26 Stunning Instagrammable Beaches To Visit In Aceh

26 Stunning Instagrammable Beaches To Visit In Aceh

Aceh is often referred to as Nangroe Aceh Darussalam province in Indonesia’s westernmost region. Aceh is famous for its strict Muslim customs and rules.

The province is also called the Port of Mecca, so it is not surprising that Islamic law is guarded here. The province is also famous for its various worldwide cultures, one of which is Saman dance and Ratoeh Jaroh dance.

In addition to its rich customs and culture, Aceh is geographically bordered by the sea, so it is no wonder that Aceh has a long coastline.

The province also has quite a lot of exotic coastal areas. Aceh has many beaches with extraordinary charms; it’s no wonder that this province is listed among the world’s top tourist destinations.

It is impossible to forget an event in Aceh in 2004, namely the Tsunami that hit the area and then the subsequent destruction.

After an era has passed now, Aceh has recovered and is getting more beautiful. The beach condition in Aceh has also fully recovered and become a mainstay tourist destination of Aceh.

The characters are also diverse, so it’s not enough to just visit one or two beaches. You need to travel around Aceh to enjoy the beautiful nature of the beach.

26 Stunning Instagrammable Beaches To Visit In Aceh

There are several beach recommendations in Aceh that are suitable as a vacation spot with your beloved family. These beaches have an attraction that is hard to miss. 

Here’s the review:

1.Iboih Beach/Pantai Iboih

The first beach in Aceh is Iboih Beach, located in Iboih Village, Sukakarya District, Sabang City. This beach is very interesting to visit with your beloved family.

Moreover, the beach condition that has not been such crowded visitors makes the Kualias togetherness more felt. 

Even today, the condition is still very lovely, for those of you looking for a break from the bustle of the city.

Famous for its underwater natural chemo, which is also no less than the beach, it is no wonder this place is called a hidden paradise. 

The blue shades of the sea are very evident; even so, you can see the seabed activity.

Such moments do not appear to be wasted; most visitors try snorkeling to see the seabed in real-time.

The management also provides boat rental for tourists who want to go around the beach.

Another beautiful moment that should not be missed is to see the golden orange twilight sky at sunrise or sunset.

Location: Iboih Village, Sukakarya District, Sabang City.

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2.Ulee Lheue Beach/Pantai Ulee Lheue

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This beach tourist destination is a must-visit. Ulee Lheue Beach is located around Ulee Lheue Village, Meuraxa District, Banda Aceh City. 

It is common to see foreign tourists spending their free time on this beach. Those of you who are natives of this country should not miss an opportunity to contribute to preserving the natural beauty of the Archipelago.

While the beach was severely damaged by the great Tsunami that hit Aceh in 2004, it is still a popular place to visit and now has the status of a prima donna.

This beach has a fairly long coastline with smooth and soft brownish-colored sand. 

Usually, the visitors use it for a sunbed to warm the body while enjoying Ulee Lheue Beach’s beauty.

As it gets dark, life on this beach continues. Visitors can enjoy the night while enjoying delicious roasted corn while the lights are turned on.

Location : Ulee Lheue Village, Meuraxa District, Banda Aceh City.

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3.Lampuuk Beach/Pantai Lampuuk

Lampuuk Beach is the third beach you should visit while on vacation in Banda Aceh, situated on Lampuuk Highway, Meunasah Lambaro, Lhoknga District, Banda Aceh Regency.

Lampuuk beachOpens in a new tab. was quiet after the Tsunami in 2004, but the number of tourists has also increased over time.

To reach the beach location is quite easy; there are even 4 alternative routes. The line is divided into chapters 1, babah 2, babah 3, and babah 4.

The entrance can be reached according to the home town. Another uniqueness that this place has is that each entry has its advantages -, for example, when you choose to enter through the Babah 2 line, a turtle conservation area will greet you.

For a moment, you can enjoy the cute behavior of turtle cubs as an effort to save them from extinction. Then you can also participate in the activity of releasing turtles back to their natural habitat, namely the wild.

Then on the Babah 3 line, there are various types of equipment for surfing and other water sports. Indeed this beach is different from the beach in general.

Location: Lampuuk Highway, Meunasah Lambaro, Lhoknga District, Banda Aceh Regency.

