47 Best Things To Do In Bar Harbor [Detailed Guide 2023]

47 Best Things To Do In Bar Harbor [Detailed Guide 2023]

Bar Harbor shows its unique look every month. From the shining sunny weather to winter’s blanket of snow, each moment is heart-taking here. What’s more? The weather offers enormous chances of the best things to do in Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is a yearning & a very special place. Whether it’s for enjoying the morning calm or experiencing the natural surroundings up close in an intimate way, no doubt Bar Harbor is far more than stunning.

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Best Things To Do In Bar Harbor Monty by Month

Every month is unique & gives an unconditionally different experience. You can enjoy many exciting activities depending on which month you go. Let’s talk through the best things to do in Bar Harbor each month in this extensive guide so that you can make an informed & smooth tour of Bar Harbor. Oh, yeah!! Don’t forget to take a Bar Harbor Ghost Tour for a spine-chilling experience.

Best Things To Do In Bar Harbor In January: Winter Wonderland Views 

Visiting Bar Harbor in January is a uniquely awesome experience. Far from the hurly-burly of the summer season, Bar Harbor takes a new look in the winter. With snowfalls of the winter, Bar Harbor is a peaceful escape in January. 

Best Attraction & Activities to do in Bar Harbor in January:

  • Skiing and Snowshoeing on Carriage Trails 
  • Walking on the Park Loop Road 
  • Winter Camping at Blackwood Campgrounds
  • Attend  Beer Fest Event 

1) Exciting Skiing and Snowshoeing in Carriage Trails:

January is a great time to hit the Carriage Trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Acadia Park covers 45 miles of Carriage Trails, perfect for exciting skiing. Among the best things to do in Bar Harbor in January, you can also enjoy snowshoeing to the Sand beach, Thunder Hole, and Otter cliffs, free of charge.

The non-profit partner, “Friends of Acadia”, manages a volunteer-led trail grooming group. It posts current trail conditions of the Bar Harbor. 

When there is no grooming group in the new Schoodic Trails, FOA invites visitors to post the #SkiAcadiaSchoodic hashtag on Facebook or view conditions in the area.

2) Walking On the Park Loop Road:

Although most of the Park Loop Road on Mount Desert Island is closed for the winter, Ocean Drive & Jordan Pond via Jordan Pond Road remains open. Walking in these sections can be one of the best things to do in Bar Harbor in January to enjoy the winter beauty. 

A Scenic one-mile section along the ocean that goes by Sand Beach and Thunder Hole, accessed via Schooner Head Road, remains unclosed in the winter. 

Some local roads cut through the park, like Otter Cliff Road and Schooner Head Road, are also open. Take a walk on Park Loop Road & enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the winter. 

Winter Camping at Blackwood Campgrounds

3) Winter Camping at Blackwood Campgrounds:

Try winter camping in Bar Harbor for pure solitude and tranquility when you’re looking to be at one with nature. 

In winter, a limited number of campsites at Blackwood Campground are available for primitive camping. Blackwood CampgroundOpens in a new tab. is the only designed camping facility in Acadia Park for winter camping. 

Attend Beer Fest 

In January, you can attend Bar Harbor Winter Beer FestOpens in a new tab. to Celebrate Downeast Maine’s craft beer scene. It is usually held at Atlantic Brewing Midtown. 

Best Things To Do In Bar Harbor In February: Snowmobiling & Ice-Skating 

Once the leaves drop, Bar Harbor becomes quiet. Due to the winter season, many of the hotels, restaurants, and shops in the surrounding area are closed. Even most of Park Loop Road closes & reopens when the weather permits. So, what! That doesn’t mean the fun stops. There would be certain best things to do in Bar Harbor in February that you would like to enjoy. 

