37 Best Things To Do With Dogs In Denver

37 Best Things to Do with Dogs in Denver

Are you a dog lover looking for a trip with your beloved dog in the United States? Then Denver is the destination for you. The dynamic Denver, Colorado is known as the most dog-friendly city in the United States so there are huge dog-friendly spots and other things to do with dogs in Denver.

The Denver has taken the level of pet-friendliness to another extreme level. Visiting the city has made us surprised to see hundreds of dog-friendly activities, restaurants, parks, sports clubs, and other locations.

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Best Things to do with Dogs in Denver:

Today, we going to let you know the best 37 things to do with dogs in Denver to hundred percent utilized the opportunity to have an enjoyable vacation with your beloved pet.

1. Visit Cherry Creek State Park and enjoy its dog-friendly trails and off-leash areas.

The Cherry Creek State Park is an area of 107 acres with water access for canine entertainment. Cherry Creek State Park Dog Off-Leash Area (DOLA) in Aurora, CO is complimented on being like a paradise on earth for dogs. Three your dog can make new friends, smell and explore new tastes, and splash in the creek for the day.

2. Take your furry friend for a walk along the scenic paths of Washington Park.

Washington Park has two lakes and a fabulous flower garden that you will love to explore with your dog and walk by the gardens. You can have a trail the bike/pedestrian path, the jogging trail, or enjoy one of their free open-space concerts.

3. Visit the Railyard Dog Park, which offers separate areas for small and large dogs to play off-leash.

Railyard Dog Park in Denver is a fenced off-leash dog park. This park has different areas for high-energetic and low-energetic dogs. The field of the park is a soft, sandy soil ground that is even softer than grass. The park offers shaded areas, benches, and an artificial water fountain though the fountain is not seen to be in service always. So, it is recommended to bring water for your dog.

4. Explore the expansive trails and open spaces at the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre.

Red Rocks is often known as a concert place but it has many more. This stunningly beautiful destination is one of the best places for locals and tourists to enjoy scenic Colorado. So many hiking and biking trails, wonderful places for a picnic party, and a great visitor center make Red Rocks an excellent place for a day with your pet. Leashed pets are also permitted on the hiking trails, but bring plenty of water for you and your doggy.

5. Go for a hike with your dog in the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park.

Rocky Mountain National Park is a designated natural area, and its purpose is to preserve and protect nature, scenic beauty, and wildlife of the area. Although dogs are forbidden on national park trails, you are allowed to walk with your dog in picnic corners, campgrounds, and on park roads. During the shoulder season, some of the roads in Rocky Mountain National Park are closed for driving but open to pets on a leash.

6. Check out Lowry Dog Park, a spacious off-leash park with agility equipment.

Lowry Dog Park demands that guests come here again, and again because it’s a clean off-leash space where canines can play and socialize without any boundaries. You’ll find different spaces for big and small dogs inside the park, so be sure your cute dog baby can play with canines of the same size, with no chances to get hurt.

There are many waste bins around the park where you can throw away used poop bags. If have a plan to hike around Lowry Dog Park, carrying enough water and your dog’s bowl is a must.

7. Take a trip to the dog-friendly Mount Falcon Park and enjoy the stunning views of Denver.

You would love to explore the most popular dogs on leash trails in Mount Falcon Park aside with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions. People who are nature lovers and also pet lovers use to hike, and camp in the park.

8. Visit Stapleton Dog Park, a popular spot for off-leash playtime.

The Stapleton Greenway Dog Park is situated near Fred Thomas Park in Denver, Colorado. This is a specially designed and built park for exercising dogs and puppies off-leash. It is fully covered and enclosed by a tall, chain-link fence.

The main playground for the dogs is surfaced with soft sand. Dog masters should be aware that the sand in the ground is quite deeper so that can be difficult for very small dogs to run or play in the area. It has a beach replica but there is no water for dogs to swim in. 