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4.Tapak Gajah Beach/Pantai Tapak Gajah

The next beach in Aceh is Tapak Gajah Beach, located in the Ie Meulee area, Sukajaya District, Sabang City.

In general, the beaches in Aceh have a long coastline; however, this beach is different; geographically, this beach differs from other beaches because of its narrow coastline.

So you can’t see the stretch of white sand too wide to sunbathe, play, exercise, and so on. Even so, its charm is no less than other beaches, especially on the seabed.

The underwater paradise of Aceh city, Tapak Gajah Beach, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Aceh. You can dive to the bottom to see the real underwater life, not just in movies or aquariums.

Location : Ie Meulee, Sukajaya District, Sabang City.

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5.Lhoknga Beach/Pantai Lhoknga

Lhoknga Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Aceh. As the name implies, this beach is located in the Lhoknga sub-district or precisely located in Mon Ikeun Village, Lhoknga District, Aceh Besar Regency.

This beach is quite famous in Aceh and is always crowded with tourists on weekends, especially holidays and other national holidays.

This beach has white sand scattered on the shoreline, which is often used for sunbathing. Uniquely, this beach is equipped with a golf course parallel with the lives of the rich.

This beach has big waves that are often used for water sports such as surfing and playing banana boats.

Although it is choppy, the atmosphere on this beach is quite comfortable and quiet. As the sunset approaches, tourists usually relax while waiting for a twilight sky with golden orange hues. This will enhance the atmosphere’s beauty.

Location: Mon Ikeun Village, Lhoknga District, Aceh Besar Regency.

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6.Anoi Itam Beach/Pantai Anoi Itam

Want to enjoy a vacation on a different beach, then you must visit the area of Anoe Itam Village, Sukajaya District, Sabang City. At Anoi Itam Beach, an area with a beach and mangrove forest, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation.

Its main uniqueness is its different sand color. If the beaches are generally white or brownish sandy beaches, this is black sand that lives up to its name.

Because of the color of the sand, many people immediately see an exotic beach in Kodisi. You can enjoy how beautiful nature is around the beach.

Particularly the mangrove area that is quite attention-grabbing. You can learn more about what types of mangrove plants are here and the main benefits of mangroves.

Another uniqueness that should not be missed is exploring among the bunkers of Japanese soldiers located on a hill near the beach.

In addition, the beach remains in excellent condition so that you can enjoy its beauty, especially the coral reefs.

Location: Anoe Itam Village, Sukajaya District, Sabang City.

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7.Lange Beach/Pantai Lange

The next recommended tourist destination of Aceh city is to explore Lange Beach in Meunasah Balee Village, Lhoknga District, Aceh Besar Regency.

When visitors arrive for the first time, they will be captivated by the beauty of nature. A vast expanse of blue sea with calm waves will provide a sense of comfort in the heart.

Then on the shore, a stretch of white sand that is clean and smooth, even when exposed to the sun, will glow. Uniquely again, we will find some coral plains.

In addition, there are many gaps and holes on the part of the rock until it looks more interesting. 

As the waves hit the rock, the holes release a burst of water. It’s a rare and unique natural phenomenon.

Location: Meunasah Balee Village, Lhoknga District, Aceh Besar Regency.

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8.Sumur Tiga Beach/Pantai Sumur Tiga

The naming is not without reason because it has 3 wells, all three of which are freshwater wells.

It’s a rare natural phenomenon that you can only find on this beach. Where else you can taste the freshness of freshwater between the salty seawater.

The location of the well is also quite close to the beach, only a few meters away. This makes many people feel curious.

In addition, the beauty of the beach is second to none. The natural condition that is still so awake makes it feel so natural that it is a pity to miss. Seawater is also very clear, and many equate it with crystal.

Various exciting activities are also ready to await the tourists, ranging from sunbathing, water play, surfing, snorkeling, and fishing.

Location : Ie Meulee Village, Sukajaya District, Sabang City.

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9.Lanaga Beach/ Pantai Lanaga

In Peunaga village, Meureubo sub-district, West Aceh Regency, there is one charming beach destination that is always crowded with local and foreign tourists.

The surrounding community usually refers to it as Lanaga Beach. This beach is quite famous in Aceh, although it does not have too long a coastline. Small in size, it is decorated with finely textured and soft white sand.