Best Attraction & Activities to do in Bar Harbor in February:

  • Snowmobiling at Park Loop Road
  • Ice-Skating on the Jordan Lakes 
  •  Ice Climbing with Acadia Mountain Guides

4) Recreative Snowmobiling at Park Loop Road:

Snowmobiling at Park Loop Road is a good option for those who prefer to travel a bit faster. In the winter season, snowmobile travel is allowed on the 43 km Park Loop Road system, including the road up Cadillac Mountain & most fire roads. 

You can also use the Maps of the east side and west side. It shows the snowmobile routes and parking on Park Loop Road. 

Usually, snowmobilers utilize the Hulls Cove Visitor Center to access the routes. On Mount Desert Island, snowmobile rental isn’t available.  

5) Joy-able Ice-skating on the Jordan Lakes

In February, the days are longer, and the back of winter is breaking. Ice skating is fascinating and among the best things to do in Bar Harbor in February during winter. 

Once the lakes freeze when there isn’t snowfall, ice skating is a great time. You can also get skates for rent in the town to double down on your skating experience. 

6) Daring Ice climbing with Acadia Mountain Guides

If you are daring enough to climb the cliffs in icy winter, Bar Harbor is inviting you in the winter. It’s a more epic way to see Acadia and scale the cliffs. 

You can enjoy a guided ice-climbing tour with Acadia Mountain Guides. Their experienced mountaineers will show you the ropes and introduce you to a day of adventure.

Best Things To Do In Bar Harbor In March: Winter Hikes

Bar Harbor is a wonderful place to tour in March. The ocean moderates the winter here as it moderates the summer or fall. Plus it gives spectacular views for its visitors coming towards it. 

Best Attraction & Activities to do in Bar Harbor in March

  • Ice Fishing on Jordan Pond 
  • Winter Hikes in the Carriage Roads 
  • Watching Winter Birds along the Ocean Path

7) Ice Fishing on Jordan Pond

Bar Harbor is a worth-enough place to visit any month of the year. Although visitors like to explore the Bar Harbor in summer or spring, there is another side of the Bar Harbor in the winter that only the locals can see. 

When the Ponds are snow-covered, test your luck by trying to catch a few fish through the snow on Jordan Pond. Who knows, you can get some!

8) Winter Hikes in The Carriage Roads:

Hiking is always a source of great fun in Bar Harbor. Moreover, when that hiking is in winter, that takes the concept to another level. 

You can add some exciting, short hikes to your bucket list of the best things to do in Bar Harbor in March during your visit. Some hikes will be accessible, including the Carriage Roads around Witch Hole Pond & Eagle Lake. 

9) Watching Winter Birds Along the Ocean Path:

Winter bird watching along the Ocean Path is another popular activity for visitors to Bar Harbor. Photography with soothing music while watching the birds is very pleasant that only you can feel during this time. 

Best Things To Do In Bar Harbor In April: Low Crowd, Stunning Weather of Early Spring 

Surrounded by lush, forested landscapes, Bar Harbor starts becoming alive again in April. In early spring, leaves on trees start becoming full and vibrant green. One will see wildflowers peppered throughout the region. However, due to its location, April is still pretty chilly. 

Best Attraction & Activities to do in Bar Harbor in April:

  • Explore the Park Loop Road
  • Picnic at Fabbri, Sewall & Frazer Point
  • Visit Quieter Areas of Acadia National Park
  • Exciting Events 

10) Explore the Scenic Park Loop Road:

Many visitors might think that April isn’t pleasant enough, with melting snow and muddy ground. Yet we’ll recommend this month. Wondering why? First, in mid-April, the scenic Park Loop Road totally opens. That means an opportunity for many of the best things to do in Bar Harbor in April!

More than that, no heavy crowds will hinder the touring mood. You can enjoy places here almost in solitude. 

