The 14 Best Outdoor Activities To Do In Les Menuires

The 14 Best Outdoor Activities to do in Les Menuires

Want to discover the best outdoor activities to do in Les Menuires? Impeccable: Travelvibe has selected the friendliest ones.

Les Menuires is a splendid winter (and summer) sports resort in the Tarentaise valley. Located in Les Belleville, in the middle of the Savoie department, it celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2020 in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

This beautiful white lady offers a whole range of winter or summer activities. Skiing, water sports, hiking, snowshoeing, dog sledding, mountain biking, or road biking…

There is something for everyone when looking for the best outdoor activities to do in Les Menuires! Easily accessible from Albertville, they attract many tourists in winter and summer.

Ah, one last thing: the name comes from the past existence of coal mines in the area. The locals do pronounce “Meunuires” and not “Ménuires,” which seems more natural at first. Pass for a real mountaineer by avoiding error!


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Here is the list of best outdoor activities to do in Les Menuires:

The 14 Best Things to do in Les Menuires (Outdoor Activities)

Best Things to do in Les Menuires in Summer


Best Things to do in Les Menuires in Summer

A little crushing is necessary? Trail running is running in the mountains. We take aerial routes through majestic alpine landscapes. And in Les Menuires, hiking trails are not what is missing.

With more than fifty sports itineraries, it would take you months (and several pairs of sneakers…) to do everything.

Our favorite for this outdoor activity to do in Les Menuires? The Belleville valley, its alpine pastures, marmots, and multicolored flowers… Pure delight!

Rail sled

Rail tobogganing is an outdoor activity to do in Les Menuires that depots. Breathtaking sensations are accessible on the speed mountain, the name given to this unique installation!

Accessible from the age of five, it will delight young and old eager to treat themselves to a good slice of fun in the middle of breathtaking landscapes.

The sensations are at the rendezvous with steep turns and somewhat engaged slopes. Affordable and secure, it is the perfect opportunity to spend time with family or friends. It is one of the best things to do in Les Menuires in summer.


Rafting is an inflatable canoe designed to accommodate up to ten people. Helmeted and equipped with paddles, they will have to descend more or less angry rapids on the Doron de Bozel river. It crosses a pretty valley and surprising limestone gorges.

The spot is also one of the most famous in the country! This is the neighboring river of the Isère, which has its source at the foot of the Vanoise glaciers.

Between cliffs and forests, for one to two hours, you will have the opportunity to learn about this great outdoor activity to do in Les Menuires.

Via Ferrata

A via Ferrata is a course arranged in a rock face equipped with metal elements. They serve as a plug and belay device. It is an outdoor activity in Les Menuires, more precisely in Le Cochet.

This hamlet dominates the village of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville and offers splendid clear cliffs. Facing east, this Via Ferrata allows you to smoothly improve or discover the activity.

Accessible, it will seduce lovers of beautiful panoramas or playful rock climbing. Come on to your carabiners!


Buggies are all-terrain vehicles that combine the qualities of the quad with those of the 4×4. With two seats, it is an outdoor activity to do in Les Menuires that has become a must over the years. Take a seat, start, and head for the lakes and peaks of the resort!

This beautiful walk takes place under the careful supervision of a guide guaranteeing your safety. The little extra? If you have your bike, it will be possible to hang it at the back to kill two birds with one stone… pedal!

Horseback riding

During two hours of horseback riding, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best of the area. You will make a loop passing through the village of Les Menuires in a river and the characteristic alpine pastures of the Belleville valley. What a joy!

The little ones can benefit from crunchy ponies to do like the big ones. The getaway takes place under the guidance of a passionate instructor who will provide you with advice and tips. Rather not, too much or gallop?


Best Outdoor Activities to do in Les Menuires

ULM? Ultra-light motorized. These small gliders equipped with engines are, in a way, aircraft reduced to their simplest aircraft. And this device, precisely, is at the heart of outdoor activity in Les Menuires that offers maximum adrenaline.

