8 Best Places To Visit In Satkhira, Khulna That Will Drop Your Jaw

8 Best Places To Visit In Satkhira, Khulna That Will Drop Your Jaw

Located in Khulna Division Satkhira is a perfect place for a holiday destination. Here is the list of best places to visit in Satkhira that will drop your jaw.

8 Best Places To Visit In Satkhira, Khulna That Will Drop Your Jaw

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1.Kalagachia Ecotourism Park/কলাগাছিয়া ইকোট্যুরিজম পার্ক

Kalagachia Eco-Tourism Park, located in the western part of Sundarbans under the Satkhira range of Khulna, is a tourist destination with natural beauty. 

The Kalagachia Ecotourism Centre is on one side of the locality, and the Sundarbans are on the other side. In the middle is the Kholpetua River. 

You have to cross the forest and cross the canal by the river and go to Kalagachia. 

In the western part of Sundarbans, there are lines of trees that line the path as you cross the locality.

Several monkeys were seen as trawlers who swarmed the ecotourism ghats. A bridge made of iron leads to the main part. As we crossed this wooden bridge, we noticed a rest house and another bridge. 

On either side of the wooden bridge are rows of khalisha, harkosha, and bain trees. There are deer and monkeys in the forest as well. 

The natural wonder of the Sundarbans can be enjoyed by the bird’s eye from the five-story watchtower ahead of the walkway. 

Banbibi is worshipped here at the Shiva temple inside the forest. Many believe that visiting the temple and going inside the forest can save them from all dangers.

How to go to Kalagachia Ecotourism Park

To reach the Kalagachia ecotourism center in the Sundarbans, you must come first to the Satkhira district. 

From Dhaka, you can travel via Sohag, SP Golden Line, Hanif bus to Satkhira. 

Then you have to travel to Kalagachia by trawler from Munshiganj or Nildumur Ghat in Shyamnagar Upazila of Satkhira district. 

It takes 20-30 minutes to get to Kalagachia on an engine-powered trawler from Nildumur Kheya Ghat. The fare for a trawler of 20-25 people is Rs 800-1200.

Where to stay near Kalagachia Ecotourism Park

Among the notable residential hotels and resorts in Satkhira are Tiger Point Guest House, Varsha Resort, Sundarbans Hotel, Hotel Saudia, Hotel Sonar Bangla, Utsav Bagan, Ruposi Bangla Lodge, and Akashlina Resort.

Where to eat

There are several restaurants in Satkhira city, such as Sonargaon Hotel, Pansi Restaurant, Lake View Cafe, Sadiya Hotel, and Swapna Restaurant. 

The river fish of Sundarbans, Galda and Bagda shrimp, Satkhira Sandesh, the pure honey, and Chui Jhal have a reputation worldwide.      

Travel Advice for visiting Kalagachia Ecotourism Park

  • Walk along the prescribed trail.
  • Take the help of an eco guide.
  • Avoid disturbing animal birds.
  • Keep a stick as you stay safe from monkey attacks.
  • Carry fast aid boxes, dry food, and water bottles.

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2.Jashoreeshwari Kali Temple/যশোরেশ্বরী কালী মন্দিরOpens in a new tab.

The Jashoreeshwari Kali temple located in the Eshwaripur village of Shyamnagar Upazila of Satkhira district is a sacred pilgrimage site for Hindus. 

The word Jashoreshwari means the goddess of Jashore. 

After the skilled yagna in her true age, Sati Mata left her body, and the Mahadev started dancing with the dead body on his shoulders. 

Vishnu Dev admonishes the body of Sati with his chakra. As a result, Sati Mata’s body parts spread to different parts of the Indian subcontinent. 

The places where the body of Sati Mata has fallen are called Shaktipeeths. The Jashoreeshwari Kali Temple is one such shaktipeeth.

It is said that a Brahmin named Anari built 100 doors of Jashoresgwari Kali Temple and Shaktipeeth. 

However, no confirmed information was found about the construction period of the temple. Later, Lakshman Sen and Maharaja Pratapaditya renovated the Jashoreshwari Kali Temple. 

In the 13th century, Lakshman Sen built a large stage pandal called Natmandir near the main temple and the renovation the temple and built the Kali Temple by Maharaja Pratapaditya.

How to go to Jashoreeshwari Kali Temple

Various AC/non-AC buses left Gabtoli, Nabinagar, Shyamoli, Kalyanpur, and Savar in Dhaka for Satkhira. 

SP Golden Line, AK Travels, Green Line, Mamun Enterprise, Eagle Transport, Sohag Transport, Saudia Transport, Satkhira Express, and Shyamoli Transport are among the buses that go to Satkhira. 

The ticket price varies from Rs 500 to Rs 1300 per person, depending on the bus standard. You can easily visit the Jashoreshwari Kali temple by coming to Shyamnagar Upazila on local transport from Satkhira.