9. Go for a swim with your pup at Berkeley Dog Park’s dog-friendly lake.

Berkeley Lake Dog Park in Denver is situated inside Berkeley Lake Park, this is a designated off-leash park. It is an amazing park that offers a lake with a way around it, picnic tables, playgrounds, tennis courts, and swimming at the William Scheitler Recreation Center.

The Berkeley Park Lake Loop around the lake is 1.1 miles. You will be happy to know that there is a different fenced-in area specifically designed for dogs under 25 pounds.

10. Explore the beautiful trails and scenic views of the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

Garden of the Gods, is a pet-friendly, Registered National Natural Landmark in Colorado Springs that welcomes leashed dogs. You can hike along the beautiful tracks through the red rock pieces and enjoy the stunning views and landscape. Pets are willingly allowed inside the Visitor and Nature Center but you have to keep them out of the indoor dining space.

11. Take your dog for a walk along the High Line Canal Trail, spanning over 70 miles.

The High Line Canal Trail is open all over the year and is beautiful to visit at any season. This is a dog-friendly space so you can come here with your pet dogs but the dog must be on a leash. The segment of the High Line Canal starts at about a 10-mile marked point of the trail. There is a gap of around a mile long in the trail near Plum Creek.

12. Visit Bear Creek Dog Park and let your dog socialize and play off-leash.

The Bear Creek Dong Park has areas for dogs and people to wade and play in the creek, a large field through which to run or chase balls, and an Agility Training Area that was installed back in 2014. There is a divided area for small and big dogs, and a two-acre small dog/senior dog area is there divided from the common dog area to provide safe space for the masters who wish to keep their dog play to a minimum.

13. Check out Chatfield State Park and enjoy its dog-friendly hiking trails and reservoir.

Chatfield State Park offers a fenced-in area where dogs are allowed to play without leashes. They have miles-long trails and even water bays for dogs to play in. Pay a visit to let your pup enjoy, meet some fellow canines, and run free safely.

14. Take your dog for a walk around the scenic Sloan’s Lake Park.

Sloan’s Lake is the biggest lake in Denver city, it has an area of 177 acres, so it has won the crown of the city’s second-largest park. Offers two playgrounds, tennis courts, multiple athletic fields, boating, basketball courts, multi-use trails, picnic spots, and so on. You can take your leashed dogs to enjoy together.

15. Enjoy a day trip to the picturesque Clear Creek Canyon Park and go for a hike with your pup.

Clear Creek Canyon Park is offering unique recreational facilities inside its steep canyon walls and fast-flowing creek. You can enjoy hiking there and other entertainment features with your dog, but it must be on a leash.

16. Visit the Golden Gate Canyon State Park and explore its dog-friendly trails and camping areas.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park is a dog-friendly natural place covered in dense forest and rocky peaks. You and your puppy will discover over 35 miles of pet-friendly trails through fields and woodlands, including some of the most popular trails.

17. Take your dog for a walk in the expansive City Park and enjoy the stunning Denver skyline views.

City Park is a public area of a 1,300-acre dog-friendly park in the center of the city. Visiting the City Park with your dog might be one of the best things to do with dogs in Denver. It allows only leashed dogs. Walking in the park and checking out great attractions such as the New Orleans Botanical Gardens, The Singing Oak, and Storyland will make you pleased.

18. Visit Genesee Park and enjoy its dog-friendly trails and open spaces.

Talking about exploring Denver with your pet dog, vising Genesee Park is another best choice as there are 42 dog-friendly hiking trails within 20 miles of Genesee.

19. Take a trip to the dog-friendly Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge and enjoy wildlife viewing.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge in Commerce City, does not allow dogs inside its premises, but leashed dogs are allowed on the Perimeter Trail. The trail is just outside the refuge, and a parking facility is available on Gateway Road.

