7 Best Movie Theaters In Bar Harbor, Maine And Around

7 Best Movie Theaters In Bar Harbor, Maine and around

Best Movie Theaters In Bar Harbor, Maine: Bar Harbor is a beauty-blessed downtown that only needs to choose for a summer or winter vacation trip. A trip without movie night is undoubtedly incomplete. 

When it’s a matter of movie theaters, Bar Harbor offers its highest for its visitors. Here, you’ll find a good number of movie theaters with special features. These movie theaters provide their best and offer many great facilities. 

When you’re on a trip to Bar Harbor, you’re looking for great movie theaters to enjoy the evening. Here we’re going to provide you all in detail with what you’re looking for. 

So, keep an eye out for this article. 

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Is There A Movie Theater In Bar Harbor, Maine?

In Bar Harbor, movie-loving tourists will find many movie theaters to enjoy a great movie night. 1932 Criterion Theatre and the Reel Pizza Cinerama is one of them. 

In the case of movie theaters, Bar Harbor is at its best to its visitors. In Bar Harbor, many movie theaters offer many facilities for tourists.

1932 Criterion Theatre is one of the oldest but best movie theaters in Bar Harbor. It has many good amenities for tourists. 

Reel Pizza Cinerama is another great movie theater that is also famous for its pizzas. These movie theaters provide that facility that you hardly can find anywhere else.

The Grand, the Alamo Theatre, Movie Rocket, The Colonial, and Queen City Cinema Club are those other movie theaters where you can watch your favorite movie with your family, friends, or with loved ones.  

Best Movie Theater In Bar Harbor, Maine

If you’re curious to know about the best movie theaters in Bar Harbor in detail, keep scrolling down.  

1. 1932 Criterion Theatre: Best Movie Theater Bar Harbor, Maine

Website: visit-websiteOpens in a new tab.

Address: 35 Cottage St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609, United States

Call : +1 207-288-0829

Opening Hours: Thursday-Saturday 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM , Sunday       2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Category: Movie Theater; Performance Art Theater; Live Music Venue

The 1932 Criterion Theatre is a well-preserved Art Deco-style theater catching the attention of movie-loving visitors in Bar Harbor, Maine. This glorious theater has served as a movie place ever since the year it was built in. It is one of the best movie theaters in Bar Harbor, Maine.

The Criterion Theatre was built in 1932 and opened on June 6, 1932, featuring vaudeville performances and movies. It was the time when Bar Harbor, at its height as a summer resort area, only served the very wealthy and prominent families. 

Here it used to have a speakeasy in its basement serving Canadian alcohol smuggled into the United States.

But over time, due to lack of maintenance and problems with mold, Criterion Theatre was closed in the early summer of 2011. This theater was reopened in May 2015 when a non-profit organization purchased it in 2014 for $1.2 million.

This gem-like theater runs movies, live theater, dance, comedy, and music performances and offers the best in entertainment all year round. 

Among the Criterion Theater amenities, it has a café, digital projection, listening devices, Stadium Seating, and Wheelchair Accessibility. In the midst of its best, it also contains a floating balcony, which is rare for most movie places.

There are two ticketing options available to enjoy the facilities of the Criterion movie theater. Either you can scan mobile tickets or can print the tickets and scan them in the theater. 

The price of the balcony tickets is 9$, for orchestra 8$ for adults and 6$ for students, seniors and for military personnel.  

2. Reel Pizza Cinerama: Bar Harbor Movie Theater

Website: visit-website 

Address: 33 Kennebec Pl, Bar Harbor, ME 04609, United States

Call : +1 207-288-3828

Opening Hours: Sunday-Saturday 4:30 PM – 11:00 PM

Category: Dinner Theater 

Reel Pizza Cinerama is a funky dinner theater located in the wonderful place of nature, Bar Harbor. This pizza place movie house offers pizzas to its visitors while enjoying movies on comfortable mismatched couches and counter seats. 

Reel Pizza Cinerama was opened around 1995. Chris Vincenty, co-owner of Reel Pizza Cinerama, and his wife and business partner Lisa Burton got the idea of this fantastic Cinerama. 

