20 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions To Visit In Aceh Tamiang

20 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions To Visit In Aceh Tamiang

For those looking for exciting and unique tourist attractions in the Aceh region, you can come to Aceh Tamiang. Some of you may still be unfamiliar with Aceh Tamiang when this region was part of East Aceh.

But over time, Aceh Tamiang is now a regency itself, and its capital is Karang Baru. Aceh Tamiang has 12 sub-districts, and each has a tourist spot that you must visit when visiting Aceh Tamiang.

Tourist destinations in Aceh Tamiang are pretty diverse, ranging from marine tourism, waterfall tourism, historical tourism, and others.

Aceh Tamiang does offer natural beauty that combines with culture and local wisdom that is truly amazing.

Although Aceh Tamiang is located far from Banda Aceh, with a distance of about 458 kilometers, you are guaranteed to have no regrets when coming to this region.

Because Aceh Tamiang is guaranteed to pamper you during your vacation here, don’t forget to bring your family or loved ones with you to make your holiday in Aceh Tamiang feel more memorable.

20 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions To Visit In Aceh Tamiang

If you wish to vacation in Aceh Tamiang, here is a list of the best tourist attractions you need to know.

1.Kuala Paret

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The first tourist destination on our list is Kuala Paret, which has rocks that seem to have been moved by a green river flow.

Kuala Paret looks so exotic and charming that it is not surprising that many tourists visit it. The new tourist attraction Kuala Paret is still suitable compared to other popular tourist sites in the Aceh region, even though it opened in 2017.

If you are interested in visiting Kuala Paret, you can travel to Aloy Village or about 3 kilometers from Karang Baru. You do not need to worry if you plan to visit Kuala Paret now that the access and infrastructure are in place.

To get to Kuala Paret, you have to pass through a hollow palm oil plantation. But the trip seemed to pay off with the beauty of Kuala Paret. 

Together with the beauty of the surrounding nature, you will be welcomed by the sound of splashing water.

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2.Kuala Ketapang Beach/Pantai Kuala Ketapang

Speaking of Aceh Tamiang, it is less complete if you do not discuss beach tourism. Aceh Tamiang has a beach called Kuala Ketapang Beach.

This beach is located in Kampung Masjid Sungai Iyu, Bendahara, Aceh Tamiang. This beach has a uniqueness that draws a lot of tourists.

Its uniqueness lies in its shoreline, which appears similar to Lampuuk Beach in Aceh Besar. This long coastline presents a blue ocean that is sure to spoil the eyes.

Furthermore, there are also fir trees in this beach area that add to the beauty of the scenery around the beach.

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3.Shell Hill/Bukit Kerang

One of the best tourist attractions in Aceh Tamiang is Bukit Kerang. So far, many people think that Bukit Kerang is only in Bintan, but it is also in Aceh Tamiang.

Bukit Kerang is located in Gampong Jabu Labu Village, Bendahara, Aceh Tamiang. The naming of Bukit Kerang is based on the discovery of neatly drained shells.

The study results indicate that Bukit Kerang is authentic evidence of ancient humans living in Aceh in prehistoric times. Therefore, Kerang hill is a popular tourist destination for both natural and historical reasons.

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4.Kaloy Hot Springs/Pemandian Air Panas Kaloy

Besides having marine tourism, Aceh Tamiang also has other natural attractions that are no less attractive to visit, namely Kaloy Hot Spring.

This tourist spot is still not managed optimally even though this hot spring is very potential to be developed. Uniquely, tourism objects like this still do not exist in Aceh Tamiang, so its existence is guaranteed to be a magnet for tourists.

Kaloy Hot Spring has water flowing from the rock gap, but the water contains sulfur. No need to worry because the sulfur content in hot water is beneficial for curing various skin diseases.

Besides the hot spring baths, visitors will enjoy a beautiful expanse of green natural scenery along the river. A Kaloy hot spring bath is an excellent option for those who prefer nature to fill their holidays.