20. Explore the dog-friendly trails of the White Ranch Park near Golden.

White Ranch Park in Golden, CO, is an attractive, pet-friendly park with over 18 miles of varied trails. Rawhide Trail is a beautiful loop with so many shades and wonderful scenarios of Denver, Golden, and the surrounding mountains. The trail is challenging but not too hard, rocky, and steep at some points but fairly simple for both dogs and humans to walk in.

21. Take your dog for a walk along the Platte River Trail, offering beautiful views of the river.

This is one of the popular trails for birding, hiking, and paddle sports, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of the day. The best times to visit this trail are March to October. Your pet dogs are also welcome here, even may be off-leash in some areas.

22. Check out the expansive off-leash areas at Westminster Hills Dog Park.

Westminster Hills Off-Leash Dog Park is featured with a lot of options to play and enjoy for pet dogs. Including water, large grassy areas, rough trails, and a seasonal pond. The area is limited fencing, so be sure to follow your pup always.

23. Take your dog for a walk along the Clear Creek Trail in Golden.

Known as the heart of Golden, Clear Creek is frequented by fishermen, kayakers, sunbathers, runners, and bikers -all over the year. Clear Creek has been the center of Golden’s commerce since the City was established, there you can take your puppy for a relaxing walk.

24. Take your pup for a walk in the scenic Cheesman Park in central Denver.

Cheesman Park is pup-friendly and offers an open grassy field for picnics or a casual walk with your beloved pet. You can enjoy a round with your dog, around the crushed granite path which winds its way around the park or play games such as frisbee with your puppy on the grass. Guests are also offered restrooms, a designated picnic area, a playground, and The Pavilion facilities at Cheesman Park

25. Take a trip to the dog-friendly Evergreen Lake Park and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Pet dogs are most welcome at Evergreen Lake Park, but they must be kept on a leash when outside your car and be properly cleaned up after. Someone must attain the Dog at all times. Excessive barking is discouraged. Also, you can not take your dog to the swimming lake. There is a pet fee of 10 USD and a limitation for up to two pets staying in the pet cabin facility.

26. Explore the dog-friendly trails of the Lair of the Bear Park near Idledale.

Bear Park is a pet-friendly relaxing center for visitors and families due to its abundance of picnic tables, charcoal grills, and proximity to Bear Creek for fishing. Leashed dogs are welcome and you can make a trip of around 12 miles on the Bear Creek Trail.

27. Visit Westminster City Park and let your dog play in its designated off-leash area.

Westminster City Park is one of the pets friendly parks in the city. The pets are allowed in the park with leased and properly cleaned, and also the animal wastes. There is a designated off-leash area where your pet dog can play off-leash.

28. Take your dog for a walk along the South Platte River Greenway.

The South Platte River Greenway Trail can be accessed at different points along its 30-mile route in Adams County, where leashed dogs are allowed to enjoy a walk with you along the South Platte River. This pet-friendly trail will take you through the agricultural center of Denver.

29. Enjoy a day trip to the dog-friendly Barr Lake State Park in Brighton.

Dogs got open access to certain areas of pet-friendly Barr Lake State Park in Brighton, CO. Pet owners should keep in mind that dogs are not allowed in the Wildlife Refuge located within the southern half of the lake, but they can be your company in a number of the other pretty trails that surround the lake.

30. Take your dog for a walk along the Clear Creek Greenway Trail in Wheat Ridge.

Clear Creek Greenway is a very famous area for hiking, road biking, and running, so you will prefer to encourage other people to explore the trail. The trail is open all over the year and is very wonderful to visit anytime. Pets like dogs are welcome but on a leash is mandatory.

31. Check out the East Boulder Dog Park, a large off-leash park with designated areas for different dog sizes.

In the list of things to do with dogs in Denver visit the East Boulder Dog Park in Boulder, CO, which could gift you some off-leash fun. Dogs can enjoy swimming in the small lake in the summer months that is within this fully fenced dog park. The dog area is as large as 1.5 acres, and there is a separate small dog zone with an area of 0.45 acres. Please remark that there is a concrete barrier on the lakeside that some dogs might be able to climb.

