Bar Harbor Ghost Tour [Reviews, Guide, Cost & Tips]

Bar Harbor Ghost Tour [Reviews, Guide, Cost & Tips]

In this article, we have discussed in detail about Bar Harbor ghost tour, given some reviews of ghost tour packages in Bar Harbor, a guide for a better experience, cost, and useful tips to make your haunted tour enjoyable.

Are you a history buff and love stuff like that? Looking for a unique and fun way to explore the most iconic resort town Bar Harbor? If so, Spooky Things lovers, prepare yourself to get all that spine-chilling thrills with us! No matter whether you are a first-time visitor, a seasoned traveler, or a Bar Harbor local, here is something amazing for you to enjoy the ultimate Bar Harbor ghost tour, combining all the supernatural tales of the city.

A ghost tour is an efficacious way to learn about a city’s history drawn from thousands of years ago while walking through streets with a knowledgeable guide. In case you are a travel freak, certainly it is one of the best things to do in Bar Harbor that assists you in discovering the city’s scary side.

So, let’s no more delay! Jump to this spookiest guide to explore all the folklore, mystery, and many more blood-curdling Bar Harbor’s hidden places for the ghost walking tour.

Bar Harbor Ghost Tour | All You Need To Know

Are you ready to get some knowledge dose sweetened by Bar Harbor’s creepiest stories direct from the storytellers’ sound? Here is the complete checklist of Bar Harbor’s top destinations for ghost tours; looking forward to you!

1. Bar Harbor Ghost Walks || The Most Hunted Ghost, Vampire & Mystery Tour 

Agamont Park Bar Harbor ME - Ghost tour
Agamont Park Bar Harbor ME – Ghost tour
LocationAgamont Park Bar Harbor ME 04609
Tour Length90 minutes 
PriceStarting from $25 per person
Recommended ages for entrySuitable for all ages 
Start LocationAgamont Park Gazebo (near the Shore path by the Cannons) 
Timing7 Days A Week: 12:30 pm, 2:30 pm, 7 pm.
Contact Info(833) 446-7813


Let’s start with the darker side of this Bar Harbor Ghost tour, the most haunted building, Ledgelawn Inn, is located on Mount Desert Island. It was built in 1904 on the foundation of older structures. Each structure of the cottage contains a unique and mysterious past. But in recent years, it was not like that. 

The landmark was a private residence, a delightful gathering for the city’s wealthiest. They basically came for Lavish summer parties and to do extravagant celebrations in the presence of a diving pool. Anyway, now let’s explore the darkest part of the spot.

What’s The Story? 

All the enjoyment of the Inn gets to an abrupt end with the entrance of the beautiful woman named Mary Margaret. Not actually a woman, you know, a famous ghost of here of this Inn, even overall Bar Harbor. She was a jilted bride who then hung herself from the 3rd-floor rafters with her wedding veil. 

Thus she was seen despondent and dressed in her white wedding gown. The rumor is that she was seen in white apparitions floating through the air. Many people heard unexplained sounds of slamming doors as well. A story is also that a man witnessed that ghost woman in his eyes and even slept a night with her!

But that’s obviously not the end! In this Bar Harbor Ghost tour, you can explore many more weird tales while touring. Don’t worry! We’re not going to destroy all your interest by exposing all the mystery to you! 

Not only that! You will come to know much more information, especially about George Bucknam Dorr. He was the father of Acadia National Park, who spent his life overseeing the park’s formation and expansion. Jump for a tour here and discover all with your own eyes! 

The Itineraries

Here is the complete itinerary that you can be ensured while on the Bar Harbor Ghost tour:

#1. Agamont Park 

Start your journey with Agamont Park, the area home of Bar Harbor. You will know about so many eerie monster tales from the indigenous people. These ancient monsters were conflicts from the Wabanaki Confederacy. 

#2. Bar Harbor Inn

 Bar Harbor Inn was listed as one of the iconic Maine vacation destinations, welcoming the wealthiest around the world. The place has rumors of having many heart-taken spooky ghosts that are highly known to hunt this sport. 

#3. Shore Path

Explore the most iconic view of the Egg Rick Lighthouse and Balance Rock while walking on Shore Path, the scenic walkway of Bar Harbor. The shore path has many more tales regarding seafaring yarns and reports of local sea serpents as well. 

#4. Balance Rock Inn

Balance Rock Inn also includes many weird tales and mysteries. That’s the fact it is one of the haunted history tours in Bar Harbor, having many hauntings and one legendary curse.

