The 10 Best Places To Go Snowmobiling In The Alps

The 10 Best Places to go Snowmobiling in the Alps

For the winter holidays, are you looking for an atypical activity? Here are the best places to go snowmobiling in the Alps.

Snowmobiling in the heart of the Alps? What a funny idea! We always imagine that these machines are reserved for the mountains of Alaska or Canadian tracks, but no. It is possible to find places to go snowmobiling in the Alps at home.

And it’s very easy: the vast majority of ski resorts offer this activity from December to April. As a general rule, ski areas open to snowmobiles as soon as the slopes close, around 5 pm. These have the free field to zigzag on snowy slopes for two or three hours.

Then, the groomers take over and come to level the slopes to guarantee skiers a smooth surface. We have chosen to present ten of the friendliest spots to try your hand at snowmobiling in the heart of the Alps. Ideal for enjoying the mountain effortlessly and safely!

Here is the list of best places to snowmobile in the Alps.

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The 10 Best Places to go snowmobiling in the Alps

1. La Plagne

Best Places to go Snowmobiling in the Alps

Meet Alexis, the snowmobile instructor of La Plagne, for a night motorized hike. This unusual activity is carried out on snowy slopes and marked trails in the heart of the larch trees.

Due to its privileged geographical location, La Plagne is one of the most beautiful places to snowmobiling in the Alps.

Four departures are scheduled each day: 17h, 18h10, 19h20 and 20h30. After a concise briefing, you will leave for 12 kilometers of unique sensations in the middle of the night. The view is exceptional on the different stations of La Plagne illuminated.

2. Fontcouverte-la-Toussuire

The 10 Best Places to go Snowmobiling in the Alps | Fontcouverte la Toussuire | Travelvibe

Fontcouverte-la-Toussuire is a commune in the Savoie department in south-western France. This mountain village in the Arvan-Villards massif in Maurienne is one of the best places to snowmobiling in the Alps.

You will take advantage of the presence of a guide to get you off the beaten track safely. On the heights of the resort, the summer hiking trails turn into winding trails.

Here, even the little ones have the right to go snowmobiling! A closed circuit and adapted machines are offered to them as long as they are between 6 and 13 years old. Fontcouverte-la-Toussuire is one of the best places to go snowmobiling in the Alps.

3. Pra-Loup

The 10 Best Places to go Snowmobiling in the Alps | Pra Loup 1 | Travelvibe

Pra-Loup is one of the most beautiful resorts in the Southern Alps. In summer, we come to practice hiking, paragliding, or white-water sports.

And in winter skiing, snowboarding and even… snowmobiling! It’s a fabulous place to go snowmobiling in the Alps.

The site lends itself particularly well to this with its trails basking in the mountains. It is even one of the most beautiful in Europe. A novelty: the Snowbike is available.

This transformed motocross equipped with a track breaks the codes and allows access to even steeper places.

What are you waiting for to try it during the winter season?

4. The Two Alps

The 10 Best Places to go Snowmobiling in the Alps | The Two Alps | Travelvibe

Why not go snowmobiling in the Alps… to the Two Alps? This is a great activity to change a little from the eternal ski descents. In any case, you can combine these two activities since snowmobile departures are in the evening.

Go behind the ice rink, at the foot of the slopes, for a circuit of about 15 km on the heights of the resort up to 2,500 m. Lasting one hour, it is four departures a day from 6 pm you will have plenty of time to admire the view of the Two Alps!

5. Vars/Risoul

The 10 Best Places to go Snowmobiling in the Alps | Vars Risoul 1 | Travelvibe

The Forêt Blanche ski area is shared by the municipalities of Vars and Risoul, in the Hautes-Alpes. The place is sunny all year round and delights lovers of wide-open spaces. You can opt for mountain biking, walking, or cross-country skiing to travel these.

But you can also choose a more powerful machine! Snowmobiling in the Alps in Vars and Risoul means discovering splendid landscapes in the heart of the Queyras Regional Natural Park.

This great show must then be congratulated by a good cup of mulled wine in the resort. Finally, if you manage to let go of your handlebars, of course!

