32 Must-See Places In West Aceh And Surrounding

32 Must-See Places In West Aceh and Surrounding

Speaking of Aceh, the first thing that will come to mind is the devastating Aceh tsunami that ravaged this area.

Nevertheless, Aceh has been transformed into a beautiful and neatly arranged place. Aceh has several areas, one of which is West Aceh.

The region of West Aceh lies within the province of Nagroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD), which is also home to the district’s capital, namely Meulaboh City.

West Aceh is also a beautiful area and is located overlooking the Indian Ocean. No wonder that charming beaches dominate tourist attractions in West Aceh.

32 Must-See Places In West Aceh and Surrounding

No different from other regions, West Aceh also has complete tourist attractions. Not only in the form of charming beaches.

Tourist attractions in West Aceh include cultural tourism, religious tourism, and culinary tours that should not be missed when visiting.

Because of the local wisdom and hospitality of the people of West Aceh, you will feel at home while vacationing in West Aceh.

In the following, you will find information on the tourist destinations you can visit in West Aceh for those planning a trip there.

1.Lhok Bubon Beach/Pantai Lhok Bubon

Lhok Bubon Beach is a beach located in Bubon Village, Meulaboh, West Aceh. The beach is 8 kilometers from Meulaboh City and is very famous for its beauty.

When you arrive at this beach, you will be pampered by the wide white sand and clear seawater. The sound of the waves splashing combined with the breeze makes the atmosphere on this beach feel more pleasant.

When visiting Lhok Bubon Beach, do not leave to taste the seafood found in this area.

The majority of tourists who come to this beach usually come from various regions either to buy multiple types of fish or enjoy the coast’s natural beauty.

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2.Batee Puteh Beach/Pantai Batee Puteh

This beach is also an icon of West Aceh tourist destination that has been very popular. Batee Puteh Beach is located in Suak Ujong Kalak Village, West Aceh, about 3 kilometers from Meulaboh City.

The beaches in West Aceh are beautiful, including Batee Puteh Beach, where tourists are constantly surprised by the fantastic natural setting and the vast white sand stretches into the distance.

In the afternoon, Batee Pueth beach is usually more crowded with tourists who want to relax while enjoying the sunset.

The location of Batee Puteh Beach is also very strategic, making this beach always crowded with visitors. You can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery on this beach and can swim and play in the sand.

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3.Suak Ribee Beach/Pantai Suak Ribee

Vacationing to West Aceh feels incomplete if you do not stop by this tourist spot in West Aceh. Suak Ribee Beach is the name of one of the exciting tourist destinations in West Aceh.

The exact location is on Jl. Iskandar Muda, Suak Ribee, Johan Pahlawan, West Aceh Regency, .

The Suak Ribee Beach tourism area is most famous for its reverse coffee that can be easily found along the beach’s edge.

For those of you who are curious about the beauty of Suak Ribee beach, then come to the coast of Meulaboh City, West Aceh.

Usually, tourists who come to this beach want to enjoy the beauty of the beach while drinking coffee. Besides the blue beach and hundreds of coconut trees, there are also fir trees growing neatly along.

The scenery on this beach is even more beautiful in the afternoon when the sun sets to orange colors in the sky. Enjoying the afternoon view at Suak Ribee Beach feels more complete while drinking coffee upside down.

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4.Lanaga Beach/Pantai Lanaga

The next tourist spot in West Aceh is Lanaga Beach, located in Bubon Village, Meulaboh, West Aceh. A beach not far from Meulaboh is indeed a popular tourist destination.

In addition to offering beautiful beach views, this beach also has exciting facilities for tourists, namely water sports facilities such as sky jet skis.

Tourists usually come to Lanaga beach for the scenery or to play sky jet skis that have been very popular.

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5.Gosong Island/Pulau Gosong

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This island is formed from piles of sand carried by the current and then buried and attached to the coral.

To reach this island, tourists must travel about 500 meters from Ujong Serangga Susoh pier. The journey usually takes 35 minutes by boat.

Gosong Island is just as big as a football field, but its beauty is undeniable because it has clean white sand and fascinating underwater life.

For those of you who like to snorkel, then Gosong Island is the right choice when on vacation to Aceh. It is located in the Sangkalan subdistrict Susoh, Southwest Aceh district.

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6.Meulaboh Grand Mosque/Masjid Agung Meulaboh

This mosque is a religious tourist destination that is quite famous in West Aceh. The Meulaboh Grand Mosque also boasts a towering building design and a set of domes that will impress anyone who sees it.

Even the mosque building itself is among the top 100 most beautiful mosques in Indonesia. In West Aceh, you can stop by this mosque for a religious tour while you pray while on vacation.

