The 15 Best Family Ski Resorts In France - Region By Region

The 15 Best Family Ski Resorts In France – Region By Region

Want to spend a winter holiday with your family? Discover our selection of the best family ski resorts in France.

The white coat of the French mountains makes them the perfect place to spend your winter holidays with your family. Known as the largest ski area in the world, France is full of winter activities that will delight the young and old. 

But how do you pick your best ski holiday rental from this huge list? To help you with your choice, here is our selection of the best family ski resorts in France.

The 15 Best Family Ski Resorts In France – Region By Region

Best Family Ski Resorts In Alps, France

1.The Carpenters

Best Family Ski Resorts In Alps, France

The ski resort of Les Menuires is nestled in the heart of the 3 Valleys area, considered the largest ski area in the world. Known for many years as Famille Plus, it is the resort of the 3 Valleys where you can spend your best moments with your family. Don’t forget to do the best outdoor activities to do in Les Menuires.

Indeed, everything is designed to facilitate and make your family stay unforgettable. Activities, entertainment, ski lessons, guard structures… So many services and infrastructures that guarantee you a holiday that meets the expectations of the whole family.

If any of you don’t know skiing very well but want to experience this amazing activity can check out this article on “Best Ski Resorts in France for Beginners.”

Practical information: 
● Package from € 42.40 per day per adult; The excellent deal is a family package from 167 € for 6 days of skiing for the whole family. Best price!

2. Le Grand-Bornand

Located in Haute-Savoie and the heart of the Massif des Aravis, the village resort of Le Grand-Bornand will charm you with its traditional mountain village atmosphere. 

Authentic and friendly, the resort will delight the whole family. It offers both traditional and original activities for families.

Take advantage of the ice rink reserved for children aged 3 to 8 and their parents to get a taste of ice skating. Alternatively, enjoy sleigh rides or horse-drawn carriage rides to discover the snowy landscapes. 

There is even an ice car circuit for aspiring adventurers as young as 4 years old!

Practical information: 
● For a skier from 18 to 65 years old, the day pass is 39.30€ ; A week of six consecutive days costs €196.50.

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3. Les Orres

The ski resort of Les Orres, located in the Hautes-Alpes, welcomes you in its exceptional natural setting. From the highest point of its ski area, which rises to 2,720m above sea level, it admires the panoramas of the Ecrins National Park, the Parpaillon massif, or lake Serre-Ponçon.

Besides, the resort of Orres is classified in the category of family ski resorts. 

As Famille Plus since 2006, the resort offers a wide range of services for children, including daycares, snow gardens, Juni’Orres club, tobogganing tracks for all age groups, all-terrain stroller rental… Everything for a beautiful family holiday.

Practical information:
● Rates at the checkout: 38€ for adults and 32€ for children in season;
● Book online to take advantage of discounts of 5 to 20% and save time on site!

4. Val Thorens

Very famous in the Alps, the resort of Val Thorens is the highest in Europe. It is part of the 3 Valleys ski area, composed of no less than 600 kilometers of slopes: impossible, therefore, to get bored! 

Apart from this spectacular offer of slopes to have fun sliding of all kinds, the resort of Val Thorens is perfectly adapted for families and children.

Indeed, the resort offers a large number of sports and fun activities, in addition to its reception structures such as nurseries, daycares, or snow gardens. 

Try, for example, the “Stroller Hike” on the snowy trails. Alternatively, experience the longest toboggan run in France with 45 minutes of descent!

Practical information:
● Package from 56€ per day per adult;
● The excellent deal: free plan for children under 5 years old.

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Best Family Ski Resorts In Pyrenees, France

5. Porté-Puymorens

Best Family Ski Resorts In Pyrenees, France

A small mountain resort in the Pyrénées-Orientales, Porté-Puymorens is also a typical high mountain village, located 15 kilometers from Andorra and 20 km from Spain. 

With its 35 slopes that total 50 kilometers of skiing, skiers and snowboarders alike will be delighted, whatever their level.

Otherwise, a space specially dedicated to sledding will delight the little ones. And for those who like to take their time to admire the snowy landscapes, put on snowshoes! Enough to build beautiful memories with family and friends.

Practical information:
● Package from 33€ per day per adult;
● Enjoy the family pack at 117€ per day for 4 people.

6. Saint-Lary Soulan

Easily accessible from Toulouse or Bayonne, Saint-Lary is the ski resort where you can have fun with your family! 

Nestled in the heart of the Hautes-Pyrénées, it consists of three levels between 800 and 1,900 meters above sea level. Whether you are a beginner or eager for black slopes, you will find your happiness.

There is no shortage of activities for the little ones. Toboggan runs, Kidpark, snow garden, treasure hunts, construction of an igloo… enough to open the appetite. Wouldn’t that be a valid excuse to end the day with a good raclette?

Practical information:
● Package from 45€ per day per adult;
● Are you coming with your loved ones? Save with the unique family package at 39€ per person per day.

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7. The Mourtis

Easily accessible from Toulouse or Bordeaux, The Mourtis is a family ski resort not to be missed, located at the gates of the Val d’Aran. 

With an exceptional environment combining friendliness and authenticity, you can enjoy all the activities offered on the site while being surrounded by good-quality snow.

In addition to indulging in traditional board sports, you will have the opportunity to try other original and fun activities, which will delight young and old. 

Fatbike, airboard, snowshoe hikes, or even torchlights… Also, be aware that a daycare welcomes children from 18 months to 6 years.

