as the most dog-friendly U.S. destination for a vacation, according to Booking.com. Fido and pups are welcome at local parks, nature trails, and city spots, and leashed dogs are allowed on restaurant patios and inside many stores. Disney World even offers a dog-friendly tour!

There are also many pet-friendly hotels and resorts in Orlando, with over 600 options for Fido. If you own a pup and want to move to the city, several neighborhoods, such as College Park, Lake Nona, and Winter Park, are particularly welcoming to large dogs. Orlando is a great city for dog owners and furry friends looking for a tour.

1. Visit Lake Baldwin Park And Take A Leisurely Walk Along Its Scenic Trails

  • Location: 2000 S Lakemont Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789
  • Open Daily 7 am – 8 pm

Do you think Orlando is a place for humans and their furry friends only to visit? Okay, then, hold on! Let me clear this up, you can also take your dogs, like Fido, there for a walk in the fenced park. Yes, you just heard right. Orlando offers friendly activities for all its guests, including our four-legged companions.

Lake Baldwin Park in Orlando is a great place for Fido and is known for being the only dog-friendly park in the city. The park has 23.16 waterfront acres and allows dogs to run, play, and swim.

Your dog can join you at the fenced park or friendly brewery, but the best part is that you can leave the leash in the sand because, at this dog-friendly beach, Fido has permission to run or swim off-leash from 8 AM to sunset every day. Be prepared with a leash if needed, and ensure your dog always comes when you call. You will also get a bathroom there to use. Looking for friendly date ideas? Bring your furry friend along!

You will also find useful amenities like shaded places, picnic tables, dog shower places, water fountains, and a fenced park for large dogs named Fido. The park is perfect for brewing fun and socializing with your furry friends.

If you have a large dog like Fido and you’re looking for a great place to spend the day together in Orlando, FL, then The Lake Baldwin dog park is perfect!

2. Explore The Dog-Friendly Winter Park And Enjoy Its Charming Shops And Cafe

If you have a large dog, Fido, with you in Orlando, FL, make sure to visit Park Avenue. This spot in Winter Park is perfect for shopping, eating, and learning about culture.

If you want to make your afternoon perfect with your pet, take a walk along Park Avenue in Orlando, FL to enjoy the sidewalk cafes, Central Park with its oak-canopied trees, and cute boutique shops, some of which will even give you permission to bring your fido inside! Your dog will love to walk there.

If you take your pet there, then the rules you must follow are;

  • Make sure to avoid busy places.
  • Keep your pet 10 feet away from other pets.
  • Before taking your pet, Fido, for a walk in Orlando, FL, make sure the leash is no longer than 4 feet. Additionally, remember to clean the leash beforehand.
  • Make sure your dog is vaccinated.
  • Pets that are too rough, like Fido, may be asked to leave the pet-friendly establishment in Orlando, FL. Please see the details for more information.
  • No Fido dogs will be allowed inside the buildings or on the patio in Orlando, FL. Please see the details for more information.

3. Take Your Pup For A Stroll Around Lake Eola Park In Downtown Orlando

  • Location: 512 East Washington Street, Orlando, FL 32801
  • Open Daily from 6 am to 12 pm

If you ask any people living in Orlando what they think of Lake Eola Park, I am sure they will only say good things about it. The park is a popular spot for residents and visitors alike, offering beautiful views of the FL landscape. Fido, your furry friend, will love exploring the park’s trails and open spaces. For more details about Lake Eola Park, keep reading.

They just love this big, beautiful lake in Downtown Orlando and a quick walk around it. The area’s 9-mile trail is one of the most famous things to do with a dog in Orlando. As you walk around, you will see swan-shaped paddle boats on the lake, eye-catching views of the Downtown Orlando skyline, and a wide range of birds, like swans and ducks, that live there.

Lake Eola Park also hosts several dog-friendly events all year long. People living there almost know about The Orlando Farmers Market and Paws in the Park, which is Orlando’s biggest pet fair that no one would like to miss out on.

