Magnificent 17 Best Things To Do In Taveuni, Fiji

Magnificent 17 Best Things To Do In Taveuni, Fiji

Although Taveuni is the third-largest island in Fiji, it can offer awesome activities. Taveuni almost has an overwhelming choice of things to do, including waterfalls, coral reefs, hikes in volcanic mountain ranges, birdwatching, horseback riding, cultural village tours, and more. 

Here are a few of the main highlights on Taveuni – the must-do things on the island.

Magnificent 17 Best Things To Do In Taveuni, Fiji

1.Explore the Island, Beaches, and Villages on Horseback

The village of Taveuni is one of the few places in Fiji where horse riding is available to explore the beaches, jungles, and mountains. 

With a local guide, you’ll horseback ride about 1,000 feet/300 meters up a mountain with magnificent views on the way back and then canter on the beach on your way out. 

Guests can explore Laucala Island on horseback with eight majestic Fijian horses. Horseback riding is available at Tides Reach Resort, Vacala Bay Resort, Beverly’s Campground, and so much more!

2.Sail to Honeymoon Island for a Beach Picnic

Discover one of Fiji’s most beautiful cruising grounds on a sailing trip with Vacala Bay Resort. 

The luxury villa takes guests to Honeymoon Island, where they can snorkel, kayak, or paddleboard. They can also relax on the yacht’s expansive nets while sipping wine and taking in the spectacular views. 

Honeymoon Island cruises are also available from Taveuni Island Resort & Spa, accompanied by a gourmet picnic hamper.

3.Check out Bouma Falls

Those not interested in walking but still interested in seeing the natural beauty of Taveuni should consider Tavoro Falls, popularly referred to as Bouma Falls. 

In Bouma National Heritage Park, the Tavoro visitor center is located at Korovou Village (or Bouma Village), where you can rent a bike to explore the breathtaking Bouma waterfalls on your own. 

The first waterfall is only ten minutes away from the start, the next is 40 minutes away, and the next is 1 hour and ten minutes away. 

Although the last waterfall requires a longer hike, it is well worth it due to the 10m/33ft waterfall cascading directly into one of the best swimming holes in the area… Plus, most visitors do not make it this far.

4.Wairiki Catholic Mission ChurchOpens in a new tab.

Built-in 1907, this beautiful Catholic church is a fascinating reminder of Fiji’s colonial past. It honors a French missionary whose religious teachings helped Taveuni’s natives defeat an army of invading Tongans. 

Sitting atop a grass verge overlooking the Somosomo Strait, this cream-hued stone building stands out against Taveuni’s deep-green, mist-covered peaks in the background. 

There are high beam ceilings and large windows that fill the interior with natural light.

5.Waitavala Waterslides

Photo Credit – Manasa BogionoOpens in a new tab.

There is a narrow creek of cascading water just 20 minutes walk away from Waiyevo town that is sometimes used as a waterslide, weather permitting. 

Get down on your bum, to begin with, and when you feel more confident, you can try to stand up – local children enjoy showing you how. 

Almost miraculously, you land in the bottom of an enchanted pool – the exact site where scenes from the 1980 romantic adventure film Blue Lagoon were filmed.

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6. Gaiatree’s Foodie Feasts

Gaiatree Sanctuary offers mouthwatering menus and delicious concoctions from its nectar lab. Its breathtaking hilltop views and handcrafted seasonal menus will tantalize your taste buds.  

There are also tours of the extensive organic garden and the opportunity to help out in the collaborative kitchen.

7.Sample Real Fijian Food in a Village Visit or Homestay

Meals are served to guests at a very reasonable cost, and guests enjoy fresh seafood, root crops such as taro, and tropical fruits such as breadfruit. Meals are traditionally eaten with hands on the ground – the real Fiji!

8.Surf, the Epic Reef, Breaks at Qamea Island

Taveuni is a perfect base for a surf holiday because the waves off Qamea and Matangi islands are pumping from November to April. 

These reef breaks, best for intermediate to experienced surfers, are blissfully uncrowded. Check out some of Taveuni’s best surf spots in 5 Surf Spots in Taveuni. 

The surf has become very popular on Taveuni, so several resorts specialize in it, such as Matangi Private Island Resort, Qamea Resort & Spa, Tides Reach Resort, and Maqai Beach Eco Resort.

9.Vuna Blowholes

Taveuni’s southern tip is home to a row of blowholes formed by the water crashing onto the jagged coastline and rushing into crevices in the volcanic rocks. 

