The 14 Best Ski Resorts In France For Beginners

The 14 Best Ski Resorts In France For Beginners

Do you want to go skiing with your children who have never practiced it? Or do you want to try it yourself? Don’t panic; here are the 14 best ski resorts in France for beginners!

Ah, the mountains, snow, and skiing! Who has not dreamed of finding the heights to enjoy the beautiful white coat in winter? For some, apprehension comes at the time of putting on skis. If you’re a beginner or almost new to skiing, an ideal resort for you and your children is a resort designed especially for you.

Yes, some people are fortunate and learn to ski from an early age; however, for others, many children, even going down a gentle slope, requires an apprenticeship.

Fortunately, some ski areas are more affordable than others. Travelvibe has selected the 14 best ski resorts in France for beginners.

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The 14 Best Ski Resorts In France For Beginners

1. La Plagne

Best Ski Resorts In France For Beginners

Thanks to its huge ski area, Paradiski, La Plagne is a resort suitable for beginners and experienced alike. 

It is considered a good ski resort for beginners since the entire area is to be crossed via blue or green slopes, or one hundred and forty-nine slopes, including ninety-four in La Plagne itself, out of the two hundred and sixty-four of the complex.

There are ski lifts that cover the entire area and are easily accessible. Be aware that the “Cool Ski” pass is reserved for beginners, at almost half the price of the classic pass, i.e., 30€ per day instead of 54€. Everything is therefore done to attract beginners.

2. The Arcs

Les Arcs is a ski resort for beginners since it has the same ski area as La Plagne, Paradiski! The number of blue and green slopes is therefore identical. The difference with La Plagne is that Les Arcs includes completely free “first glide” areas to learn skiing.

Once the initiation is done, it is possible to take the gondola to go down the “first turns” area composed of green slopes where you can stop many times to rest and enjoy the landscape and breathe the good air of the mountain! Also, the package is less expensive for beginners.

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3. Ancelle

Ancelle is a real ski resort for beginners! First of all, it is a small resort, composed of twenty slopes in total, an ideal place to learn to ski because you meet far fewer skiers than in a large resort. Then, on these twenty slopes, twelve are green or blue.

Since it is possible to descend from the top to the resort on a single blue track, there is no need to reserve space for beginners! 

Nevertheless, before diving into the big bath, one needs to undergo an initiation. Ancelle is also a more affordable resort than its neighbors, so do not hesitate to take the plunge!

4. Piau Engaly

There are twenty-three blue or green slopes at Piau Engaly, located in the Pyrenees. 

Above all, the resort has a beginner-only area with ski lifts only for this area, thus avoiding rubbing shoulders with more experienced skiers, at least at first. It is, therefore, a real ski resort for beginners.

The beginner rate, set at €30 per day all-inclusive, includes equipment rental, a learning course, and access to the area. Hard to resist such an offer if you are in the area!

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5. Meribel

Meribel has the largest ski area globally, that of the 3 Valleys. However, this does not prevent it from being an excellent ski resort for beginners. 

Of the sixty-four slopes of the resort alone, more than half are indeed blue or green. Some are said to be fun to learn while having fun! You can do numerous best things to do in Meribel in summer and winter.

The Mini pass, set at 29 €, provides access to a part of the ski area composed only of blue and green slopes. In addition, the ski lifts are free, a godsend!

6. Gourette

With its ski area of thirty-nine slopes, half green or blue, Gourette is ideal for learning to ski and a suitable ski resort for beginners. A site for beginners, “Happy Place,” has been set up at altitude, which is rare because these areas are usually at the bottom.

This area is accessible by gondola and offers fun tracks for the young and old. Once you feel comfortable, you can hit a green track to the bottom of the resort. Keep practicing!

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7. Les Gets

Les Gets has always been a ski resort for beginners. On the one hand, half of the thirty-five slopes are blue or green. 

On the other hand, more importantly, the resort offers a “P’Tite Glisse” package at €23, giving access to five green slopes, five blue slopes, and some ski lifts.

Moreover, the resort has a free area called “Mappys” where beginners can ski in peace, with a treadmill and small slopes.

8. Jura Mountains

There are ten green and thirteen blue slopes on forty-one of the lines, making the Jura Mountains a convenient ski resort for beginners. For example, the Menthières site offers access to a beginner track via a treadmill.

The Jura Mountains are, above all, a less frequented resort than its alpine neighbors. It is always better to avoid the crowds when learning to ski!

9. Risoul

With a large ski area composed of one hundred and twelve slopes, half green or blue, Risoul has a beginner area accessible by chairlift. This area culminates at 2,457 meters above sea level. At the top, the descent is via green slopes only.

On the other hand, we note the absence of an absolute beginner space, which prevents novices from finding their accounts.

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10. Chamrousse

Chamrousse has many black and red slopes, which can sometimes be considered a resort for experienced skiers, but that’s to ignore the twenty-two blue and green slopes on the forty-two slopes.

Additionally, the area of the mini-domain is reserved for beginners and is accessible at several altitudes with skis and treadmills. More than half the price of a classic day (15 € vs. 36.50 €) makes this an exciting deal.

11. Gavarnie

Gavarnie’s is one of the most popular ski resorts for beginners in France. It has fifteen green or blue slopes on twenty-nine of its slopes. It is a family resort and less crowded than others, ideal for learning to ski.

The resort has two beginner areas: a real one at the bottom of the area with three ski lifts; another one at the top of the estate following the green slopes to the bottom. 

The single rate for beginners is set at 16 €, against 23 (excluding school holidays) or 29 € for access to the entire domain.

12. Luz Ardiden

One of the most popular resorts in the Pyrenees, Luz-Ardiden has seven of the twenty-nine slopes in its domain that are blue or green. The resort acquired a beginner area with a treadmill to learn to ski safely to attract more families.

The introductory rate is set at 15 €, against 35 € for a day allowing access to the entire ski area, an exciting offer.

13. Avoriaz

Bordering Switzerland, the Avoriaz ski area includes twenty-nine green or blue slopes out of the forty-nine in total. So it’s a great ski resort for beginners. Don’t forget to try the best outdoor activities to do in Avoriaz while you are there.

There are also two beginner areas, with only blue and green slopes, easily accessible by ski lifts. On the other hand, there are no preferential rates.

14. Les Houches

Located in the heart of the Mont-Blanc massif, the resort of Les Houches includes twelve blue and green slopes on the thirty of the ski area. But what interests les Houches above all, which makes it a ski resort for beginners, is its Tourchet area.

Well placed in the heart of the resort, this area is an ideal space for young and old who are learning to ski. The daily rate is set at €18, including access to the ski lifts.

What ski resort do you like best among these ideal beginner ski resorts?

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