4. Visit The Dr. Phillips Dog Park, A Spacious Off-leash Park With Separate Areas For Small And Large Dogs

  • Location: 8249 Buenavista Woods Blvd, Orlando, FL 32836
  • Open from 8 am – 8 pm in summer and 8 am – 6 pm in winter at our FL location, we provide all the details you need for your visit to Orlando. Whether you’re planning a trip with your furry friend, Fido, or just want to explore the city, our hours accommodate your schedule.

This Park is a part of Dr. P. Phillips Community Park, which is on the shores of Big Sand Lake. The park has two different fenced-in yards for dogs of all sizes, like areas for small dogs (30 pounds or less) and big dogs (over 30 pounds). There are many places for dogs to play and run around.

Most of the yards in Orlando are green, but there are some sandy spots, so be sure to wear shoes with closed toes. Also, when it rains, part of Fido’s big dog yard on the right floods and gets muddy, which is fun for the dogs.

From this spot in Orlando, FL, you can see the lake and parts of International Drive across the water. But as it is near a lake, it is often full of bugs, so bring bug spray for Fido.

But the rules of this park are;

  • Do not go away from your dog.
  • Dogs must not bark all the time
  • You must repair the holes made by your dog

5. Enjoy A Day Trip To The Dog-Friendly Wekiwa Springs State Park And Go Hiking With Your Furry Friend

  • Location: 1800 Wekiwa Cir, Apopka, FL, US, 32712
  • Open from Sunrise to Sunset

Wekiwa Springs State is a beautiful green spring in the middle of Florida’s lush natural wilderness. You can swim in the spring, walk along miles of hiking trails, paddle a boat or canoe up the river, and do a lot more to have a fun-filled day outside in Orlando. Don’t forget to bring your furry friend Fido along for the adventure!

But this is to remember that your pets are not allowed in the swimming areas, buildings, or places where food is served but you can still take your dog hiking on the 13 miles of trails or put it in a paddling boat for a relaxed ride on the river. Therefore, you can enjoy a peaceful day trip surrounded by pure natural beauty.

In Orlando, the Wekiva River is known for its alligators, so it’s important to keep your dog away from the water unless they are in a boat and safe. Remember to protect Fido in FL.

6. Visit Lake Druid Park And Let Your Pup Play In Its Off-leash Area

Location: 899 Coy Drive, Orlando, FL 32803

Open Everyday 9 am – Sunset

Lake Druid Park is a dog-friendly park in Orlando. At this fenced dog park, your pet can run around without a leash and meet other dogs. There are different areas in this park for small and large dogs. 

In Orlando, FL, you can find tables at Fido-friendly spots to enjoy your surroundings with your dog. There are bathrooms for both humans and dogs, as well as water fountains. Take a break and rest at the restrooms if you become tired. Make the most of your day out with Fido!

So don’t you think there are many things to do in Orlando with your dogs if you go on your vacation?

7. Explore The Dog-Friendly Trails At The Tibet-Butler Preserve And Enjoy The Beautiful Natural Surroundings

  • Location: 8777 Winter Garden Vineland Rd, Orlando, FL 32836, United States
  • Open: 8 am to 6 pm

Tibet-Butler Preserve, located west of Orlando, is a stunning area of forest with a spacious nature center and meticulously maintained FL trails.

The trail system in Orlando, FL passes by some of the most important environments in this area, such as a bayhead swamp, longleaf pine forest, scrub, and lakeshore with cypress trees. Explore the details of these diverse ecosystems while hiking or biking on the trails.

You can visit Orlando, FL for a walk with your dog and enjoy the awesome beauty of nature. I am 100% sure your dog is going to love to take a walk there.

Luckily, your family can also join you in the FL park. Trust me, you are going to lose yourself in the beauty of your surroundings in Orlando.

8. Visit Lake Underhill Park And Enjoy Its Walking Trails And Scenic Views

  • Location: 4355 Lake Underhill Road, Orlando, FL 32803
  • Open from 6 am to 11 pm

If you visit Lake Underhill Park, you can find things like pavilions, tables for enjoying your picnic, and grills to make your vacation days wonderful. Since this park allows dogs, they have to be leashed.

