17 Top Tourist Attractions In Nagan Raya Aceh

17 Top Tourist Attractions In Nagan Raya Aceh

Nagan Raya is a district located on the west coast of Aceh. Nagan Raya is the capital city in Suka Makmue and is about 287 kilometers from Banda Aceh City.

The coastal location of Nagan Raya has made it a popular tourist destination, especially for marine tourism.

There are still many tourists who are unaware of the existence and potential of Nagan Raya’s tourism. For this reason, you should plan a vacation trip to Nagan Raya when visiting Aceh.

Nagan Raya is a region with fertile land, so that agriculture and plantations in this region are very potential.

Even rice products from Nagan Raya became the main rice barn in Nangroe Aceh Darussalam. Its natural conditions are so fertile, and its location in the coastal area makes Nagan Raya very suitable to be developed as a tourist area.

For this reason, it is not surprising that now the number of tourist attractions in Nagan Raya is also increasing fast.

17 Top Tourist Attractions In Nagan Raya Aceh

Here is information on tourist attractions for those of you who want to vacation in Nagan Raya.

1.Eye Stopover Peak/ Puncak Singgah Mata

Nagan Raya’s first The Peak of The Eye Stop is a popular tourist attraction. Those of you who love nature can now enjoy it from the height of the Peak of The Eye Stop.

You can visit this particular tourist spot to refresh your mind and pamper your eyes due to the picturesque scenery. Stunning hills and beautiful green forests surround the location of The Eye Stopover Peak.

There is no doubt that the top of the Eye Stop makes an exotic and beautiful impression. At this peak, you can also feel the cool air and the sound of birdsong, which adds to the impression of Shahdu and makes you feel right at home.

If you are interested in visiting The Eye Stopover Peak, Stunning hills and beautiful green forests surround The Eye Stopover Peak’s location. Come to Beutong Subdistrict, Nagan Raya.

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2.Naga Permai Beach/Pantai Naga Permai

The next tourist attraction that you can visit while in Nagan Raya is Naga Permai Beach. This tourist spot has been a favorite of tourists recently.

The beauty of this beach cannot be overlooked. This beach offers brown sand and rolling waves over the vast expanse of seawater.

There are also beach fir trees that line up neatly to add a natural impression to this beach on this beach. A cool gust of sea breeze will make the moment of relaxing on the beach feel more comfortable and at home.

In the afternoon, you can see the most romantic sunset. If you want to visit Naga Permai Beach then come to Gampong Suak Puntong, Kuala Pesisir, Nagan Raya.

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3.Krueng Isep/Krueng Isep

Krueng Isep, or Isep River in English, is the next tourist spot offering river tours with magnificent natural scenery. The water in this river is still untouched and clear.

Usually, tourists who come to Krueng Isep want to bathe and play water in the river while enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings.

In addition to the river, the Krueng Isep waterfall is no less attractive for you to visit. But for this waterfall, you must travel on foot from Krueng Isep.

If you want to visit Krueng Isep, come to Gampong Krueng Isep, Beutong, Nagan Raya. There are also challenging white water rafting sports available here.

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4.Ule Road Irrigation Dam/Bendungan Irigasi Ule Jalan

Next, you can visit the Ule Road Irrigation Dam when visiting Nagan Raya, where this one tourist spot is a reasonably large irrigation dam built-in 1991-1993.

Irrigation is still provided for rice fields in west Aceh through this irrigation dam.

As you approach this irrigation dam, you can see stunning mountains and beautiful green forests surrounding the Eye Stopover Peak natural panorama. There is also a waterfall that is not too high, which is about 50 meters wide.

It feels even more beautiful with the mountain range in the background behind this dam. If you want to travel to this dam, then please come to Beutong Subdistrict, Nagan Raya.

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5.Suak Dama Beach /Pantai Suak Dama

This time you can visit Suak Dama Beach, another beach in Nagan Raya, which offers the beauty of the beach under the shade of trees.

Suak Dama Beach is located in Tripa Makmur District, Nagan Raya, easily accessible by road. While beaches in this area tend to be hot, you will find a relaxed, fresh atmosphere here.

The wind and the sound of the waves make you feel a relaxed sensation while on this beach.

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6.Seunangan Beach/Pantai Seunangan

Seunangan Beach is the oldest beach in Nagan Raya. Since long ago, this particular beach has always been crowded with tourists and has become the center of tourism in Nagan Raya.

While relaxing on this beach, you will be in awe of the beauty of the beach decorated with coconut trees on the edges.

The location of this beach is located in Gamping Kubang Gajah, Kuala Pesisir Subdistrict, Nagan Raya. Having black sand on the beach makes for a fun place to play sand, swim by the beach, or just relax to enjoy the waves and the breeze.

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7.Gudong Buloh Mosque/Masjid Gudong Buloh

Nagan Raya’s next tourist attraction is Gudong Buloh Mosque which was initially known as Jamik Syaikhunna Mosque.

But the local community often refers to this mosque by the name of Gudong Buloh Mosque. Buloh bamboo warehouses were built here before the mosque was built.

Jamik Shahinna Mosque was built after the demolition. The Gudong Buloh Mosque is an icon in Nagan Raya, and it is a place of worship and a religious attraction.

No wonder the worshippers who come to this mosque are the surrounding community and tourists from various corners.

Usually, people come to this mosque to worship, recite the Quran, release vows, etc.

If you are curious about this Gudong Buloh Mosque, come to Kampung Ujong Pasi, Kuala, Nagan Raya.

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8.Tadu Sea Lake/Danau Laut Tadu

Nagan Raya has stunning beach tourism and lake tours that are no less interesting to visit.