They renovated an unused auto parts warehouse and opened the dinner theater named Reel Pizza Cinerama to establish their idea. Since then, this place has become a community hub for the residents and visitors of Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island. 

Reel Pizza Cinerama is a single-screen movie house. Usually, they screen the best of Hollywood movies, art, American independent and foreign language films, and other documentaries. 

Reel Pizza Cinerama provides its best to its visitors with stereo-surround sound in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. It is one of the best movie theaters in Bar Harbor, Maine.

The main attraction of this beautiful place is its gourmet pizzas. It ensures the widest selection of toppings and different sauces and cheeses. Tourists can also have juice, soda, beer, wine, and nachos to enjoy their evening with movie entertainment. 

While visiting Bar Harbor, it’ll be a great choice to have a great film, dinner, and fun in Reel Pizza Cinerama at a reasonable price. 

You can get each ticket for $8 in cash, and you have to buy it on the show day. ATM service is also available there.

Other Top Rated Movie Theaters Near Bar Harbor, Maine

For your ease, here is some other top-rated movie theater nearby Bar Harbor in Maine for you to choose from while having a trip.

1. The Grand : Movie Theater Ellsworth, Maine

Website: visit-website 

Address: 165 Main St, Ellsworth, ME 04605, United States

Call : +1 207-667-9500

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 10:00 am-5:00 pm, Friday-Saturday 12:00 pm -7:00 pm

Category: Movie Theater, Music, Film, Opera 

The Grand is another Art Deco-style theater located in Ellsworth, Maine. It’s an arts center presenting the film, live theater, live broadcasts, music, and educational opportunities. 

The Grand was built-in 1938 by Krokyn & Brown. From 1938 to 1962, the Grand served as a movie theater. In 1975, a non-profit organization bought this theater and reopened it for a benefit performance in that year. 

Since then, the Grand has served as a performance hall for theater, concerts, and films among other events. 

The Grand offers high-quality accessible programs and its best to draw visitors to its region. This theater also held many cultural and artistic programs. 

Their motive is to enable patrons to experience the familiar and the new, the contemporary and the classic.

2. Alamo Theatre : Movie Theater Bucksport Maine

Website: visit-website 

Address: 85 Main St, Bucksport, ME 04416, United States

Call : +1 207-469-0924

Opening Hours : Friday-Sunday 6:00pm-10:00pm

Category: Movie Theater; Performance Art Theater; Meeting Room

Alamo Theatre is another best movie theater in Bucksport, Maine. This is a great place to enjoy films with friends, families, and beloved ones. 

Northeast Historic Film or NHF owned the Alamo Theatre. Northeast Historic Film, a 501-C3 non-profit regional picture archive, bought the Alamo Theatre in downtown Bucksport, Maine in 1992 with the help of members and friends. 

The archive opened the doors of the Alamo Theatre for the public and screened a 16mm film series as soon as NHF owned the theater. 

In recent times, the cinema serves current films every weekend to its visitors. This great movie theater also hosts many special events. 

Alamo Theatre is providing with such great features that you won’t find anywhere else. For its visitors, it offers digital projection for screening films. 

This amazing Alamo Theatre uses Dolby 7.1 surround sound and a Bose Wave Cannon to have a great picture and sound. It also provides a Hearing Loop for people with t-coil hearing aids.

Alamo Theatre is serving its highest even with food. It offers popcorn, choices of drinks along with coffee, tea, an assortment of beer, wine, and pre-mixed cocktails. 

The ticket price is also reasonable. For general admission, it charges only 10$, 8$ for children and adults, and for the members of Northeast Historical Film, it charges 6$ for tickets.

3. Movie Rocket : Bongor Movie Theater

Website:  visit-website 

Address:  268 Odlin Rd, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

Call :  +1 207-941-9419

Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 10:45 am – 8:00 pm

                           Friday-Saturday    10:45-10:00pm

Category: Movie Theater; Arcade; Food and Beverage

Movie Rocket Entertainment Galaxy is one of the best movie theaters in Bangor. Movie Rocket is the heart of the Bangor family entertainment center. 

