Labuhan Bakti Beach- Stunning White Sand Beach In Simeuleu, Aceh

Labuhan Bakti Beach- Stunning White Sand Beach In Simeuleu, Aceh

If you want a relaxing vacation and some pampering, the beach is a great place. The beach always provides us with peace and tranquility. Don’t hold on to them anymore.

There is a fabulous beach known as Labuhan Bakti located in the South Teupah subdistrict. The beach is called Labuhan Bakti Beach, but it is more commonly called Thai Beach.

The port has been named Beach Thailand because Thai traders used it to send wooden containers to Thailand from 1993 to 2003.

As a result, the merchants had to set up a camp as a temporary residence. As a result, Labuhan Bakti Beach is also called Thailand Beach by locals.

Do you want to learn more about Labuhan Bakti Beach and what it is like to be surrounded by such a beautiful landscape? Take a look!

Various Kinds Of Tours In Labuhan Bakti Beach

The charm of beauty presented by Labuhan Bakti Beach or Thailand Beach are:

1. Beauty Of Labuhan Bakti Beach

Stunning white sand and clear blue water line of Labuhan Bakti Beach, surrounded by trees and decorated with clear blue seawater.

Those of you who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world will find Labuhan Bakti Beach to be very peaceful and quiet. In addition to the clean beach, there is still a lovely atmosphere.

There is no other beach more gorgeous than Labuhan Bakti Beach, with wonderfully blue water that appears endless at a distance, accompanied by a gentle breeze and small waves.

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2. Snorkeling

At Labuhan Bakti Beach, the seawater is clear, which indicates a lot of marine life in the pond. As well as enjoying the beauty of nature, you will also be able to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.

Snorkeling is easy because the water is calm, and you can see various kinds of fish on coral reefs.

3. Free Diving

Freediving involves holding your breath under the surface of the water for a while. When Free Diving, no air tubes are used.

This differs from Scuba Diving, where the air is pumped through tubes during diving. As a result, Free Diving requires the ability to hold your breath for a much longer time.

Labuhan Bakti Beach’s underwater beauty is even more impressive. You can find many other underwater wonders as well.

4. Photo Spot

Labuhan Bakti Beach offers many exciting photo opportunities and a beautiful sunset, and a white stretch of sand for miles.

It has a stretch of grassland that you won’t want to miss. There are a variety of activities available there.

Visitors come to Labuhan Beach with their families, and some spend more time playing on the grass than on the beach.

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Labuhan Bakti Beach Offers The Fllowing Facilities

At Labuhan Bakti Beach, parking lots, public toilets, mosques, and a simple gazebo on the outskirts of the beach are available. There is also a place where you can rent snorkeling equipment.

Where Is Labuhan Bakti Beach Located?

It is located in Batu City, Simeulue Tim, Simeuleu Regency, Aceh Zip Code 24782.

How To Go Labuhan Bakti Beach?

It is located in Simeulue Regency, which is surrounded by 41 small islands.

For those of you from outside Simeulue Regency, there are two modes of transportation: sea and air.

Ferry routes along the sea:

  • From Singkil District Port to Sinabang Port
  • From Labuhan Haji South Aceh to Sinabang Port
  • From Kuala Bubun Port, West Aceh Regency to Sinabang Port
  • From Calang Aceh Jaya Port to Sinabang Port

Air routes by plane:

  • From Kualanamu International Airport to Lasikin Airport in Sinabang City
  • From Cut Nyak Dien Airport to Lasikin Airport in Sinabang City

At Sinabang Port and Lasikin Airport, rent a vehicle or take a motorcycle rickshaw or Bentor to Labuhan Bakti Beach.

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What Is The Entrance Ticket Price Of Labuhan Bakti Beach?

Labuhan Bakti Beach is free, so you don’t even have to spend a dime to enjoy its beauty.

What Is The Accommodations Around Labuhan Bakti Beach?

You can visit several inns on Simeulue Island, including:

  • Simeulue Nanik Surfcamp
  • Simeulue Surflodges
  • Batu Rundung Surf Resort
  • Kita Surf Resort

Labuhan Bakti Beach Travel Tips

Here are some tips for those of you who intend to visit Labuhan Bakti Beach:

  • You should know the departure schedule of both the plane and the ferry.
  • Use a hat or sunglasses to reduce sun exposure.
  • Don’t forget clothes or equipment to change into.
  • Keep the environment clean.
  • Prepare your gadgets to capture every moment.
  • Always follow the customs of the surrounding community.

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Natural beauty comes from God’s creation. Mountains can make us more grateful, waterfalls can make us complacent, and beaches can calm us down.

This Beach is perfect for travelers seeking tranquility since it offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

The scenery is impressive, and you can continue to gaze towards the beach, which seems to extend on forever.

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