Must Visit: 6 Top Tourist Attractions In Rangpur District

Must Visit: 6 Top Tourist Attractions in Rangpur District

Rangpur Tourist Place: Rangpur division has many beautiful tourist places. In this article, we will just focus on the tourist attractions that are in Rangpur itself not in the districts that it has.

Rangpur is a major city in Bangladesh. It was founded as a district capital in the 16th century and became a municipality in 1869, so it is one of the oldest municipalities in Bangladesh.

The municipal office building was constructed in 1892, under Raja Janaki Ballav Sen. The Shyamasundari canal was excavated in 1890 to improve the city. Sharfuddin Ahmed Jhantu was the first Rangpur city mayor.

The city lies in the northwest of Bangladesh. Begum Rokeya University is located in the south of the city. Previously, Rangpur was the district headquarters.

Later, the Greater Rangpur district was divided into Gaibandha, Kurigram, Lalmonirhat, Nilphamari, and Rangpur.

In the great Rangpur region, economic development took place little until the 1990s, mostly because of the region’s yearly flooding before the Teesta Barrage. Coal is found near this district.

There is an impressive military installation in the city and a Ghagot park that is usually used by the military. Of course, there’s the famous Carmichael College and Rangpur Zoo.

Must Visit: 6 Top Tourist Attractions in Rangpur District


A village in Mithapukur Upazila of Rangpur district is called Pyrabondo. Begum Rokeya (Rokeya Khatun), the pioneer of Bengali women’s awakening, was born on December 9, 1880, in this village of Pyraband.

Begum Rokeya’s father, Zaheeruddin Mohammad Abu Ali Haider Saber, was a noble landlord. His mother’s name is Rahatunnesa Sabera Choudhurani.

Begum Rokeya was taught Arabic and Urdu in her home; started learning Bengali and English in secret from her elder brother Ibrahim Saber. She married Sakhawat Hossain, deputy magistrate of Bhagalpur, in 1896.

Syed Sakhawat Hossain was a free man and encouraged Begum Rokeya to write. In 1902, the great woman entered the literary world with a story called Pipasa.

Begum Rokeya Memorial Centre has been established on 3.15 acres of land under government management next to Begum Rokeya’s house.

There are aesthetic gardens, office buildings, 4-story dormitory buildings, research rooms, libraries, modern guesthouses, and brass-made Begum Rokeya’s splendor.

Besides, various training is imparted to the youth in employment at the training center BKME. But Begum Rokeya’s ancestral home currently has nothing left but a brick wall.

How to go to Pyrabondo?

Mohammadpur, Mohakhali, Gabtoli, and Kalyanpur in the capital Dhaka, Greenlines, Alhamra Travels, Mim, SR Travels, Kurigram transport buses ply on the way to Rangpur. Pyarabondo village, 13 km from Rangpur city, is easily accessible by bus, rickshaw, or easy bike.

Where to stay in Pyrabondo?

Among the residential hotels located in Rangpur are Hotel Northview, Tourism Motel, The Park Hotel, Hotel Golden Tower, Hotel Tilottama, Hotel Kashpia, etc.

Where to eat in Pyrabondo?

Rangpur city has various quality food hotels and restaurants. But if you go to Rangpur in the mango season, don’t miss the famous Haribhanga mango.

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2.Devi Choudhurani’s Rajbari/দেবী চৌধুরাণীর রাজবাড়ি

Devi Choudhurani’s Rajbari is a historical place to visit in Rangpur. Devi Choudhurani’s Rajbari (Devi Chowdhuryan Palace) is located near the Pirgasha Upazila office and Pirgasha railway station in the Rangpur district.

Manthana Zamindar Devi Choudhurani’s real name was Jayadurga Devi Choudhurani. This zamindar house is called Pirgasha Rajbari by the people of Pirgasha Upazila. In 1703-04, about 28 acres of land was established through Zamindar Anantaram.

History suggests that the Manthana Zamindar of Pirgasa became the first woman in then India to lead the movement with weapons against the subject oppression of the East India Company.

The destroyed ancient temples of Devi Choudhurani’s Royal Palace have survived as witnesses to time. Every year various puja is organized at the temple of Rajbari.

At present, the Kachari Ghar and Natya Mandir of Devi Choudhurani’s Royal House are used as Pirgasa Upazila Sub-Registry Office.

