WooHO! 19 Best Places In Sentul To Visit, Jakarta

WooHO! 19 Best Places In Sentul To Visit, Jakarta

Sentul City is a green city in Bogor Regency. Five mountains with hilly soil surround the area. Sentul offers a scenic landscape, so it is not surprising that many tourist attractions are situated here. You should witness the best places in Sentul to full your travel thirst.

The following 19 attractions in Sentul must not be missed if you look for a holiday destination near Jakarta.

WooHO! 19 Best Places In Sentul To Visit, Jakarta

1.Great Cave of Garunggang/Goa Agung Garunggang

Those who like adventure and want to witness the beauty of nature must go to Goa Agung Garunggang. 

There is a little trekking from the parking lot that has been provided there to get to the cave. 

It’s just that because the trekking path is a bit difficult, it’s better to use the services of a guide from the local people who are ready to welcome you in the parking lot. 

Despite trekking, you will still enjoy the trip. Along with the relatively flat roads, you can see the beautiful scenery of rice fields next to the trekking path.

Caves are beautiful from the outside with their rock formations and from the inside—another bit-ceiling cave with a lot of monoliths.

2.Sentul Fresh Rice Fields/Sawah Segar Sentul

If you enjoy taking pictures and getting good food, then you should try this restaurant. Despite the title, most visitors come here intending to take a good photo and relax.

Like other Sundanese restaurants, you will hear Sundanese songs inside. But, maybe you’re asking, what makes this restaurant unique?

There are rice fields with soothing natural water splashing sound when dining in one of the joglo in this restaurant.

3.Jungleland Sentul/Jungleland Sentul

Did you take the kids on holiday to Sentul? Jungleland is a child-friendly tourist destination that can be visited here. This thematic attraction already uses international standards. 

Thus, there is no need to worry about the quality and safety of the rides located in the tourist attractions in Sentul.

Jungleland is located in the Nirwana area, Jl. Jungleland no. 1 offers four main rides, namely Mysteria, Carnivalia, Tropicalia, and Explora.

Some of the game types in the Mysteria zone include Magic Bike, Mega Drops, and Fire Pots. 

If in Carnivalia, some games test your adrenaline and courage. For example, Air Race and Flight Academy.

For children, you can try various games in the Tropicalia zone. Starting from Harvest Time, North Pole, Mini Bumper Car, Water Plump, to Ship Adventure. 

Meanwhile, Explora rides will provide education about the world of animals. In this tourist spot in Sentul Nirwana, your children can learn while playing.

This is in Sentul Nirwana if to Bandung, there you approximately children’s tourist attractions? Well, the answer is, there is. 

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4.Mandapa Kirana Resort – Sentul Rasa Bali Tour/Wisata Sentul Rasa Bali

Has anyone ever said that Bali should be far away? With their resorts, Sentul offers tourists a taste of Bali’s beauty. 

Not to forget, the miniature of Pura Lempuyang Luhur Bali is also established next to the swimming pool, turning back the green hills that refresh the eyes.

For those of you who like photos, you can take pictures in the miniature Lempuyang Luhur Temple alone and take pictures beside the pool because the view of the hills behind it is very beautiful.

If you want to stay overnight at one of Sentul’s tourist attractions, you are more than welcome to do so. There are some rooms with beautiful views of the hills.

5.Sentul City Cultural Park/Taman Budaya Sentul City

Surrounded by four mountains, Sentul City Cultural Park is an educational tourist attraction that offers interesting landscapes. 

Tucking into the concept of culture, buildings in this area carry a traditional Sundanese theme from the main lobby to the surrounding gazebo.

This tourist attraction in Sentul which stands on 6 hectares, offers various rides and facilities. To facilitate visitors, four tour packages are provided. 

The first is the Recreation Program which consists of fun games, kids high ropes, adult high ropes, paintball, camping, trekking, arrow wars, and gathering.

The second option is the Education Program package. This zone can be used for children. 

