Outdoor Activities To Do In Tignes - 10 Things To Do

Outdoor Activities to Do in Tignes – 10 Things to do

Are you looking for the ultimate snowsports activities to do in Tignes? Here they are, carefully chosen by our team. Ski touring and cross-country skiing await you on our snow tours.

Tignes is a beautiful mountain resort consisting of a group of 5 villages. It is located in the French Alps, close to the Italian border. Together with its neighbor Val-d’Isère, nearby, it forms the famous Ski Area of Espace Killy, perfect for both country skiing and downhill skiing. Ultra-fast ski lifts take you to the top in both winter and summer, making it an ideal destination for snow toursby.

This resort is one of the highest in France, offering ultimate snowsports like country skiing and downhill skiing. A glacier even allows you to ski there in summer. People from all over Europe come to enjoy the more or less demanding leisure activities the resort offers, including snow toursby.

Snowboarding, heliskiing, mountain biking… Skiing, hiking, paragliding, golf, bungee jumping… The estate has more than one trick up its sleeve! Travelvibe proposes to present you with the ultimate snowsports and outdoor activities to do in Tignes.

You will be able to find, depending on the season, the best that the resort has. Whether you come alone, with family or friends, you will only regret one thing: the end of your stay…


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Outdoor Activities to Do in Tignes – 10 Things to do

Here is the list of the best outdoor activities to do in Tignes, including ski touring, ultimate snowsports, skiing, and snowboarding.

Best things to do in Tignes in Summer and Winter

Best things to do in Tignes Summer


Best Outdoor Activities to do in Tignes

The ultimate snowsports experience in the mountains includes skiing, ski touring, and snowboarding. And even windsurfing has a voice in the chapter: it is an essential outdoor activity to do in Tignes.

Easy to access, the natural lake turns into a leisure base for ski touring and skiing enthusiasts. It is even one of the most pleasant places in the region to practice this water sport.

Well exposed and sunny, Tignes Lake will be the ideal support for your snowboarding, skiing, biking, climbing exploits or memorable bowls. In case of high heat, do not hesitate! Windsurfing is one of the best things to do in Tignes in summer.


Best things to do in Tignes Summer

Paragliding makes young and old dream of skiing, snowboarding, climbing, and biking. This is good because there is no age to practice these outdoor activities in Tignes. Whether you choose a two-seater flight or a solo initiation, you will be delighted by the sensations provided by skiing, snowboarding, climbing, and biking.

And what a view, once high in the sky! Admire the Alps, the Mont Blanc massif, and the purity of the Killy area while skiing or snowboarding. Moreover, you can bring back a video of your mountain trip and impress your loved ones if you wish.


Best things to do in Tignes in Summer and Winter

Skiing and snowboarding in Tignes is enjoyable in the mountains when it is hot. As long as you cover yourself with sunscreen (the sun hits hard given the altitude), it is advisable to have fun climbing.

Whether you choose skiing in Lake Tignes or climbing the mountain, the delight of these outdoor activities will be there. Beginners can learn skiing safely in the company of a guide. Skiing is a great activity to do in Tignes, so do not hesitate to book a ski guide!

Stand-up paddle

Outdoor Activities to Do in Tignes - 10 Things to do | Stand up paddle | Travelvibe

Stand-up paddleboarding on Lake Tignes is a refreshing and invigorating outdoor activity. Choose a sunny afternoon, apply good sunscreen, and enjoy the serenity of the mountain. This experience is perfect for skiing and climbing enthusiasts, as recommended by Tripadvisor members and guides.

If you do not have a skiing guide, you can check out Tripadvisor for recommendations. Paddles can be rented in the very heart of the resort, making it easy for you to go skiing. All you have to do is rent a paddle and hit the slopes!

Depending on your preferences, you can choose a paddle that is more or less large. If you want to go skiing with several people, you can rent a larger paddle and enjoy the placid body of water together.

Via Ferrata

Outdoor Activities to Do in Tignes - 10 Things to do | Via ferrata | Travelvibe

The via Ferrata is a thrilling climbing experience where participants navigate a mountain rock face using artificial metal sockets. Equipped with a helmet and harness, the climbers are guided by an experienced mountain guide for safety during the adventure.

It is possible to carry out skiing in Tignes, a famous mountain destination. The Plates de la Daille or the Roc de Tovière offer skiing routes of different difficulty levels, making it a popular choice among climbers.

There is something for everyone! Will you dare to go skiing on the mountain during your next stay in Tignes?


Outdoor Activities to Do in Tignes - 10 Things to do | Escalation 1 | Travelvibe

Skiing on the mountain is a popular activity in Tignes. TripAdvisor recommends going on a skiing trip during the summer season. Many enthusiasts enjoy skiing down the slopes, both artificial and natural.

And you, does skiing tempt you? Know that instructors will guide you throughout your ski lengths and provide you with advice and tips. Naturally, the equipment will be provided if you do not own it. This ski guide will go over the cost of lessons and equipment rental.

Harnesses, slippers, and helmets can be rented at the Tignes ski station. What are you waiting for to go skiing? Use this guide to warm up your back.