#5. The Village Burying Ground

The ground was established before the 1790s, holding many unmarked and unknown graves of the courageous men and women pioneers of Downeast Maine. Though it is not hunted at that level, has many more extraordinary stories. 

#6. 1932 Criterion Theatre

It was the most iconic theatre of Bar Harbor in 1932, during the prohibition era. It was featured in vaudeville performances and movies. Now it is mostly known as one of the most haunted spaces in Bar Harbor. Guest found here many orbs and full-body apparitions in the theatre inside. 


  • Local guide
  • The tour is offered in English
  • You will find a guide dressed in 1870s bustle gowns with top hats.
  • She will teach you how to find ghosts on the way.

Key Information

What To Bring Comfortable shoes [As a moderate amount of walking involves]
Allowed/Not Allowed #Pets are allowed. Yet they suggest not bringing furry friends unless it’s necessary. 

#Gratuities are not mandatory but appreciated. 

#Alcohol and drugs are not allowed.
Know Before You Go #The tour will be in the rain or sun. Thus you need to dress up yourself like that. 

#This tour is a limited-capacity tour and runs on sale. But they will consider and try to reschedule if there is any emergency of yours.  

#There is good availability of parking slots here. You will facilitate with Metered street parking as well as pay-to-park lots. 

#Don’t miss walking the sea-sprayed Shore Path as here you may encounter ghosts.

2. Camden Ghost Walk || Deathly Dark Ghost Tour Of Nearby Bar Harbor 

Bar Harbor Ghost Tour [Reviews, Guide, Cost & Tips] | Camden Ghost Walk | Travelvibe
LocationCamden, Bar Harbor
Tour Length90 minutes 
Price Starting from $25 per person 
Recommended ages only Suitable for all ages 
Start location Conway Boulder landmark on Union Street & ELM Street 
Timing Everyday in a week: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


With thousands of weird stories and tales of ghosts, this inexpensive and family-friendly Camben Ghost tour is here to introduce you to many hauntings that you have never imagined. If you are in Bar Harbor, you need to have a drive time of 2 hrs 8 mins in normal traffic to explore this Camden ghost tour.

This classic ghost tour includes the darkest and spookiest walkways to  Roy Hines’ barn in Camden. When you’ll just stepping inside, you will find yourself in a laboratory of a mad scientist. It was established in 1948 and was a parapsychology lab. Here well-known scientists of the town used to research and investigate telepathy and extrasensory perception (ESP).

Anyway, by touring here, you will know a wondering story of a woman, psychic Eileen Garrett who was in a box inside of a Faraday Cage.  Besides that, you can expect to hear more surprising stories about local paranormal happenings.

The Itineraries

The itinerary of the Camden Ghost Walk includes:

#1. Village Green

Start your ghost tour journey with the Village Green.  Here the guide will share with you some good beer and cheer on the bridge to Rockport.

#2. Camden Harbor

After passing the Village Green, you will start walking down to the Camden Harbor. The Harbor is famous for outstanding ships, yachts, and Windjammers docked that are right nearby on the waterfront. Here you will know about spooky tales from the contemporary sailor about the hunted ships.

#3. Cuzzy’s Restaurant

Do you think this is a restaurant to serve you food? No! That’s not like that. It is one of the spookiest eateries on this tour, where you can smell some stage aromas like cigar smoke or the fragrance of flowers. 

While walking down to this eatery, you can even encounter full-body apparitions as well. Isn’t it eerier? 

#4. 16 Bay View Hotel

Stop at the 16 Bay Hotel, where you may get a touch with a vanishing little boy. Concentrate more and who knows, you will see the shadow of that little dearly departed in your own eyes.

#5. Sea Dog Brewing Company

Ancient, dark, full of spirit, spook sound!!!!! All that are perfect words go for this place.

#6. Lord Camden Inn

Meet a roaming, most popular and friendly ghost here named Harold. Don’t miss to visit #302 if you are hunting to encounter something explained occurrences. 

#7. Camden Opera House 

The exact place to see the mischievous ghost of an actress. Reports have she would come at any time while visiting.


  • An expert and English Local guide
  • He will teach you how to use walkways to search for ghosts.
  • Instant booking confirmation 
  • Gratitude is appreciated but not compulsory 
  • Confirmation voucher
  • And obviously a smile!! 