Where to stay near Jashoreeshwari Kali Temple

Hotel Sangram, Hotel Emperor, Hotel Seema, Muzaffar Garden, Hotel Mohana, and Hotel Uttara are among the various residential hotels located in Satkhira.

Where to eat

Satkhira district is famous for the mangoes, Kul (Boroi), ol, fish, and pure honey of the Sundarbans. Apart from that, you can also taste the famous Satkhira Dairy Sandesh.

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3.Tetuliya Jame Mosque/তেঁতুলিয়া জামে মসজিদ

A unique example of 18th-century Muslim architecture, Tetuliya Jam Mosque (Tetulia Jame Masjid) is located in Tetulia village, 3 km from Tala Upazila Sadar in Satkhira district. 

The mosque is locally known as the Mair Masjid or the Tetulia Jam Mosque, but the main name is Tetulia Khan Bahadur Qazi Salamatullah Jame Masjid. 

The mosque was built in 1270 by Bengali zamindar Salamatullah Khan to imitate the ‘Sindur Patti’ mosque in Kolkata.

There are 7 doors 9 feet high and 4 feet wide to enter the mosque. On top of 12 pillars are six domes and 20 tall minarets on the mosque’s roof built with Chun Surki and Chittagud.

More than 500 Muslims can pray together inside and outside the Tetulia Jam Mosque. The 150-year-old historic Tetuliya Jam mosque is 100 yards from the Tetuliya Shahi Mosque, another historic mosque. Since 1987, the Bangladesh Archaeological Department has been maintaining the Tetulia Jame Masjid.

How to go to Tetuliya Jame Mosque

First, come to Satkhira by bus as detailed mentioned above.

The distance of Tetulia Jam mosque from Satkhira district city is about 25 km. Tetulia Shahi Masjid can be easily reached by tala-paikgasa road by local transport like buses, rickshaws, and vans.

Where to stay near Tetuliya Jame Mosque

Satkhira has several good residential hotels, including Hotel Sangram, Hotel Emperor, Hotel Seema, Muzaffar Garden, Hotel Mohana, and Hotel Uttara.

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4.Mandarbari Beach/মান্দারবাড়ী সমুদ্র সৈকত

Mandarbaria Beach (Mandarbaria Sea Beach) is a stunning beach in the Bay of Bengal located in the Satkhira district.

It should be addictive due to the beautiful nature of the Sundarbans on one side of the river and the Mandarbari beach on the other. 

For most people in Bangladesh, Mandarbari beach is an unknown place. The distance of this beach from Nildumur Ghat in Burigwalini in Satkhira district is about 75 km. 

The rest of the road must be carried by boat or speedboat from Satkhira to Nildumur. The 75 km journey is only possible due to the rivers flowing through the Sundarbans. 

So the Mandarbaria beach, about 8 km long, is suitable only for those travelers who are willing to listen to the endless roar of the Bay of Bengal’s magical waters.

From Nildumur Ghat, one has to cross the Kholpetua-Kapotaksha river through the Mohana and cross the Kalagachia, Adpangasia, Maluch rivers to Mandarbaria. 

On the way, the evergreen Sundarbans on both sides of the river will fascinate you. You will see the movement of several types of animals, including deer and various kinds of birds, including Pankauri, Balaihas. 

In addition, the footprints of deer or tigers on the deserted Mandarbaria beach will undoubtedly increase the excitement of the trip manifold.

Best Time To Travel To Mandarbari Beach

In the winter season, engines-powered boats, speedboats, and steamers ply from Nildumur Ghat in Burigwalini to Mandarbaria beach. The winter months are October through February. This is a good time of year for a beach trip to Mandarbaria.

How to go to Mandarbari beach

Satkhira by bus from Dhaka

The distance from Dhaka to Satkhira is 343 km. There are AC and non AC buses from Gabtoli, Nabinagar, Shyamoli, Kalyanpur, and Savar to Satkhira in Dhaka. 

These include SP Golden Line, AK Travels, Green Line, Mamun Enterprise, Eagle Transport, Sohag Transport, Saudia Transport, Satkhira Express, and Shyamali Transport. The ticket for these buses can cost between Rs 500 and Rs 1300 per person.

Satkhira to Mandarbaria beach

The distance from Satkhira Sadar to Burigwalini is about 70 km. Engine-powered boats, steamers, speed boats were found from Nildumur Ghat in Burigwalini to Mandarbaria beach. 

It takes 6 to 7 hours to get to the beach in a steamer and engine-powered boat. It takes 2 to 2.5 hours to get to Mandarbaria on a speed boat.

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5.Twin Shiva Temples/Jora Shib Mondir/জোড় শিব মন্দির

Just 6 km from Satkhira district city, two pairs of Shiva temples are located on the banks of a huge Dighi in Chhagharia village of Zhoudanga Union. 

