The 16 Fun Adventure Outdoor Activities To Do In Valloire

The 16 Fun Adventure Outdoor Activities to Do in Valloire

In the heart of Savoy, the resort of Valloire can be discovered both in summer and winter. Then come and find the fun adventure outdoor activities to do in Valloire!

The tourist resort of the Northern Alps of winter and summer sports, Valloire brings together a little less than twenty hamlets. Renowned in France and abroad, the resort collects labels: “Charming village station,” “Grand domaine,” “Montagne douce,” or “Station Verte.”

You can enjoy this friendly resort’s many facilities and services in summer or winter. That’s why Travelvibe has put this guide to the best fun adventure outdoor activities to do in Valloire for you!

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Fun Adventure Outdoor Activities to do in Valloire

Fun Adventure Activities to do in Valloire in Winter

A magical and enchanting period, winter is the season when nature freezes and reveals all its icy beauty. Therefore, going up to the Alps is a great idea to make the most of it. So, what are you waiting for to test the best things to do in Valloire?

Skiing and snowboarding

Fun Adventure Outdoor Activities to do in Valloire

With its 160 kilometers of slopes on 5 slopes, the Valloire ski area has everything you need to satisfy skiers, regardless of their level.

Thrill-seekers and snowboarders will have a blast in the Valloire snowpark, at 2,300 meters above sea level. Even cross-country skiers will find beautiful slopes and courses here.

Everyone will enjoy the beauty of this ski area, an excellent site surrounded by beautiful mountains because skiing and snowboarding are undoubtedly the best fun activities to do in Valloire in winter!


It is possible to discover the surrounding high mountains on foot in summer or winter. In Valloire, many professionals, guides, or mountain guides will tell you the resort’s history.

They will also make you discover the fauna, the flora, and the hikes around the village. The site also has four trails that will allow you to discover the magnificent panoramas of the resort!

Finally, take advantage of your stay in Valloire to discover the practice of Nordic walking! These best fun things to do in Valloire perfectly combine walking adventure, fun sport, and discovery of beautiful landscapes.


Just like hiking, snowshoeing is one of the best adventure things to do in Valloire! Amateur or not of this practice, take advantage of your stay in the high mountains to climb some slopes. Take the height and fully appreciate the surrounding alpine landscapes!

You will be able to participate in a snowshoeing outing, accompanied by a guide, or simply follow one of the five routes proposed by the resort.

Snowmobiling: Best kid’s adventure activity

If you come to Valloire, take the opportunity to take a snowmobile excursion! This original and fun activity is ideal for discovering the snowy plains, the beautiful surrounding mountains, and forests covered with a pretty white coat.

Snowmobiling is obviously one of the fun adventure outdoor activities to do in Valloire that we recommend! It will seduce lovers of speed, thrills, but also natural landscapes.

The sled dog

One of the best things to do in Valloire is dog sledding to discover majestic mountains and snow-capped forests.

This experience is unforgettable! The proximity with the dogs, the magnificent landscapes that follow one another, everything is done to create an unforgettable memory. So, be sure to try it during your stay in Valloire.


In winter, one of the fun adventure things to do in Valloire with kids is obviously sledding! With family or friends, young or old, all the variations of sledding offer you an excellent opportunity to laugh, have fun together and fill up on thrills.

You can grab a “shovel” or sled bought in a store or take advantage of the resort’s facilities because Valloire is one of France’s three biggest Snake Gliss spots! It has four kilometers of descent, bumps, and turns arranged for your pleasure.


You are not dreaming; it is perfectly possible to paraglide during the winter! Opt for one of the most sensational adventures to do in Valloire to take a breath of fresh air!

You will start here from a summit and sail with the wind. You will discover and enjoy incredible alpine and snowy landscapes!

The horseback ride

In winter, as in summer, it is possible to discover the resort on horse, donkey, or pony! Take advantage of your visit to the resort to grant yourself an equestrian hike.

You will then discover the charming hamlets of Valloire, its forests, and snow-capped plains and enjoy beautiful panoramas of the mountains.

Fun Adventure Activities to do in Valloire in Summer

The mountain is not only a great destination for winter but also an excellent choice for a summer holiday! Hiking, mountain biking, Ferrata, and other rides replace skiing, snowmobiling, and sled dogs.


One of the fun adventure outdoor activities to do in Valloire during the summer is obviously hiking! When the snow melts, the great ski area of the resort then becomes a superb green and flowery resort.

You will then enjoy beautiful, pleasant, and spectacular walks. There is something for all tastes, all levels, and desires!

Take the opportunity to surpass yourself, climb beautiful slopes, observe nature, smell flowers or discover the local fauna. Your efforts will always be rewarded. Beautiful viewpoints await you at the bend of a slope at the top of a pass and thus unforgettable panoramas.

Mountain biking

The counterpart of skiing and snowboarding in the summer is undoubtedly mountain biking! It is one of the best things to do in Valloire during the summer period. You will find the thrills of speed and agility that make skiing fun with mountain bike descents.

Valloire is thus a paradise for mountain bikers. Armed with your bike, you can discover its 155 kilometers of marked trails of all levels. The resort even has a complete bike park!


To fill up on thrills, take advantage of your stay in Valloire to practice canyoning! Mixing different practices between land and rivers is the perfect activity to discover the region and the mountain from a new angle.

Visiting Valloire by practicing canyoning will seduce both the youngest and the largest. There is something for everyone: from water hiking to large verticals of large canyons!

Here you will abseil, go through slides, climb walls, swim in the water, etc. You can only be broken at the end of the day and thus enjoy a well-deserved rest.

The mountain kart

Are you planning a stay in Valloire? So don’t miss discovering the mountain kart on the Crey du Quart massif! It is one of the outdoor activities to do in Valloire, the richest in thrills.

Here you will descend beautiful slopes, straddling your mountain kart. Start from the top of the Lac de la Vieille chairlift and hit the hare trail at full speed!

Via Ferrata and climbing

To challenge yourself and discover the resort from another angle, the Via Ferrata is one of the best activities to do in Valloire. This activity is ideal for admiring beautiful high mountain landscapes by combining hiking and climbing.

Three routes from Via Ferrata to Valloire will allow you to gain height and approach a certain mastery of emptiness.

Climbing enthusiasts will also be delighted! Valloire offers a hundred climbing routes from 3 to 7 on its domain.


In summer and winter, paragliding is one of the adventure activities in Valloire! Sensational, paragliding flights will undoubtedly leave you with unforgettable memories. From contemplative flight to the discovery of piloting, you will be spoilt for choice for your experience.

From the skies, you will admire incredible and striking landscapes. Take advantage of your stay in Valloire to fly paragliding and discover the unique feeling of hovering like a bird!


We can mention archery among the fun adventure outdoor activities to do in Valloire in summer in summer with kids! If this is your first time, learn about this exciting ancient sport.

This activity is for everyone and will especially delight children. You will have fun hitting the target in the open air and perfecting your aim.

The horseback ride

To finish our list of the best fun adventure outdoor activities to do in Valloire, we could not fail to mention horseback rides! Remember to go for an equestrian ride on ponies, horses, or even donkeys during your stays!

You will visit the resort’s territory singularly with this original means of transport. During this hike, you will discover Valloire and its typical hamlets, forests, and landscapes, all at a good pace and exotic atmosphere. This activity has something to seduce young and old!

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