Lake Underhill Park in Orlando, FL is a small 8.8-acre green space. You will find the park open from sunrise to 11 pm at night, and interestingly, boaters like this park very much as they can use a boat ramp to get to the lake. The park offers details for visitors in Orlando.

Moreover, it is also separated from congested areas, which makes it a low-stress path for walking and biking, though there are two underpasses and some grade-level bridges. The FL is a great option for those looking for a peaceful and safe route to walk or bike.

Therefore, you can do many fun things with your dog in this beautiful scenic park of Orlando, FL.

  • Location: 501 Crown Point Cross Rd, Winter Garden
  • Open from Sunrise to Sunset

It is of the 1600 rail-trails that are supported by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, a non-profit group that is building a network across the country to connect old rail lines and corridors for the benefit of fl.

The West Orange Dog Park in Orlando is a fantastic place for dogs to play. With ample shelter and plenty of room to roam, it’s a haven for our furry friends. The park is divided into separate areas for small and big dogs, both with seating options available. Additionally, there are play equipment and a curved walking path for added enjoyment. Bring your dog to this FL park and let them have a blast!

The smaller fl park has a hose, and both fl parks have a lot of trash bags so that you can keep the park clean.

10. Take Your Dog For A Walk Around The Dog-Friendly Thornton Park Neighborhood In Downtown Orlando

  • Location: 100 S Eola Street Orlando, Florida 32801.
  • Open from Sunrise to Sunset

Dexter’s of Thornton Park is a popular place for Orlando people and their dogs. It is near Lake Eola, where dogs are welcomed on the quiet patio. The staff will even give water for your pet, ensuring a peaceful meal.

If you are walking around downtown with your dog, then, this can be the perfect place to have your fl meal.

11. Visit The Barber Park Dog Park And Let Your Pup Play In Its Off-Leash Area

  • Location: 3701 Gatlin Ave, Orlando, FL 32812
  • Open 8 am – 8 pm

Is your dog running around like crazy? Then you should take your pet friend to The Barber Dog Park, where they can enjoy a lot of fun and playtime.

This off-leash fl spot is in the right corner of Barber Park. It is a great fl place for some roughhousing!

Barber Dog Park is split into two parts, each part has its own gate. One place is for puppies that are not more than 30 pounds, and another one is for dogs that are bigger. Both places are mostly grass where dogs can play. 

You can run, sniff, and play with your dogs in the open areas. This park is extra fun for dogs because it has tunnels and ramps.

Moreover, there are fountains for dogs so if they feel thirsty they can drink water from there and you can sit there peacefully in the benches given there.

When they are done playing, put your dog’s leash on and give a round to Barber Park. Your pet will get the refreshment by walking around and sniffing in the open fields and on the curved paths. 

Therefore as I said earlier that there is no doubt your dog will love Barber Dog Park. You can go there anytime before sunset.

12. Take Your Dog For A Walk In The Dog-Friendly Avalon Park Neighborhood

  • Location: Florida 32828, USA
  • Open from Sunrise to Sunset

The Avalon Dog Park is the finest place for dogs.

Here you can find many amenities like; tables to sit and relax, a water tower for dogs if they become thirsty, a washing area for dogs. Also, you will get five places to throw your pet’s waste and out of the five places, four places are outside of the park. You can visit there from sunrise to sunset.

The double-gated entrance is safe, but you should keep pets on a leash until you get into the park. You can enjoy your walk with your dog on its paved paths. 

13. Explore The Dog-Friendly Trails At The Econ River Wilderness Area Near Orlando

  • Location: 3795 Old Lockwood Rd, Oviedo, FL 32765, USA
  • Open from Sunrise To Sunset

Econ River Wilderness Area is a 240-acre dog-friendly land south of Oviedo on the west side of the Econlockhatchee River. Only leashed dogs can go there. You can take a walk of 3 miles there through places like pine flatwoods, sandhills, and river swamps. 