A forest of green trees also surrounds this area so that the beach does not get too hot. That way we can enjoy the beautiful nature of Lanaga beach more casually.

Nature’s calm and peaceful conditions often serve as an escape from city life. In addition, visitors are also invited to tour the sea by boat.

If you have a camera with you, you can take some pictures to look like they were taken by a professional.

Location : Peunaga Village, Meureubo District, West Aceh Regency.

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10.Lhok Mee beach/Pantai Lhok Mee

The next beach destination in Aceh is Lhok me beach, located in Lamreh village, Mesjid Raya sub-district, Aceh Besar regency.

This beach is famous for its soft white sand and clear seawater. No wonder visitors who come always fill the shoreline and seafront to do various exciting activities. It’s like swimming.

Although Lhok Mee beach has calm waves, you should always pay attention to the safety of all family members. This beach has a uniqueness that is not owned by other beaches. Namely, a large tree grows on the seabed to penetrate the top of the seawater.

Even visitors are allowed to climb trees to enjoy the perfect beauty and feel the breezy freshness of the wind.

There is also a hill named Soeharto Hill around the beach. From the top of the hill, you can enjoy nature more clearly.

Location: Lamreh Village, Masjid Raya District, Aceh Besar district.

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11.Alue Naga Beach/Pantai Alue Naga

While on vacation in Aceh city, you can visit Alue Naga Beach. There is such a wide sea at this beach, and it almost seems limitless.

Its charming natural beauty is the main attraction of this beach, especially on the shoreline, which is grounded in white sand with a soft texture.

Playing on this beach with the family will further strengthen the family relationship. Seeing the sunset at the end of the sky is the most anticipated moment for visitors.

The sunset will slowly produce a stunning gradation of golden orange. It is no wonder why the surrounding residents flock to Alue Naga Beach at 3 pm to enjoy the sunset.

Location: Andaman Sea, Alue Naga, Syiah Kuala District, Banda Aceh City.

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12.Ujung Kareung Beach/Pantai Ujung Kareung

Ujung Kareung Beach is the next beach in Aceh on our list. This beach is located in the area of Ujung Kareung Street, Sukahaya, Sabang City, Aceh.

The charm of Ujung Kareung beach is not inferior to other beaches around it. There’s no wonder this beach becomes a favorite spot for many people. Visitors are from around the city of Aceh, and many visitors are outside the city, even outside the island.

The combination of the expanse of white sand and the blue sea makes anyone feel at home here.

Moreover, if you miss many Instagram-worthy photo spots, you will be sorry. You can take photos in a variety of styles or poses to fill your holiday gallery.

Location : Ujung Kareung Street, Sukajaya, Sabang City, Aceh

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13.Amandangan Beach/Pantai Amandangan

The next beach tour in Aceh is Amandangan beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Aceh Singkil that you can not pass by.

Pantai is one of the best family tourist destinations in Aceh Singkil, a beach always crowded by tourists because of its beauty.

This beach is also a spot for surfing lovers; the waves on this beach are quite challenging, up to 5 meters. You surf lovers must make this beach part of your holiday plans.

Not only has challenging waves, but this beach also has other attractions in the form of stunning natural scenery and has cute turtles.

If you want to see turtles here, you can come at night, as the turtles will go to the beach at night.

Location: Pulo Sarok Village, Kec. Singkil, Aceh Singkil District

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14.Cemara Indah Beach/Pantai Cemara Indah

Yet, if you’re looking for great beaches to visit with your loved ones in Aceh Singkil, there are also beautiful beaches worth checking out.

This beach is located in Gosong Telaga Village, North Singkil District. The beautiful beach with clean blue water is only 25 km away from the capital of Aceh Singgil.

As the name implies, rows of fir trees on this beach stand firmly adorning the shoreline.

This condition makes this beach always visited by tourists almost every day. There is no need to worry about facilities problems because there are adequate facilities on this beach ranging from relaxing huts, cafes, mosques, and toilets to children’s playgrounds.

Location: Gosong Telaga Village, North Singkil District, Aceh Singkil Regency

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15.Rubiah Island/Pulau Rubiah

Rubiah Island has Kece beach that you should not miss while on vacation to Aceh. Rubiah Island is one of the Instagrammable tourist spots with a very beautiful sea landscape.

