The 9 Best Places To Watch The Stars In France-Stargazing In France

The 9 Best Places To Watch The Stars In France-Stargazing In France

Astronomy enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts, here are the 9 best sites for stargazing in France. Get ready to be amazed!

These spots are famous for stargazing in France. They will make your nights bright and unforgettable. Let yourself be pierced by the Milky Way and turn the stars back into your eyes. 

When many of us live in urban areas, where light pollution is everywhere, a black sky bathed in stars is often foreign. 

Yet the constellations are there. Behind the halos of our street lamps and light panels, they have been sparkling for millions of years.

In reality, you only have to move away a little to see them with your own eyes and to immerse yourself in the legends inspired by these diamond trails. Your dazzled pupils alone can starve you. 

Their abundance, blue or shimmering shades, and some mythical constellations are visible to the naked eye. Of course, a celestial walk with binoculars will be all the more fascinating. 

And with a telescope, it’s the climax! We then access a whole invisible universe. Take your map out of the sky and read our short guide. Here are the 9 best places to watch the stars in France with best stargazing locations.

The 9 Best Places To Watch The Stars In France-Stargazing In France

1. The Pic du Midi de Bigorre

The Hautes-Pyrénées is naturally a favorite place to admire the sky simply because this region is home to many natural areas at altitude. 

Due to its height, the mountain has no light pollution and an excellent rate of sunshine, making it one of the best places for contemplating the sky.

The Pic du Midi de Bigorre is perfectly equipped for those who want to spend a magical night at almost three thousand meters above sea level. The magic continues to work when the Pyrenees disappear into the night after the twilight blaze.

The “International Dark Sky Reserve” of France has enjoyed certain notoriety since 2013. Twelve places in the world only hold this label. 

The Pic du Midi de Bigorre is the best place to see stars in France. Up there, everything is designed to welcome astronomy enthusiasts. Hotel, observatory, planetarium, cable car, everything is planned for a memorable night.

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2. The Black Triangle of Quercy

Want to observe the sky in France? Scientists and specialists like to call this place: the place where the night sky remains black. 

Discover the black triangle in the Causses du Quercy National Park in the Lot. The sky is of dazzling purity. The brilliance of the stars is absolute. 

This phenomenon has only been made possible through the collective efforts of municipalities labeled starred cities and villages.

These thirty-two agglomerations turn off all their lights after midnight. It is then that the light of the stars reaches the vast eyes. 

Limogne-en-Quercy, Reilhac, and Carlucet are three villages that have developed land to accommodate star-seekers. Some nearby accommodations even provide observation equipment for guests.

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3. The Saint-Véran Observatory

Saint-Véran is a small village in the Hautes-Alpes. It is one of the prettiest and highest villages in France. It is also a great starting point for a race to the sky.

From the historic center, walk to one of the finest French sites for stargazing: the Saint-Véran Observatory (three hours of hiking). So you arrive in the heart of the Queyras National Park, perched at three thousand meters above sea level. 

Inaugurated in 1974, this place offers discovery nights, open to a limited number of visitors. It offers astronomical animation, stargazing with professionals, and even workshops.

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4. Observatory of the Baronnies Provençales

Another place to observe the stars is located in the Hautes-Alpes: the observatory of the Baronnies Provençales. Sleep under the Milky Way once again, which effortlessly frees itself from its thick black coat.

This acclaimed site is protected from light pollution by an official decree. No wonder, therefore, that it is a favorite place for astronomical tourism. 

You will have everything you need to enjoy the opaque sky stained with stars: observation domes, cottages surrounded by nature, a visit to the observatory, and giant telescopes.

Neophytes or professionals are welcome in this temple of astronomy.

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5. The Radôme Park in Pleumeur-Bodou

Brittany is among the regions where the black sky persists and is reborn every night. Indeed, many Breton spaces remain wild and impregnated in nature. The Radôme Park in Pleumeur-Bodou is the best place to see night sky.