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3.Laldighi Noy Gambuj Masjid (Laldighi Nine Dome Mosque)/লালদীঘি নয় গম্বুজ মসজিদ

Laldighi Noy Gambuj Masjid is a great place to visit in Rangpur. The historic Laldighi Nine Dome Mosque is located in the Laldighi area of the Gopinathpur Union, about 10 km west of Badarganj Upazila town in Rangpur.

The mosque was discovered during British rule in the Indian subcontinent. Later, the residents cleaned the mosque and made it usable. There is no confirmed information about the construction of the Laldighi Mosque as there is no inscription on the mosque.

However, according to archaeologists, the mosque was built during British rule. Based on what is known about the architecture of the last Mughal era, some believe Laldighi Mosque was built in 1212. Locals say that mosques and mosque ponds are dug overnight.

The dome mosque has 9 domes. The domes are topped with lotus flower heads, and the Marlon ornamentation is at the bottom of the dome.

In the four corners of the mosque, a minaret with an octagonal cupla can be seen. But the minaret in the northeast corner is four tiers and is used to give azaan to this minar. There are 9 entrances, each on the other three sides of the mosque except the west side. And the western wall has been adorned by 3 lovely mihrabs.

How to go to Laldighi Nine Dome Mosque?

Rangpur by bus from Dhaka:

AC and non-AC buses travel from Mohammadpur, Mohakhali, Gabtoli, and Kalyanpur to Rangpur from the capital Dhaka. Among them are Greenline, Alhamra, Mim Transport, SR Travels, etc. The bus fare from Dhaka to Rangpur costs Rs 500 to Rs 1000 (5.88$-11.75$).

Rangpur by train from Dhaka: Rangpur Express train from Kamlapur railway station in Dhaka leaves 9 am on 6 days of the week except for Monday. It costs Rs 200 to Rs 700 to go to Rangpur (2.35$-8.22$).

Where to stay in Laldighi Nine Dome Mosque?

You can spend the night in various residential hotels in Rangpur. Among the various residential hotels in Rangpur Hotel Northview, Tourism Motel, The Park Hotel, Hotel Golden Tower, Hotel Tilottama, Hotel Kashpia are notable.

Where to eat

You can fill up from various quality restaurants and hotels in Rangpur, but don’t miss the Haribhanga mango when you go to Rangpur during mango season.

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4.Prayas Sena Binodon Park/প্রয়াস সেনা বিনোদন পার্ক

In 2013, the Bangladesh Army built the Prayas Sena Amusement Park (Proyash Shena Binodon Park) on both sides of the Ghaghat River with about 1100 acres of land.

The park covers a large area of various types of medicines, forests, and fruit trees. There are three picnic spots built called Teesta, Kartowa, and Yamuna.

Inside the Prayas Sena Amusement Park, various portraits, artificial beaches, naval travel arrangements, children’s entertainment, pleasant torn islands, and flower gardens.

The army amusement park has strict security arrangements. 75% of the income of The Army Amusement Park is spent on the welfare of the disabled.

How to go to Prayas Sena Binodon Park?

Prayas Sena Binodon Park is located in Nishbetganj. You can take a rickshaw, CNG or autorickshaw to go to Prayas Sena Bindon Park from Rangpur city.

Dhaka to Rangpur by Bus:

AC and non-AC buses travel from Mohammadpur, Mohakhali, Gabtoli, and Kalyanpur to Rangpur. From Dhaka to Rangpur, the bus fare is Tk 500 to Tk 1000 (5.88$-11.75$) per person.

For bus service You can contact:

Transport Service (Bus)Contact Number
Greenline Transport88-02-9112287, 88-02-9133145, 0173006006
Alhamra Travels88-02-9005612, 01721802031
Meme Transport 01911-013694, 01734422971
SR TravelsKalyanpur – 01711394801, 88-02-9033793
Gabtoli – 88-02-9031226
Mohakhali – 01552-315831
Uttara – 01711-394804
Kurigram Transport 0192446943, 01914856826
For Bus Service You can Contact

Dhaka to Rangpur by Train:

The Rangpur Express train left Kamlapur at 9 am, six days a week, except on Monday. The train fare is about Tk 200 to Tk 700 (2.35$-8.22$) per person as per the standard.

