The 13 Most Beautiful Hiking Trails In The Vosges

The 13 Most Beautiful Hiking Trails in the Vosges

Go on an adventure by walking on one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the Vosges!

Welcome to the Vosges! This department of the East of France has for him magnificent landscapes. Green forests, great mountains, or large airspaces… Here, nature constantly changes its face with the seasons!

Rather than lounging in one of the spa towns or skiing in the resort, why not go hiking there?

The department offers beautiful possibilities for hiking getaways indeed. We invite you to discover them without further delay. You will inevitably find your happiness!

Here is our selection of the most beautiful hikes to do in the Vosges.

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The 13 Most Beautiful Hikes and Trails in the Vosges

1. Lake Schiessrothried and The Hohneck

Most Beautiful Hikes and Trails in the Vosges

○ Duration: about 4 hours

○ Distance: 12.2 km

○ Height difference: 612 m

○ Difficulty: Difficult

This Vosges hike is within the Ballons des Vosges Regional Natural Park. The route starts in the Gaschney ski resort and continues to the picturesque little lake of Schiessrothried.

The route will take you to the top of the Hohneck. You will contemplate the entire plain of Alsace and the sumptuous Black Forest.

The Schaeferthal pass will serve as a downhill trail. Warning: The weather changes quickly in the mountains and can surprise hikers. Caution!

2. The trenches of Hartmannswillerkopf

○ Duration: about 2 hours

○ Distance: 7.2 km

○ Height difference: 457 m

○ Difficulty: Medium

Very close to Wattwiller, in the Haut-Rhin, this hike in the Vosges is a major cultural outing. The Hartmannswillerkopf (the Viel Armand in the language of Molière) was a high place during the First World War.

In 1915, the fighting there caused more than 50,000 deaths… Today it is possible to walk through the trenches and to fire poses that have remained intact.

The ascent of the massif leads to a memorial cemetery and allows you to contemplate the Alps on a clear day… Superb! It is one of the best hiking trails and walks in the Vosges.

3. The three castles of Ribeauvillé

○ Duration: about 2 hours

○ Distance: 7.1 km

○ Height difference: 374 m

○ Difficulty: Medium

This itinerary starts from Ribeauvillé and aims to visit three beautiful castles. The castles of Girsberg, Saint-Ulrich, and Haut-Ribeaupierre are superb to explore!

The highlight of this hike in the Vosges is undoubtedly the Kahlfelsen Rock. A beautiful trail will link these great sites.

4. Lake Longemer and Retournemer

○ Duration: about 4 hours

○ Distance: 12.2 km

○ Height difference: 582 m

○ Difficulty: Difficult

These two lakes are accessible via a well-shaded path that promises beautiful landscapes. Pine forests, waterfall, climb of a small mountain and break at the edge of great bodies of water … the trail promises gorgeous family moments!

However, bring good shoes and water in quantity during the summer for this hike in the Vosges. Lake Longemer and Retournemer are among the most beautiful hiking trails in the Vosges.

5. Lake Kruth-Wildenstein

○ Duration : 1h15

○ Distance: 5.5 km

○ Height difference: 147 m

○ Difficulty: Easy

Going around the lake of Kruth-Wildenstein is a must among the hikes in the Vosges. It is an artificial lake in the Alsatian part of the splendid Vosges massif.

Accessible to all, the course is enjoyable when it is hot in summer. The Bockloch waterfall and the ruins of Schlossberg Castle are very close to this route. Do not hesitate to decorate it by going to visit them!

6. The Hohwald waterfall and the calf thatch

○ Duration: about 3 hours

○ Distance: 10.5 km

○ Height difference: 568 m

○ Difficulty: Medium

This pretty loop between forest and pastures will lead you to an impressive waterfall. The trail marking is particularly neat. Follow it to the Hohwald waterfall, where you can picnic in peace.

The “Chaume des Veaux” pond is nearby and will be a pleasant and rustic break for the whole family. It’s one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the Vosges.

