The 10 Most Beautiful And Famous Lakes In France [2023]

The 10 Most Beautiful and Famous Lakes In France [2023]

Let yourself be surprised by the beauty of the French landscapes with our selection of the 10 most beautiful and famous lakes in France… Magnificent!

With its lakes and ponds numbering in the thousands, France ranks as the European country with the most freshwater bodies on its territory!

Nestled in exceptional sites bordered by nature, some of these lakes offer visitors remarkable landscapes to discover.

Mountain lakes, wild lakes or lakes in the city center… Travelvibe has selected the 10 most beautiful and famous lakes in France for you!

The 10 Most Beautiful and Famous Lakes In France

1. Lake Monteynard – Isère

Most Beautiful and Famous Lakes In France

Let’s start our discovery of the most beautiful lakes in France in Isère, a department home to a real treasure! Lake Monteynard is an artificial reservoir of water generated by creating a dam built on the course of the Drac.

Located less than half an hour from Grenoble, the lake is very popular with nature lovers, who like to come here to immerse themselves in a world apart, between sky and water…

The lake’s main attraction is the two Himalayan footbridges, unique in Europe, which overlook it and offer hikers magnificent views of it. An unusual and sensational experience is unmissable if you pass in the vicinity of Grenoble!

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2. Lake Sainte-Croix – Var and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

We now leave for the departments of Var and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence to discover a real jewel! Regularly ranked at the top of the list of the most famous lakes in France, Lake Sainte-Croix owes its formation to constructing a dam on the banks of the Verdon in 1973.

It is a major tourist place in the region, which seduces many travelers every year thanks to its majestic environment and the site’s beauty!

Supplied by the intense blue-green waters of the Verdon, Lake Sainte-Croix is a real paradise for lovers of swimming, water sports, or fishing.

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3. Lake Oô – Haute-Garonne

Majestic, the glacial lake of Oô, is an absolute must for hiking in the Pyrenees! Nestled in a pretty green valley, dominated by mountains at 1,500 meters above sea level, Lake Oô is a pure wonder that can be contemplated for hours!

It offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and the green nature of the Pyrenees. The impressive waterfall of 275 meters in height that supplies water completes the picture and makes the moment magical!

However, it is a marvelous spectacle that is not natural since it is the construction of a dam in 1921 at the origin of this lake.

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4. Lake Nino – Corsica

Located at 1700 meters above sea level in the high mountains of Corsica, Lake Nino is one of the most magical places the island has to offer!

With its lush greenery and rustic appearance, it is undeniably one of the most picturesque lakes in France.

The landscape is worth the detour: green pastures, pozzines (a thick lawn crossed by streams, frequent plant formation in Corsica), wild horses … Magnificent!

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5. Lake Allos – Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

Lake Allos finds its place in the heart of the Mercantour National Park, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. It is the largest natural lake of altitude on the Old Continent!

Of glacial origin, this lake surrounded by high mountains offers a glorious spectacle to hikers who come to enjoy the exotic atmosphere of this protected natural area. If you’re passing through the site, you should take a stroll here!

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6. Lake Geneva – Haute-Savoie

Representing the border between France and Switzerland, Lake Geneva is the largest lake in the Alps and the largest natural lake in Europe. It is also one of the most scenic lakes in France!

With an area of nearly 580 km², this lake of glacial origin is in the shape of a crescent border, famous spas such as Evian or Thonon-les-Bains, and charming and authentic small villages.

Pleasant for young and old alike, Lake Geneva offers countless outdoor activities for nature lovers and thrill-seekers!

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7. Lake Annecy – Haute-Savoie

Bordering the pretty town of the same name, Lake Annecy is perhaps the French lake’s best-known. This natural jewel of Haute-Savoie extends over 27.5 km² in the region’s heart.

Also of glacial origin, it would have formed more than 18,000 years ago when the immense alpine glaciers began to melt!

Today, the lake attracts many visitors every year who admire and enjoy its splendor. The lake’s water is also reputed to be one of the purest in the world. 

Also, know that a road runs along the lake and offers many opportunities to stop to enjoy the exceptional view!

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8. Lake Serre-Ponçon – Hautes-Alpes

Located at the foot of the mountains, the lake of Serre-Ponçon perpetually invites you to jump into the water! Covering an area of 28 km², it is one of the most famous lakes in the Alpin massif and one of the most beautiful lakes in France.

It owes its origin to constructing a dam on the Durance in 1961. This construction has completely changed the region’s landscape, giving birth to a natural paradise for holidaymakers and water sports enthusiasts!

For the anecdote, know that 2 villages were submerged following the creation of this dam: Ubaye and Savines. The Saint-Michel chapel, placed in the middle of the lake, is the only vestige of these villages sunk in 1961.

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9. Lac du Salagou – Hérault

Nestled in the middle of red earth, Lake Salagou is a symbolic site of the Hérault department and the south of France. A dam was constructed in 1969 to irrigate the region, creating this lake of more than 700 hectares.

These days, hikers and vacationers alike come to enjoy this particular atmosphere, unique to France! Lake Salagou is also recognized as one of the most pleasant spots in the Hérault region in summer… Ideal for recharging your batteries during your holidays!

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10. Lac du Bourget – Savoie

With the lake of Bourget, we finish off this list of the most beautiful and famous lakes in France! 

It is no coincidence that this lake is in our ranking since Alphonse de Lamartine was inspired to write his famous poem “The Lake.”

Located at the foot of the Alps, it is simply the largest natural lake of glacial origin in France (since part of Lake Geneva is in Switzerland). It would have formed more than 20,000 years ago!

Today, its clear waters with green hues seduce sportsmen, bathers, and holidaymakers. You can contemplate its sumptuous and protected landscapes from many small marinas located around the lake.

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Trust me France is home to some of the most stunning and renowned lakes in Europe. Plus, it offers visitors breathtaking views and a variety of outdoor activities.

You can see from the crystal-clear waters of Lake Annecy and Lake Geneva the tranquil beauty of Lac du Bourget and the vibrant colors of Lac de Sainte-Croix.

That’s not all !! Each of these lakes has its own unique charm and appeal. So why wait? plan your trip today with your loved ones and discover the natural stunning views of these beautiful French lakes for yourself. I hope you find the article “The 10 Most Beautiful and Famous Lakes In France ” helpful.

How about you? What is your favorite lake?

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