Where to stay

You can spend the night at various residential hotels in Rangpur. Rangpur hotels are charged according to the demand of the season.

HotelContact Number
Hotel Northview0521-55405, 0521-55406
Tourism Motel0521-62111
The Park Hotel0521-65920
Hotel Golden Tower0521-65920
Hotel Tilottama0521-63482, 01718938424
Hotel Kashpia0521-6111, 01977-2277421
Accommodation in Rangpur (Hotel)

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5. Vinnojogot Park/ভিন্নজগত পার্ক – A Famous Place to Visit in Ranpur

Vinnojogot Park is one of the top places in Rangpur’s famous places. Vinnojogot Park (The Different World Entertainment Centre) was established in 2001, covering about 100 acres of land in the Khaleya Gunjipur area of Gangachara Upazila of the divisional city of Rangpur.

Thousands of foreign trees in different worlds are filled with the noise of different species of birds. Vinnojogot has Bangladesh’s first planetarium, robot skrill zone, water wave, shapla square, strange cave, fishing system, boat trip, walking path, the sculpture of brave soldiers, flying helicopter, lake drive, swimming pool, fishing system, spinning head.

Statues of animals, including kangaroos, horses, and elephants, have been installed to entertain children and separate picnics for different groups of 500 people—about 900 car parking facilities, 7 cottages, three-star quality Dream Palace Hotels. Vinnojogot has many facilities for navigation and safety, which makes it the biggest entertainment hub in the north.

Entry value in a Vinnojogot?

Have to pay Rs 30 (0.35$) per person to enter Vinnojogot. There are also various packages in place to enjoy every ride inside.

Vinnojogot from Rangpur:

There is a provision to move private cars, microbuses, or easy bikes directly from Rangpur to Vinnojogot. Private cars cost Rs 400 to Rs 500 (4.70$-5.88$) to Vinnojogot, while microbuses are Rs 800 to Rs 1000 (9.40$-11.75$). And battery-powered EasyBike takes Rs 100 to Rs 150 (1.18$-1.76$) to go to Vinnojogot.


Banani Office

  • House 131 (2nd floor), Road 04, Block A, Banani, Dhaka-1213,
  • Phone: 02-8833869 to 71
  • Cell: 01912134062, 01713038493

Uttara Office

  • House 03, Shaista Khan Avenue, Sector 04, Uttara, Dhaka-1230.
  • Phone: 8802-8953348, 8802-8953349
  • Cell: 01713038492, 01713038495
  • Rangpur Office
  • Diamond Particleboard Mills Ltd., Uttam, Hajirhat, Rangpur
  • Cell: 01856491276, 01856491280, 01856491275
  • Fax: 880-521-64179
  • E-mail: [email protected]

Where to stay in Vinnojogot?

If you want, you can spend the night at the Dream Palace in Vinnojogot. You need to count Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 (11.75$-58.75$) per night at the 3-star quality Dream Palace.

Also, you can stay at various hotels in Rangpur. Various hotels in Rangpur charge based on the season.

HotelContact Number
Hotel Northview0521-55405, 0521-55406
Tourism Motel0521-62111
The Park Hotel0521-65920
Hotel Golden Tower0521-65920
Hotel Tilottama0521-63482, 01718938424
Hotel Kashpia0521-61111, 01977-227742
Hotel to stay in near Vinnojogot, Rangpur

Where to eat in Vinnojogot?

There are all kinds of food available in Vinnogojot’s restaurants. There are also many hotels/restaurants out there that provide good quality local food. Everyone should try.

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6.Tajhat Zamindar Bari/তাজহাট জমিদার বাড়ি – A Tourist Place in Rangpur

To visit Tajhat zamindar Bari (Tajhat Palace), you have to go to Tajhat village of Mahiganj, about 6 km from Rangpur divisional city.

In the late 18th century, gem trader Mannalal came to Mahiganj for business reasons and later founded Tajhat zamindari. After zamindar Mannalal died, his adopted son Gopal Lal Roy started managing bahadur zamindari.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the present Tajhat zamindar’s house was completed with the relentless hard work of about 2000 masons. The zamindar house, which was completed in 1917, cost around Rs 1.5 crore at that time.

