20 Unusual Things To Do In Seville For Young Adults

20 Unusual Things to Do in Seville for Young Adults

Looking for some unusual things to do in Seville for young adults? Here are a few suggestions and unique suggestions.

  • You can go kayaking on the Guadalquivir River.
  • Visit the Pelicano5 art collective and admire their vibrant artwork.
  • Enjoy stunning sunsets at Las Setas de Sevilla.
  • If you’re up for it, you can join a Seville Paranormal Night Tour or dance the night away at Alfalfa.

Don’t forget to visit the famous Metropol Parasol and explore the historical Royal Shipyards and Expo ’92 Grounds. And for a dose of culture, make sure to stop by the Royal Tobacco Factory.

Seville is waiting to be explored!

Unusual Things to Do in Seville for Young Adults

1. Kayak down the Guadalquivir River

Kayaking down the Guadalquivir River is an exciting experience for young adults in Seville. You can explore the river’s beauty and peacefulness while enjoying thrilling kayak adventures.

During your journey, you can discover the wonders of nature, participate in water sports, and engage in river exploration.

This outdoor activity is perfect for adventure seekers who want to immerse themselves in Seville’s natural charm. It’s one of the unusual things to do in Seville.

2. Discover Pelicano5 art collective

To discover the Pelicano5 art collective, you can visit their vibrant gallery in Seville and explore the creative works of young artists.

This collective is at the forefront of the alternative cultural scene, collaborating with other artists and exploring urban spaces.

The gallery showcases a variety of artistic installations that will spark your imagination.

Pelicano5 is part of the street art revolution in Seville, pushing boundaries and reshaping the artistic landscape.

Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the innovative world of Pelicano5.

3. Witness Sunset at Las Setas de Sevilla

Experience the beauty of Las Setas de Sevilla at sunset. The rooftop views from this iconic architectural marvel are truly breathtaking.

Take stunning photos of the sunset or simply enjoy the city’s transformation under the warm evening sky.

Afterward, indulge in delicious local street food to fully immerse yourself in Seville’s culture.

4. Go For Seville Paranormal Night Tour

Explore the mysterious side of Seville with the Seville Paranormal Night Tour. Experience an exciting adventure as you paddle along the dark Guadalquivir River in a kayak.

Discover the hidden corners of the city, where people say paranormal events happen. Learn about the art and history of Seville while uncovering the secrets of its haunted past.

This one-of-a-kind experience is perfect for those who enjoy spine-tingling sunsets and exploring the city’s nightlife.

5. Party at Alfalfa

Join the lively party scene at Alfalfa in Seville, where you can dance the night away. Alfalfa is known for its vibrant atmosphere, with plenty of bars and clubs for young adults.

Start your night with an exciting kayak tour along the Guadalquivir River, then grab some drinks at the Pelicano5 art gallery before the party starts.

Explore Seville’s paranormal history with a spooky night tour, and end the night by dancing to flamenco music with locals at one of the many energetic venues in Alfalfa.

6. Visit the Tomb of Christopher Columbus

If you want to have a unique and historically important experience in Seville, be sure to visit the Tomb of Christopher Columbus.

This tomb is a must-see for anyone interested in the historical significance of this famous person.

When you enter the tomb, you’ll be amazed by the beautiful artwork and impressive architecture that surrounds you.

The tomb is a valuable cultural site that embodies Columbus’s legacy in a captivating and immersive manner.

7. Archivo de Indias

When you go to Seville, be sure to visit the Archivo de Indias. It’s a place where you can find historical documents about the exploration and colonization of the Americas. As you enter, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time and can learn about Spain’s colonial history.

The building itself is impressive with its large halls and intricate details. Inside, you’ll discover a wealth of information about explorers, colonization struggles, and cultural exchanges. It’s a great place for history lovers.

After your visit, take some time to enjoy Seville’s lively culture, try their delicious food, and learn more about the city’s interesting traditions.

8. Plaza del Cabildo

When exploring Seville, don’t forget to visit Plaza del Cabildo. This square is full of history and has a vibrant atmosphere.

The buildings around the square have a mix of Gothic and Renaissance styles, which are interesting to see. There are also cozy cafes and tapas bars where you can try local food.

If you wander around the nearby streets, you might discover some hidden gems. In the evening, the plaza offers various nightlife options. Keep an eye out for cultural festivals that often happen in this lively square.

9. Lagoh

Explore Lagoh, a must-visit destination for young adults in Seville.

Lagoh has something for everyone, with a variety of activities to enjoy. Start your day by shopping at Lagoh, where you can find the latest fashion trends.

Afterward, treat yourself to a delicious meal at one of Lagoh’s many restaurants, offering a diverse range of cuisines.

If you’re in the mood for entertainment, Lagoh has got you covered with cinemas and live performances.

For those who love the outdoors, Lagoh also offers activities like hiking and cycling.

Don’t miss out on the fun at Lagoh!

10. Monasterio de la Cartuja

Discover the enchanting Monasterio de la Cartuja, a must-see spot in Seville for young adults. This beautiful monastery is rich in history and art.

Its architecture is a captivating mix of Gothic and Baroque styles, and inside you’ll find a wealth of priceless art and artifacts.