This 27-mile drive takes you to the park’s best viewpoints. Crashing waves of the Thunder Hole, strolling around the Jordan Pond, and Acadia’s gorgeous scenery are all you grasp in April! 

park loop road in bar harbor in april

11) Picnic at Fabbri, Sewall & Frazer Point:

When the weather is fine, and the place is Bar Harbor, a picnic will be a good choice. You can have a sweet picnic at the Fabbri, Sewall & Frazer Point. These picnic spots are open in April, whereas the others open between mid-May to late-May. 

Frazer point is on the Schoodic Peninsula, a fine picnic spot. From there, you can have a good view of Winter Harbor, Maine. 

Fabbri, it’s on Park Loop Road at the edge of Otter Cove. It’s a quiet picnic spot in the woods, perfect for families and small groups.

12) Visit Quieter Areas of Acadia National Park:

Far from the busy areas, you can head to the less traveled places and trails. On the “Quiet Side” of Mount Desert Island, you can try the Acadia Mountain Loop or the Beech Cliff Trail. 

You can choose the Schoodic Peninsula or the quietest side of Isle au HautOpens in a new tab.. You can access it there only by mailboat.

13) Exciting Events:

Some special events are held in April, like National Park WeekOpens in a new tab. or National Junior Ranger DayOpens in a new tab.. While you’re looking for the best things to do in Bar Harbor in April, you can choose those events to have fun.

Best Things To Do In Bar Harbor In MayOpens in a new tab.: Spring Beauty, Time to Avoid Crowd

May is one of the best times for touring Bar Harbor. During this Spring time, Bar Harbor experiences a comfortable uptick with daytime temperatures in the low 60s and nighttime temps in the low 40s.

Best Attraction & Activities in Bar Harbor in May:

  • Spring Time visit at Acadia National Park
  • Whale Watching 
  • Tour along the Sand Beach & Great Head Trail
  • Popovers at Jordan Pond House in mid-May

14) Spring Time visit to Acadia National Park:

To enjoy a full Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island, or Acadia experience, May is the best time to make a springtime visit here, especially in mid-late May. 

Acadia Park just came back to life in May. That’s why the gathering of visitors tends to wait until the summer months- June, July & August. 

So, the visitors of May get the advantage of low traffic jams. Traffic jams in the summer months are common. When you drive along or visit Acadia National Park in springtime, it truly feels like you are in the countryside with charming hues & views. 

15) Whale Watching:

Bar Harbor’s visit without whale watching is likely incomplete. So, do you know when you can see whales in Bar Harbor, Maine? Yes, this is the whale-watching season in Bar Harbor. Although the whale watching season is mid-April, you can experience the best of whale watching in mid-late May.

You can take a whale-watching tour with the Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co. It offers whale watches, puffin cruises, nature cruises, lobster fishing cruises, and lighthouse cruises. Choose according to your choice!

16) Tour along the Sand Beach & Great Head Trail:

As the crowd or the traffic are low during the springtime in May, popular park attractions like Sand Beach & Great Head Trail are the time to explore. 

In these places, you might encounter hundreds of parkgoers in the summertime, but in May, you’ll likely only see a handful of others. So, it can be one of those best things to do in Bar Harbor in May that you’ll love to witness 

17) Popovers at Jordan Pond House:

Anyone in Bar Harbor will definitely want to try the famous popovers at Jordan Pond House. But the problem is that the restaurant doesn’t open its doors until mid-May. So, an early visit in May could result in disappointment.

Best Things To Do In Bar Harbor In June: Great Time for Hiking 

Want to plan a summer trip to Bar Harbor with lower crowds? Then consider choosing the month of June. This is the time when the weather is at its pleasant and the activities are in full swing. 

Best Attraction & Activities in Bar Harbor in June:

  • Hike through Acadia National Park 
  • Kayaking in Frenchman Bay 
  • Climb Cadillac Mountain 
  • Time out at Agamont Park 
  • Acadia Birding Festival 

18) Hike through Acadia National Park: 

Acadia National Park is especially lovely during the summer months, like June. The park’s coastal location added another charm to it. You can go hiking in the Acadia National Park in this pleasant weather.