The Tajhat Zamindar houseOpens in a new tab. complex has rows of trees, huge grounds, and two ponds on either side of the palace. And there are different kinds of flowers and mahogany, Kamini, mango and jackfruit gardens.

The zamindar Bari looks like Ahsan Manzil in Dhaka. On the third and fourth floors of the four-story Tajhat zamindar house built by red bricks, white, and limestones, various items used by zamindar Gopal are kept.

There are also living rooms, bathrooms, and guest rooms. Built-in imitation of ancient Mughal architecture of about 210 feet in width, the Tajhat Zamindar house has 31 steps made of Italian marble. Behind the palace is the secret staircase, which is currently closed.

In 1995, the Bangladesh Archaeology Department registered the Tajhat Zamindar Bari as a protected structure, and in 2005 shifted the Rangpur Museum to the second floor of the Tajhat Zamindar House.

Several terracotta artworks from the 10th and 11th centuries have found a place in the museum’s exhibition room. The museum also contains ancient manuscripts written in Arabic and Sanskrit, including the Qur’an, Mahabharat, and Ramayana, of the time of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Apart from the portrait of Vishnu of Kal stone, the museum has about 300 precious artifacts.

Tajhat Zamindar Bari is an amazing tourist spot in Rangpur. Those who have an interest in artifacts and the ancient eras will be fascinated coming here.

Tajhat Zamindar House and Rangpur Museum Visit Schedule:

Rangpur Museum and Tajhat Zamindar House are open from 10 am to 6 pm during summer, i.e., April to September. And wintertime, i.e., October to March, is open for inspection from 9 am to 5 pm. Rangpur Museum closes from 1 pm until 1.30 pm for lunch.

Besides, inspections at the museum are stopped during all public holidays.

Ticket price for entry to Tajhat Zamindar House and Rangpur Museum:

All adult Bangladeshi nationals have to cut tickets for Rs 20 (0.23$) to enter the Rangpur museum. All secondary level students must collect a ticket for Rs 5 (0.059$) to enter Tajhat zamindar’s house, but kids under 5 do not need a ticket to get in.

Besides, the entry ticket price of visitors to the SAARC country is Rs 100 (1.18$), and the entry ticket of any other foreigner is Rs 200 (2.35$).

How to go to Tajhat Zamindar Bari?

Various transport buses regularly travel to Rangpur from Kalyanpur, Gabtoli, and Mohakhali bus terminals in the capital Dhaka. The bus costs Rs 600 to Rs 1000 (7.05$-11.75$) per person to get to Rangpur.

It costs only Rs 20 (0.23$) to go to Tajhat Zamindar’s house by rickshaw from Rangpur bus station. However, riding a bus from Dhaka to Kurigram directly goes down in front of Tajhat zamindar’s house.

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You can contact if necessary:

Transport Service (Bus)Contact Number
Kurigram Transport 01924469437, 01914856826
SR TravelsKalyanpur – 01711394801, 88-02-9033793
Gabtoli – 88-02-9031226
Mohakhali – 01552-315831
Uttara – 01711-394804
Greenline Transport88-02-9112287, 88-02-9133145, 0173006006
Alhamra Travels88-02-9005612, 01721802031
Meme Transport 01911-013694, 01734422971
Transport Service Bus and Contact Number of Counter

Where to stay in Rangpur?

Rangpur has a lot of hotels/motels, each of a different quality. You can easily stay in the hotel you like with just a little inquiry. Rangpur includes unique hotels.

  • Hotel Northview: 0521-55405, 0521-55406,
  • Tourism Motel: 0521-62111
  • The Park Hotel: 0521-65920
  • Hotel Golden Tower: 0521-65920
  • Hotel Tilottama: 0521-63482, 01718938424,
  • Hotel Kashpia: 0521-61111, 01977-227742

List of Parks in Ranpur:

Rangpur City Chikli ParkGhagot Proyash Shena Uddan
Children Park, Rangpur ZooCollectorate Surovi Uddan
Shirin ParkRanpur Medical Park
Tista Project ParkNirjhor Kunjo
Rangpur Park List

Rangpur region is famous for tobacco. The tobacco produced here meets the needs of the entire country. In Rangpur, a large quantity of rice-jute-potato and haribhanga mangoes are produced.

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