When the wind blows, gusts form white mists that form around the spouting water. It is a unique geological site that occasionally spurts water to heights of up to 50 meters.

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10.International Date Line

You can hop from the current day to the next at the International Date Line, which runs through Taveuni near the town of Waiyevo. 

There is a big wooden map of the island that is split in two. While the country only officially observes a one-time zone, Taveuni sits at a longitude of 180 degrees, which means the west side of the island exists in one day and the east side.

11.Des Voeux Peak / Tagimoucia

Get off the beaten track and onto the 4WD road near Des Vouex Peak to find a Jurassic-like jungle full of native birds. Bird watchers should be on the lookout for the Blue Crested Flycatcher and Orange Dove.

Hikers can continue their journey to Lake Tagimoucia, a deep crater 823m above sea level, where the scarlet endemic Tagimoucia flower blooms every year from October through December. 

12.Enjoy Spa Treatments in the Jungle

On Taveuni, you’ll find plenty of relaxing opportunities for your whole family, especially at its award-winning spas. 

Jungle-themed spa treatments are available at the Jungle Spa on Qamea Island, located deep in the Jungle on this tropical island. 

Experience the ultimate in luxury and privacy by enjoying an in-villa massage at Raiwasa Grand Villa or Vacala Bay Resort.

13.Walk the Lavena Coastal Track

Photo Credit – Thomas BakerOpens in a new tab.

You must walk the Lavena Coastal Walk at Bouma if you will only do one walk at the park. The walk begins at the Lavena Lodge’s beach and is accessible for a small fee. 

This three-hour return walk includes a variety of coastlines, including black sand beaches and volcanic cliffs, as well as a suspension bridge. 

A beautiful underwater passage frames the falls at the end of the walk, which you can swim through for a better view. There is a rope to guide you to the left side of the passage, where you can then hold on to a ridge to get closer to the falls. 

In addition to the walk, you can access this section through a kayak tour offered by Lavena Lodge.

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14.Lavena Coast

Taveuni’s rugged southern coast begins with the Lavena Coastal Walk, a winding coastal track that takes you past incredible beaches, across rivers dotted with rocks, and through Jungle dotted with vines, all before ending with a dip in some spectacular waterfalls.  

Even more wild is the kayak trip along the remote rocky coast, where waterfalls fall straight into the ocean.

15.Somosomo Strait

The Somosomo Strait lies between Taveuni and Vanua Levu and is home to some of the most astounding marine life in the entire archipelago. 

Divers can observe a vast array of sea creatures darting through the fuchsia and orange corals that flourish in the strong currents found in this spectacular underwater world.

There are also many highly unusual formations in the strait, such as the Great White Wall, an enormous rock formation covered in delicate snowflake-like corals that comes to a sudden, dramatic vertical drop.

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Qamea is an islet just off the coast of Taveuni and is worth a short detour with its beautiful white-sand beaches, palm-fringed beaches, and emerald-green peaks. 

Between November and December, the ancient city of Qamea is home to the lairo, which is a migration of thousands of red land crabs to the sea to mate.

17.Scuba Dive Among the Famed Rainbow Reef and the White Wall

It is a no-brainer to go scuba diving on Taveuni’s Rainbow Reef. This coral reef boasts 30 dive sites, 390 kinds of corals, and more than 1,500 species of vibrant fish. 

It is not uncommon to see giant groupers, blue-ribbon eels, sea turtles, sharks, and lionfish. One of the most stunning features of the Rainbow Reef is the White Wall, a 150ft/46m coral structure covered in soft, white coral. 

Taveuni and Qamea, and Matangi have plenty of accommodation options. Still, dive resorts such as the Taveuni Dive Resort, Nakia Resort, and Taveuni Island Resort & Spa are the best places to start.

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What are the free and cheap things to do in Taveuni, Fiji?

Yes, the biggest highlights of the island are free or very inexpensive, including scuba diving, fishing charters, and cruises! There is also no need to spend big bucks for expensive excursions like a cruise or a fishing charter!

The beautiful natural environment of Fiji’s “Garden Island” can be experienced by visiting waterfalls, water slides, hikes, birdwatching, snorkeling, and planting coral. 

Discover some of our favorite free and cheap activities on Taveuni with this list.

  • Listen to the Singing at the Holy Cross Church
  • Check Out the Vuna Blowhole
  • Hike to De Voeux Peak
  • Take on the Waitavala Waterslide
  • Learn How to Plant Coral
  • Get a Photo with the International Dateline
  • Walk the Lavena Coastal Walk
  • Check Out Bouma Falls
  • Visit Peckham Pearl Farm
  • Snorkel at the Waitabu Marine Park

What romantic activities to do in Taveuni, Fiji?

