17 Best Things To Do Near Virginia Creeper Trail

17 Best Things to Do near Virginia Creeper Trail

Are you a hardcore travel-trail freak and looking for the most popular things to do near Virginia Creeper Trail? If so, you’ve just hit on the right article! And did you know that this trail is one of the best trails that Abingdon owns, offering an ethereal 17-mile bike ride from Whitetop Station? 

Well, this was just one of the most famous activities near the trail, but it has a lot more terrific stuff than this that too within walking distance and a budget-friendly note. 

From its bordering grazing lands and fields to the freshly crafted beers and exciting lodgings, all these activities near the Creeper Trail will leave you in awe. 

So if you’re still unaware of the exciting trail things, keep reading our free travel guide to enjoy your Virginia itinerary to the fullest!

Things To Do near Virginia Creeper Trail

Key Takeaways: 

- Virginia Creeper Trail is a 34-mile multi-use rail trail in Southwest Virginia.

- The trail passes through several picturesque small towns, including Abingdon, Damascus, and Whitetop.

- Some of the popular activities to do near Virginia Creeper Trail include biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and horseback riding.

- Visitors can also enjoy visiting historic sites such as the Barter Theatre, Abingdon Muster Grounds, and the Virginia Creeper Trail Depot.

- The area has several accommodations, including camping sites, bed and breakfasts, and hotels.

1. Take up bike rentals to enjoy the trail.

Are your itinerary dreams breaking like biscuits since you don’t know how to wander about on the beautiful Virginia Creeper Trail? Well, to enjoy the mighty multi-purpose 34-mile rail trail, you can go for the bicycles or bike rents since these can offer you the most scenic views of the trail. 

You can also find shuttle services at an affordable price since you’ll find many bike shops near the trail. Our pick on it would be the Virginia Creeper Trail Bike ShopOpens in a new tab.

They can be a real-time savior even if you show up for a last-minute reservation. From visiting the heavenly Whitetop Station to extending your creeper trail travel plan to the noteworthy sites of Abingdon, these rentals can provide full service for your picture-perfect trip. 

You’ll also get discounts if you come with 10+ member groups. But our pro tip to you would be to be present at least half an hour before your reservation time and remember to contact the rental services beforehand to confirm your reservation. And yes, take this as our trip-saving hack on the things to do in Virginia Creeper Trail!

Apart from it, you always have the option to wander about the trail by walking, but only the bike rides will let you experience the calm breezes as you move downhill. Cruisers and mountain bikes are also one of the best choices to soak into the natural views of the Virginia Creeper Trail. 

And the routes are so bike-friendly even an inexperienced rider would enjoy quality time while biking on the trail. Though some roads are gravel-loaded and bumpy, watch out and cushion if you have kiddos. Here is more information to help you with your creeper trail trip.

Typical Shuttle service start time8. a.m
Typical Bike Rental package price$39.99 (varies from brand to brand)
Typical Shuttle charges with own bikes$24.99 (varying rates for kiddos)
Approximate time to complete trail trip5 hours (including snacking and resting time)

2. Start off your journey from the Whitetop Station.

Indulge in the beauty of the Creeper Trail with your journey starting from the top of the rail! Yes, you read it right! The best way to explore the hyped trail is to ride from the highest elevation, Whitetop Station, approximately 3,742 feet. 

And when we say this, trust us, you’ll surely get a relaxing experience since the journey offers you a gush of mountains, a panorama of lush green farms, mountainous forests, and whatnot! 

You can also stop at spots because there are multiple snacking stalls to help you with your dinner and lunch. It fosters the beauty of the Whitetop Laurel River, and the wooden bridges complement entirely and enhance the beauty of the whole view. 

Also, you can go for a 17-mile downhill no-sweat ride that dives straight from Whitetop to Damascus, making it a picture-perfect visit for you and your family.

As you traverse through, if you feel tired while visiting the enormous trail, you can also go for the temporary accommodations out there since there are a lot of B&Bs, hotels, and cottages every 8 miles. 

As for your accommodation, our pick on it is the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Abingdon, VA; this will satisfy your wallet as the prices are reasonable and serve you with the required amenities. 

If you are more into the homely feel, you can go for the Dancing Bear InnOpens in a new tab. at Damascus; the price range typically starts from $115. It’s one of the best options for Virginia Creeper Trail lodging.

3. Take a moment and stop at the valleys near Whitetop Laurel Creek.

As you move through the enthusiastic 47 railroad trestles, Christmas tree farms, flora and fauna, mountain-hugging rivers, and ritzy hillsides, you’ll eventually see some serene valleys, so a pause is a need at this stop! 

The site is famous for various music happenings throughout the year; it’ll also give you a different kick since a nearby shop sells chocolate cakes and juicy burgers. Whitetop Laurel Creek is also a picture-perfect spot for kayaking lovers! 

Worthy of mentioning, the trail’s Eastern Section is always at your service to soothe your soul. And don’t worry because you’ll get clean bathrooms and restrooms at every stop of the route, so you’ll be good to go for the trail excursion.

4. Witness the melody of the trail birds.

As your bike ride gets you through the lower portion of the trail, you’ll find yourself astonished by the wide variety of uncommon birds. You’ll find many birds chirping, from the glorifying Canada geese to the cute bluebirds, magnolia warblers, scarlet tanagers, killdeer, mallards, and many more. 

We’re sure some of these melodies will be very new to you, and they will work as a soul healer for you during the trip! And if you manage to get into the trail during winter, you might get lucky and get to view the mesmerizing and rare golden eagles. 

5. Go fishing.

Are you missing the subtle taste of trout fish during your creeper trail trip? 

Worry not, as the trail facilitates the lower end of the Whitetop Laurel route, which is a full-fledged fishery stop packed with trout fishes. 

