13 Places That Will Make You Dizzy In France

13 Places That Will Make You Dizzy in France

Do you have a strong heart? Here are 13 places that make you dizzy in France: spectacular landscapes and breathlessness guaranteed.

Bitten by heights and addicted to emptiness? Addicted to the sensation of the heart rising and the thrill that runs through the whole body? 

Even when suspended hundreds of meters from the ground, the adrenaline we feel sometimes attracts more than it repels.

We’ve created this article for those of you who are passionate and crazy. We aim to satisfy your desire for strong emotions without forcing you to leave our country with unimagined resources.

Here are 13 places that make you dizzy in France. Though these places are almost all accessible, getting there may take a bit of courage or unconsciousness.

13 Places That Will Make You Dizzy in France

1. Le Pas dans le Vide – Haute-Savoie

Places That Will Make You Dizzy in France

Stepping into the Void necessarily places one in pole position. The idea? Walking on glass, at more than 3,800 meters above sea level, above a phenomenal void.

Located at the top of the Aiguille du Midi, this attraction is a technical and sensational feat. As you advance, you are suspended above the impetuous peak and impassive slopes of Mont Blanc.

Even the most reckless will mark a little hesitation… This is especially true when we know that the cage will sometimes be caught in winds of 220 km/h.

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2. Chamechaude strap – Isère

This mountain hiking trail, aerial and exposed, will flank you a hell of a scare. Here, it is not necessary to laugh when passing the acrobatic ways on the side of the wall.

The Chamechaude strap is one of the places that make you dizzy in France and is part of the “Randos du Vertige” movement. It is the most coveted summit of the Chartreuse, more than 2,000 meters above sea level.

Its magnificent itinerary is a series of obstacles, short off-trail paths, breaches, and spectacular corridors. It’s scary, but it’s worth it.

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3. Rocamadour – Lot

The village of Rocamadour may be small and touristy, but it is still wholly dizzying. Erected in successive landings on the side of a cliff, the city defies gravity. It clings 120 meters above a canyon where white water meanders.

It even seems that his houses and religious buildings were carved out of stone. For its monumental staircase, Ditto attracts, which also defies the laws of gravity and architecture. 

Its 233 stone steps lead you, under the rock, to discover churches and chapels clinging above the void.

This place makes you dizzy, especially when you arrive on the ramparts of the castle opening between heaven and earth.

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4. Routes of Vertigo – Vercors

The Routes of Vertigo: with such a name, it is difficult not to be among the places that make you dizzy in France. 

Carved into the Vercors massif, these perilous roads were the only access roads to this landlocked region for a long time.

Once, you ride on the side of a cliff, suspended 600 meters above the ground. Another time, you jump for 20 kilometers along with a narrow notch with passages that severely clench your teeth.

Finally, you brush the edge of the concrete roads at 800 meters high. They meander, vicious and narrow, to the tunnel of écouges, plunged into darkness.

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5. Mazamet – Tarn footbridge

Among the places that make you dizzy in France, the Mazamet footbridge can boast of offering a sublime bath in nature. It invites you, 70 meters above the void, to cross the vertiginous gorges of the Arnette.

This airlift defies gravity for 140 meters and is accessible by two marked trails. On arrival, the view is splendid.

At the end of the crossing, the pretty medieval village of Hautpoul, clinging to its rocky peak, welcomes you for a small stop. The sensations are increased tenfold by the almost transparent design of the walkway, barely 1m 20 wide.

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6. Footbridges over Lake Monteynard-Avignonet – Isère

The two Himalayan footbridges of Lake Monteynard-Avignonet offer an incredible experience in the same style. Toys are rivers of Drac and Ebron.

Dizzying, they swing between 45 and 80 meters high. All this is over 200 meters in length on average. Their crossing is an experience as unusual as it is striking.

If you dare, take a look at the beautiful waters of the lake below and the surrounding peaks.

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7. Zipline from Val Thorens – Savoie

This is the longest zip line in France. Exclusively for skiers, the area is owned by the 3 Valleys area and connects the Orelle area to Val Thorens.

It can make you feel dizzy and provide an infinite sense of freedom. The cable unfolds above a splendid panorama.

The crossing takes almost two minutes and has a surreal top speed of more than 100km/h.

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8. Zipline from Mijoux – Ain

Here is France’s most inclined zip line. Giant and located in Mijoux, it also delights thrill-seekers.

Even if its top speed is only 90km/h, your stomach will remember, especially the altitude difference of 300 meters and the slope of 37 percent.

9. Pontoon in the sky – Hautes-Pyrénées

Undoubtedly it is one of the most beautiful places that make you dizzy in France. Wedged between the stars and the mountains, hoisted to nearly 2,900 meters above sea level, the Pic du Midi-de-Bigorre offers a beautiful adrenaline rush.

To participate in the festivities, go to the “Pontoon in the sky.” This footbridge suspended in the void advances twelve meters. Under your feet, 1,000 meters of nothingness before reaching a sharp peak.

Thrilling and exquisite experience, especially at sunset.

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10. Pont de l’Artuby – Var

182 meters. This is the height of the highest bridge in Europe: the Pont de l’Artuby. Located in the Gorges du Verdon, it is a fabulous playground for vacuum addicts.

Bungee jumpers can jump from all heights at this dizzying place, which pushes the experience to the extreme.

Overlooking the Artuby River, you will have a most remarkable view of the canyons… before plummeting in a split second.

11. Massif Belledonne – Isère

Can you sleep in a place that makes you dizzy in France and spend the craziest nights? Yes! This is an unusual and extreme promise of the Massif Belledonne.

On a small bivouac site, more than 400 meters above ground, you can sleep on the side of a cliff. Under your sleeping bag… nothing but emptiness and a breathtaking view of the peaks.

Above, the starry sky is spared from light pollution. At daybreak, the experience finally reaches its climax.

12. Gouffre de Padirac – Lot

This natural and vertiginous cavity offers a radical change of scenery. You dive 75 meters underground.

The Padirac Chasm is a natural wonder draped in minerals. Its spectacular underground galleries resemble an opening to the bowels of the Earth, at the edge of groundwater, between geological bulges and crystalline basins.

But to venture there, you will first have to face the staircase running along the rock walls…

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13. Cirque de la Solitude – Corsica

For our last vertigo places in France, go to the Island of Beauty. Specifically, a look at the mythical GR20 and its star passage, the circus of Solitude. It makes you fantasize as much as it shivers.

At almost 2,000 meters above sea level, the crossing is spectacular. There are aids in the most scabrous parts, but the passage requires less concentration and self-control.

It leads you to the edge of a cliff, on steep slopes which are constantly at risk of instability.

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