Taadu Sea Lake is located in Gampong Laut Tadu, Tadu Raya, Nagan Raya. The scenery around this particular lake is breathtaking and natural.

Tadu sea lake, which you can visit on weekends or holidays, has a beautiful and calm atmosphere. With stunning natural scenery, it is guaranteed that you will feel relaxed for a long time in this lake.

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9.Jade Mosque and Suka Makmue Office Center/Masjid Giok dan Pusat Perkantoran Suka Makmue

Besides being known for its natural beauty, Nagan Raya also has a government office complex named Suka Makmue Office Center.

This office is located in Suka Makmue, which is the capital city of Nagan Raya. In the office area, a complex was also built, a mosque called Baitul A’la Mosque.

Even though this mosque is still not finished, the surrounding community refers to this mosque as the Jade mosque.

Some parts of this mosque are adorned with jade, a new icon of Nagan Raya following the discovery of 20-ton jade.

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10.Balqis Queen’s Park/Taman Ratu Balqis

Balqis Monument Park in Suka Makmue Office Complex is known for its dragon fruit-shaped monument, so it is no surprise that the park is also known as a dragon fruit plantation park.

This park is frequently visited by the public to relax, play and even enjoy the beauty of dusk. 

Take advantage of the beautiful moments to take pictures around the dragon fruit monument if you like taking pictures.

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11.Cermai Beach/Pantai Cermai

Cermai Beach is one of the tourist destinations located in Suak Village, Kuala Pesisir, Nagan Raya, where this one tour presents the beauty of marine nature that fascinates and amazes.

This beach offers a realistic view of nature with a blue sea, black sand, and a little rocky edge.

It becomes increasingly beautiful as the trees surround the beach, which must be highly gratifying to the eyes.

It is undoubtedly the typical atmosphere of the beach combined with the views of the surrounding environment that will make this a most enjoyable experience.

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12.Gampong Lhok Beach/Pantai Gampong Lhok

The next beach attraction in Nagan Raya is Gampong Lhok Beach. The beach located in Kuala Pantai, Nagan Raya, is one of the tourist prima donnas in Nagan Raya.

Gampong Lhok Beach has the beauty of the sea with its blue water. As the sand stretches across the beach lips, it becomes increasingly beautiful.

Around this beach area, there are also green and shady trees to provide a cool sensation. The wind that blows adds comfort when enjoying the beauty of the scenery of Gampong Lhok Beach.

Those who wish to go to the beach but do not want to be too hot can relax in huts near the beach.

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13.Baburrayyan Mosque/Masjid Baburrayyan

If you visit Nagan Raya, it feels less appropriate to stop by the Babrrayyan mosque for religious travel. This mosque is the pride of the Nagan Raya community located on the National Road in downtown Jeuram, Seunagan.

The mosque is rectangular. The mosque, built in 1959, has about 2 hectares and has undergone several renovations.

However, this mosque underwent a redevelopment in 1987 to replace the old mosque, which was considered no longer structurally sound.

The design of this mosque is indeed very unique; besides being rectangular, it also has two floors, one minaret, and a dome. The mosque, with a size of 32 x 28 meters, can accommodate about 1,500 people.

This mosque has a transparent and open concept to provide coolness for the worshippers in it. The walls of this mosque are adorned with calligraphic reliefs and have a green interior.

Mosque pillars are orange, but the base of the pillars is copper red, which adds to the mosque’s beauty.

From the outside, there is a connecting corridor between the mosque and the ablution. As a result, worshippers will be able to perform ablution efficiently before prayer.

For this reason, when you visit Nagan Raya, you should have time to stop by Nagan Raya to calm the soul and increase your love for Islam.

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14.Museum of the Ancient Qur’an/Museum Al Qur’an Kuno

The next tourist attraction in Nagan Raya is the Museum of the Ancient Qur’an. This museum is a relic of the era of the Government of Nagan Raya Regency.

As far as the people of Nagan Raya are concerned, the museum in Jeruam, Seunagan, has been open since mid-2015 but has not yet been opened to the public.

Even though this museum houses the Ancstoresur’an, which has been around since the 1800s, this Qur’an museum is a beautiful place to discover your love for the Qur’an.

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15.Banta Tok Jong Kab/Banta Tok Jong Kab

Nagan Raya’s Banta Tok Jong Kab offers river tours. It has a bridge in the middle and still has natural scenery.

The bridge is usually traversed by vehicles that run the highway around Banta Tok Jong Kab. This river has pretty clear water and rocks on the edge.

When tourists visit here, they usually invite their family members to relax while playing in the water.

Affordable ticket prices will certainly make your vacation with your family more frugal and fun.

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16.Alue Batee Puteh/Alue Batee Puteh

To fill your vacation time, you can also visit Alue Batee Puteh. Although this tourist attraction isn’t too well known, some young people upload photos of a greenish-blue lake surrounded by limestone rocks.

Its Instagrammable location will certainly make your photo look beautiful.

17 Culinary Tours in Nagan Raya/Wisata Kuliner di Nagan Raya

After visiting the various attractions above, it is time to fill your stomach. Visit some culinary places in Nagan Raya to mitigate your hunger.

You can enjoy the phenomenal Tek-Tek noodles. The location of this typical Acehnese food stall is in Jeuram Market, Nagan Raya. 

The noodles are made from chopped chicken meat that has been processed. Tek-Tek noodles resemble Aceh noodles at first glance.

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Those are some of the tourist attractions in Nagan Raya you can see when visiting Nagan Raya. If you are planning to visit Nagan Raya, you should choose your tourist destinations well in advance.

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