Key Information

What To Bring #No need to bring food and drinks

#Alcohol and drugs are not allowed
Allowed/Not Allowed #You’ll get ample parking facilities near the intersection of Union and ELM. Included people at a limited number. The tour times are scheduled. Yet, if you have an emergency, they may consider it. 
Know Before You Go #You’ll get ample parking facilities near the intersection of Union and ELM. 

#Included people at a limited number.

#The tour times are scheduled. Yet, if you have an emergency, they may consider it. 

3. Boothbay Harbor Ghost Walk || The Darkest & Most Horror Walk In Maine 

Bar Harbor Ghost Tour [Reviews, Guide, Cost & Tips] | Boothbay Harbor Ghost Walk | Travelvibe
Location192 Townsend Avenue –  P.O. Box 356
Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538
Tour Length90 minutes
Price Start from $25 per person 
Recommended ages only From age to old 
Start location 15 Oak St. 
Timing Monday- Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Contact Info (207) 633-2353


Get ready to explore the most haunted stories and millions more mysteries in Boothbay Maine, just 3 hrs 12 mins driving [in normal traffic] away from Bar Harbor. It will be your next ultimate ghost tour experience amidst the hunted and historical buildings and locations throughout Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

Let me tell you the spookiest part of this ghost tour. It is about an unimaginable love story between a beautiful girl named Anya Reid with a ghost with only a visible head. As from rumors, he would be the ill-fated sea captain Samuel Miller.

Once Anya found herself lying on the bed in Thistle Inn, the house of that historic captain. She encountered that ghost there, standing above her, whose head was only visible, wearing round, wire-rim glasses!!

That’s not the end! Here you will learn about many more such horror stories in this tour! For instance, check out the list of itineraries that you will be ensured while on this tour:

The Itineraries

#1. Hotel Fullerton

Start the journey with the major attraction of the Boothbay tour, Hotel Fullerton. There is a blood-curdling story regarding this Inn. Once, a mysterious woman who was dressed in black checked into the hotel and disappeared. Learn many more unsolved tales about her while walking.  

#2. Opera House

While on tour, you will guide to the Opera House, Boothbay. It is regarded as the most haunted place in Bar Harbor.  It was home to the fraternal organization that was built in the 19th century. 

Over time, the place has become the perfect host of the famous thousands of dead. While touting, many guests encountered much eerier appearances, even full-body apparitions as well.

#3. Kaler’s Restaurant

Don’t miss to stop at the most famous eatery of the Boothbay, Kaler’s restaurant. Indigenous people report that they used to hear many strange sounds from the shop after it closed.

#4. The Admiral’s Quarters

Head to the Admiral’s Quarters to explore far more strange occurrences here regarding its previous owner George Duffy, who died there.

#5. Captain Sawyer’s B&B

The exact place from which you can see the ghostly glimpse and hear frightening sounds. Guest reports the appearances of the long-dead Minnie Saeyer with other spirits with him.


  • Expert and English-speaking tour guide
  • Free cancellation
  • Ghost stories
  • The complete guide to See the Ghost
  • Easy access to all historic buildings is included in this tour.
  • Quick response to any calls and emails 
  • Included a small group of people

Key Information

What To Bring #Not recommended food and drinks unless specified. 

#Avoid bringing your pets with you unless it is far necessary.

#Don’t bring children in a stroller. Not wheelchair accessible. 
Allowed/Not Allowed #Not recommended food and drinks unless specified. 

#Avoid bringing your pets with you unless it is far necessary.

#Don’t bring children in a stroller. Not wheelchair accessible. 
Know Before You Go #Kid-friendly places; thus, kids are warmly welcomed. 

#Facility to reschedule your tour of anyhow the previous one needs to cancel.

#You will get a good parking option near the Opera House.

#Confirmation will be received at the time of booking.

4. Kennebec Creeps & Crawls Tours || Great Family-Friendly Ghost Tour Near Bar Harbor 

Bar Harbor Ghost Tour [Reviews, Guide, Cost & Tips] | Kennebec Creeps Crawls Tours | Travelvibe
Location0 Water St, Hallowell, ME 04347, United States
Tour Length1 hr 30 minutes
Price Starting from $25 per person
Recommended ages only Suitable for all ages 
Start location White columns at 8 Maine Street 
Timing Every day in the week at 7 P.M. 
Contact Info (207) 287-2301


Are you on a trip to Bar Harbor and want to experience some more spine-chilling ghost tours with your family? Just start your car and head 121 miles or 195 km away from this resort town which takes about 2 hours, and 14 minutes [approx.] to drive.