Here, you can see an amazing horn owl, bobwhite, deer with whitetail, bobcat, raccoon, and golden rat. You will love the beautiful scenery of nature of Florida by sitting on the benches beside the river. 

You will surely love to go with your family there during your vacations. 

14. Take Your Dog For A Walk Along The Cady Way Trail, A Paved Trail With Beautiful Scenery

  • Location: 4801 W. Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32808  
  • Open from Sunrise to Sunset

If you like to walk along The Cady Way Trail, you can go there after sunrise but have to get back by sunset, and you must not forget that only leashed dogs are allowed to go there. You will water fountains for your pet friend and can feed them water if they are thirsty. Moreover, there are benches along the trail to sit, so whenever you feel tired, you can take a rest for a while though there are fewer shelters or you can say shades to escape from the sun.

Furthermore, you will get dustbins after every while of your walking to throw the trash made by your dog. The path is all covered by green trees, which will be worth watching. 

15. Visit The Dog-Friendly Jay Blanchard Park And Enjoy Its Walking Trails And Picnic Areas

  • Location: 2451 N Dean RD Orlando, FL 32817
  • Open: Summer 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. / Winter 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sunday – Saturday

When the weather is nice, Jay Blanchard Park is a perfect place to visit as it is a large area where you can do a lot of things with your dogs in Orlando, so you might want to plan to spend a few hours here.

This park allows dogs, but they have a condition that your dog must have to be leashed, and you should clean it before leaving. There is a lot of equipment your dog will find to play with.  

You can also get away from the busy places by going to this park and staying there for some time. The 8-mile paved path is its specialty. Jay Blanchard Park has more to offer than just playgrounds and walking paths. You can go fishing and arrange a picnic by a bridge that is near the tennis fields and enjoy the nice weather. You will even like to sunbathe there because there are not many trees on this part of the road. 

You can also watch the sunset and enjoy the weather with your family and pet there.

16. Take A Trip To The Dog-Friendly Blue Jacket Park And Let Your Pup Play In Its Open Spaces

  • Location: 2501 General Rees Ave, Orlando, FL 32814, United States
  • Open from 6 am to 11 pm

Well, if you like to run with your dog in an open space then Blue Jacket Park is the great option for you! 

This dog-friendly park has a lot of parking spots.  You can use public bathrooms and water fountains, and there are even short fountains for your pet.  

During the day, people keep jogging around the trail, as well as people playing on the baseball grounds and groups playing soccer in the open field. Your dog can run, play and have total fun in this Blue Jacket Park. You can also play there! 

17. Enjoy A Day At The Dog-Friendly Lake Mary Jane And Let Your Dog Swim In Its Designated Dog Beach Area

  • Location: 14032 Lacebark Pine Rd Orlando, FL 32832
  • Open from Sunrise to Sunset

So are you thinking of taking your dog to its designated beach area? Lake Mary Jane is the perfect spot! Yes, Lake Mary is a pet-friendly area where you can enjoy your dog to the fullest. 

Fishing, seeing waterfalls, climbing, and backpacking are all great things to do in Orlando with your dog near the lake and each spot can have two pets but obviously, your pet must be on a leash. Moreover, you can also use the arrow keys to move around.

Not only this, you can also let your dog swim in its specific area. Spending your vacations like this is a super idea!

18. Explore The Dog-Friendly Trails At The Little Econ Greenway Near Orlando

  • Location: 2451 N. Dean Rd. Orlando, FL 32817
  • Open from Sunrise to Sunset

The Little Econ Greenway is a multi-use trail in Orlando where you can take your pet for a walk. Though they allow dogs, they have to be on a leash. The Little Econ Greenway is a paved trail that goes for about 7 miles which is fun and easy to follow.

The Little Econ Greenway trail is just one of the beautiful trails near Orlando. The trail is by a river and has places for watching wildlife, picnics, and paddling canoes. It also has a series of canals that can be paddled along. You can see wildlife like ospreys, red-shouldered hawks, turtles, and alligators on land or in the water. In addition, the butterfly garden along the path is something like giving a treat to your eyes.

