The 12 Best Places To Go Water Rafting In France

The 12 Best Places To Go Water Rafting In France

Are you wondering where to go rafting in France? A brief overview of the best spots to practice water rafting in a beautiful natural setting.

France is well known for its exceptional natural sites and its varied vegetation. To practice rafting, France has stunning locations. In total, it counts more than 10,000 kilometers of rivers. There are many beautiful sites to discover in this almost limitless playground.

Accessible to all, rafting is a very friendly sport. It is practiced as close to nature as possible with family or friends to make discoveries more frequent. 

You can experience beautiful sensations in the rapids as it becomes even more animated. Practiced in the white waters of mountainous regions, rafting appeals to all ages. Take a seat aboard a raft, paddle in hand, and follow the tumult of the rivers.

Wondering where to go rafting in France? Here are the most beautiful rafting spots to hurtle down the French rivers.

12 Best Places To Go Water Rafting In France

1. The Gorges du Verdon

Best Places To Go Water Rafting In France

The Gorges du Verdon remains a unique rafting destination due to its turquoise waters. Besides the cliffs and their enchanting setting, this wonderful area offers more than 20 kilometers of hiking trails.

If you are looking for rafting, hit the Gorges du Verdon in spring or autumn. At this time, the water level rises, and the sensations become even more intense. 

There is no doubt that you will appreciate this beautiful spot in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

2. The Ecrins massif

The Alps are full of rapids and tortuous passages, to thrill-seekers’ delight. Go to the Ecrins massif to discover the Gyr, the Onde, or the Durance, for example.

You will be able to fully indulge in the practice of rafting and enjoy the many facilities offered on-site. The Durance is also the largest river in Provence, 323 kilometers long.

This river is quiet, ideal for rafting with family or friends. And even if you choose the classic route, you will not miss the famous Rabioux wave. You will then be very proud to have borrowed it.

With its multiple descents, the Alps offer great opportunities for rafting in France. And after your group rafting session, treat yourself to a swim at Lake Serre-Ponçon. 

It even remains classified as one of the most beautiful lakes in France, so it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it…

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3. The Gorges de l’Allier

Want to go rafting for all levels? The Gorges de l’Allier and its many rivers can be seen in this direction. The Gorges are suitable for beginners who wish to learn rafting in France and seasoned sportsmen looking for thrills. 

The Gorges de l’Allier allows you to choose your route according to your level of rafting.

The descents take place all season, from April to October. Along the water, you will be able to enjoy many landscapes that are still wild. 

Thanks to the picturesque Romanesque churches you can see from the banks, you will not forget the city’s historical side.

4. The Gorges du Tarn

What if you went to the Tarn to practice rafting? The Tarn reveals many sites adapted to rafting, such as the Cévennes.

With different courses displaying very varied difficulties, there is something for everyone. French rafting enthusiasts will not be difficult to fill their hearts with intense emotions.

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5. The Haute-Garonne

A real land of rafting, the Haute-Garonne in Occitania, you will not forget the city’s historical sideThanksside thanks remains an ideal site to have fun rafting down the water. 

For example, you can first go to the sites of Fronsac and Luchon. On the other hand, canyoning is no longer permitted following the last massive flood of the Garonne.

6. The Gorges de l’Aude

You will also be able to row on the Aude. The landscape has nothing to envy the other departments in the Pyrenean foothills. You will be able to enjoy a beautiful panorama in addition to your sports descent.

If you do not enjoy rapids, we suggest you take your raft to the village of Ax to reach Quillan. Here, the river displays impressive tranquility, so you will not have any unpleasant surprises. Otherwise, many other spots await you for more eventful descents.

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7. Isère

For the more athletic, head to Isère, including its longest descent, with a course of 23 kilometers. Located between Bourg-Saint-Maurice and Centron, this course is very lively.

The descent should give you its share of surprises and sensations along the Tarentaise valley. And if the course seems a bit too long, you can test the 3-kilometer course. However, the descent promises to be equally agitated!

8. The Doron de Bozel in Savoie

You can try Le Doron de Bozel if you have at least some experience rafting. This beautiful river of Savoy is located very close to Mont Blanc. 

Even though you know it from the beginning, this is one of the most challenging courses in France. If you are looking for great sensations, you will be delighted here.

Test your mettle on this scenic and dynamic river and its rapids. You will not come out disappointed. It is described as an Alpine river, almost like a black ski slope. We will have to tame this impressive river. 

The Doron de Bozel is one of the most beautiful rivers in Savoy, so it shouldn’t leave you indifferent.

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9. The Ubaye River in the Southern Alps

To adapt to all levels, go to the Southern Alps and discover the Ubaye River. It is also one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. You will have the opportunity to discover more than 50 kilometers of rapids. And these courses remain easy for beginners to tackle.

In this preserved site, rafting in France will become an absolute pleasure, where wild nature dominates. For instance, you cannot forget the historical side tanks. 

Without a dam, it is still possible to experience rafting all year round on the Ubaye. You can raft there daily, but be aware that spring will provide a greater water flow.

10. La Dranse in Haute-Savoie

Crossing the department of Haute-Savoie, the Dranse River then flows into Lake Geneva. This spot in the heart of the forest remains very friendly. You will be able to come and go rafting in a group and even with children under ten years old.

Its courses adapted to the youngest and beginners remain an accessible and friendly rafting site. The water flow remains paramount in the high season, especially from April to June. During the rafting descent, you will experience a pleasant gliding sensation.

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11. Tavignano or Golo in Corsica

What if this rafting session in France took you to Corsica? A top sports destination for hiking, mountain biking, and diving. You cannot miss rafting. And if you are looking for an ideal river for a rafting descent, opt for the Tavignano or Golo courses.

The latter, being the largest river on the island, offers you many sporting opportunities. 

Some places should even give you a few sweats, especially when the passage becomes much narrower to pass. You will then be rewarded with the beauty of the site.

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12. The Gave d’Oloron in the Pyrenees

For the less adventurous, wanting to carry out their rafting baptism, head to the Gave d’d’Olorona small river in the Pyrenees. 

The name of the river also means “torrential stream.” It was, therefore, already predestined for beautiful rafting descents… This rafting spot is, however, quiet and remains perfect for beginners.

You have just discovered twelve beautiful places to go rafting in France. These different sites should please you if you like the great outdoors and thrills.

To ensure that rafting in France remains an absolute pleasure, please always choose your descent according to your level. Each rafting site offers its difficulties. Whether a beginner or experienced, always choose the most suitable course.

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