Kennebec Creeps & Crawls Tours is the most excellent ghost tout in nearby Maine that is a completely family-friendly and kid-enjoyable spot. You will visit the top class scariest parts of Augusta in just one tour.

Meanwhile, the white lady in a white dress, finding in telling tales so nice with her historic knowledge. It’ll be enough to add newer to your ultimate hunted Bar Harbor ghost tour experience. 

She will guide you through the deathly lantern-lit streets of two cities along the mighty Kennebec River. 

You will be amazed by the spookiest story of this story, regarding a man who was driving in his horse on his way home from a long day’s work. Suddenly his horse spooked and he could see a pale apparition just 10 feet beyond which is floating above them. Thinking about what happened next? 

Let’s not explain here, book your tour now and hear for yourself what all the buzz is about!

The Itineraries

#1. White Columns

The tour will start at the White Columns, the most popular striking Greek Revival house, built in 1853. The house was kept reserved and sealed for up to 70 years. Thus you have a chance to discover all the ancient and archaic things as well as ghostly appearances with your own eyes.

#2. Louis T. Graves Library

Stop and take a look at the most historic building in Augusta during this ghost tour. Besides being explored all the eeriest things you will be amazed to see the Federal style commercial architecture to the overall interior and exterior wall. 

#3. Captain Lord Mansion

Walk down to Captain Lord’s Mansion, in which the captain used to live with his wife Phoebe Lord for about 49 years. The mansion is now a ghost hour where the apparitions of the Phoebe Lord seem at times.

#4. The Captain Fairfield Inn

Stop at the Captain Fairfield Inn and try to discover the spirit of the captain here. Rumors are he has been in this place since 1991 when the building was undergoing heavy renovation. 

#5. Nonantum Resort 

While on the tour walking, don’t miss to take a break at the oldest existing hotel in Kennebunkport. The place is renowned for having up to 27 ghost who always seems to roam here and there. Can you imagine that?


  • Professional tour guide
  • The guide speaks in English-language
  • Educator to guide to how to explore all the scary parts
  • Small groups of people are considerable 
  • Chances to learn a lot about the historic buildings and ethereal inhabitants.
  • Easy walking space.

Key Information

What To Bring #Must bring your camera to capture the spooky moments.

#Comfortable shoes are always recommended.

#Wear Weather-appropriate clothing
Allowed/Not Allowed #Smoking is not allowed.

#Alcohol and drugs are strictly banned.

#You can’t bring weapons or sharp objects, or oversized luggage with you. 

#Avoid bringing a pet unless it is quite necessary.

#No wheelchair accessible; ask the guide for an emergency.  
Know Before You Go #You can discover the hidden gems and secrets of the mysterious coastal Maine on this tour. 

#You will learn about the most famous lady ghost Rustling Lady.

#Ask the educator or guide for video recording. 

#The good facility is parking amidst Dock Square behind Alisson’s Restaurant.

#This tour takes place rain or shine.

#You are completely free to cancel a booking anytime. 


Does Ghost Walk in Bar Harbor worth it?

Yes! Definitely! It is worth visiting the Bar Harbor for a ghost tour. It would be a knowledgeable way to discover all the mysteries of the city. And if you want to see ghosts, spirits, or apparitions in your own eyes, there are many more for you!

What is the best time to visit Bar Harbor for a ghost tour?

There is no specific schedule to consider as the best time to have a ghost walk in Bar Harbor. The city is chilled all year round and you may pick any of the time according to your preference.

Are ghost walks in Bar Harbor suitable for children?

Yes, almost all the ones! Ours listed each of the ghost tour destinations in Bar Harbor is enough kid-friendly and you can take your toddlers with you. But in case your baby is in a stroller, many of the guides recommend not to bring them as it creates difficulties in larger group tours.

In Closing: Bar Harbor Ghost Tour

Well! That’s all from us here for you. Expect that, throughout the guide, we’ve successfully taken light to some of the most popular Bar Harbor ghost tours.  4

So, if you’re a fan of all spooky and mysterious things and looking for something to add the ghostly thrills to your itinerary, our comprehensive tour guide should be enough for you in providing all the information that you need. 

So, what are you waiting for? Choose a destination from our above spine-tingling selection of ghost walks in Bar Harbor, and make your vacation unforgettable with all included knowledgeable guides and chilling stories!!

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