Awesome!! 7 Best Things To Do In Outer Islands, Fiji

Awesome!! 7 Best Things To Do In Outer Islands, Fiji

There is no better escape from the bustle of the city than the quiet natural beauty of Fiji’s outer islands. It is the perfect getaway for people interested in culture and adventure. There are plenty of the best things to do in Outer Islands, Fiji.

While Lomaiviti is closely related to Viti Levu, it is still a hidden gem. If you’re heading to this group of islands, you may wish to check out Levuka, Fiji’s colonial capital. 

Spend a few days there to experience its dramatic scenery and intriguing history. The thriving reef is also a huge draw. 

If you’re into diving or boating, you can use liveaboard to some of Fiji’s hottest dive sites or charter your resort’s boat to catch some massive fish. Booming fish stocks have prompted the area to be called the Big Fish Capital.

Although the Lau islands are within Fiji’s eastern boundary, transfers to and from these islands are limited. However, resorts like Vatuvara Private Islands Resort and Wakaya Club can connect guests to their private islands with ease in their private planes departing from Nadi. 

If you are lucky enough to make it to Lau, you’ll be rewarded with some of Fiji’s most stunning islands. 

Several times a year, Captain Cook Cruises offers expeditionary cruises through the islands, and yachties have been tempted to anchor in the stunning bays. 

In search of uncrowded and untamed spots, you’ll appreciate these hidden corners in Fiji.

Awesome!! 7 Best Things To Do In Outer Islands, Fiji

1.Visit Moon Reef to watch Dolphins

This crescent-shaped reef, which faces the Lomaiviti group, is home to a large group of spinner dolphins and is the best place to see them year-round. 

On most mornings, the playful dolphins spend a lot of time playing in the lagoon before heading out at night to hunt.

During a boat tour of the reef, you can witness their daring bow-riding antics up close. The local community protects the dolphins and has declared the reef a marine protected area. 

Due to their natural behavior, these delightful creatures cannot be fed or bathed, but their proximity will make you forget.

2. Explore Remote Islands and Coral Reefs

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The romance of traveling by yacht comes from the freedom of being able to hop from island to island, anchor in secret bays, and spend sun-filled days hiking, snorkeling, and living off the ocean.

Fiji’s tropical islands and rich cultural heritage make this region one of the top cruising destinations. You can charter a yacht from Taveuni or chart a course through the islands on your craft. 

Savusavu, the most easterly port of call, is the best place to fulfill your Fiji Customs duties and stock up on supplies if you’re entering Fiji from the east. 

The local market offers Kava (the root of the Piper methysticum plant) so that you can take some home with you, as well as the traditional protocol of presenting a gift to remote villages whose territory you enter.

You should pick up a copy of the annual Fiji Shores and Marinas guide if you haven’t already. It’s packed with useful tips and tidbits about sailing the Fiji group.

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3.Take A Small Cruise Ship to See The Islands

While some of Fiji’s most beautiful regions, the Lau and Lomaiviti islands remain some of the remotest in the country. With a handful of resorts, airstrips, and ferries, their simple, unchanged nature is what makes them so alluring.

Captain Cook Cruises offers a 7-night Colonial Cruise through Levuka that includes exploring an isolated former leper colony, visiting a turtle nursery, and staying at a quaint colonial lodge.  

With the slightly longer 11-night Lau Discovery Cruise, you can explore the amazing sea caves of Qilaqila Bay and kayak past the mushroom-shaped islands that dot Fulaga’s turquoise lagoon.  

Cruise here, and you’ll discover new islands to hike, swim in, and explore every day.

4.Dive to spectacular remote coral reefs

Fiji’s Lomaiviti Reefs ranks among the best dive sites in the world. You can access them from resorts like Leleuvia, Toberua, or Wakaya, or go on a liveaboard trip on the ‘Nai’a.’

The Captain Cook Cruises are another option for diving into these uncrowded reefs. With an onboard dive partner, you can dive just about anywhere the ship drops anchor. 

The cruises to these remote regions only take place a few times a year, so check itineraries to book your spot.  

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5.Visit Levuka: Fiji’s Only Unesco World Heritage Site

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Levuka was Fiji’s capital for just 8 years before it was relocated to Suva in 1882, but its roots go much deeper, back to when the town was a whaling station decades earlier.  

The UNESCO-listed townOpens in a new tab. is surrounded by 600m of cliffs, and its clock tower church exudes old-world charm, which is also evident in the rows of weatherboard homes on Beach Street.  

You can brush up on the town’s colorful history in the town’s community center while on a guided walk. You’ll see many of Fiji’s firsts, such as the first school, post office, and newspaper. 

The Royal Hotel (circa the 1860s) is the oldest operating hotel in the Pacific, so make sure to finish your tour with a cold drink at the historic Ovalau Club.

6. Cruising Fiji’s Outer Islands

You can explore Fiji’s outer islands best on a small ship cruise such as the Reef Endeavour, offered by Captain Cook Cruises Fiji. They sail to Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Lomaiviti, and Lau islands.

Captain Cook Cruises Fiji visits Fiji’s northern islands ten times each year on the Colonial Discovery and Four Cultures Discovery Cruises and twice a year on the Lau and Kadavu Discovery Cruise.