7. The waterfall and the castle of Nideck

○ Duration: 1h

○ Distance: 4.7 km

○ Height difference: 254 m

○ Difficulty: Easy

Travelvibe wanted to present you with a typical medieval hike in the Vosges. Start by parking at the Nideck waterfall, nestled at the foot of a majestic cliff.

Raise your head: the Château du Nideck is above! To reach it, take a well-laid-out path (stairs and handrails secure your progress).

The ruins are, as a whole, well preserved, and the view of the area is breathtaking. I prefer spring and autumn to enjoy a pleasant temperature!

8. The Tendon Waterfall Loop

○ Duration: 2h

○ Distance: 8 km

○ Height difference: 318 m

○ Difficulty: Medium

This hike in the Vosges runs through the forest of the massif. On the menu: forest trails, impeccable markings, and torrent passages. The water circuit is more readily covered in autumn or spring, like an introduction to canyoning.

The start is at the small waterfall’s parking lot between Tendon and Le Tholy. The rocky route will easily take you to the area’s waterfalls: some even allow you to swim there. Good shoes recommended, pleasant memories guaranteed!

9. Hiking the Three Lakes

○ Duration: 3h30

○ Distance: 12.9 km

○ Height difference: 519 m

○ Difficulty: Medium

Near Orbey in the Haut-Rhin, you will access this typical forest route. This route starts at the Lac Noir car park and is well sheltered in the shade of multi-centenary trees.

Marked with yellow, you will reach the Lac Blanc without problems and join the GR5. Then? The natural area of the Gazon du Facing, very windy, precedes the steep path to Lac des Truites.

These three lakes are very busy in summer. But what a joy to enjoy their freshness! Tree lakes are one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the Vosges.

10. The Col de Sapois and the Saut de la Bourrique

○ Duration: less than 1 hour

○ Distance: 3.1 km

○ Height difference: 116 m

○ Difficulty: Easy

This hike in the Vosges is located in Gerardmer. It aims to reach the Saut de la Bourrique, a waterfall in the Vosges mountains.

You will have to be equipped with high shoes because of the rocky and slippery paths! From Lake Gérardmer, follow a path leading to a series of stone bridges and wooden footbridges.

The Saut de la Bourrique waterfall goes to the Col de Sapois and the Mérelle waterfall with a panoramic viewpoint. This course is accessible to all and is one of the most beautiful in the region!

11. The Tower of Merelle

○ Duration: 1h

○ Distance: 3.4 km

○ Height difference: 216 m

○ Difficulty: Medium

Very close to the previous one, the route starts at the marked yellow trail of Lake Gerardmer. Small wooden footbridges lead to the Chanony waterfall and the Mérelle waterfall.

The observatory of the Tour de Merelle, perched at 897 meters, will offer you a splendid view of the region. Our advice? Go there in autumn to admire the white fir trees of the Vosges wearing their most beautiful colors.

12. Panorama of Lac des Corbeaux

○ Duration: about 1 hour

○ Distance: 2.9 km

○ Height difference: 232 m

○ Difficulty: Medium

You can make this short pedestrian loop in La Bresse in the Vosges. Lac des Corbeaux is a glacial lake of 9 hectares located meters above sea level.

To reach it, park at the car park on the Route des Bouchaux. The lake is nearby, and you can access a sublime viewpoint overlooking it.

The highlight of hiking? You can swim there! This hike in the Vosges is for everyone: try it with your family!

13. Roche des Bioquets and the Head of Grouvelin

○ Duration: 2h

○ Distance: 7.7 km

○ Height difference: 293 m

○ Difficulty: Easy

This well-marked trail starts in the heart of the La Croix Claudé ski area near Gerardmer. You will also take a green track to reach the top of the head of Grouvelin.

After passing the shelter of La Croix Claudé, you will take the direction of the Roche des Bioquets. Beautiful panoramas of the region await you on the trail. An orientation table offers valuable indications to the day’s visitors.

In all their splendor, the Vosges mountains open up to you. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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