There are a lot of hiking trails in Acadia that you will love to choose from, such as Champlain Mountain & Beehive Loop Trail, Bubble Rock, or Great Head Trail. 

19) Kayaking in Frenchman Bay:

Summertime is also best for swimming, kayaking, and boat tours. In Bar Harbor, there are several Bar Harbor Kayak rentals and Acadia Kayak rentals to have a kayaking experience. This tour will cover your day so beautifully, leaving no doubt behind the query, how do I spend a day in Bar Harbor?

You can choose any from them during your visit to Acadia or Schoodic Peninsula. In these kayak rentals, some also have canoes. 

20) Climb Cadillac Mountain: 

Cadillac Mountain is the place to witness the beautiful sunrise or sunset. For the adventurous, consider a morning hike to the summit of Cadillac Mountain and take the first glimpse of sunrise. 

Some trails go to the summit of Cadillac Mountain, any of which you can choose for hiking. The North Ridge Trail is the most popular option for the summit. West Face Trail is the shortest and steepest route up Cadillac. 

From here, you can get the coolest view of Bubble Pond & Eagle Lake. The South Ridge Trails is one of the longest trails in Acadia. 

21) Time out at Agamont Park:

When this is the summer month of June, why not take a time out at Agamont Park? With the summer flowers blooming, this grassy park offers a great view of the Harbor, distant islands, and all kinds of boats in the Bay. 

22) Acadia Birding Festival: 

When you want all the best things to do in Bar Harbor in July, you must attend the birding festival of Acadia. Through the Acadia Birding FestivalOpens in a new tab., you can celebrate the ecological wonders of the birds of the Gulf of Maine. So, in June, explore the MDI & its birds through numerous events & venues. 

Best Things To Do In Bar Harbor In July: Time for Music, Beach

Temps are hot in July, warmest & sunniest making a perfect mood for going to the beaches. During the month, music in Bar Harbor is at its most impressive. Due to high demand, July is the priciest month to visit Bar Harbor and prepare to face some crowds. 

Best Attraction & Activities to do in Bar Harbor in July:

  • Excursion to the Bar Harbor Beaches
  • Visit Ocean Path or Shore Path
  • Memorable Music events
  • Celebration of Fourth Of July  

23) Excursion to the Bar Harbor Beaches:

Due to the sunny and warm weather, July is the perfect time to make the excursions to the beaches. 

There are three beaches in MDI. Sand Beach is on the eastern side of Mount Desert Island, next to Park Loop Road. The beach has a southerly view of Thunder Hole & the whole way to Otter Cliff. 

Echo Lake Beach is also within the Bar Harbor, between Somesville and Southwest Harbor. For the locals & some visitors, it’s a preferred beach. 

Seal Harbor Public Beach is in the center of Seal Harbor. The Beach has a view of Sutton Island & Islesford on Little Cranberry Island in the distance. 

24) Visit Ocean Path or Shore Path:

Ocean Path walking trail happens to go at the far end of the upper parking lot at Sand Beach till it arrives at Otter Cliff. To take advantage of the fantastic sights around you, you can go scrolling here. 

The Shore Path begins at the Town Pier next to Agamont Park. It’s a long and flat easygoing stroll along the rocky Shoreline. On a summer day, that will be fun walking or biking on the Ocean Path or Shore Path, right? 

25) Memorable Music events:

Among the best things to do in Bar Harbor in July, this music event is going to remain unforgettable. In this mesmerizing place of nature, some must-see events are held in July, ranging from jazz Sundays to full opera productions to recitals like the Bar Harbor Music FestivalOpens in a new tab..

The event is held by the world piano competition winner, Alexandra Berlakovich. Do not miss the chance to have music refreshments in July, when the music is impressive. 

26) Celebration of Fourth of July:  

Bar Harbor celebrates Independence Day with a day of festivities, including the Fourth of July CelebrationOpens in a new tab.. Concert series and evening fireworks are also displayed over Frenchman Bay on this day.