Therefore you can take a day tour there with your dog and spend some refreshing moments and your pet is also going to love this place!

19. Take Your Dog For A Walk Around The Dog-Friendly Lake Nona Neighborhood

  • Location: 9685 Lake Nona Village Pl, Orlando, FL, 32827
  • Open from 11 am to 11 pm (Monday-Saturday), Sunday- 10 am to 11 pm

Do you want to take your pet somewhere new? Then it’s high time to say goodbye to everyday boring walks with your dog in the same place! 

Nona Blue is the next place on the list of dog-friendly places in Lake Nona. At this diner, the wood-fired grill is the center of American food, so you will get a feeling of your summer holidays. You can get many super delicious foods to enjoy there with your pup as they allow dogs with you.

There are also a lot of signature cocktails, so bring your dog, sit on the porch with a drink, and watch the sunset! 

In the excitement to visit the Lake, you should not forget that your dog must be on a leash! 

20. Visit The Dog-Friendly Lake Lawsona/ Lake Cherokee Neighborhood And Enjoy Its Historic Charm

  • Location: 474 Palmer Street, Orlando, FL 32801
  • Open from Sunrise to Sunset

The Lake Cherokee neighborhood is in Orlando, at the center of Florida. There are many quiet places around Lake Cherokee which is surrounded by green trees and is home to many different kinds of animals, which makes it a good spot to go with your dog. There are also kayaking, boating, horseback rides, and other things to do in Orlando with your dog.

Lake Cherokee is now one of the most popular places to live in Orlando, and it is still a big part of the city’s culture. Lake Cherokee is an important part of the city’s past, present, and future because of its long history and changing scenery.

So, what are you waiting for? Without wasting any time, run for this beautiful place with your pet friend.

21. Take A Trip To The Dog-Friendly Lake Downey Park And Let Your Pup Play In Its Open Spaces

  • Location: 10107 Flowers Ave, Orlando, FL 32825
  • Open (8 am – 6 pm) in winter and (8 am – 8 pm) in summer

A beautiful park with an aquatic playground, a baseball and softball complex, sand volleyball, picnic places, a playground for kids with special needs, an exercise area, and most importantly it is an off-leash dog park.

Dogs of all sizes can run around and play at Downey Dog Park, which has many shelters and places for you to sit. The play areas in the park are split by size, but each has many rooms to play. There are water spots for dogs so that they can stay cool and drink. Downey Dog Park is different from other parks because it has a time-out box which is a great way to help a dog whose energy is too high or to separate two dogs who are fighting. 

However, you will find different things to do in Orlando with your dog!

22. Enjoy A Day At The Dog-Friendly Lake Whippoorwill And Go Kayaking Or Paddle Boarding With Your Dog

  • Location: 12345 Narcoossee Road Orlando, FL 32827
  • Open from Sunrise to Sunset

Are dogs allowed in Whippoorwill?

Yes, dogs are allowed in Lake Whippoorwill but remember they must be on leash. 

The beautiful 355-acre Lake Whippoorwill is only 20 minutes from Disney World. 

You will find RV sites with a view of the lake, a swimming pool, a hot tub, a private boat ramp, and rental of paddle boats, canoes, and banana bikes. The site has 50 amp service, and rigs up to 85 feet long can stay there.

Are dogs allowed in stores in Orlando?

Yes, dogs are allowed in some stores in Orlando, but it depends on the store’s policy. Neiman Marcus, for example, allows all dogs on the sales floor of any store but not in restaurants, bars, or cafes unless they are certified service dogs.

Hobby Lobby also allows dogs to be well-behaved and on a leash or in a carrier. Bed Bath & Beyond allows dogs in some locations, depending on local laws and the store’s policy. However, most local and state health regulations do not allow animals in public places where food is sold, and federal law does not permit the mixing of pets and food in a grocery store.