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7.Pusong Sangkalan Beach/Pantai Pusong Sangkalan

Many tourists visit Pusong Sangkalan Beach to do surfing activities, so it is not surprising that this beach is also called Bali Beach.

For those of you who are curious about the beauty of Pusong Sangkalan Beach, you can come to this beach located in Sangkalan Village. This beach is about 3 kilometers from Blangpidie City, Southwest Aceh.

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8.Genang Gedong/Genang Gedong

Besides marine tourism, tourist spots in the West Aceh region also include natural tourism in lakes that must be very interesting to visit.

Genang Gedong Lake is a tourist attraction located in Gampong Putim District Kaway XVI West Aceh. This lake is a lake that includes 3 villages and an area of about 7 hectares.

Usually, this lake becomes a tourist destination because of its beautiful natural scenery and can be used as a fishing location.

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9.Lhok Geudong Beach/Pantai Lhok Geudong

Lhok Geudong Beach is a lovely beach in Meulaboh, West Aceh, and a favorite destination for tourists.

This beach presents natural beauty in green scenery around the beach that is very pampering to the eyes. The life of the fishermen around the beach is also a fascinating aspect of the beach.

Although the facilities available are still not adequate, the beauty of this beach is guaranteed to make anyone feel at home.

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10.Ujong Karang Beach/Pantai Ujong Karang

This beautiful beach in West Aceh is located at the Southern End of Meulaboh City and offers exotic natural scenery.

While on this beach, you can see a beautiful stretch of white sand and corals that decorate the surrounding beach.

There is an exotic natural beauty in West Aceh because of the coral and the beaches. When the afternoon comes, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the sunset while relaxing on the coast.

You also need to know that this beach also has a history of Indonesian independence in the past.

Because it turns out that this beach was once used as a sanctuary for the invaders, it is not surprising that there are also Japanese fortress buildings in this coastal area.

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11.Kasih Beach/Pantai Kasih

West Aceh presents tourists with a beautiful beach tour constantly. One of them is Kasih beach, which is so charming.

Like other beaches in West Aceh, this beach offers breathtaking natural scenery combined with spotless white sand.

This beach is on Sudirman Street, Pasar Aceh Village, Johan Pahlawan District, West Aceh Regency. Besides playing water, you can also enjoy various culinary dishes such as crab noodles, octopus satay, bakpia, and so on.

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12.Batu Putih Beach/Pantai Batu Putih

This beach is located about 3 kilometers from the city center, so it is effortless to reach. When you arrive at this beach, your eyes will be spoiled by the waves and beautiful natural scenery.

This beach also has a peculiarity in the form of white stone that is located along the beach. The combination of the two is a beautiful attraction for tourists.

Foreign tourists, as well as domestic tourists, visit this beach. The location of this beach is in the village of Suak Ujong Kalak, about 3 km from the city of Meulaboh, West Aceh.

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13.Ujung Batee Beach/Pantai Ujung Batee

Ujung Batee Beach is a beach located in Ujung Batu and is about 17 kilometers from Banda Aceh. Usually, if you travel to Malahayati Port, it will pass through this beach area.

The attraction of Ujung Batee Beach lies in its very long coastline. The sand around this beach is generally blackish and believed by the local community can be used to cure diseases.

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14.Krueng Tutut/ Krueng Tutut

Krueng Tutut is a tourist attraction in West Aceh, which is about 60 kilometers from Meulaboh. Although the distance is quite far from Muelaboh, this tourist attraction offers a natural beauty that is not less than any other beach.

At this popular tourist spot, you can experience nuances of nature that are still extremely beautiful and towering cliffs decorated by blue lake water.

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15.Blang Ulam Beach/Pantai Blang Ulam

This beach is a beach in Aceh that is highly recommended for honeymoon destinations. As you walk along the beach, you can feel how calm and peaceful it is.

Besides, this beach has white sand and blue seawater, so it becomes a combination that pampers the eyes.

The location of Blang Ulam beach is adjacent to Batee Puteh Beach, but indeed the view of Blang Ulam Beach is guaranteed to be more charming. The exact location is in Blang Ulam, Masjid Raya District, Aceh Besar.

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16.Cemara Indah Beach/Pantai Cemara Indah

Another beach tourist destination in West Aceh that you should not miss is Cemara Indah Beach. Due to the overgrowth of fir trees, the beach presents a natural atmosphere despite being in a coastal area.

When the weekend or holiday arrives, this beach is always crowded with tourists. In addition, this beach is also very suitable as a family tourist spot.