The games and facilities presented, namely kids army, army camp, cultural tourism, and cook and serve. 

Next is the Development Program package that offers team building and time breaks.

For business purposes, a Meeting Program package is available. Visitors can choose based on the length of time offered. There are half-day meetings, one day, and full day. 

In addition to these zones, there are also facilities for Oey Coffee – a legendary stall that sells various classic coffee drinks to modern.

Not to be missed, Gallery Batik, Tea House, and Food Court are ready to accompany your holiday.

6.Curug Putri Kencana

You can find Mount Pancar about 50 minutes from Sentul City. There is a waterfall nearby, Tosca, that has a natural pool of green water. 

The pond is shaped like a stone step. Because the depth reaches 3 meters, be careful when diving into this place. If you can’t swim, it’s safer to use a buoy.

What is the address of this beautiful pool? Unfortunately, there is only one pool in Curug Kencana. 

The terrain in this area is quite heavy. However, when arriving at this tourist spot in Sentul, the feeling of tiredness due to travel can disappear instantly.

Those who like challenges can try the jump from the bamboo bridge to the pond. The height of the bridge was about 6 meters, with a large rock field around it. 

Well, not far from the bridge, there is a camping area. You can stay here with friends or couples.

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7.Ah Poong Market/Pasar Ah Poong

At first glance, Ah Poong Market will be reminiscent of Banjarmasin Kuin River Floating Market. Both carry the design of the floating market, but the concept of transactions is different.

What’s the difference? The difference is that Banjarmasin’s market is used as a place to buy and sell daily necessities. 

Meanwhile, Ah Poong MarketOpens in a new tab. is a culinary attraction. More than 80 types of culinary are served in this culinary attraction. 

There are cafes located on the mainland, and there are also some located above the Cikeas River.

The culinary offered by this place is in the form of traditional ice, typical Indonesian food, and some modern banquets. 

Not only delicious food, but this tourist attraction also provides fishing boat rides, duck-model water bikes, and balls on the water.

Curious about the uniqueness of this tourist spot in Sentul? 

You can come every day from 10:00 to 22:00. But, especially on Sundays or public holidays, the area operates from seven o’clock in the morning.

8.Mount Pancar Nature Park/Taman Wisata Alam Gunung Pancar

Do you need a tourist spot with a calm, cool, and beautiful atmosphere? Gunung Pancar Nature Park is one of the destinations that meet these criteria perfectly. 

The area offers panoramic views of the pine forest and the peaceful feel of the mountains.

In addition, this tourist attraction in Sentul also offers other rides that are no less interesting. First, there is a camping zone in the middle of a pine forest. 

You can stay in the area by setting up a tent. However, if you are reluctant to bring your equipment, glamping zones can be the solution. In the glamping zone, tents are provided, complete with beds, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

However, you have to prepare more budget to enjoy the accommodation at this attraction.

In addition to the two rides, there are also Fun Games and Corporate Team Building zones. The activity is carried out for a day filled with various games. 

You can join this activity with your friends, team, community, or company employees. Especially for school children, a School Program package is provided. 

Carrying the theme of cooperation, responsibility, and concern for nature, they have to do several activities ranging from trekking, character-building games to art performances.

9.Mount Pancar Hot Spring/Pemandian Air Panas Gunung Pancar

Speaking of Mount Pancar Tourism Park, in Mount Pancar, there is a hot spring that can stretch your muscles. 

Those who need refreshing from the busywork are very suitable to spend time in this hot spring.

To enter, you only need to pay 10,000 rupiahs per person. The 24-hour bath has 3 kinds of pools. In addition, 3 types of pools, a public pool, and a family pool, can be your choice when you want to soak later. Relaxing here is one of the best things to do in Sentul.

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10.Sentulfresh Education Farm School Tourism Village/Kampung Wisata Sekolah Sentul Fresh Education Farm

Kampung Wisata Sekolah Sentulfresh Education Farm is here to bring visitors closer to the outdoors in the boom of modern technology. 