6. Abington Vineyard and Winery

If you’re looking for some local vino, head to this place without a second thought! With the elegance of fresh grape wines, you’ll get a divine view of its riverside property. 

So yes, if you’re planning a picnic with your family during the Virginia Creeper Trail itinerary, you should consider visiting this place. 

And we won’t try to explain its heavenly beauty to you since some things lose their charm by mere explanations, so you better witness it yourself. 

7. Barter Theatre: A total dose for movie freaks.

Are you looking for some historical yet supreme things to do near Virginia Creeper Trail? Then, it is the place to be! Veteran actors like Earnest Borgnine and Gregory Peck started their journey via this theatre. 

The theatre fosters many exciting events throughout the year to entice trail visitors. It’s just 0.2 miles away from the Virginia Creeper Trail. 

You can enjoy classical dramas, comedy shows, and musicals with your family; also, there are gift stores, cafes, and restaurants that ensure you get the best experience ever! It provides services starting from February to December. 

8. Mojoe’s Trailside Coffee House

There’s no perfect fixed hack to explore a sighting; the key is to mix-match the different things to get the experience to the fullest! 

This place will hit you differently while you’re on your trail excursion at a stop near Damascus. 

It offers some unique piping hot secret-recipe drinks with fresh fruit smoothies, and of course, you’ll get eccentric views of nature absolutely for free.  

9. Alvarado Station: The ultimate party stop.

It is one of the best-rated stops where you can go for some BBQ party celebrations while exploring the uber-cool Creeper Trail Chapel, a spot that’ll shelter you for your mini parties. 

At the west end of Alvarado, you can also watch the majestic views of the Holston River with views of farms and forests.

10. Wolf Hill Antiques: A medicine to nostalgia.

At a mere distance of 0.5 miles from the trail, the place is famous for preserving Virginia’s heritage and antiques. 

The interior will give you the vibe of the store’s appearance 20 years back. Over a massive area of 5000 square feet, the whole store is packed with nostalgia, primitives, and vintage goodies and is just the perfect one to let you enjoy near the trail.

11. Groove with the tunes of Iron Horse Music Hall.

Your trail journey would miss out on something fantastic if you didn’t enjoy the music in this hall! 

It is a bit outside of Damascus town, but an all-time favorite spot for music fanatics as it offers multivarious music for the trail visitors.

12. Martha Washington Hotel and Spa

One of the relaxing things to do near Virginia Creeper Trail is to pay a visit to this luxury spa with your loved ones. The place is a perfect combination of sophisticated luxuries with an electrifying interior that promotes history. 

Its specialty is the perfumed hydrotherapy tub with cozy fireplaces and heavenly relaxing massages you’ll surely not want to miss! 

You can also soak your soul into the eye-catching views of the alluring nearby downtown district. And undoubtedly, it’s one of the coolest creepers’ end lodging options.

13. The Great Channels of Virginia

The place is about a 30-minute distance from Abington amidst the lush green Channel State Forest, which owns an ancient network of sandstone passages and multiple Channels, just the perfect one to explore your hiking kick. 

The fun fact is it is built by ice and permafrost that’s 400 million years old. There’s also an exhilarating old fire tower that perfectly complements the spiritual scenes of the Middle Knob summit. 

So remember to check out the place and click some snaps to capture its beauty!

14. Backbone Rock

As you reach Damascus at the end of your trail trip, you must be wondering what else Virginia has in store for you, isn’t it? 

That’s when this place comes up to offer you some eye-catching nature clicks. It is at a few-minute walking distance from Damascus. Previously, it was an artificial tunnel that encountered a granite blast; later, it eventually shaped into a railroad.

While hiking from either way around, one route will take you to the highest peak; the other one will take you to an eye-soothing waterfall view.

15. Experience some good hiking on Mount Rogers.

The most hyped yet another insanely mesmerizing tourist attraction near the Creeper trails is the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, which owns Virginia’s second-highest mountain apex. 

It is readily accessible from the highest and lowest elevation, Abington and Damascus, respectively. You can enjoy a variety of adventures, hiking, and camping here. 

16. Abington Farmers Market: Your Stop for Freshies.

Who doesn’t love freshly baked items along with fresh fruits and veggies? It is a 19-minute driving distance from Damascus and worth visiting since it’ll provide you with all the mouth-watering goodies. 

From aromatic flowers to the best-curated honey and fruits, the market has got it all under one roof at a reasonable price, as most vendors are direct sellers. 

And the best part is you only need to count on a distance of 0.4 miles from the trail to visit the place.

17. Go for a Dinner Date at Old Mill. 

Do you want to enjoy the Insta-Worthy view of the mill pond and relish some juicy steaks that scream delicious in every bite? 

Then go for this place for dinner for the win; it offers a royal menu, from overwhelming plates of pasta, seafood, vegan options, fried chicken, and cheesecakes to unique recipes like crab cakes. 

We recommend you sit near the patio to get the best of the views with your loved one!

Final Words

Hey, how was your trip, and how did you pull your best things to do near Virginia Creeper Trail? 

Well, we were kidding, but we hope we made everything picturesque for you for your historic Virginia Creeper Trail trip. 

As per the locals, fall is the best time to unveil the beauty of the trail because the autumn leaves will add up more to its beauty down the roads. Summer visits are also quite vibrant, but the scorching heat might not entertain you during the trail visit. 

Also, be mindful of the Virginia Creeper Trail lodging because the whole trail journey will take a lot of time, and you might get tired, so fix your restroom plans beforehand. 

Some trail routes are too bumpy, so take precautions if you travel with little ones. Walking the bikes on busy highways could be a savior. That was it from us today, and remember to let us know how you liked our content! We hope you find the article “Best Things to Do near Virginia Creeper Trail” helpful.

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