6. Araches-la-Frasse

The 10 Best Places to go Snowmobiling in the Alps | Araches la Frasse | Travelvibe

Funny name for a station! Snowmobiling in Arâches is to enjoy the experience of a dedicated guide. It will take you on forest tracks in the heart of the Grand Massif. Flaine, Samoëns, and Morillon will be crossed before stopping at the top of the Carroz to enjoy a sublime panorama of the pristine massifs.

The whole Chain of Aravis, Megeve, Combloux, or Faucigny is offered to your enchanted eyes! Do you see this crescent-shaped lake in the distance? Yes, it is indeed Lake Geneva…

As for the cold, do not worry: the handles of your car are heated. Araches-la-Frasse is one of the best places to go snowmobiling in the Alps.

7. Alpe d’Huez

The 10 Best Places to go Snowmobiling in the Alps | Alpe dHuez 4 | Travelvibe

During your next vacation, why not go snowmobiling in the Alps… d’Huez? The resort simply offers the most important snowmobile park in the Alpine massif. You will have plenty of time to discover it during a hike to the peaks at 2,500 m above sea level.

The ideal is to do it with your loved ones: you can race under the benevolent eye of your guide. This will ensure your safety and allow you to progress smoothly.

Our advice? Choose the “Rando Evasion,” whose route is followed by a typical succulent meal in an altitude chalet.

8. Val Thorens

The 10 Best Places to go Snowmobiling in the Alps | Val Thorens 3 | Travelvibe

Val Tho’ is a paradise for snow lovers. In this Savoyard resort, you can even learn about the thrills offered by snowmobiles. Snowmobiling in the Alps is good, but in Val Thorens, it’s better! Three departures are scheduled daily at 17:30, 18:45, and 19:55.

Thus, you will be able to explore this sublime setting, the Tarentaise valley, at night. A guide can accompany you if you wish to detach yourself from the group and be even more free during your getaway.

Once back, it will be wise to go to the resort instead of Caron. Restaurants await you for a well-deserved convivial moment!

9. Meribel

The 10 Best Places to go Snowmobiling in the Alps | Meribel 3 | Travelvibe

Snowmobiling in the Alps in Meribel is to enjoy the best of Savoy. There are lots of best outdoor activities to do in Meribel. Day or night, you can walk along the slopes and trails of the 3 Valleys ski area. The latter is located in the heart of the Vanoise National Park, known for its glittering beauty.

You will have the opportunity to meet amazing animals in the wildest parts. Marmots hibernate, but buff, ibex, and eagles are in the game.

The little extra? While the adults have fun, the little ones can also discover this unusual activity. They offer a dedicated and perfectly secure circuit: it suits everyone, right?

10. Les Orres

The 10 Best Places to go Snowmobiling in the Alps | Les Orres 3 | Travelvibe

Les Orres, in the Hautes-Alpes, is a prime spot for all winter sports. Moreover, the resort is famous for its beautiful ski area on a human scale. To better understand the specificities of the latter, board a snowmobile!

You will descend snowy slopes, crisscross conifers, and split the powder under the starry sky. Do not worry, and the headlights are specially designed to illuminate your trajectory perfectly.

A trailer is even specially adapted for your toddlers if you come with your family: pretty cool, isn’t it?

Practical information


Snowmobiling in the Alps remains quite expensive. If you choose to use a company, count 100 € per hour on average per snowmobile. Rates are degressive as part of a half-day hike.

Tip: You can take a passenger with you and share the cost. These rates are quite similar, regardless of the station chosen. In addition, a deposit will be required: these machines are efficient, fun, but expensive!

Additional information

Here is some additional information before you decide to go snowmobiling in the Alps:

  • Remember to bring warm ski clothes. Gloves and après-ski boots, as well as a mask, are also essential. The agency will provide the helmet to NF standards;
  • This sporting activity remains subject to weather conditions. It is likely to be postponed in heavy snowfall or a blizzard. In addition, the season depends on the snow … sometimes, in March, it’s already too late!
  • You will need to be at least 18 years old, but good news: the B permit is not mandatory as a general rule;
  • Children are usually allowed from the age of 8 (as passengers, of course).
  • A reservation is required during busy periods;
  • Be sure to follow the instructions given to make the most of this extraordinary moment!

So, what do you think are the best places to go snowmobiling in the Alps?

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