Monasterio de la Cartuja holds deep spiritual significance as a former Carthusian monastery. Notable figures like Christopher Columbus once resided here, and ongoing restoration efforts aim to preserve its historical magnificence.

11. Torre Sevilla

Explore more of Seville by visiting the famous Torre Sevilla, a magnificent skyscraper that offers stunning views of the city. From the top, you can see the beautiful Guadalquivir River, the historic city center, and even catch a glimpse of the Art Collective Discoveries scattered throughout the city.

For a memorable experience, go to Las Setas at sunset and witness the vibrant colors of the sky reflecting off the unique structure.

And if you’re up for an adventure, join Seville’s Paranormal Night Tour for a thrilling journey through the city’s haunted spots.

12. Macarena

If you want to explore a lively and culturally rich neighborhood in Seville, you should visit the Macarena district.

Here, you can learn about the history of the Macarena neighborhood and see the famous Macarena Basilica. Make sure not to miss the opportunity to see a traditional Macarena procession, which showcases the area’s deep religious traditions.

After that, you can enjoy the exciting nightlife in Macarena and try the delicious local food that this neighborhood is known for.

13. Jewish exhibition

Discover the Jewish exhibition in Seville, where you can learn about the fascinating history and culture of the city’s Jewish community.

This exhibition features a variety of cultural artifacts that highlight the Jewish heritage of Seville. With beautifully crafted pottery and intricately designed jewelry, you can appreciate the artistic expressions of Jewish traditions.

Delve into the religious customs that have shaped the community and gain a deeper understanding of the influence of Jewish culture in Seville.

14. Santiponce & Italica

Discover the ancient Roman ruins of Santiponce and Italica, and delve into the fascinating history and impressive architecture of these sites.

Santiponce is home to the remarkable ruins of Italica, an ancient city that once housed 25,000 people. Be amazed by the well-preserved Roman amphitheater, where gladiators once battled for their lives. Take in the beautiful Mosaic art that decorates the floors of the ancient buildings.

Embark on a journey to explore this ancient city and uncover the captivating history of Italica.

15. Watch flamenco with the people of Seville

Experience the vibrant culture of Seville by watching flamenco performances with the locals.

Immerse yourself in the passion and intensity of this traditional Spanish dance form by attending flamenco workshops or visiting local flamenco bars.

In Seville, flamenco is more than just a dance, it’s a way of life.

Stay updated on the latest flamenco fashion trends and learn about the famous flamenco dancers who’ve influenced this art form.

Discover the rich influences of flamenco music and let the rhythm captivate your soul.

16. Learn about Seville’s story on a walking tour

Immerse yourself in the captivating history of Seville on a walking tour of the city.

Explore the rich tapestry of women’s history and the impact of the feminist movement in this vibrant city.

Marvel at the historical landmarks that have shaped Seville’s cultural heritage, while knowledgeable guides share fascinating stories and anecdotes.

This walking tour allows you to delve deep into Seville’s past, gaining a newfound appreciation for the influential women who’ve made their mark on this enchanting city.

17. Visit the Metropol Parasol

Visit the Metropol Parasol, also known as Las Setas de Sevilla. It’s a large wooden structure and a prominent landmark in Seville.

Take the opportunity to enjoy the stunning views of the Guadalquivir River and the sunset from the top.

Inside, you can find the Pelicano5 Art Collective, perfect for art enthusiasts.

For an exciting experience, consider joining the Seville Paranormal Night Tour.

18. Visit the Royal Shipyards of Seville

When you’re in Seville, make sure to visit the Royal Shipyards. It’s a historical site that connects the city’s maritime heritage with its vibrant present.

Take a stroll through the shipyards and discover interesting artifacts and beautiful art. Some people say there have been supernatural encounters here, but who knows?

After exploring, you can go to nearby bars and clubs for some nightlife fun. It’s a great way to add excitement to your Seville experience.

19. Visit the Expo ’92 Grounds

When you go to the Royal Shipyards in Seville, make sure to also visit the Expo ’92 Grounds. This site showcases the modern achievements of the city and is quite fascinating. As you explore the grounds, you’ll see impressive architecture and futuristic designs.

Take a break and try some local cuisine at one of the nearby restaurants. Don’t forget to visit the historical sites and experience the local traditions. Interact with the friendly locals and create unforgettable memories.

20. Visit the Royal Tobacco Factory

Explore the Royal Tobacco Factory in Seville to learn about its rich history and cultural significance. This iconic building takes you back in time to when tobacco production shaped the city’s identity.

Marvel at the unique blend of Moorish and Baroque architectural styles and immerse yourself in Seville’s cultural heritage.

Discover the secrets of tobacco manufacturing and gain a deeper understanding of local traditions and experiences.

Wrapping Up: Unusual Things to Do in Seville for Young Adults!!

If you’re a young adult visiting Seville, you’ll want to check out these unique activities that will leave you with amazing stories to share.

Take a kayak ride down the picturesque Guadalquivir River or enjoy the breathtaking sunset at Las Setas de Sevilla.

Don’t forget to explore the vibrant art scene at Pelicano5 or have a fun night out in Alfalfa.

Seville offers plenty of adventure and excitement for young adults, so gather your friends and prepare for an unforgettable trip to this lively city.

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