Best Things To Do In Bar Harbor In August: Pleasant Weather

In August, the weather is mildly cool, with a gentle breeze. We can say the time of the best things to do in Bar Harbor in August! It’s most likely to experience pleasant weather on your beautiful visits to the Bar Harbor.

Best Attraction & Activities to do in Bar Harbor in August:

  • Sightsee through the Secret side of Acadia
  • Bird Watching 
  • Witness a free SeaSide Show
  • Stunning Northern Lights 
  • Bar Harbor Fine Arts Festival 

27) Sightsee through the Secret side of Acadia:

Acadia is obviously a most beautiful place, thus most popular, located in Maine. But there are a lot of other scenic hidden gems worth checking out in this awesome weather. 

Those places comprise the areas of Mount Desert Island, Tremont, and Southwest Harbor and their villages west to the Somes Sound. 

There are no major downtowns in these places, but heart-taking places to be seen. Tiny fishing villages where the daily return of lobster boats and main streets devoid of chain stores are really beautiful.

28) Bird Watching:

The trails of Acadia are beautiful all year round. But don’t forget the additional advantages to visit Acadia in August. 

During this time, you can get access to those trails that are closed in summer or the spring because of nesting and fledging peregrine falcons. 

These birds start migrating in August. So, chances are high for the Precipice Trail, Jordan Pond, and Valley Cove Cliffs to open back to the hikers. 

You can also see them soaring overhead during the annual HawkWatch program.

29) Witness a free SeaSide Show:

The town of Bar Harbor hosts an outdoor movie series, Seaside Cinema, in Agamont Park every Wednesday through July & August, right on the edge of the water. The movie show starts at dusk. Enjoy the sunsets followed by the movie watching on the edge of quiet water. 

30) Stunning Northern Lights:

The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, can often be seen in the sky from the northernmost parts of DownEast Acadia. You can get the best view of the Northern Lights between August to October. 

So, in August, chances are high to grab the stunning view of the Northern Lights on the clear skies of Arcadia. Fingers Crossed!

northern lights in bar harbor in august

31) Bar Harbor Fine Arts Festival:

Bar Harbor Fine Arts FestivalOpens in a new tab. features quality artists from all over the US & other countries in this peak month. The festival provides an opportunity for the artists & patrons to participate in beautiful art while vacationing in the yearning area. 

Best Things To Do In Bar Harbor In September:  Fall Colors, Fewer Crowd

In September, the weather is amusing. It’s not super quiet, but the heavy crowd of summer is gone. The fall colors start showing their beauty. So, time to fill up your bucket list with the best things to do in Bar Harbor in September!

Best Attraction & Activities to do in Ba Harbor in September:

  • Whale migration along the Maine Coast
  • Stop by the Lighthouse of Bar Harbor 
  • Walk along the Bar Island Trails 
  • Acadia Night Sky Festival 

32) Whale migration along the Maine Coast:

On the clear days of September, if you want to witness the whale migration that happens along the Maine coast, it’s a good time to visit. 

September is the tail end of whale watching season. So, you can have an excellent chance to see whales then. 

33) Stop by the Lighthouse of Bar Harbor:

Bass Harbor Head Light is the single stand on Mount Desert Island, located at the southwestern reach of Acadia National Park in Bass Harbor. 

The light station is the most visited place in the west of MDI. During the summer and fall months, there is a high volume of traffic at sunset. That’s why you can expect to visit the lighthouse in the month.  

34) Walk along the Bar Island Trails:

As the weather can be so fine in September, anyone will love to have a walk with scenic beauties. Bar Island is a good option, then. 

This uninhabited island is forested with pine and birch trees. On Bar Island, there are trails where you can take a walk. 