Practical information:
● Package from 26.50€ per day per adult;
● Enjoy the family pack at 80.80€ per day for 2 adults and 2 children.

Best Family Ski Resorts In Massif Central

8. The Lioran

Best Family Ski Resorts In Massif Central

And since we are talking about family ski resorts throughout France, head to the Massif Central!

Nestled in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Volcanoes of Auvergne, the Lioran ski resort is one of the best equipped in the Massif Central.

Its extensive offer for beginners and the many activities that can be discovered make it a family resort. In Lioran you can do many outdoor activities; know more “best outdoor activities to do in Lioran in summer and winter

Sledding on rails, sled dogs, horseback riding, snowmobiling… a package of activities completes the 43 slopes offered by the resort, which also represents the largest ski area in Auvergne.

Practical information:
● Package from 33.50€ per day per adult;
● Night skiing from 17:30 to 20:30 at the rate of 5.50 €.

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9. Super-Besse / Mont-Dore

Located in the heart of Massif Central, the two resorts share the same grand Sancy ski area. 

Both labeled Famille Plus Montagne offers a range of activities for all tastes: various sliding and snow sports, well-being and fitness for young and old, zip line, cultural and fun discoveries …

What could be better than enjoying the great outdoors with your family, all surrounded by snowy landscapes between lakes and volcanoes? 

For an evening to end nicely, there will be a variety of animations and warm restaurants to choose from.

Practical information:
● Package from 34.50€ per day per adult;
● The Alpine ski pass is free for children up to 6 years old;
● Zipline in Super-Besse: 33€ solo descent and 62€ duo.

Best Family Ski Resorts In Vosges, France

10. The Bresse Hohneck

We have numerous activities throughout the season: Oual snack, Ouallight descent, toboggan evenings, ski and snow festival…

To continue in our selection of family resorts in France, head to the Grand-Est! Located in the heart of the Ballons des Vosges Regional Park, just 1 hour from Colmar, La Bresse Hohneck is the largest alpine ski area in the North-East of France.

Labeled Family Plus, the resort attracts many families who come to recharge their batteries in the snow. 

Along with its 34 slopes spread over 220 hectares, La Bresse Hohneck will let you enjoy an exceptional natural environment between lakes and forests.

Practical information:
● Package from 25.60€ per day per adult;

Good to know: 
● purchasing a 6-day package in La Bresse-Hohneck gives you access to the aurora and night and 2 tickets to Schlitte Mountain offered.

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11. The Markstein

Located at an altitude of 1,185 m, markstein is a family ski resort in the Massif des Vosges. 

The resort offers a variety of levels of slopes, which makes it suitable for everyone as a human-scale attraction. 

Also, it will delight lovers of unspoiled nature, far from the crowds of the large ski areas, to enjoy the snow with ease. You can also eat at the farm-inns!

Practical information:
● Package from 18€ per day per adult;
● Enjoy a 10% discount for the purchase of at least 4 packages of the same duration;
● Sled on rail: 1€ for the passenger ticket and 5€ for the driver ticket.

Best Family Ski Resorts In Jura, France

12. The Redheads

Best Family Ski Resorts In Jura, France

Located on the Swiss border in the Jura department, the family resort of Les Rousses is composed of four villages: Les Rousses, Lamoura, Prémanon and Bois d’Amont. 

It, therefore, offers alpine skiing spread over four massifs, including a Franco-Swiss. The estate totals 50 kilometers of family-level slopes.

Les Rousses was the first French ski resort to be labeled Flocon Vert: a quality label guaranteeing the sustainable commitment of mountain tourist destinations. 

It, therefore, derives its charm from the beauty of its landscapes and unspoiled nature.

Practical information:
● Package from 32.40€ per day per adult;
● Package 6 days at 163 € per adult.

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13. Metobief

Located in the Doubs, near the Swiss border and easily accessible from Besançon, the ski resort of Métabief is one of the most famous in the Jura massif. Its ski area consisting of 35 ski slopes and 5 fun areas will delight the whole family.

As a bonus: the magnificent panorama of the Alps!

Practical information:
● Package from 28.50€ per day per adult and 24.50€ for children;
● Adult week package at 142€ and child at 122€.

Best Family Ski Resorts In Vercors, France

14. Méaudre-Village

Best Family Ski Resorts In Vercors, France

Located in the Vercors, more precisely in the Val d’Autrans, Méaudre is a perfect example of a family ski resort. Indeed, its soothing relief allows beginners to quickly feel comfortable without limiting the pleasure of the most experienced.

But the real strength of this human-sized resort is the diversity of activities. The best family activities include skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and sled dogs.

Finally, the Méaudre-Village package includes access to the Autrans – La Sure estate if you ever want to vary the pleasures!

Practical information:
● Day pass from 20.50€ per adult and 17.50€ per child. For seniors, the price is 18.30€ per person;
● Weekly package from 101€ per adult and 87€ per child.


In a completely different style, Villard-de-Lans is also an excellent choice. In this case, everything is bigger, but the accommodation and slopes offered here are arguably more important.

The best example remains the number of domains since, in reality, the municipality is home to 4 stations. Therefore, you can have fun in all the areas (50 slopes and 18 ski lifts) or prefer only one.

Also, the different Nordic activities are offered. So you can vary the pleasures!

Practical information:
● Day pass from 38€ per adult, 27€ per young person/student. For seniors, the price is 33€ per person;
● Weekly package from 230€ per adult, 159€ per child, and 194€ per senior.

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