Even so, Cemara Indah beach is still in the development stage. In the future, this beach will not only offer natural tourist destinations but also will provide all facilities for tourists, such as clean water facilities, food stalls, play areas for children, benches in parks, fields for sports, etc.

The location of this beach is in Gosong Telaga, North Singkil District, Aceh Singkil.

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17.Tomb of National Hero Teuku Umar/Makam Pahlawan Nasional Teuku Umar

West Aceh offers not only natural tourist destinations but also historical tourism. One of the most famous historical tourist destinations is the Tomb of the National Hero Teuku Umar.

The location of this hero’s tomb is located in Meugo Rayeuk Village, West Aceh. In addition to the grave of national hero Teuku Umar, there is a protected forest with large trees that can release water endlessly in this area.

Even visitors drink the water that comes out of the trees. This tourist attraction attracts both domestic and foreign tourists, so it’s no wonder that many people come here.

At the tomb of National Hero Teuku Umar, anyone can feel safe, calm, and comfortable.

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18.Hijab Beach/ Pantai Jilbab

The name of this beach is unique and must make anyone curious. Hijab beach is a beach name taken by Islamic law, where for female visitors on this beach, it is mandatory to wear a hijab or hood.

The beach located in Gampong Keude Susoh Susoh District, Southwest Aceh Regency, is indeed fantastic. It offers a stretch of the Indian Ocean and Gosong Island, which is very charming due to its location.

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19.Lhok Ketapang Beach/Pantai Lhok Ketapang

Sunset lovers should not miss a trip to Lhok Ketapang Beach. Due to its beauty and very romantic atmosphere, this beach is ideal for couples’ vacations.

This beach also offers fine white sand, calm waves, and cool air to make you feel relaxed. A beach like this is also great for a weekend outing with the family.

One exciting thing about Lhok Ketapang Beach is that the free entrance ticket is perfect for cheap holiday options. The location of this beach is in the district of Peukan Bada Aceh Besar Regency.

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20.Ujung Manggeng Marine Park/Taman Laut Ujung Manggeng

An ideal tourist attraction is a well-maintained tourist park, so it is clean and well maintained. Visitors only have to pay a meager entrance fee to enter this park.

When entering this park, you will see shady trees as well as a beautiful stretch of beach. The location of this beach is in Ujung Raja village, Blangpidie district, Southwest Aceh.

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21.Ujung Manggeng Beach/Pantai Ujung Manggeng

This beach is one of the mainstay beaches in Sejahtera Village, Manggeng District, Southwest Aceh Regency, as this beach offers gorgeous scenery and still feels beautiful.

Ujungeng Beach is also one of Abdya’s top tourist sites. Ujung Manggeng Beach has grayish sand and looks compatible with the fir trees that grow on the coast.

There are also coconut trees and green grass that add to the beauty of this beach. While on Ujung Manggeng beach, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the sea breeze that feels cool and comfortable.

To get to Ujung Manggeng Beach, you have to travel 10 kilometers from the capital of the Manggeng sub-district.

There is no need to worry because the road leading to this beach is very smooth, so your trip will be comfortable.

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22.New Krueng Bath/Pemandian Krueng Baru

In West Aceh, a bath is located in Lembah Sabil district that offers clear river water baths.

But the location of this bath is in an open area, so tourists do not bathe but just sit on the rocks and play with water.

Undoubtedly, the combination of clear river water and beautiful natural scenery will bring out natural tones ideal for unwinding. The location of this attraction is in Pucok Kreung, Lhoknga, Aceh Besar.

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23.Putroe Ijoe Baths/Pemandian Putroe Ijoe

Those who want to watch the waterfall while playing water or soaking come to the Putroe Ijoe Baths.

You will not be charged an entrance fee when visiting this bath. Tourists, however, are allowed to play in the water as much as possible until the afternoon.

This bath offers a natural scenery that is still natural and complemented by large rocks at some points. The location is on Jl. Aneuk Laot, Balohan, Sukakarya, Sabang City.

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24.Seumancang Cave Kuta Tinggi/Gua Seumancang Kuta Tinggi

The Seumancang Cave, Kota Tinggi, is another cave tourism object in West Aceh. Since the road access to this cave is still difficult, it is in a tricky location to get to.

You should ask for a local guide to accompany you if you intend to visit Seumancang Cave. When you arrive at this cave, you can see its natural beauty.

Inside the cave, there are unique stalactite and stalagmite ornaments that can cause noise when tapped. If you like challenges, this cave tour is perfect for you.

The location of this cave is in Babah Lhueng Village, Blangpidie District, Southwest Aceh.

