The 8 Best Places For Canyoning In The Alps

The 8 Best Places for Canyoning in the Alps

Want to beat the heat while exploring the mountains this summer? Check out the best places for canyoning in the Alps! Canyoning is a thrilling sport where you navigate through streams using technical gear such as a wetsuit, floating vest, harness, helmet, and ropes. It’s similar to caving or climbing but with the added element of water.

You’ll jump and navigate through the streams, but don’t worry. There are ways to avoid the tricky spots. The Alps offer a great opportunity for canyoning due to the many streams and rivers carved over thousands of years in limestone and granite rocks. Don’t miss your chance to experience this exhilarating activity while exploring this stunning terrain!

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Best Places for Canyoning in the Alps

1. Canyon of Ternèze (Savoie)

Level: not very difficult

Duration: 3h

Period to be preferred: from May to October

The Ternèze canyon is a great spot for canyoning in the Alps. It’s in the Bauges and only twenty minutes from Chambéry. It’s suitable for all ages starting at 8. You can have a great time with the family here with slides, jumps, and natural pools.

It’s only a ten-minute walk from Curienne Town Hall to get to the site. The difficulty level increases gradually, so everyone can enjoy it. If you want more adventure, you can also check out Devil’s Bridge Canyon which is only 25 minutes away.

2. The Devil’s Bridge (Savoy)

Level: from a little difficult to quite difficult

Duration : 2h30

Period to favor: June to October

The Devil’s Bridge is an amazing place to go canyoning in the Alps! It’s located in the Bauges massif and is just a few kilometers away from Ternèze Canyon, making it a great complement to the latter.

The first part of the course is easy and has small obstacles, while the second part has an impressive and narrow gorge with walls over 50 meters high. Depending on the season, the water flow can be high or low, but it’s not impossible to navigate.

3. Canyon of Montmin (Haute-Savoie)

Level: quite difficult

Duration: 3h

Period to favor: from May to September

The Montmin Canyon is a great place to go canyoning in the Alps. It’s relatively easy and offers a diverse course in the beautiful region of Haute-Savoie. You can enjoy natural slides and around a dozen jumps, some more impressive than others. The canyon is perfect for those who want to learn canyoning and there are opportunities to rappel down some walls in Montmin.

This canyon offers a refreshing break in nature, with clear, pure water from the Tournette massif. Although it can be chilly, you’ll be wearing a neoprene suit that regulates the temperature for you.

We suggest visiting the Montmin Canyon during the summer season to enjoy the best water flow. The river will be at just the right level for you to have a fun time on a sunny afternoon!

4. Grenant Canyon (Savoie)

Level: not very difficult

Duration : 3h

Period to be preferred: from May to October

Wow, the Chartreuse massif is absolutely stunning! You’ll find some impressive mountains and the gorgeous Aiguebelette Lake there. And guess what? One of the best spots for canyoning in the Alps is right here!

Make sure to set aside half a day to explore the Grenant Canyon, which is famous for its many thrilling water slides. You can also choose to abseil down waterfalls or jump them if you’re feeling brave. The best time to visit is in June, and it’s a great activity to enjoy with friends or family. Plus, the Grenant Canyon is suitable for all ages and skill levels, so everyone can have fun without any worries!

5. The Gorges de Chailles (Savoie)

Level: quite difficult

Duration : 4h30

Period to favor: from the end of June to August

Situated in the Chartreuse massif, the Chailles Gorges is a renowned destination for canyoning enthusiasts. This challenging canyon was formed by the Guiers River, which flows down from the peaks of the Chartreuse. Due to its unique geological features, it is only open to visitors during the summer season.

The Gorges of Chailles are characterized by a series of impressive sections of the river, each with its own monumental falls. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, including abseiling down towering walls, traversing natural bridges, and leaping from picturesque jumping platforms. Additionally, visitors can experience one of the largest siphons in the area, which is sure to provide an adrenaline-pumping adventure!

6. Groin Canyon (Ain)

Level: quite difficult

Duration : 3h30

Period to favor: from June to October

Located in Artemare in the Bugey region, the Groin canyon offers a unique canyoning experience that stands out not just for its amusing name. With easy access from Lyon, it is a popular destination during the summer season.

What makes the Groin canyon truly special is its maze-like design. Visitors start with a jump and then navigate through two harmless siphons before facing a series of stunning basins carved over centuries by erosion. Though the route is long and challenging, it offers a thrilling 12-meter jump, which can be avoided if preferred.

Overall, the Groin canyon is an exciting adventure that promises to leave visitors with unforgettable memories!

7. Canyon of Barberine (Haute-Savoie)

Level: not very difficult

Duration : 3h

Period to favor: from May to July

Situated on the Swiss border, just 35 minutes from Les Houches, the Barberine canyon is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in canyoning. This exciting activity is open to anyone over the age of 12.

Easily accessible from Chamonix via the A40 motorway, it is highly recommended to spend at least half a day exploring this fascinating location. The canyon is open from mid-May to the end of September, with July being the optimal time to visit.

For the adventurous, the canyon offers thrilling 4 to 7-meter jumps that are sure to get your heart racing. Those who prefer a more relaxed experience can enjoy swimming in crystal-clear water or sliding down rocky slides. Alternatively, visitors can abseil down a 25-meter waterfall for an exhilarating experience. Regardless of your preference, the Barberine Canyon promises an unforgettable adventure for all!

8. Canyon of Angon (Haute-Savoie)

Level: from little difficult to difficult

During : 3 h 30

Period to favor: June to September

Looking for a canyoning adventure in Haute-Savoie in the French Alps? Look no further than the Angon Canyon, located near Lake Annecy. This unique geological formation offers two distinct routes, one easy and one more challenging. Visitors must walk 30 minutes to access the site, but a shuttle by car is also available.

The adventure begins with a thrilling 40-meter rappel down the Angon waterfall, followed by an 18-meter rappel, a neck, and a slide, before joining the simpler course with a fun slide. The Angon Canyon promises a thrilling and unforgettable experience for all!

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