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5.Pandan Mountain River/ Sungai Gunung Pandan

The next tourist spot in Aceh Tamiang is Gunung Pandan River. Tourism objects of this kind are trendy in Aceh Tamiang because of their unique nature.

This river has a green water flow, so it is no wonder that it is always crowded with tourists, especially during holidays.

The location of Gunung Pandan River is in Tenggulun Village, which is already well managed. Usually, this location is also used for camping or scouting exercises.

For those who like nature and wish to visit the Gunung Panda River, you must travel for 2 hours from Karang Baru, but the beautiful scenery of plantations will spoil you.

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6.7-Level Waterfall/Air Terjun 7 Tingkat

There is still nature tourism in Aceh Tamiang, but this time you can see the 7-story waterfall. The waterfall located on Jalan Aceh-Medan offers the beauty of a waterfall that has 7 levels.

The waterfall’s shape is commonly called a 7-tier waterfall, aside from its stunning beauty.

You can enjoy the beauty of the stunning natural panorama around the waterfall. The cool air and clear waterfalls are certainly the right combinations to unwind.

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7.Coral Palace/Istana Karang

There are also many historical tours in Aceh Tamiang; one of them is Karang Palace. 

This palace consists of 2 palaces with a separate location. The palace was used to settle King Tamiang, who is still active as king of the Sultanate of Deli.

But unfortunately, this palace looks poorly maintained, so many tourists are concerned about its condition. According to information provided by the surrounding residents, the coral palace has undergone several improvements, from painting the walls to changing tenants several times.

You can find a see-through room in the window of this palace. The inside of several giant drums resembles a bedug, which is usually used for takbiran.

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8.King’s Continental Palace/Istana Benua Raja

The King’s Continental Palace still has a relationship with the Coral Palace, but the palace is managed by the heirs who live in the palace.

At first glance, the King’s Continental Palace looks like an ordinary house but can be seen more closely. This palace is built in the Dutch architectural style with a dominant yellow color.

King’s Continental Palace is located in The King’s Continent Village, Kec. This region does look well maintained so that tourists can still enjoy the remnants of history in the past.

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9.Sangka Pane Waterfall/Air Terjun Sangka Pane

Another waterfall tour that you should not miss while on vacation in Aceh Tamiang is Sangka Pane Waterfall. You must walk a bit to reach this waterfall as it is located in the interior area.

But the struggle to get to the waterfall’s location will pay off with the beauty of 17 levels of waterfalls that spoil the eyes.

The waterfall located in Campega Village, Bandar Pusaka, Aceh Tamiang, can be reached 50 kilometers from Karang Baru.

With the sound of the water flowing rapidly and the clarity of this waterfall, you can’t help but want to touch it. Moreover, the beautiful trees surrounding the waterfall will undoubtedly make anyone fall in love with it.

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10.Balai Beach/Pantai Balai

Aceh Tamiang has some stunning beaches, including Balai Beach. This beach is located in Balai Village in Seruway District.

Balai Beach offers stunning beach beauty and a cool sea breeze. During your trip to this beach area, you will undoubtedly experience the shahdu nuance because of the stretch of sand and seawater.

11.Twin Waterfalls/Air Terjun Kembar

While in Aceh Tamiang, there are other waterfalls to visit besides Sangka Pane and the 7-level waterfall, including Kembar waterfall.

The naming of these twin waterfalls is related to the existence of two waterfalls lining one place. The waterfall located in Kampong Tenggulun, Kec Tunggulun, Tenggulun can be reached as far as 60 kilometers from Karang Baru.

With two twin waterfalls, visitors can see a natural scenery that is still very natural while at this waterfall. Additionally, you can play water or swim around the waterfall.

You’ll feel welcomed for so long in this clean and freshwater environment.

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12.Swallow Cave/Gua Walet

The next tourist spot in Aceh Tamiang is Gua Walet. This place offers a cave with a swallow’s nest in it. 

Although the location of this cave is far from the city center, you do not have to worry. This cave has been well maintained so that it is an exciting tourist destination.