Fiji is one of the most romantic islands globally, so start thinking of romantic experiences you can share with your loved one.

You can spend time with your spouse on Taveuni regardless of whether you are an adventuresome couple who loves kayaking, scuba diving, jungle hiking, or a relaxed couple who prefers a luxury resort. 

Get inspired by this list of romantic activities on Taveuni for couples on Fiji’s “Garden Island.”

  • Relax at an Adult-Only or Private Resort
  • Have a Romantic Private Beach Picnic
  • Observe the clearest skies in the world while stargazing.
  • Kayak or paddleboard through the Bays and Coral Reefs
  • Relax with a Couples Massage
  • Get together to kiteboard, dive or ride horses
  • Chasing Waterfalls in Bouma National Heritage Park
  • Take an Adventure Through the Jungle on the Vidawa Rainforest Hike
  • Enjoy the Perks of a Resort Honeymoon Package
  • Sail to Honeymoon Island

What are the best villas in Taveuni, Fiji?

The Garden Island of Taveuni, now dubbed “Garden Island,” deserves the privacy of a private villa. Here are the types of villas you can enjoy: villas located in resorts and villas that offer more privacy in an oasis of tranquility. 

This quick list of villas on Taveuni covers some of the best options for those seeking a luxury escape as well as a more independent holiday.

  • Maravu Lodge Villas
  • Makaira Resort Villas
  • Raiwasa Grand Villa
  • Aroha Taveuni
  • Taveuni Rental Accommodations

What are the best resorts to stay in Taveuni, Fiji?

Fiji’s Garden Island offers a wide range of stunning resorts perfect for all types of travelers. Most are positioned directly on the beach with the lush tropical Jungle as a backdrop. 

On Taveuni, you will find resorts for everyone, whether you’re looking for luxury, a family vacation, or the perfect place to tie the knot. 

This list of resorts on the islands of Taveuni, Qamea, and Matangi shows you some of your best options.

  • Vacala Bay Resort
  • Makaira Resort
  • Paradise Taveuni
  • Waruka Bay Resort
  • Taveuni Dive Resort
  • Aroha Taveuni Resort
  • Tides Reach Resort
  • Maqai Eco Beach Resort
  • Matangi Private Island Resort
  • Taveuni Island Resort & Spa

What adult-only activities to do in Taveuni, Fiji?

Understandably, not everyone enjoys “Fiji time” with kids splashing in the pool and tantrums echoing throughout the resort… 

The majority of Taveuni’s accommodation is boutique and private, so that you won’t have that problem here. 

Here are a few ideas for adult-only activities in Taveuni to ensure a peaceful, stress-free holiday and perhaps even to set the tone right for a romantic getaway.

  • Join in on a Kava Session
  • Take a Private Fishing Charter and catch some Whoppers
  • Go on a Self-Guided Kayaking, Paddleboarding or Sailing Adventure
  • Enjoy a private beach picnic
  • Learn to Kiteboard at Vacala Bay
  • Indulge in a Relaxing Spa Treatment
  • Trek the Less-Trafficked Trails on Qamea, Matangi, and Laucala
  • Practice Wellness in a Yoga Class
  • Surf breaks off Qamea Island
  • Explore Rainbow Reef or Qamea Island by scuba diving

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What are the best hotels in Taveuni to stay in?

Intriguingly, there is not a single accommodation on Taveuni that calls itself a hotel. 

Even so, if you’re looking for characterful accommodations on Fiji’s “Garden Island,” you’ll find plenty with resorts, private villas, cottages, lodges, and guesthouses. 

This list of hotels on Taveuni includes some of our top recommendations.

  • Beverly’s Campground
  • Taveuni Palms Resort
  • Nakia Resort
  • Chottu’s Motel
  • Bibi’s Hideaway
  • Qamea Resort & Spa
  • Raiwasa Private Resort
  • Garden Island Resort
  • Maravu Lodge
  • Coconut Grove Beachfront Cottages

What things to do in Taveuni for foodies?

You can explore the culture of Fiji through its food, and you have certainly found an amazing place to do so on the Garden Island. 

The locals have harvested the tropical crops on Taveuni and its neighboring islands of Qamea, Laucala, and Matangi for centuries. 

Find out with this list of things to do on Taveuni for foodies. We’ll give you some ideas.

