The 8 Best Kurigram Tourist Places To See

The 8 Best Kurigram Tourist Places To See

Are you looking for a unique vacation or want to explore Kurigram? Come and discover Kurigram tourist places and the hidden treasures that will amaze you.

Visit the historic Bongo Sonahat Bridge, enjoy the peacefulness of Tupamari Pond, and experience the past at Ulipur Munshi Bari.

Show your respect to the courageous individuals at the Martyred Freedom Fighter Memorial Block and admire the impressive Dhorla Bridge.

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Bhetarbandh Zamindar House and Chandamari Mosque.

Don’t forget to see the magnificence of Naodanga Zamindar House.

Kurigram is waiting for you to explore it!

Best Kurigram Tourist Places To See

Gaibandha is a district of Rangpur, you probably already know there are some amazing tourist spots in Rangpur city. Here, I’m discussing about some top tourist places in Kurigram to visit:

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1.Bongo Sonahat Bridge/বঙ্গ সোনাহাট ব্রিজ

Bongo Sonahat Bridge/বঙ্গ সোনাহাট ব্রিজ in Kurigram district.

The Bongo Sonahat Bridge is an old bridge in Bhurungamari that was fixed after being partially destroyed during the liberation war in 1971. The bridge is very important in the history of Bongo Sonahat and is located over the beautiful Dudhkumar river.

During the war, freedom fighters broke a part of the bridge to stop Pakistani soldiers. But after the war, the bridge was repaired and now it is used for transportation. The bridge is not only important historically but also attracts many people who come here for picnics, especially in the winter.

Just 1 km west of the bridge is Pateshwari Bazar, which used to be a lively marketplace.

2.Tupamari Pond/Tupamari Dighi/টুপামারী পুকুর

Beautiful sunset view of  Tupamari Pond/Tupamari Dighi/টুপামারী পুকুর

Many people visit Tupamari Pond for picnics and fishing. It is a popular place for fishing, especially for people who are not experienced. Besides being a place for enjoyment, Tupamari Pond is also ecologically important.

It was made in 1980, changing a wetland into a beautiful water area with different trees. This change has made the surroundings look even better and has helped the water animals that live there. Every six months, different kinds of fish are put into the pond to help protect the animals that live there.

Tupamari Pond has also helped local tourism because people like to see the natural beauty of the area. Additionally, the money made from selling fish, turtles, and fruits is about Rs 4-5 lakh per year.

3.Ulipur Munshi Bari/উলিপুর মুন্সি বাড়ী

Historical place in Kurigram - Ulipur Munshi Bari/উলিপুর মুন্সি বাড়ী

Ulipur Munshi Bari is a historical mansion located in Ulipur Upazila. It has stunning architecture and holds significant cultural importance. This beautiful building has a long history and showcases the brilliance of past architects.

Efforts have been made to restore and preserve Ulipur Munshi Bari’s cultural significance. The renovation work focuses on bringing back the mansion’s original beauty while ensuring it is accessible for tourists to enjoy.

When visiting Ulipur Munshi Bari, tourists can immerse themselves in the grandeur of the past, admiring the intricate architectural details and learning about its historical importance. Walking through the halls and rooms of this mansion is truly inspiring, offering a glimpse into Ulipur’s rich cultural heritage.

4.Martyred Freedom Fighter Memorial Block/Shahid Muktijuddho Srity Folok/শহীদ মুক্তিযুদ্ধ স্মৃতি ফলক

Martyred Freedom Fighter Memorial Block/Shahid Muktijuddho Srity Folok/শহীদ মুক্তিযুদ্ধ স্মৃতি ফলক

When you visit Ghoshpara in Kurigram City, you can pay your respects at the Martyred Freedom Fighter Memorial Block, also known as Shahid MuktiJuddho Smriti Folok. This memorial block is a tribute to the brave people who sacrificed their lives during the Liberation War.

The Martyred Freedom Fighter Memorial Block is a reminder of the courage and determination shown by the freedom fighters in difficult times. As you approach the memorial, you will understand the significance and importance of this monument.