First, on the Colonial Discovery Cruise, the Reef Endeavour visits remote Levuka on the island of Ovalau, which was Fiji’s capital during the French colonial period. 

Known for its colonial architecture, this historical landmark boasts waterfront promenades and the historic Royal Hotel, the longest-running property in the South Pacific. 

On this cruise, you can experience an aboriginal ceremony at Makogai Island, visit the hot springs, pearl farms, and markets in Savusavu, and swim in the Bouma Waterfall Lagoon on the Garden Island of Taveuni.

Fiji’s culture combines the influences of Polynesian neighbors with British colonial rule. The Four Cultures Discovery Cruise introduces visitors to indigenous peoples such as Ellice (Tuvalu) Islanders, Barnabas Islanders, Indians, and Fijian people.

Enjoy the varied cultures of Vanua Levu with a visit to the Hindu snake temple, a trip to the bustling market, and an evening of Bollywood film at a local hotel. 

Also visited on the cruise are Kioa Island, home to Polynesian displaced from Tuvalu Island by rising sea levels, and Rabi Island, inhabited by Banabas people from Ocean Island, Kiribati relocated to Fiji in 1945.

There are nearly 200 islands in the Lau Group, spanning from the north of Fiji down to the east of Kadavu in the far south. 

The island group has 57 islets, of which only 30 are inhabited, and these have no public transportation or restaurants. 

In the south, the Kadavu Group comprises four main islands, including the Great Astrolabe Reef, a premier diving site. 

A waterfall swim, ancient ruins exploration, and untouched coral reefs are among the cruise’s highlights. 

The trip includes visits to the mushroom-shaped islands of Qilaqila, the lagoon of Vuaqava Island, and the caves, reefs, and lagoons of Qilaqila at night while experiencing traditional Fijian dance and Lovo cooking.

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7. Fiji’s Dive Liveaboards

Imagine a dive site fresh from the ocean every morning. The Fiji Islands archipelago is home to over 300 islands, along with numerous coral reefs. 

Dive liveaboards offer the chance to explore Fiji’s remote dive sites, such as the Namena Marine Reserve in the Lomaiviti islands and the Great Sea Reef, which are inaccessible to most dive resorts.

Liveaboard diving in Fiji offers two advantages; you can dive more sites in a short period and explore more remote dive sites, such as the Great Sea Reef and Namena Marine Reserve, Fiji’s largest marine protected area.

Two liveaboards offer dive tours in Fiji: the Nai’a liveaboard sails the Bligh Water and the Koro Sea, and Captain Cook Cruises offers diving aboard the small MV Reef Endeavour.

The Nai’a Liveaboard departs from Lautoka year-round, and some of Fiji’s best diving sites can be found in the Bligh Water, the Koro Sea, Wakaya, and Namena areas. 

The dive sites around Wakaya Island are bordered by a 1,000-metre deep channel through which humpback, sperm, and pilot whales transit. Manta rays are often seen at cleaning stations as well as hammerhead sharks cruising by. 

As part of Nai’a’s 10-day charter, divers can experience remote dive sites such as the Koro Sea and renowned dive sites such as Nigali Passage around Gau Island.

There is a PADI dive team on board Captain Cook’s small ship, the MV Reef Endeavour. 

Departing from the port of Denarau every week, touring the islands of Mamanuca and Yasawa, it also offers two northern itineraries with the option to dive into all the best sites, including the Great Sea Reef, Rainbow Reef, and Nemana Marine Reserve. The bi-annual Lau and Kadavu routes include somosomo straight and diving and the remote Lau Group and Kadavu.

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Why should you visit outer islands in Fiji?

Many reasons exist to visit Fiji’s outer islands, most of them motivated more by a sense of “why not” than logic. 

Perhaps traveling to one of the outer islands is worth the extra time and cost! While you might not have as many great experiences on the mainland, there are still a few pleasant things to do on top of the beautiful island scenery on the island.

A Sense of Tranquillity

Among those outer islands are postcard-perfect vistas with stunning beach views, snorkeling options near the beaches, and a tranquil atmosphere. 

Certainly, the outer islands provide a sense of seclusion that Fiji’s main island lacks.

Just One Place

Several island groups offer island-hopping, but most tend to stay in one place, which is great because you will not suffer from decision fatigue from a range of things to do.

The resort offers several ways to get out and enjoy yourself, including scuba diving, cruising, kayaking, and village visits. But mostly, you’re here for relaxation.

The Best Photo Opportunities

Fiji is famous for its beautiful landscapes, whether it’s rocky volcanic peaks jutting from atop an island with palm trees and sandy beaches in the Yasawa Islands or tropical rainforests and waterfalls on larger islands like Taveuni.

Best Things To Do In Outer Islands, Fiji
1. Visit Moon Reef to watch dolphins 2. Explore remote islands and coral reefs
3. Take A Small Cruise Ship to See The Islands
4. Dive to spectacular remote coral reefs
5. Visit Levuka: Fiji’s Only Unesco World Heritage Site 6.Cruising Fiji’s Outer Islands 7.Fiji’s Dive Liveaboards

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