A sand and gravel bar is exposed at low tide only for a couple of hours. It connects Bar Island to Bridge Street in Bar Harbor. You can walk across or park the car on the exposed bar at low tide. 

35) Acadia Night Sky Festival  

Join the Acadia Night Sky FestivalOpens in a new tab. for premier night sky events of Downeast Maine, and help to celebrate the starlit skies through education, science & arts. 

Best Things To Do In Bar Harbor In October: Eye-Tuning Fall Foliage & Hiking 

From the beautiful fall colors to the clear night skies, October is also the best time to explore Bar Harbor, as this is the month when the fall rolls in and the nights become chillier. 

Best Attraction & Activities in Bar Harbor in October:

  •   Beauty Of Fall Foliage  
  •   Red Cloak Tours 
  •   Hiking in Acadia Trails 
  •   Climbing The Cliffs of Acadia 
  •   Enjoying Fall Time Events

36) Beauty Of Fall Foliage: 

Interested to know why is Bar Harbor so popular? Make a trip here during fall foliage in October. It is time you will be mesmerized by the beauty & color of fall foliage. 

You can embrace the leaf-peeping opportunities as the trees bloom with beautiful fall hues, like striking oranges, reds, and yellows. Take a hike and immerse yourself in the foliage during your hike. Plus, crowds are less during this time.  

To capture this awe-inspiring photo, you can have photo tours that take place in October. To do so, you can take a day-long photo tour with Acadia ImagesOpens in a new tab. or a four-day photography workshop with John Paul CaponigroOpens in a new tab. from October 10-14. 

During this time, some Fall events are also held that is a great source to enjoy the fall in Bar Harbor. 

37) Historical Walking Tour with Red Cloak Tours: 

Exploring with the Red Cloak Tours can be an awesome experience and one of the best things to do in Bar Harbor in October for tourists. 

The Red Cloak Tours offer many varied and fascinating historical walking tours all around Bar Harbor, such as Bar Harbor’s Haunted History, a Historic Cemetery Exploration, or the Seafood Discover Tour. 

The Red Cloak conducts this private, live, guided walk with your own personal storyteller via conference call on your phone. 

38) Enjoyable Hiking in Acadia Trails: 

Though the Acadia Trails are beautiful throughout the year, some hikers choose to hike in cooler weather like that in October. Plus, during this time, you can get access to other trails that are closed in summer or spring for nesting and fledging peregrine falcons.

39) Climbing The Cliffs of Acadia

Acadia makes for the ultimate climbing destination and the rock climbing of the cliffs is precisely what makes Bar Harbor so special in Acadia like Otter Cliffs or South Bubble. South Bubble can be best for beginners and it’s less crowded than Otter Cliffs. 

40) Enjoying Fall Time Events:

MDI MarathonOpens in a new tab. is the best choice to have both fun & enjoying fall beauty. The MDI marathon features miles of pristine terrain passing tranquil lakes, mountains, calm Maine villages plus seaside vistas. In the peak of the fall foliage season of October, this all set awe-inspiring backdrop of Bar Harbor. 

Island Art Oktoberfest Craft FairOpens in a new tab. is another enjoyable festival with beer, food, music & beautiful crafts.

Best Things To Do In Bar Harbor In November: Serene Weather, Outdoor Opportunities

In November, the weather in Bar Harbor is cold and breezy. Certain events, places & spaces make this month a golden gateway opportunity in Bar Harbor.  

Best Attraction & Activities to do in Bar Harbor in November:

  • Enjoy Acadia’s quiet beauty 
  • Head to the Museum
  • Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner in Bar Harbor
  • Unique Pajamarama Festival  

41) Enjoy Acadia’s quiet beauty:

It’s no secret that Acadia is a prominent destination for all. Take the awesome experience of Acadia’s quiet beauty and grab the moment of the best things to do in Bar Harbor in November. You can enjoy a scenic drive or explore Ship Harbor, Ocean Path, and the available Carriage Roads. 