The names of the martyrs, including the four prison guards who were buried nearby, are listed on the memorial plaque. Take a moment to think about and honor their sacrifice at this Kurigram War Memorial, a symbol of gratitude and remembrance for the heroes who fought for our freedom.

5.Dhorla Bridge/ধরলা ব্রিজ

Stunning Dhorla Bridge/ধরলা ব্রিজ in kurigram. A good tourist place in Kurigram to visit.

The Dhorla Bridge, also called the Sheikh Hasina Dhorla Bridge, connects Nageshwari and Bhurungamari Upazila with Kurigram. This bridge is 950 meters long and has 19 spans. It was built to keep the region connected.

Many people visit the bridge to see the beautiful sunsets and take boat rides on the Dhorla river.

The construction of the second Dhorla Bridge started in 2014 and finished in June 2018. The bridge is 9.80 meters wide, making it easy for both locals and tourists to use.

The Dhorla Bridge has improved connectivity and increased tourism in the area.

6.Bhetarbandh Zamindar House/ভেতরবন্দ জমিদার বাড়ি

Ancient Bhetarbandh Zamindar House/ভেতরবন্দ জমিদার বাড়ি in Kurigram.

Half of the Bhetarbandh Zamindar house has been lost over time, but the remaining half is currently used as the office of the Bhetarbandh Union Parishad. Although it is in poor condition, the Bhetarbandh Zamindar house is historically important.

Efforts are being made to restore this impressive structure and preserve its heritage. The zamindar house has beautiful wooden construction and detailed carvings, which reflect its grand past. Traditional music and dance performances are held in the Zamindar house, adding to its appeal.

The Bhetarbandh Zamindar house has the potential to become a popular tourist attraction for those interested in the region’s rich history and cultural heritage.

7.Chandamari Mosque/চান্দামারী মসজিদ

Beautiful mosque in Kurigram - Chandamari Mosque/চান্দামারী মসজিদ

Chandamari Mosque, located in Rajarhat upazila of Kurigram district, is a historic building that displays both Sultani and Mughal architecture. The mosque has great historical and religious importance in the region. It represents the rich cultural heritage of Kurigram.

The mosque’s design, with three domes and beautiful mihrabs, is impressive. The combination of Sultani and Mughal architecture makes it unique and attractive. The Chandamari Mosque is a place of worship for the local Muslim community and also attracts visitors from far and wide who come to admire its beauty and learn about its history.

It is a valuable treasure that should be protected and cherished for future generations.

8.Naodanga Zamindar House/নাওডাঙ্গা জমিদার বাড়ি

Naodanga Zamindar House/নাওডাঙ্গা জমিদার বাড়ি is a historical place in Kurigram.

When you visit Naodanga Zamindar House, you will be taken back in time to experience the rich history and beautiful architecture of this old building.

The Naodanga Zamindar House is very important because it was built by Bahadur Pramdaranjan Bakshi, the zamindar of Naodanga Parganas, before India was divided.

The house’s architecture is amazing, with detailed designs and skilled craftsmanship.

Throughout the years, the Naodanga Zamindar House has been a place for cultural events, like the swing fair organized by Bireshwar Prasad Bakshi.

Right now, there is a project to restore and protect this heritage site.

The aim of the project is to bring back the house’s former glory so that future generations can understand and enjoy its historical and cultural importance.

Conclusion: Kurigram Tourist Places

If you’re looking for a great tourist destination, Kurigram has everything you need.

You can visit the beautiful Bongo Sonahat Bridge and the peaceful Tupamari Pond.

Don’t miss the historical Ulipur Munshi Bari and pay your respects at the Martyred Freedom Fighter Memorial Block.

If you’re interested in architectural wonders, the Dhorla Bridge, Bhetarbandh Zamindar House, Chandamari Mosque, and Naodanga Zamindar House are worth a visit.

Kurigram is a must-visit place for any traveler.

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