Tourist Attractions In Taman Sari Jogja – A Perfect Photography Spot!

tourist attractions in taman sari jogja

When talking about historical tourism in Jogja, there are many historical attractions that you can explore. In addition to the various temples that stand strong, a magnificent palace that witnessed the past glory, Taman Sari Jogja, can also be visited in the city with typical Gudeg food. There are plenty of tourist attractions in Taman Sari Jogja.

The location is quite strategic because it is not far from Zero Km Point, Jogja. Thanks to the building’s unique architecture and its strategic location, Taman Sari Jogja is always crowded with tourists visiting both domestic and foreign tourists. 

Maybe you are also interested in traveling in Taman Sari Jogja? Here’s the full review!

Tourist Attractions In Taman Sari Jogja – A Perfect Photography Spot! Review

  • Address: Patehan, Kraton District, Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta
  • Map: Click hereOpens in a new tab.
  • Opening hours: 09.00 – 16.00 WIB
  • Entrance ticket price: 5 thousand rupiahs (0.35$) for domestic tourists, 7 thousand rupiahs (0.48$) for foreign tourists, for visitors who bring cameras are charged an additional entrance ticket of 5 thousand rupiahs (0.35$).

Taman Sari Jogja tourism village or also known as Keraton Jogja is a former park and palace of Keratin Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat which was built in 1758 to 1765 during the reign of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I.

Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono directly led the development I, accompanied by madiun regent Raden Rangga Prawirasentika as the person responsible for implementing it.

Meanwhile, the construction of garden buildings and buildings was conceptualized by Regent Kiai Tumenggung Mangoendipoero.

Taman Sari Jogja consists of 57 buildings with a total area of 10 hectares. They include buildings, swimming pools, bridges, water canalsOpens in a new tab., artificial wells, and underwater passages. 

Even now, the Taman Sari building complex in Jogja remains strong despite the earthquake on May 27, 2006. Some parts of the building complex were remodeled after the earthquake.

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Those of you who visit Taman Sari Jogja can take pictures or capture moments at various spots available. Some photography spots that you can use in Taman Sari Tourism Village, including:

Taman Sari Pool Spot

Shortly after visitors enter the main gate of Kampung Taman Sari, visitors will see two ponds located not far from the gate of this tourist attraction in Jogja. The walls are full of ornaments as well as decorations.

Both pools are part of the three main pools in Taman Sari Jogja and are presented with different names and functions. The first pool is called Umbul Panguras, a pond used as the king’s bath.

The second pool is called Pamucar Pond, which is used as a bathing place for the king’s concubines. While the third pool, which is located separated from the two ponds that are lined named Umbul Kawitan, is used as a bathing place for princesses – princesses of the king.

Then around the pond is decorated with various ornaments similar to fountains with a shape like a dragon’s head with a variety of flower pots around it.

Stage-Gate Spot

In ancient times, this area of Gapura Panggung could only be entered by the royal family. However, nowadays, this area has become a spot in Taman Sari that can be enjoyed and accessed by the general public. You can also take great photos there.

At the top of Gapura Panggung, the king usually relaxes while enjoying the splendor of Taman Sari, which was once still equipped with an artificial lake and a vast and beautiful flower garden. 

Here also occasionally, the king enjoys the performance of traditional dancers accompanied by the sound of gamelan music is very melodic.

In one corner, there is a mirror and the king’s wardrobe. This mirror used to be used as a place for the king’s wife to stand, while the king’s wardrobe was a storage of the king’s clothes. This gate is also equipped with stairs made of teak wood that until now is still sturdy and gives an artistic impression.

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Spot Gapura Agung

In addition to Gapura Panggung, there is another magnificent gate building called Gapura Agung. In the past, when it was still functioning as the king’s residence, Gapura Agung was a sultanate park that was used as a transit location for the sultanate train.

Ornaments in the form of bird wings and flowers – flowers also become the architectural decoration of Gapura Agung.

Kenongo Building Spot

Kenongo Building is the tallest building compared to other buildings in Taman Sari Complex. In the days of the ancient kings, this building functioned as a place to eat the king’s family and entertain guests with a variety of food dishes served.

But now, this building is the best place in Kampung Taman Sari to watch the sunset. So sunset hunters can come to Taman Sari in the afternoon and enjoy the unusual charm of the sunset here. 

There is also a thick white wall which is the fence of the Taman Sari building with a height of almost 4 meters.

Gamuling Well Spot and Mosque

Gamuling Well is not a random well. But this well is well surrounded by five stairs that become a symbol of the pillars of Islam. Gamuling Well is a well located in the Taman Sari Mosque complex.

The mosque is a circle of 360 derajad with two circular levels whose middle part is hollow and designed very artistically. Due to its circular shape, when the priest leads the prayer, his voice will resound naturally throughout the room without the need for loudspeaker support.

When guests descend the stairs that surround the well’s pool of water, they can see stairs that meet at a crossroads in the middle of the pool, taking them to Gamuling Well.

If you are interested in this spot, you must pass through a gate with two levels. The two levels were once the place where the king observed the concubines bathing in Pamucar Pond.

How many are not tourist destinations that you can visit while in Jogja? Hence, for those of you who plan a vacation to Jogja, you should not only stay for a day or two, as there are many tourist attractions that you have to visit there. So, happy holiday GOOD PEOPLE!


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