13.Tangsar Alur Biak/Tangsar Alur Biak

This tourist spot has a unique name and is a bathing place located in Gampong Bengkelang, Bandar Pusaka, Aceh Tamiang.

Naturally, this bath offers natural beauty that is still very beautiful and natural. For those of you who want to play water while enjoying the beauty of nature, then Tangsar Alur Biak is the right place to do so.

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14.Cave Door Quarry/Gua Pintu Kuari

The cave-in Aceh Tamiang is both a cultural and prehistoric site. You can see ornaments that become evidence that ancient humans once inhabited the cave when entering this cave.

The phenomenon amazes visitors and makes them distrust the prehistoric past. If you are curious about the Pintu Kuari cave, then go to this cave by traveling 45 kilometers from the district capital.

15.Golf Course Tour/Wisata Lapangan Golf

This golf course is not included in nature tourism but has a beautiful setting that many people enjoy.

To get to this golf course tour, you have to travel 17 kilometers as this golf course is in Gampong, Rantau District.

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16.Busung Ciung Beach/Pantai Busung Ciung

Busung Ciung Beach is located in Seuway Subdistrict, Aceh Tamiang. This beach is a type of beach that is still very natural and presents a pleasant environment.

To get to Busung Ciung Beach, you have to take the sea route by motorboat or speedboat. The journey to this beach is quite long as you have to change motorboats twice.

Even so, when you arrive at Busung Ciung Beach, you will enjoy the natural beauty of the beach that is 2 kilometers long.

Since it is still naturally occurring, it is not surprising that there are no sellers around the beach. It would be nice to bring food and drinks.

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17.Rukui Island Beach/Pantai Pulau Rukui

You can visit Rukui Island Beach in Kampung Alur Nunang, Banda Mulia, Aceh Tamiang if you’re in the mood to experience beach tourism.

To get to this beach, you have to travel 12 kilometers from Banda Mulia. The location of this beach is still quite challenging to reach because of the bumpy and harsh road conditions.

Motorcyclists can easily pass the road, but if using four wheels, your vehicle must stop at the end of the wooden bridge.

Furthermore, the journey is made on foot for 2 kilometers. The struggle to get to Rukui Island Beach will be paid off when you arrive at the beach location.

Because this beach offers natural beauty that is still very natural and the blue sea water is very soothing to the eyes. Although the road conditions are still challenging, this beach is always crowded with tourists on holidays.

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18.Rengas River Baths/Pemandian Sungai Rengas

This tourist spot is relatively new in Aceh Tamiang. But the number of tourists visiting this tourist attraction is increasing with time.

Rengas River is located in Adil Makmur Hamlet, Tenggulun Village, Tengguluan, Aceh Tamiang. The bathing area in this tourist attraction is surrounded by natural scenery and a river.

Visitors usually swim or play in the water in this river. As well as relaxing, you can also enjoy the scenery, and sometimes there is also a single organ display that is displayed intentionally to entertain visitors.

It is no wonder that tourists are increasingly interested in this place due to the expanse of pebbles around the beach.

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19.Pusong Cium Beach/Pantai Pusong Cium

The next tourist spot on the list is Pusong Cium beach, located in Seruway District. This beach can be reached by motorboat or boat, from Sungai Kuruk Village and Busung Kapal Village, situated in the Seruway sub-district.

From the center of Aceh Tamiang, you have to travel about 30 km to the village of Sungai Kuruk Village. 

On the way to the beach, a boat or motorboat needs to be rented for around Rp 200 thousand. It takes about 40 minutes to complete.

20.Ujung Tamiang Beach/Pantai Ujung Tamiang

Ujuang Tamiang Beach is still a virgin and is rarely visited by outside tourists. The next time you want to feel like you’re on vacation, make this beach your destination.

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Those are some of the tourist attractions in Aceh Tamiang that can help you plan a perfect trip. 

You can now start arranging holiday plans in Aceh Tamiang by choosing some exciting tourist attractions through the above information.

Visiting Aceh Tamiang is sure to make you feel like you’re on a pleasant holiday, which you won’t find in any other place.

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