Six Gharia Jora Shiva Mondir is the name given to the twin Shiva temples built in variegated terracotta bricks that dot the region. In 1220 Bengali, 1 Boishakh Fakirchand Ghosh built two twin Shiva temples. 

The terracotta of the 15 ft 9-inch square temple has been designed with flowers, creepers, instrument players, goddess, deity, cavalry, etc. At present, the Shiva temple is abandoned, but interested visitors rush to Choyghoria to see the wonderful work of terracotta.

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6.Sonabaria Mathbari Temple/Sonabaria Mathbari Mondir/সোনাবাড়িয়া মঠবাড়ি মন্দির

The Sonabaria Mathbari temple located in Koloroa Upazila of Satkhira district is a traditional archaeological site in Bangladesh. The Sonabaria Mathbari temple is located in Sonabaria village, 26 km from Satkhira and 7 km from Koloroa. 

The name also knows the place of Sonabaria Math and Shyam Sundar Temple to the locals. However, the inscription on the wall of the Sonabaria Mathbari temple mentions the name Shyam Sundar Navratna Temple.

Apart from the Sonabaria Mathbari temple, there are various medieval antiquities or artifacts all over the village. The Shyam Sundar temple is about 400 years old and 60 feet high. 

According to history, in 1767, Durgapriya Das built this Sonabaria Mathbari temple instead of Hariram Das. The Durga temple and Shiva temple accompany the Trital Navratna Temple. 

The inner part of the ground floor of this pyramid-shaped temple is divided into four parts. There are rolling corridors around the first part. The second part has a mandap. 

Rooms and cells can be seen in the third part. There are steps up from a corridor to the east. There is a large Ratna (precious stone) in the middle of the gradual lying dome on the temple’s roof, so the Sonabaria Mathbari temple is known as the Navratna temple.

There is a public opinion that at one time, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa stayed in this Sonabaria monastery for about two months. That is why this Sonabaria Mathbari temple has special importance for Hindu religious people. 

Though many people flock to the Sonabaria Mathbari temple from across the globe, renovations have been neglected.

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7.Mozaffer Garden and Resort/মোজাফফর গার্ডেন এন্ড রিসোর্ট

Mozaffar Garden and Resort are widely known as Mantu Miya’s garden house in Satkhira. In 1989, K. M. Khairul Muzaffar (Mantu) established this Mozaffer Garden and Resort across 120 bighas of land in the Satkhira district. 

The lush and open natural environment of green easily catches the eye of visitors here. There are a total of 30 rooms in 4 buildings to stay in Mozaffer Garden and Resort. In these crafted rooms, you have all the amenities needed to live a modern life.

The lake at Mozaffer Garden and Resort has pedal boats and fishing facilities. Meeting and conference rooms, fish aquariums, 3D theatres and zoos, children’s parks, playgrounds, and various attractive sculptures. For guests’ enjoyment, there are badminton and table tennis courts here as well. 

The Mozaffer Garden and Resort has separate mosques for men and women. The zoo in this resort is considered to be the largest private zoo in the country. 

Animals of different species in a zoo serve as one of the entertainment mediums for incoming guests. There are a total of 105 picnic spots at Mozaffer Garden and Resort for picnics. 

The resort restaurant has all kinds of body and Chinese food. There is its security and car parking system to ensure the comfort of incoming guests.

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8.Nalta Sharif, Kaliganj/নালতা শরীফ, কালীগঞ্জ

Nalta Sharif is located in the Nalta village of Kaliganj Upazila of Satkhira district. Born in December 1873 in Nalta village, noted education reformer and philanthropist Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah. 

His contributions to the establishment of Dhaka University in 1921 are undeniable, and he was also hailed as an Auliya. Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah was buried in Nalta after his death on February 9, 1965. 

Later, the Khan Bahadur Ahsan Ullah Samadhi complex, or Nalta Sharif, was built around his burial place.

About 40 bighas of land in Nalta Sharif have a spectacular mausoleum, mosques, shrines, offices, libraries, ponds, guest houses, health centers, and flower gardens. 

3 steps have been constructed on three sides of the Samadhi monument. The main staircase is relatively wide and attractive. Nine spectacular domes adorn the mausoleum, including the central dome. 

Every year, on the occasion of the death anniversary of Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah on February 8, 9, and 10, the annual Orosh Mahfil is held in Nalta Sharif. 

On the occasion of Orosh, the fair is held in Nalta. Thousands of devotees from all over the country rushed to see the fair and attend the Orosh. In addition, the world’s 2nd largest Iftar Mahfil has been organized every Ramadan since 1950 in Nalta Sharif.

Nalta Sharif Visit Schedule

Nalta Sharif is open to visitors throughout the year. However, the museum in Nalta Sharif is open from morning to evening except on weekends.

Satkhira is famous for its cottage industry like weaving, bamboo, cane work, and potteries.

Yes, definitely you can stay in Satkhira. There are many average-level hotels there.

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