A fall beach walk on Sand Beach is always a great way to energize your senses in the cold and breezy weather. 

42) Head to the Museum:

For those who want to stay inside and get cozy, or if a rainy day spoils your day in the park, head to the museums of the Bar Harbor. 

These museums are open all year round. Museum hours may differ during off-seasons. Have a great movie time in the best movie theaters in Bar Harbor cozy the winter of November. 

43) Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner in Bar Harbor:

Thanksgiving dinner in Bar Harbor is hard to beat in November. Thanksgiving dinner with Harborside Hotel & Marina or with Galyn’s is something that makes a beautiful memory during the trip to Bar Harbor. 

Must enjoy a chef-prepared prix fixe meal along with a la carte offerings overlooking the amazing views of Frenchman Bay. 

44) Unique Pajamarama Festival:

Early Bird Pajama Sale Bed RacesOpens in a new tab. is a unique festival celebrated in the month of November. You can get high-quality pajamas on sale in the finest retail location of Bar Harbor. Moreover, if you are in pajamas, you can get some additional discounts. 

Watch & cheer up the teams from area businesses and organizations as they race decorated beds down Cottage Road.

Best Things To Do In Bar Harbor In December: Spectacular Winter Views

December is the time when the summer winds down, the fall takes away its glory and the winter snow begins to fall. The winter is a kept secret of Bar Harbor with plenty of pleasant activities.

Best Attraction & Activities to do in Bar Harbor in December:

  • Cross Country skiing at Carriage Roads 
  • Scenic Air Tour in the Acadia
  • Stroll the Village Green, Agamont Park

45) Cross Country skiing at Carriage Roads:

Embrace the snow of December in Bar Harbor through the cross-country skiing 45 miles of Carriage Roads and unplowed park roads. Experienced ones can head to the numerous hiking trails for a real skiing experience. In Bar Harbor, snowshoes and skis are available for rent. 

46) Scenic Air Tour in the Acadia:

During the winter in Bar Harbor in December, you can experience the beauty of the winter landscape from above. With a scenic air tour, you will witness the snow-covered cliffs and mountains of Bar Harbor. 

Acadia National Park, Cadillac Mountain, Lighthouses, and Somes Sound are just a few names that can be seen from above. 

47) Stroll the Village Green, Agamont Park:

Want a great visit downtown & make chances for the best things to do in Bar Harbor in December? Agamont Park or Village Green is the best option for it. 

Agamont Park is a gathering place in the summer or winter. But in winter, it takes a pretty look, we can say even prettier. This is a great place to stroll down with the view of Town Pier & Bar Island. 

Village Green is the central town square of Bar Harbor. This village is also the home of the town’s Christmas tree. In the Village Green, you can have a pleasing strolling moment. This is where you can find many pathways and benches for resting after tiring strolling down.


How much time should you spend in Bar Harbor, Maine?

In Bar Harbor, Maine, you should spend three days. When visitors want a tour of the Bar Harbor, they often become confused about how much time is needed to cover the whole visit there. We recommend spending a minimum of three days doing so. 

What is peak season at Acadia?

The peak season at Acadia is June to September. In these summer months, people’s visits are high in Bar Harbor, and the traffic is jam-packed. 

Can you get around Bar Harbor without a car?

Going with a car while getting around Bar Harbor, Maine, is unnecessary. Bar Harbor is a walkable town, and you can visit the whole downtown on foot. Plus, there are also some Island Explorer Shuttle services to access the beautiful places of Bar Harbor. 

To Wrap Up!

Bar Harbor is heaven-like, no matter when you catch an unforgettable trip here. From the golden sun rays to the crisp night skies, every day to every month is worth taking, offering a vast scope of the best things to do in Bar Harbor

So, whichever the month is, get your bag packed, make an exciting itinerary, and take a pleasant escape to the wonderland of Bar Harbor, far away from the hustle and bustle of life!

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