This tourist attraction in Sentul offers educational tours of farms and agriculture. Also, provide recreational facilities for families.

Sentulfresh Education Farm tour package consists of four categories: Happy Kids, Super Kids, family education, and additional tours. 

The activities offered by each package are almost the same. For example, milking cows, feeding birds, as well as observation. The difference is, the super kid’s package is more complete because there are additional goodie bags and free for teachers.

Meanwhile, family education tour packages can be used for family groups. The rate is Rp 200,000 per family of 4 people. 

The advantages of this package are getting a free tour guide, ice yogurt, and free milking costs for cows.

11.Kampoeng Koneng in Sentul Selatan/Kampoeng Koneng di Sentul Selatan

If you’re curious about the Japanese countryside, you don’t have to go all the way to the country. 

Come to Kampoeng Koneng Sentul Selatan; the atmosphere of sakura country will be immediately visible in front of your eyes. 

Rahmayani Uthe Nasution is the figure behind the tourist attractions in Sentul because it managed to make Kampoeng Koneng a culinary tourism center.

On the land of 2,300 square meters stand bamboo gazebos roofed with coconut leaves. Between the huts are connected by a walkway. 

Not only that, but in front of the pavilion also lies a beautiful garden. There is also a small pond on the edge of the bamboo pavilion as a place to relax.

Although this area is Japanese-themed, the menu is actually from Indonesia. Dining here is a rural natural cuisine in Indonesia. 

The food menu itself is complete, consisting of an appetizer, main, dessert, and drinks.

12.Fantasia Sentul Nature Park/Taman Wisata Alam Fantasia Sentul

Taman Wisata Alam Fantasia is located on Jalan Siliwangi, precisely adjacent to Sentul Cultural Park. By offering pocket-friendly ticket prices, this tourist attraction in Sentul provides a variety of games. There are car bombs, trampolines, skateboards, swings, and battery cars.

The design of this tourist attraction in Sentul is not as grand as Sentul Cultural Park. However, it is quite fun to spend a weekend getaway. 

In addition to inviting children to play, you can also have a picnic in a green and beautiful park. But, then, when does this tourist attraction operate? 

Usually, Fantasia Park is open every Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday. You can visit from 09.00-17.00 WIB.

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13.Sentul Agrotourism Village/Kampung Agrowisata Sentul

Sentul Agrotourism Village is an educational tourism area that raises the theme of “go green.” 

This tourist spot in Sentul is perfect for pre children’s activities in middle school. The concept teaches them to be closer to nature.

Sentul Agrotourism Village environment consists of rice fields, fish ponds, cattle farming, Cikeas River, and tree plantations. All of them are combined into educational tourism facilities for children and families.

There are three main packages provided in Sentul Agrotourism Village. First, the Little Adventurer Package for kindergarten children. 

A special activity in this package is Tree Detective. Later, each participant had to search for the names of the trees.

In addition, there is a Smart Adventurer Package aimed at elementary school children. 

The activities in this package are more challenging than the Little Adventurers. Because there are fun games facilities, know the morphology of plants and animals, and biogas technology.

14.Bidadari Sentul Waterfall/Air Terjun Bidadari Sentul

Located in Bojong Koneng Village, Bidadari Waterfall is the best place to enjoy the freshness of the springs from nature. 

Although the location is hidden, this area can be reached by using four-wheeled vehicles. Thus, you can visit the waterfall every day, starting at 08.00 WIB.

One of the attractions of Bidadari Waterfall is the special children’s pool located below. 

The depth of the artificial pool is only about 30 cm. Meanwhile, the adult pool is built with a depth of 1.5 meters.

Waterfalls are the main beauty in the region. The height of the waterfall is about 50 meters with a fairly heavy water discharge. 

If you want to see it up close, you can climb the stairs provided. After passing a bridge, you will arrive at the large rocks right in front of the waterfall.

15.Eco-Art Park Sentul City

Eco-Art Park Sentul stands on an area of about 3,500 square meters. It is located on the banks of the Cikeas River. 