You have the opportunity to test it by slipping in front of the pilot, a seasoned professional. Once in the air, contemplate the Belleville Valley by spinning at full speed in the middle of the eagles. The panorama is exquisite; the Alps chain seems to stretch to infinity, majestic and colossal.

Please take advantage of it; two-seater flights in microlights are a unique experience!

Best Things to do in Les Menuires in Winter


Best Things to do in Les Menuires in Summer

Don’t know how to ski? Snowboard falls; does it inflate you? Here is an outdoor activity in Les Menuires like no other and simple. Rocn’Bob is a toboggan run with the false air of a bobsleigh track.

Over nearly four kilometers, the route includes 22 steep turns and surprise portions. There is no doubt that you will enjoy sledding in Les Menuires, whether you come with family or friends. It is one of the best things to do in Les Menuires in winter.

Nordic skiing

Nordic skiing is one of the best outdoor activities to do in Les Menuires. With 28 kilometers of cross-country ski trails, the resort is ideal for an introduction to this sport.

Popular in Northern Europe, Canada, or Russia, France is not to be outdone with many Nordic domains scattered throughout the territory.

In Les Menuires, you will have the chance to rent state-of-the-art equipment and walk the carefully groomed slopes. Ideal for burning fondue tasted the day before, don’t you think?

Ice diving

Ice diving is an outdoor activity in Les Menuires that provides extreme sensations. Everything happens at Lake Lou, at an altitude of 2,035 m. An instructor will accompany your descent by a few meters at most: it lasts 15 to 20 minutes, under an ice thickness of about 50 cm.

The temperature? Colder than your bath, normally: the water is at 1° C maximum. A neoprene suit (waterproof!) will be provided, of course.

Once underwater, the show is assured. Multicolored rays of light illuminate the dark waters of the lake, which take on a dreamlike appearance. Ice diving is a unique experience: test if you have the courage!

Trapper Evening

Trapper evenings are organized in this beautiful resort from December to April. More than an outdoor activity to do in Les Menuires, this is a gourmet getaway through the estate. The goal? Hike on torchlight-lit snowshoes at night.

Just you, an instructor, snow, and stars! The setting is fantastic, away from the twinkling lights of the center of the resort. Nordic atmosphere guaranteed! The little extra? A succulent dinner is planned to regain strength before returning.

Simple and pleasant, this walk is one of our favorites. We highly recommend it!

Build an igloo

Some mountain guides propose the construction of an igloo. But it is possible to do this outdoor activity in Les Menuires by calling on the instructors of the ESF. An igloo is a shelter built from compressed snow cubes stacked on top of each other.

The construction techniques must be respected so that the shelter does not fall on its occupants. It takes patience and skill, but your instructor will allow you to know everything about these fantastic, immaculate homes.

Intended for a family audience, this enriching workshop will delight children and teenagers.

Electric fatbike on snow

Photo credit: Flickr – Pop In the City

Take a mountain bike, turn the wheels, widen the frame, and add two huge tires and an electric motor: you have a fatbike! These amazing machines make it possible to cross the snowy expanses effortlessly.

The wide tires prevent you from sinking into the snow, while the electric assistance will allow you to save your forces. Go to the heart of the resort to try this outdoor activity to do in Les Menuires: many fat bikes are available for rent.

Fun and (a little) sporty, this winter hobby is quite suitable for trips with friends.

Ski joëring

Ski joëring combines skiing and equestrian carriage. You are on skis and towed by a horse connected to your waist. This outdoor activity to do in Les Menuires is quite fun. The advantage? You don’t have to make any effort, Pardi!

A variant is also offered in the resort, the toboggan joëring. It is the same principle, but it is a sled that will serve as sliding support. The horses are adapted to your size: the smallest will be entitled to a cute pony, the largest to a powerful draft horse.

In any case, it is a real treat, and you can admire fantastic landscapes. In short, great walks… to do on horseback!

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