To observe the stars in France, go to the Côtes d’Armor and embark on a night under the stars. The Radôme park in Pleumeur-Bodou offers observation evenings with specialized equipment available to enthusiasts or simply curious.

It’s true, and the weather is less specific than in the southern half of France. Nevertheless, if you fall at the right time, those nights under the stars will remain etched in your memories. 

Then, in case of busy skies, the planetarium will still offer you fabulous immersive shows. Under a dome twenty meters in diameter, the sky and the firmament parade in high definition and bring you to the discovery of the universe. The Radome Park in Pleumeur-Bodou is one of the best places on earth to see stars.

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6. The Cévennes National Park

Enter the infinity of the starry vault in the heart of the Cévennes and leave the earth behind. This second “International Dark Sky Reserve” of France is famous throughout Europe. 

It invites you to observe the stars in France throughout the year. Also during bluffing interactions and nighttime observation on the edge of open plateaus.

In this national park, everything is preserved: the natural darkness of the night, the purity of the Milky Way, the immensity of the landscapes, and the nocturnal fauna. The Cevennes National Park is one of the best place on earth to see the milky way.

Here, only your eyes are enough to admire the constellations. Its status as a precious label gives it an essentialan important place in science, but simple astronomy enthusiasts are also welcome. 

So, pitch your tent in the middle of nature and let the magic happen.

Otherwise, go to the observatory of Pises, which, perched at more than a thousand meters above sea level, offers a transparent atmosphere and beautiful sunshine. 

With its observation deck, this favorite place for astronomical research invites everyone to discover the skies.

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7. The Rocbaron Observatory

Visit the Rocbaron Observatory, located in the Vars and the heart of green Provence. It is one of the first dark sky reserves to observe the stars in France.

Before night falls on you, why not observe the sun and its fascinating plasma ejections? Then, embark on an enchanted cosmic journey. You are the privileged witnesses of the universe. 

This place protected from light pollution feeds the dreams of young and old dreamers. The giant telescope magnifies your immersive experience in the skies. 

Within everyone’s reach, this stunning instrument is one of the largest in Europe!

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8. The Morvan Regional Natural Park

Where is the best place to see the stars? Here is one of the few areas to observe the stars in France, which is located in the north. The Morvan Regional Natural Park in Burgundy has every reason to be included in our ranking. During the summer, many events celebrate the sky at the top of Mount Beuvray.

Although this massif belongs to the category of low mountains, this region is ideal because it is free of urban luminous halos. 

Morvan obtained the prestigious label of “International Dark Sky Reserve” due to the collaboration of many political and economic actors. This vast terrain of mountains, forests, and wild meadows offers you incredible celestial journeys.

Immerse yourself in the universe, become spectators of grandiose planets, nebulae, and legendary constellations.

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9. The Farm of Stars

La Ferme des Étoiles is a site in the Gers, in the small village of Mauroux, nestled in the hollow of the green valleys. Behind these shy folds hides the majestic chain of the Pyrenees. 

The Ferme des Étoiles makes an astronomical nod to the famous spots of the Pyrenean peaks. However, even at lower altitudes, it has stood out for its exceptional environment. 

This site has become ideal for stargazing in France thanks to its fabulous equipment.

It hosts recognized astronomical, aeronautical, and even space courses and stays. You can stay in the middle of nature and enjoy the show entirely. 

Did you also know that the Ferme des Étoiles was chosen by France Télévision for the filming of “La Nuit des Etoiles”?

So, what’s your favorite place to stargaze in France?

  1. The Black Triangle of Quercy
  2. The Saint-Véran Observatory
  3. Observatory of the Baronnies Provençales
  4. The Rocbaron Observatory
  1. The Pic du Midi de Bigorre
  2. The Black Triangle of Quercy
  3. The Saint-Véran Observatory
  4. Observatory of the Baronnies Provençales
  5. The Radôme Park in Pleumeur-Bodou
  6. The Cévennes National Park
  7. The Rocbaron Observatory
  8. The Morvan Regional Natural Park
  9. The Farm of Stars

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