The beach here has very clear water like glass. The beauty of its beaches will surely leave you speechless.

Rumbiah Island is very easy to reach, so it is a shame to go to Aceh, especially Sabang city, but not to visit this beach.

This beach also offers its beautiful underwater charm. As part of your bucket list of beaches in Aceh that you will visit, you should include the Rubiah island in your diving or snorkeling activities. The island’s underwater garden has a very beautiful and diverse biota.

Location: Iboih, Kec. Sukaraya, Sabang City.

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16.Lhok Bubon Beach/Pantai Lhok Bubon

The next beach in Aceh that you can make a vacation place is Lhok Bubon beach with clear water and a very beautiful natural panorama of the surroundings. The beach itself is located only about 8 kilometers from the center of Meulaboh.

It is worth visiting this beach not just for its clear water but for the expanse of pure white sand that is very exciting for us to enjoy as a family vacation spot.

In addition to offering a beautiful natural charm, on this beach, culinary is also a mainstay. You can taste a variety of fresh, delicious seafood dishes.

Location: Lhok Bubon Village Samatiga District, West Aceh Regency, Aceh Province

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17.Pusong Sangkalan Beach/Pantai Pusong Sangkalan

The next beach in Aceh that you can explore is Pusong Sangkalan beach, located in West Aceh. The location of this beach is only about 3 km from the city center.

Dinama Pusong Sangkalan beach is named that because it lies near Gosong Island. This led to the formation of the name Pusong.

This beach is said to have incredible beauty, even beating the beautiful beaches in Bali there. The expanse of clean white sand stretches quite widely on the edge of the seawater.

The seawater is crystal clear, and most importantly, this beach is still awake and has not been polluted by anything. You can relax while enjoying the stunning beauty of the beach.

Location: Susoh, Southwest Aceh (Abdya)

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18.Kuala Raja Beach/Pantai Kuala Raja

In Bieruen, then Kuala Raja beach can be an alternative holiday with your beloved family. This beautiful beach is a favorite tourist spot for families to spend time together.

Although relatively new, this beach is always crowded with tourists, especially in the afternoon. 

Kuala Raja Beach is located in Kuala Raja Village, Kuala District, Bireuen Regency, Aceh. Due to the surrounding community’s respect for customs and traditions, the beach is still deeply rooted in the values of the city of Santri.

Location: Kuala Raja Village, Kuala District, Bireuen Regency, Aceh

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19.Ujong Batee Beach/Pantai Ujong Batee

The next beach in Aceh that you can visit to spend vacation time with your beloved family is Ujong Batee beach.

Ujong Batee Beach is located in Masjid Raya District, Aceh Besar Regency, Nanggroe Aceh Darusallam Province. The location of this beach is on the west coast of Sumatra.

From Banda Aceh, this beach is only about 17 kilometers to the east. It is about a 20-minute drive away.

At this beach, you will experience a different holiday sensation, where you will feel a sense of calm, surrounded by the beauty of the Straits of Malacca. In Acehnese, “Ujong Batee” means the tip of a rock.

Location: Neuheun, Masjid Raya District, Aceh Besar Regency

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Some Other Beaches In Aceh That Are No Less Charming

20.Gapang Beach/Pantai Gapang

Location : Iboih, Sukakarya, Sabang City, Aceh

21.Sabang White Sand Beach/Pantai Pasir Putih Sabang

Location : Paya, Sukajaya, Sabang City, Aceh

22.Paneuh Beach/Pantai Paneuh

Location : Iboih, Sukakarya, Sabang City, Aceh

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23.Jaboi Beach/Pantai Jaboi

Location : Jaboi Village, Sukajaya, Sabang City, Aceh

24.Arun Sabang Beach/Pantai Arun Sabang

Location : Anoe Itam, Sukajaya, Sabang City, Aceh

25.Batee Dua Beach/Pantai Batee Dua

Location : Anoe Itam, Sukajaya, Sabang City, Aceh

26.Mata Ie Sabang Beach/Pantai Mata Ie Sabang

Location: Ujong Kareung, Sabang Aceh City

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Those are charming beaches that you can visit while in Aceh. Many people visit these beaches because of their unique characteristics. Have a good vacation.

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