Although this area is relatively simple, the value of education tucked away is quite a lot. 

Raising the theme of the green property, the park introduces and provides knowledge about energy.

That is why the management of Eco-Art Park collaborates with the Indonesian Oil and Gas Community (KMI) and the Indonesian Renewable Energy Society (METI). 

One of the technological masterpieces on display is the multicolored parabola. Uniquely, when speaking from one parabola, your voice can be heard in another.

In addition to technological icons, there is also a Sculpture Garden in Eco-Art Park. This place has some interesting statues, including Optimus Prime, Pesumo, and the animal lover.

16.Hordeng Waterfall/Curug Hordeng

The location of Hordeng Waterfall is close to Curug Kencana. However, to find the location, you have to cross several villages and waterfalls. One of them passed Curug Kencana in Central Karang Village.

Public transportation can only take you to the parking lot. Moreover, visitors must pass through the trekking path. Stunning panoramas surround the walkway in Sentul tourist attractions. 

From rivers, rocks, mountains, to hills. In addition, you will also explore the exotic coffee forest.

There is a signboard that directs you to Hordeng Waterfall later on. After reaching the waterfall, the view was refreshing. Additionally, there is a small pond beneath the pond with a depth of approximately 1.5 -2 meters.

The waterfall in Sentul tourist attractions flows between the rock gaps. The discharge of water flows wide, resembling a curtain. From above, the color of the water appears clear. However, arriving below, it turns green Tosca.

17.Garuda Farm Sentul

Garuda Farm Sentul is a thematic tourist area that combines natural recreation, games, camping, and education. It is located on Jalan Raya Bojong Koneng, Bogor, only about 45 minutes from Sentul City.

The main target visitors at Garuda Farm are kindergarten, elementary, junior, and high school students. However, not a few come with family or their spouses to this tourist area.

Agritourism and livestock tourism are Garuda Farm’s main attractions. In addition, Garuda Farm groups visit by the package to make things easier for visitors. 

For example, the Main Package, Camping Education, agricultural and livestock training, and nature tourism. There are also Ceremonial Packages, such as birthdays, wedding parties, gatherings, and reunions.

18.Epic Outbound

Do you need a vacation spot with friends in the community or company? Then, visiting Epic Outbound is the right choice. This area offers not only beautiful panoramas but also adrenaline-defying games.

To get to Epic Outbound, you can use a four-wheeled vehicle. From the center of Sentul City, it is about 9.3 miles away. That is, it takes approximately 30 minutes to get to the location.

Epic Outbound provides three tour packages, namely Outbound, Meeting, and Glamping. For Outbound Package, there are four facilities: paintball games, archery, rafting, and glamping. The duration of time given in this package is 4-8 hours.

The price starts from Rp 175.000 with meeting room facilities, coffee break once, and lunch for Meeting Package. 

If you want more complete, you can choose a Full Board Meeting Package worth Rp 750,000.

The last package is glamping. If you use this package, you don’t have to bother looking for accommodation because Epic Outbound has prepared a tent with a bed, kitchen, and bathroom.

19.Leuwi Hejo

Leuwi Hejo is a small paradise in the Sentul area covered in the cool and fresh air. The panorama around it is also still green, pollution-free, and looks charming. Not to be missed, various flora thrives around the waterfall.

Although the road to this tourist spot is quite difficult, the scenery during the trip is very beautiful. You can see the rush of rivers and natural rocks up close. 

Even the bamboo bridge that stretches over the river flow. This bridge connects the waterfall with the footpath.

The beauty doesn’t get there. Arriving at the waterfall, you will be treated to a clear water landscape that turns green when you fall into the pool. 

If you have the courage and skill, try diving off the rocks. Feel the sensation of freshness when your body merges with the water.

Interested in visiting this tourist spot in Sentul? First, make sure your body is healthy and fit. Second, prepare mentally for trekking through forests and hills. Finally, prepare a budget for parking and enter the waterfall area.

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