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25.Babahrot Palm Plantation/Perkebunan Sawit Babahrot

This tourism object is the most significant foreign exchange contributor to Aceh because of the abundant plantations.

This oil palm plantation had previously attracted attention since it paid its employees a considerable salary.

But tourists who want to visit this oil palm plantation do not have to pay an entrance ticket. Guests can also observe the process of exporting palm oil directly to foreign countries. It is located in Lhok Gayo, Babahrot District, Southwest Aceh.

26.Krueng Babahrot/Krueng Babahrot

From the mountains, a beautiful river flows into the attraction. So the water from this river is spotless and feels fabulous.

The river water then flows and crosses the long bridge Krueng Babahrot. Indeed, the scenery at Krueng Babahrot tourism object is stunning and charming, with their natural dishes impressive.

Krueng Babahrot area is about 8.5 hectares and has been equipped with complete facilities ranging from restaurants, canteens, and various other supporting facilities.

Krueng Babahrot location located between Gampong Pante Rakyat and Gampong Pante Cermin, Babahrot District, Southwest Aceh Regency (Abdya)

27.Pucok Krung Ale/Pucok Krung Ale

West Aceh regency also has a mountainous tourist attraction located in Gampong Alue Seulaseh, Jeumpa pun, West Aceh.

Usually, tourists who come to this tourist attraction also come from various regions other than West Aceh. In Pucok Krung Ale, tourists can relax under shady trees while looking at the river view.

Many visitors often bathe in the river because of the clean river water, and some rocks form like a pond. The beauty of Pucok Krung Ale can be a magnet for tourists, especially when the holidays arrive.

The location of this recreation place is in Lhoknga, Aceh Besar.

28.Ujung Serangga Beach/Pantai Ujung Serangga

Kuala Kutang Beach is a beach located in Ujung Serangga Village. This beach offers stunning natural scenery combined with the surrounding fishermen’s activities that add to the feel of an increasingly thick beach.

Around the beach, there are pretty complete facilities ranging from restaurants to cafes that line the streets.

The location of this beach is in Ujung Serangga, Susoh District, Southwest Aceh Regency (Abdya)

29.Batei Puteh Monument/Tugu Batei Puteh

This monument is next to Suak Ujong Kalak or Pasir Puteh, which the Dutch first built.

Though Teuku Umar’s body was not found until Indonesia Merdeka, the construction of this monument aims to commemorate the location of his shooting.

The name Of Batei Puteh Monument is based on the original dutch-built form that was white. Due to flooding and the tsunami some time ago, this building finally shifted in the middle of the sea.

The monument has been moved about 200 meters from the Kupiah Meukuetop monument built after the tsunami.

Tugu Kupiah Meukeutop is the former Parasanya Purna Karya monument that West Aceh obtained during the reign of Teuku Rusman Regent.

30.Tuengku Peukan Struggle Monument/Tugu Perjuangan Tuengku Peukan

This historical tourist attraction has a pretty captivating historical story to listen to. Tugu Perjuangan Tengku Pekan is a monument built in memory of Tengku Peukan who was killed on September 11, 1926.

Tengku Peukan’s death occurred during the attack on Bivak or Tangse Belanda, which occurred in Blangpidie. You need to know that Tengku Peukan was a very warring cleric and an unyielding freedom fighter.

31.Gampong Pungkie Waterfall/Air Terjun Gampong Pungkie

Gampong Pungkie Waterfall is one of the many natural places in West Aceh. This natural tourism is located in Sungai Mas Subdistrict, West Aceh.

You can enjoy a magnificent waterfall while breathing in the cool, fresh air in this waterfall. This waterfall truly has the beauty of a hidden paradise.

To get to the waterfall’s location, tourists must first walk through the forest about 300 meters away.

While the trip may be exhausting, it will be compensated by the beauty of the waterfall. Besides, the water that falls from this waterfall also feels relaxed and cold, so that it will provide a memorable experience.

32.Geunang Geudong Lake/Danau Geunang Geudong

The next tourist spot in West Aceh is Geunang Geudong Lake which is still relatively new. This natural attraction is located in Putim Village, Kaway XVI District, about 20 km from the center of Meulaboh City.

In Acehnese, Geunang Geudong means “Great Puddle,” and this lake’s name describes the shape of a lake that resembles a giant basin.


It’s a great idea to take advantage of the beauty of West Aceh’s tourist destinations when vacationing there. 

West Aceh is the place for those who want to experience the sensation of exciting travel and breathtaking marine tourism.

You can take your loved ones to West Aceh because it offers exciting tourist attractions and vacations there won’t drain your wallet.

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