Movie Rocket was built-in 1997 and opened as a 3-screen cinema. By 1999, the Movie Rocket was expanded to 8 screens. This entertainment galaxy was renamed Movie Magic 8 Cinemas in 2006 and renamed Hollywood Cinemas later. 

In 2019 this movie theater was again renamed Westside Cinemas while in June 2021 it gained the name Movie Rocket.

Movie Rocket is a 7-screen First Run movie theater attracting the attention of visitors. Starcade, the largest arcade in Bangor, is also there in the Movie Rocket.

Among the amenities of this great entertainment galaxy, it has a digital projection, dine-in, game room, and party room. Movie Rocket also offers free Wi-Fi for its visitors. 

Movie Rocket is an entertainment complex with something fun for all ages aside from being a local cinema in Bangor. Visitors can get the facilities of party packages or can play arcade games with family and friends.

Visitors can watch movies here at a reasonable price. The prices of the tickets are around 6$-8$

4. Colonial Theatre : Belfast Movie Theater

Website: visit-websiteOpens in a new tab. 

Address: 163 High St, Belfast, ME 04915, United States

Call : +1 207-338-1930

Opening hours: Sunday-Saturday; afternoon and evening shows 

Category: Movie Theater; Comedy Club; Live Music Venue 

Colonial Theatre is a 3-screen movie theater that shows the best of Hollywood independent and foreign movies all year round. This glamorous movie theater is an Art Deco-style theater with a life-size elephant “Hawthrone” blaring from the roof.

The Colonial Theatre has been offering movies and entertainment since 1912, the very day when the Titanic set sail. For most of the period of Colonial Theatre, the Kurson family owned it which operated theaters all over England. 

Local residents bought this theater in 1995. At times, major construction features a Colonial Theatre with a new balcony surround sound and brocade curtain. 

The movie theater is offering assistive listening devices to its visitors. The movie theater also featured elevators, street parking, parking lots, and personal care attendants. The Colonial Theatre has restroom and wheelchair facilities also. Patrons with their service animals are also welcomed in the Colonial Theatre. 

The visitors of Colonial Theatre can purchase tickets at a good price. For adults/teens, the tickets are priced at 9$, for seniors 8$ and child it’s 6$. All seats are available at 6$ for the matinees.

5. Queen City Cinema Club : Movie Theater Bongor

Website: visit-websiteOpens in a new tab. 

Address: 128B Main St, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

Call : +1 207-942-2100

Opening Hours: Wednesday-Thursday 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm

  Friday 4:00pm-12:00am

  Saturday 12:00pm-12:00am

  Sunday 12:00pm-8:00pm 

Category: Movie Theater: Restaurant; Beer Bar; Arcade 

Queen City Cinema Club is a creative and unique style movie theater located in Bangor, Maine. This movie theater features many entertainment amenities for its visitors, like it’s a retro-style bar, offering an extensive film collection, a private theater, and most especially, an arcade.  

Queen City Cinema Club shares cultural experience in the dedication of appreciated films. This cinema features a curated cinematic collection of over 1700 films that can cover classics to the cult. 

Visitors can also bring their chosen movie or rent one of these movies and bring it to the private theater. Queen City Club has two private movie theaters to watch the movie with family and friends.

Queen City Cinema Club also has diverse games. There are game rooms for cards, board games, and classic video games. 

There is also an old-school arcade, you can visit Event Horizon, rent game consoles, and can get a private booth.

In Queen City Cinema Club, visitors can treat themselves to quality food and drinks at their highest. There are bears, craft beers in cans and bottles, fine wines, and a killer cocktail list that visitors can expect more from walking in the Queen City Cinema Club!   

Wrapping Up: Movie Theater Bar Harbor, Maine

That’s it! Today we have provided the best movie theaters in detail. After reading this article, there shouldn’t be any thought left to choosing the best theater to enjoy your evening in a heavenly-like place, Bar Harbor. 

Grab a drink, have buttery soft popcorn, and treasure the best movie night in the finest movie theaters in Bar Harbor. Was the “Best Movie Theaters in Bar Harbor” guide helpful to you?

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