Horseback riding

Outdoor Activities to Do in Tignes - 10 Things to do | Horseback riding | Travelvibe

The ski guide is the ideal partner for your mountain hikes! Let’s face it, as much for his kindness and docility as for the energy he will earn you… This outdoor activity to go ski in Tignes is a must in the region because of its playful simplicity.

All you have to do is go on a mountain trip, meet your horse -or pony-, ski it, and then discover the most beautiful hiking trails in the region. Of course, a trainer from will accompany you to guarantee your safety and your partner’s for a day.

Whether you choose an hour of skiing or a half-day trip to the mountain, there is no doubt: that horseback riding will seduce you. Don’t forget to check out the reviews on TripAdvisor before you go.

Off-road scooter

Outdoor Activities to Do in Tignes - 10 Things to do | Off road scooter | Travelvibe

Let’s see, what outdoor activity to do in Tignes could you test? And why not go skiing on the mountain? These modern ski vehicles are available for rent during the summer season.

The interest? Explore the Tignes ski area long, wide, and across without getting tired in the slightest. This initially urban means of transport lends itself well to marked trails. It’s very simple, where the mountain bikes pass, you go!

Best things to do in Tignes in Winter

Sliding sports

Outdoor Activities to Do in Tignes - 10 Things to do | Sliding sports 1 | Travelvibe

It was impossible to go on a mountain trip to Tignes without talking about the board sports available. The Ski Area killy, highly recommended by locals, offers 300 km of slopes spread over two large resorts.

Tignes is a popular mountain destination, highly recommended by everyone went there. It offers the best skiing experience in Europe, thanks to its location in the Vanoise massif. With its high altitude, Tignes ensures year-round snow cover.

The next time you want to go on a ski trip, head to Tignes, a mountain resort highly recommended. Plan your vacation between December and April!


Best things to do in Tignes in Winter

If you’re looking for a trapper atmosphere during your ski trip to Tignes, a snowshoe hike in the middle of winter is a must. Put on your rackets and head to the Rhêmes-Golette glacier, which offers stunning views of the Grande Sassière (3747 m). Get ready for a high-mountain adventure!

You could also ski on the mountain or go to the foot of the Aiguille Percée. This outdoor activity to do in Tignes is undoubtedly one of the most refreshing and enjoyable.

Nordic skiing

Outdoor Activities to Do in Tignes - 10 Things to do | Nordic skiing | Travelvibe

Tignes, a mountain resort, offers about ten kilometers of Nordic ski slopes. Cross-country skiing is one of the best outdoor activities to do in Tignes. Once in the resort, equipped with your skis, you can discover the mountain and get acquainted with the practice of skating.

Kezaco? It is the technical gesture that consists, as a skier in Tignes, of propelling oneself forward on the mountain. More complicated than it seems, by the way!

Ice diving

Outdoor Activities to Do in Tignes - 10 Things to do | Ice diving | Travelvibe

Ice diving is possible during the coldest months at Lake Tignes, a popular ski destination. This extreme activity is highly requested and considered safe by enthusiasts. Many travelers come from far away to Lake Tignes to experience the thrill of ice diving while surrounded by the stunning mountain scenery.

Moreover, this is understandable: underwater, the colors offered by the sun’s rays that pierce the ice layer are indescribable with pure beauty. Ice diving is one of the best things to do in Tignes in winter, especially for ski enthusiasts looking for a mountain adventure.

Winter mountaineering

Outdoor Activities to Do in Tignes - 10 Things to do | Winter mountaineering 1 | Travelvibe

Head to the Tignes guide office for ski tips and advice. Introduce altitude progression techniques for your ski trip. Tignes, a popular ski destination, offers a variety of mountaineering experiences. Winter mountaineering in Tignes requires a greater commitment compared to its summer variant.

The technical outfits in Tignes are thicker to isolate you from the cold, hinder the movements more … and above all, the snow layer on the mountain is very thick! Splendid ski races can be made, such as the ascent of the Grande Casse, the highest point of the Vanoise massif.

Construction of an igloo

Outdoor Activities to Do in Tignes - 10 Things to do | Construction of an igloo | Travelvibe

It’s pretty funny to sleep in the snow on a mountain! Finally, as long as you are wrapped in a warm down and build a shelter. An igloo cannot be improvised! Learning how to shape these strange frozen dwellings is one of the best outdoor activities to do in Tignes.

You can try it in the company of your children if you like it. The little ones particularly appreciate this workshop, which is both fun and educational. It has received rave reviews on TripAdvisor, especially from families visiting Tignes, a breathtaking mountain destination.

Bungee ski jumping

Outdoor Activities to Do in Tignes - 10 Things to do | Bungee ski jumping | Travelvibe

Here is one of the best outdoor activities to do in Tignes, a mountain destination highly recommended. And probably one of the most extreme! The idea? Harnessed with two elastics, take its momentum on a springboard that will eject you to the void.

After having made the figure of your choice on the Tignes mountain – or having curled up, green with fear – the elastics will ensure the absorption of the shock until the reception, very soft.


Unique in France, Tignes offers bungee jumping on skis, an experience that even non-diva skiers can enjoy. Accessible and thrilling, we highly recommend it to young adrenaline enthusiasts. Don’t just take our word for it!

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