32. Enjoy a day trip to the dog-friendly Staunton State Park and explore its trails and waterfalls.

Staunton State Park one of the newest state parks in Pine is a dog-friendly park. This park is popular for its 25 campsites that can be hiked to, but visitors need to make a reservation to guarantee a spot for him/her with their beloved dog.

Unfortunately, the park is closed for some weeks of the year due to maintenance and development works, so you should make a call ahead to check if they are any close notices on the dates, that you are looking to visit. A mandatory instruction is the pet must be on a six-foot leash during the times inside the park.

33. Visit the dog-friendly Matthews/Winters Park near Morrison and enjoy its hiking trails.

Matthews Winters Park is another open space park located in Colorado. This park is mostly attracted to mountain bikers, runners, hikers, and dogs. Unfortunately, this popular open space might have trails exhausted with dirt and can get muddy during the winter and spring months.

34. Take your dog to the High Line Park in downtown Denver.

The High Line Canal Trail at Blackmer Lake in Littleton is a 4-mile hike trail that would take approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete with a puppy. This piece of land was planned to be the retirement home of former President Eisenhower but instead became the home of the Kent Denver Day School. This pet-friendly trail also works as a maintenance path for the local animal control and the Denver Water Board.

35. Check out Cherry Knolls Park in Centennial, which has a designated off-leash area.

Cherry Knolls Park in Centennial has lots of room to spread out and play, this park is an ideal spot for large gathering occasions. Located beside the Big Dry Creek Trail, this park is featured beautiful scenery in all directions and gaming alternatives such as Soccer fields, Basketball Courts, and Tennis Courts. There is a separate off-leash corner for the pet dogs as well.

36. Visit the dog-friendly White Ranch Open Space Park and enjoy its scenic trails.

White Ranch Park in Golden, CO, is another amazing place to take your beloved pet friend. This pet-friendly park has varied trails that are over 18 miles. You can enter the park via Route 6/Route 93- Golden Gate Canyon Road, which is located 15 miles distance from the center of Golden.

Rawhide Trail is a wonderful loop that offers the view of plenty of beautiful shades of Denver, Golden, and the neighboring mountains. The trail is quite challenging as it is rocky, and steep at some points but nothing to worry about both dogs and humans can easily navigate on it.

37. Enjoy a day trip to the Eldorado Canyon State Park and explore its dog-friendly trails.

Situated just below the road from Boulder and a stone’s throw from Denver. The Eldorado Canyon State Park is a popular dog-friendly place. There are sandstone cliffs, South Boulder Creek, and a good number of sheer golden walls for climbing in this heart-touching park. You must keep your dog on a leash while you are exploring the facilities of Eldorado Canyon State Park. The best part about the park is it is open every day of the week from dawn until dusk.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is it true that Denver is one of the most dog-friendly cities?

Yes, of course, Denver is a dog-friendly city. Denver is known as one of the most pet-friendly cities in the world. There are plenty of parks, tracks, open spaces, playing zones, and many more for pet dogs. Denver is referred to as home to dozens of pet-friendly activities and destinations, including dog-friendly hotels and dog parks.

Can you say of a state park that is dog friendly in Denver?

Two of our State Parks in Denver, include off-leash areas for dogs (DOLAs)! Cherry Creek and Chatfield State Parks both offer a fenced-in area where dogs are allowed without leashes. They include miles of trails and even water for dogs to play in and enjoy,


Ending the article, we hope you have a clear understanding that Denver is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the world so there are plenty of things to do with dogs in Denver. In this article, we have mentioned the best 37 things including trail walks, rides, games, and open space entertainment that you can enjoy with your beloved pet dog in Denver.

My Denver trip with my fido was outstanding, and now waiting to hear from you. Let us know which of the activities you and your puppy enjoyed more, and also the suggestions.

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