Therefore, checking with the store directly before bringing your dog inside is best. In general, leashed dogs are welcome on restaurant patios and inside many stores in Orlando.

There are many dog-friendly restaurants in Orlando, according to the search results. Here are some of the most popular ones: Teak Neighborhood Grill – This restaurant is known for its burgers and craft beer and has a large outdoor patio where dogs are welcome.

The Hammered Lamb – This gastropub has a dog-friendly patio and serves various food and drinks.

Vanbarry’s Public House – This Irish pub has a dog-friendly patio and serves traditional pub fare.

The Stubborn Mule – This restaurant has a dog-friendly patio and serves American cuisine with a twist.

The Ravenous Pig – This restaurant has a dog-friendly patio and serves upscale American cuisine.

White Wolf Café – This café has a dog-friendly patio and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Yellow Dog Eats – This restaurant has a dog-friendly patio and serves sandwiches, salads, and barbecues.

Rock & Brews – This restaurant has a dog-friendly patio and serves American comfort food and craft beer.

Cafe Tu Tu Tango – This restaurant has a dog-friendly patio and serves tapas-style dishes.

Flippers Pizzeria – This pizza chain has several dog-friendly locations in Orlando.

These are just a few of the many dog-friendly restaurants in Orlando. It is always a good idea to call ahead and confirm the restaurant’s pet policy before bringing your dog.

Are there any restrictions on dogs in public places in Orlando?

Yes, there are some restrictions on dogs in public places in Orlando. Here are some restrictions: Dogs are not allowed in public places where food is sold, such as grocery stores unless they are certified service dogs.

  • Orlando restaurant owners who want to allow customers’ dogs on their property must apply for a dog-friendly dining permit.
  • While many stores and restaurants in Orlando allow leashed dogs on their patios or inside their establishments, it ultimately depends on the store’s policy.

There are many dog-friendly parks in Orlando, according to the search results. Here are some of the most popular ones: Kraft Azalea Garden – This park is in Winter Park and features a scenic lakefront area, gardens, and walking trails. Dogs are welcome on leashes.

Lake Eola Park – This park is in downtown Orlando and features a lake, walking paths, and a playground. Dogs are welcome on leashes.

Park of the Americas – This off-leash park is located in the Millenia area of Orlando and features a track and trail for dog walking and off-leash run space. The park provides water stations and waste bags.

Barber Dog Park – This off-leash park is located in the Conway area of Orlando and features separate areas for small and large dogs, agility equipment, and water stations.

Lake Baldwin Park – This park is located in the Baldwin Park neighborhood of Orlando and features a lake, walking paths, and a dog beach. Dogs are welcome on leashes.

Other dog-friendly parks in Orlando include Mead Botanical Garden, Greenwood Urban Wetlands, Loch Haven Park, and Constitution Green Dog Area. It is always a good idea to check the park’s rules and regulations before bringing your dog to ensure they are allowed and avoid any potential issues.

Here are some popular dog-friendly breweries in Orlando: Rockpit Brewing – This brewery is known for its craft beer and dog-friendly patio. All dogs are required to be on a leash for safety.

Tactical Brewing – This brewery has a dog-friendly patio and serves a variety of craft beers.

Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co. – This brewery has a dog-friendly patio and serves a variety of craft beers.

WopsHops Brewing Company – This brewery is located in Sanford, just outside of Orlando, and has a dog-friendly patio.

In addition to these breweries, many dog-friendly bars and restaurants in Orlando serve craft beer, such as The Hammered Lamb, Rock & Brews, and Teak Neighborhood Grill. It is always a good idea to check with the establishment directly before bringing your dog to ensure they are allowed and avoid any potential issues.

Conclusion: Things To Do In Orlando with Dogs

A dog park is an enjoyable place where you can enjoy not only with your dog but also with your family. However, everyone can only play together safely and happily if they follow the rules.

Therefore these are 22 places on the list; now you know what to visit and different things to do in Orlando with dogs. 

Enjoy your vacation!

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