  • Visit the Fruit Stalls and Town Markets
  • Enjoy a Private Dining Experience with Your Loved One
  • Catch Your Dinner on a Fishing Charter
  • Experience authentic Fijian food in a village homestay
  •  Do a Superfood Tour of Taveuni Island
  • Indulge in a Traditional Lovo Feast
  • Discover all the uses of coconuts at a Coconut Show.
  • Join in on a Kava Ceremony
  • Discover Natural Medicines on a Walking Tour
  • Learn to cook Fijian cuisine in a cooking class or demonstration.

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What are the best Honeymoon resorts in Taveuni, Fiji?

Wedding venues on Taveuni offer a wide variety of unique activities for honeymooners, and the resorts make setting up the perfect wedding a breeze.

Several romantic experiences can be enjoyed together at these accommodations, including honeymoon suites, wedding and honeymoon packages, and a variety of memorable experiences. 

Here are some of Taveuni’s most romantic resorts.

  • Qamea Resort & Spa
  • Taveuni Palms Resort
  • Tides Reach Resort
  • Raiwasa Private Resort
  • Coconut Grove Beach Cottages
  • Paradise Taveuni
  • Garden Island Resort
  • Vacala Bay Resort
  • Taveuni Island Resort & Spa
  • Matangi Private Island Resort

What luxury activities to do in Taveuni, Fiji?

A place as remarkable as Taveuni and its surrounding islands deserves wonderful experiences. 

Whether you are scuba diving at famous sites or enjoying the lush tropical gardens for a spa treatment, Fiji’s Garden Island offers many fine ways to explore its mesmerizing landscape and seascape. 

Listed below are some of the top luxurious activities on Taveuni.

  • Escape to an Adult-only Retreat
  • Play 18 holes of championship golf on a private island
  • Discover Taveuni on an All-inclusive Cruise
  • Take a Taveuni Highlights Tour to see waterfalls and towns
  • Explore the islands, beaches, and villages by horseback
  • Fish the Oceans’ Most Sought-After Game Fish
  • Dine privately in the villa or on the beach
  • Enjoy Spa Treatments in the Jungle
  • Take a Yacht Cruise to Honeymoon Island
  • Discover the famed Rainbow Reef and the White Wall

What best things to do in Taveuni with kids and family?

If your family enjoys adventure together, Taveuni is sure to delight. With both onshore and offshore activities, families can learn about marine life, the Fijian culture, rainforests, and more! 

This list of things to do on Taveuni with kids explains what a family can do on Fiji’s “Garden Island.”

  • Trust the resort nanny with your kids
  • Take a tour of Na Bogi Ono Farms
  • Take a spin on the Waitavala Sliding Rocks
  • Take a Photo with One Foot in Today and One in Yesterday.
  • Explore the Bays by Kayak
  • Ride a horse along the beach or through a volcanic crater.
  • Walk and Play in the Bouma Falls
  • Catch Dinner on a Fijian Fishing Trip
  • See What a Fijian School is Like on a Village Tour
  • Snorkel the Rainbow Reef or Waitabu Marine Reserve

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What are the best wedding venues in Taveuni, Fiji?

There are so many wedding venues to choose from on a tropical island that you’ll have trouble deciding. 

Taveuni’s resorts have the expertise to guide you in choosing the perfect venue, from easy-to-organize events on the resort’s premises (almost always including a beach) to elaborate affairs by Taveuni’s most famous waterfall. 

Here’s a list of wedding venues on Taveuni where you could tie the knot.

  • Taveuni Palms Resort
  • Laucala Island
  • Qamea Resort & Spa
  • Garden Island Resort
  • Paradise Taveuni
  • Vacala Bay Resort
  • Tides Reach Resort
  • Matangi Private Island Resort
  • Coconut Grove Beachfront Cottages
  • Taveuni Island Resort & Spa

Best Things To Do In Taveuni, Fiji
1. Sail to Honeymoon Island for a Beach Picnic
2. Check out Bouma Falls
3. Wairiki Catholic Mission Church
4. Waitavala WaterslidesGaiatree’s Foodie Feasts
6. Sample Real Fijian Food in a Village Visit or Homestay
7. Surf, the Epic Reef, Breaks at Qamea Island
8. Vuna Blowholes
9. International Date Line
10.Des Voeux Peak / Tagimoucia
11. Enjoy Spa Treatments in the Jungle
12. Walk the Lavena Coastal Track
13. Tavoro Falls
14. Lavena Coast
15. Bouma Falls
16. Somosomo Strait
17. Qamea
18. Scuba Dive Among the Famed Rainbow Reef and the White Wall
19. Explore the Island, Beaches, and Villages on Horseback

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