Lembang Park And Zoo Review - Things To Do And Ticket Price

Lembang Park and Zoo Review – Things To Do and Ticket Price

For those in the Lembang area and its surroundings, there are many tourist attractions in Lembang that are very interesting for you to make a weekend getaway destination. One of them is Lembang Park And Zoo.

Lembang Park And Zoo is an educational tourist attraction that combines a playground with a unique zoo.

Those who bring children will find that Bandung tourism is undoubtedly suitable as a family tourism destination. 

They can play while studying at Lembang Park And Zoo. If you are interested in traveling here and want to know what the review is like, let’s check this out!

Educational Tour: Lembang Park And Zoo Review

  • Address: Jl. Colonel Masturi No. 171, Sukajaya, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java 
  • Map: Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours: 08.00 – 18.00 WIB

Lembang Park and Zoo Offline Ticket Prices

Ticket TypeFlight


Weekend/Offline Holiday Tickets50,000 (3.46$)Only Lembang Park and Zoo admission ticket, excluding Bird Aviary ticket and various other facilities inside
Weekday Offline Tickets40,000 (2.77$)Only Lembang Park and Zoo admission ticket, excluding Bird Aviary ticket and various other facilities inside
Lembang Park and Zoo Offline Ticket Prices

If you have been to The Great Asia Africa Bandung, which comes as a playground with various tourist attractionsOpens in a new tab. in it, you will also find the same thing in Lembang Park And Zoo.

There are many interesting rides that you can explore while on vacation at Lembang Park And Zoo. However, the concept of The Great Asia Africa Bandung with Lembang Park And Zoo is very different.

It is like traveling the world in a day at The Great Asia Africa Bandung. At the same time, at Lembang Park and Zoo, you can enjoy relaxing activities while watching cute and adorable animals in various spots. Take pictures with the scenery around you can also do.

Well, in Lembang Park And Zoo, some of the rides that you can explore include:

1.Park and Playground area

After paying for the entrance ticket, the first thing you will find in Lembang Park and Zoo is the parking area that provides a playground for children. 

On the left and right sides of the lake, you will see various animal statues that seem to describe what species can be found in the Zoo area later.

There are statues of elephants, statues of giraffes, and other animals. Besides inviting children to have fun and taking photos with huge animal statues, you can also walk around the artificial lake with a very beautiful feel in a paddleboat or canoe. 

Various plants that are planted will further cool the eyes of every visitor who comes to this attraction.

If you bring children and want to keep your children from fussing, don’t forget to take them to the playground area. 

There are swings, trampolines, and a variety of other children’s games. In this area, visitors who come are prohibited from smoking and vaping because this area is specifically made to create a comfortable environment for children while playing.

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2.Ride area for scooter rental

It is recommended that you rent a scooter in this riding area for those lazy to go around Lembang Park and Zoo on foot. The types of scooters that can be rented are also diverse. 

There are scooters priced at 75 thousand rupiahs (5.19$) per hour, and there are scooters priced at 120 thousand rupiahs (8.30$) per hour.

Scooters rented for 75 thousand rupiahs per hour can carry 1 adult and 1 child. 

While a large scooter rented for 120 thousand rupiahs per hour can carry 2 adults and 1 child, you can rent a scooter as per your requirement.

With the scooter, you can easily explore the entire Lembang Park and Zoo area, which is very large, without feeling tired.

3.Bird Aviary

If you are a bird lover and intend to take pictures with various beautifully feathered birds, you can go directly to this Bird Aviary spot. There are parrots, rhea birds, cranes, macaws, to onta birds.

The Bird Aviary has some of the most beautiful birds around. And since they are not caged in a cage, you can touch them and take pictures. The attractive interior design is another reason why you should check out this Bird Aviary.

4.Zoo area

You can expect to find Javan primates and owas in cages welcoming visitors with their roars in this area. In addition, a honey bear is seen busy playing on an actual log set up inside the enclosure. 

In addition to the three types of animals mentioned above, many species of animals there, including Marmoset, a common marmoset to the Caracal. A wild cat from Persia is very charming.

Reptiles are housed separately from other animals. In the reptiles area, there are snakes, lizards, iguanas, and crocodiles of various sizes.

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5.Go around the rides on horseback.

A horse riding experience is certainly not something you can do every day. Therefore, those interested in trying to ride a horse or introduce their little one to this interesting experience must try it when visiting here.

You can rest assured about safety. Your horse riding activities will be accompanied by professionals assigned to accompany the equestrian activities of tourists.

6.Relax at Neko Cat Café

Cat lovers must stop by this café here. You’ll meet and watch a variety of cute cats here. Feel free to touch them and hug them. 

The cool interior and variety of dishes offered make you feel at home, lingering in this spot.

When your stomach isn’t quite full from eating at Neko Cat Café, and you want to continue your culinary travel, you can directly find other cafes in the Lembang area. 

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How to go to Lembang Park and Zoo?

For travelers who go to Lembang Park from Bandung, you can take the direction to Jalan Sukajadi then continue to Jalan Dr. Setiabudi. After that, follow the road instructions until you enter Lembang highway.

After passing the Tomb of National Hero Otto Iskandardinata, you will find Colonel Masturi Street on the left and follow this path. Later you will find the entrance gate to the tourist attractions Lembang Park.

In addition to Lembang park, the Lembang area also has many other interesting tourist attractions that can be an alternative to the next tourist visit. 

Get a fun and memorable holiday experience there. Visit also various other interesting tourist attractions in the Lembang area because Bandung is the best tourist city that West Java has. Happy holiday PEEPS!

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