8 Best Beaches In Langsa City, Aceh For Photography, Swimming, And Chilling

8 Best Beaches In Langsa City, Aceh For Photography, Swimming, and Chilling

Langsa City is located in Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Or Aceh Province. This city becomes one of the developed cities with a very rapid and beautiful urban space setting.

In addition, there are lots of tourist attractions in Langsa that must be visited. There are a number of beaches in Langsa suitable for being a vacation place with your beloved family.

The charming beaches are spread across 5 subdistricts. After all the time spent fighting a relentless daily routine, the exoticism will relax the eye and become a perfect relaxation spot for your body and mind to rejuvenate and refresh. 

Curious about the beauty of the beach in Langsa, then check this information until it is finished.

Many natural attractions are made in Langsa city that are ready to pamper visitors with its charm, but this time we will specifically discuss the beach in Langsa that is tempting. Here are some of them:

8 Best Beaches In Langsa City, Aceh For Photography, Swimming, and Chilling

1.Teulaga Tujoh Island/Pulau Teulaga Tujoh

The first beach in Langsa is Teulaga Tujoh Island. The island has a marine environment that is so enticing.

To get to the island’s location, we have to travel by sea using a speedboat for several hours from the nearest pier. It has its own location in Telaga Tujuh, West Langsa District, Langsa City, Aceh.

Along the way, you will see the beautiful sea of Aceh city. The expanse of the blue sea and the calm wave action became friends during the trip.

So you arrived at Teulaga Tujoh Island with its stretch of white sand that welcomed you. The natural conditions of the beach will amaze anyone.

The calm expanse of the blue sea presents a romantic atmosphere perfect for newlyweds on honeymoon.

There is a calm atmosphere with the breeze, which makes the mind feel calm. Furthermore, the green area surrounding this island adds to its beauty and tranquility.

Location : Telaga Tujuh, West Langsa District, Langsa City, Aceh

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2.Kuala Geulumpang Beach/Pantai Kuala Geulumpang

Kuala Geulumpang Beach is located in Kuala Geulumpang, Julok District, East Aceh Regency, Aceh. This tourist attraction is a favorite location of many people who want to find peace of mind.

Indeed, the average beach in Langsa is tranquil with calm waves.

The beautiful blue sea and charming white sandy beaches make anyone feel at home while lingering in this place.

Additionally, many fishing boats lean at Kuala Geulumpang beach because it is a fishing beach.

Like in the coastal area in general, there are green trees along the shoreline.

A Singur is waving with its charm. In addition, fir trees and various other tropical trees are ready to cool the coastal area.

Location: Kuala Geulumpang, Julok District, East Aceh Regency, Aceh.

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3.Kuala Langsa Harbour/Pelabuhan Kuala Langsa

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The next Langsa city attraction that offers beautiful marine tourism is Kuala Langsa Port, located in Kuala Langsa, West Langsa District, Langsa Aceh City.

The port is the only route connecting Langsa city with overseas. It is charming to see the sea view behind the building. Anyone would feel at home lingering there.

This place is indeed a favorite location for young people to hang out. What’s more, you will see the ferry passing by or unloading. The activity of the ship is indeed fun to watch, especially at dusk.

Then the beautiful view of the open sea will be more enchanting. The view from the sunset makes the atmosphere feel so romantic.

Location : Kuala Langsa, West Langsa District, Langsa City, Aceh.

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4.Kuala Parek Beach/Pantai Kuala Parek

The next beach in Langsa is Kuala Parek Beach, located in Kuala Parek, Sungai Raya District, East Aceh Regency, Aceh City.

Maybe the location is not in Langsa city, but the distance is only 27 kilometers only makes it a pity if missed. Even only the Kuala Parek Beach tour can complete our holiday trip.

The natural charm it has is breathtaking. Any visitor would be reluctant to leave the broad expanse of blue water with its charming white sand beach lip.

An unusual feature of this beach is a row of trees jutting out into the water, creating a habitat for small fish. So visitors who come will enjoy the beautiful scenery of small fish flocks swimming around.

Visitors who like to fish usually make this location a favorite fishing spot. So if you also have a hobby of fishing, you should bring fishing rods from home.

Location: Kuala Parek, Sungai Raya District, East Aceh Regency, Aceh.

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5.Ujong Pusong Beach/Pantai Ujong Pusong

Ujong Pusong Beach is located in Teulaga Village, Samudera District, Langsa City, Aceh. Families flock to this beach each year to spend the end of pecan season – no wonder this beach is never deserted, particularly during the holiday season.

You can do many enjoyable activities here, from playing water or swimming to playing sand and snorkeling close up to the underwater world.

The underwater beauty of Ujong Pusong Beach is unquestionable. Diverse coral reefs are still well preserved and are the main attraction.

In addition, small fish are ready to swim with you. Additionally, this beach has a main view that attracts many people, how beautiful the cluster of islands is.

There is also a small estuary with a depth as high as an adult’s knee that adds to the charm of the sea Ujong Pusong. This beach is indeed the best location for a family vacation.

Location: Teulaga Tujoh Village, Samudera District, Langsa City, Aceh.

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6.Matang Ulim Idi Cut Beach/Pantai Matang Ulim Idi Cut

About 75 kilometers from Langsa city or about 2.5 kilometers from the capital of Idi Rayeuk Subdistrict, there is a charming beach named Matang Ulim Idi Cut Beach.

Mangrove forests surround this beach, giving it a cool, green vibe. Additionally, there are fir trees line the beach, which can be used as a shelter when hot.

It is no wonder that the sea conditions are very cool. A gentle breeze also adds to the coolness of the beach area.

With a beautiful blue sea and calm waves, the stretch of white sand is often used to relax. This atmosphere makes visitors feel closer to nature.

Instagenic photo spots can also be found easily. So this place is highly recommended for photography lovers as well as selfie lovers.

Location: Blang Geulumpang, Idi Rayeuk District, Langsa City, Aceh.

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7.Artificial Beach Tourism in Kuala Langsa/Wisata Pantai Buatan Kuala Langsa

Located in the city area of Langsa, artificial tourist beaches Kuala Langsa is one of a series of marine tourism that must be visited.

Despite its beauty, this beach has not received enough attention from the local government. Still, management relies on self-help.

The place is maintained and taken care of by a few creative people so that tourists can visit.

When visiting, you do not have to be afraid of hunger because many merchants sell food and drinks. In addition, some residents again sell typical Langsa souvenirs that can be brought home as souvenirs.

In addition, several cafés are suitable as a place to hang out with friends and family. The beach is very comfortable and clean. 

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8.Langsa White Sand Beac/Pantai Pasir Putih Langsa

Visiting Langsa city is still incomplete if you have not visited Pasir Putih Langsa Beach. As the name implies, this beach is dominated by a clean and very smooth stretch of white sand.

Even when exposed to sunlight, it will reflect light. This place is usually a favorite location for visitors and the surrounding community. 

It offers various exciting activities, ranging from playing beach volleyball, soccer, playing sandcastles, or just sitting back and enjoying the beautiful sea of Pasir Putih Langsa beach.

The scenery is more perfect with a lush and green expanse of mangrove forest. In addition to the sea and the shoreline, mangrove areas are a location not to be missed.

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You can enjoy the beautiful scenery while learning lessons in it since mangroves have become a popular place to visit.

Visitors will be taken around the forest by boat. It is indeed the most eagerly anticipated visitor activity.

You will be captivated by the natural charm of the beaches you visit during your vacation in Langsa city. Visitors to Langsa city should always feel the urge to return. 

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