The 20 Beautiful Spots To Visit In Southeast Aceh

The 20 Beautiful Spots To Visit In Southeast Aceh

Southeast Aceh is a district in Aceh Province with its capital in Kotacane. The distance between Southeast Aceh and the center of Banda Aceh is about 543.1 kilometers.

The distance is quite far, but you are guaranteed not to get bored and regret it because there is much beauty that you can see when visiting Southeast Aceh.

The natural beauty of Southeast Aceh may not be widely known. This district has natural beauty as if in a fairyland.

Make sure you do not miss visiting Southeast Aceh Aceh, which is guaranteed to make your vacation more memorable and fascinating.

So far, Aceh is known to have stunning beaches. This also applies to Southeast Aceh, but the beaches in Southeast Aceh are not as many as beaches in other districts in the Aceh region.

Southeast Aceh still has its charm and uniqueness, so you won’t have anything to fear when visiting the region.

The 20 Beautiful Spots To Visit In Southeast Aceh

The following are suggestions of tourist attractions in Southeast Aceh that can be enjoyed during the holidays for those planning a vacation to Southeast Aceh.

1.Gunung Leuser National Park/Taman Nasional Gunung Leuser

The first tourist spot in Southeast Aceh is Gunung Leuser, National Park. This tourist attraction is a national nature reserve that is a flora and fauna sanctuary in Southeast Asia.

It is estimated that the number of flora in this national park is 3,500 species. The flora species also include rare flora such as rafflesia consisting of rafflesia zeppelin and rafflesia Acehnese.

In addition to the flora, the types of fauna in this national park are also very diverse ranging from rhinos that number about 100 heads, elephants 300 heads, tigers 500 heads, and 300 species of birds.

In this national park, there are orang-utans, rhinos, tigers, and elephants that are examples of rare animals that need to be protected in this national park.

Furthermore, Gunung Leuser National Park is one of the world’s lungs, so its flora and fauna must be carefully preserved.

Therefore, people in the European Union also provide support and attention for preserving flora and fauna in Gunung Leuser National Park.

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2.Cave Lawe Attitude/Gua Lawe Sikap

This cave is located in Lawe Alas Subdistrict, about 5 kilometers from Kotacane. This cave is a must to visit because it offers impressive views.

You can find piles of guano, clean water sources, and very exotic rocks in this cave.

This Attitude Lawe Cave is a must-visit place for those who enjoy adventure and discovering nature. It offers a glimpse of what you may not experience in more natural areas.

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3.Ketambe Forest National Park/Taman Nasional Hutan Ketambe

If you want to travel to Southeast Aceh, which is still related to outbound tourism, then Ketambe National Park is the choice.

In this national park, you can take a vacation while enjoying tourist activities such as rafting, outbound training, and hiking.

In Ketambe Forest National Park, there is also an orang-utan research center, so that it becomes a handy national park.

This national park is also home to thousands of species of animals and rare plants. For those of you who want to visit Kesambe Forest National Park, you must travel 25 kilometers.

Staying in this national park is not difficult since a guest house Butanul Arifin is suitable for overnight stays.

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4.Alas River Rafting/ Arung Jeram Sungai Alas

Alas River is one of the rivers in the Gunung Leuser National Park area that has heavy currents. Many tourists come to this river to raft because of the rapid current.

A rafting trip on the Alas River will start from Muarasitulan in Kotacane, followed by a trip down the Alas River using a rubber boat to enjoy the waves.

During this rafting, you will be challenged by the rapid water currents and spoiled by the beautiful natural scenery of the surroundings. 

You can even see several types of fauna on the riverbank ranging from birds, monkeys, and other types of animals.

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5.Lawe Gurah Tourism Park/Taman Wisata Lawe Gurah

Lawe Gurah tourist park offers fairly complete tourist attractions, including hot springs, waterfalls, lakes, observation of plants and animals.

You will be impressed and certainly spoilt by the natural scenery when you visit this tourist park.

Camping in the middle of nature is usually a fun experience for tourists at Lawe Gurah Tourism Park.

The hot spring located in the forest and on the banks of the Alas River is a favorite destination for tourists visiting this tourist park.

To reach the hot springs, you have to trek quite a distance, but spectacular scenery.

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6.At-Taqwa Great Mosque Kutacane/Masjid Agung At-Taqwa Kutacane

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Traveling to Southeast Aceh seems incomplete if you do not travel religiously to visit the Great Mosque of At-Taqwa Kutacane.

The building of this mosque is quite magnificent and prideful for the people of Kutacane and Southeast Aceh. When you visit this mosque, you will be amazed by the beauty of the mosque building that has an area of 2700 square meters.

The mosque is estimated to accommodate about 4,000 worshippers on the inside and 2,000 worshippers on the outside. At-Taqwa Great Mosque is a beautiful mosque in golden Cuba, and its architecture is magnificent.

There is a calm and comfortable atmosphere inside the mosque when you enter. Visitors curious about the beauty of At-Taqwa’s Great Mosque can visit Babussalam Subdistrict in Southeast Aceh.

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7.Ahmad Yani Square/Lapangan Ahmad Yani

After visiting At-Taqwa Great Mosque, you should not miss seeing Ahmad Yani Square. The field is located adjacent to the grand mosque, and it is often referred to as a city park.

Ahmad Yani Square is a favorite recreation location for Kutacane people and tourists who come from various regions. There are many food vendors in this field when the afternoon comes, and there are multiple children’s rides.

Ahmad Yani square is a suitable place to relax and enjoy the sunset and night in Kutacane.

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8.Kutacane Love Hill/Bukit Cinta Kutacane

Bukit Cinta is one of the tourist attractions in the Southeast Aceh area that many tourists visit. In Bukit Cinta, there is also a waterfall located in Kampung Mabrung Gunung Leuser National Park, about 1 kilometer from the center of Kutacane.

To get to Bukit Cinta, tourists can pass Jalan Raja Bintang and then continue to the top of Mbarung. Next, you will pass the Alas River, meet the T-junction, and choose the right direction to wind down the cliff.

While on the hill of love, you can see the natural scenery while enjoying a cup of Gayo coffee.

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9.Lawe Dua Waterfall/Air Terjun Lawe Dua

The next tourist spot in Southeast Aceh is on the border of Southeast Aceh, and Tanah Karo is a cascading waterfall.

The waterfall’s name is Lawe Dua waterfall, surrounded by trees and supported by a very natural atmosphere.

There is also a bath with very clear water at the Lewe Dua Waterfall, making anyone want to play in the water as soon as possible.

There’s no way to avoid the beauty of Lawe Dua waterfall when visiting Southeast Aceh. It is located in Lawe Dua Village, Bukit Tusam District, Southeast Aceh.

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10.Jambur Mamang

Jambur Mamang is one of the most popular water tourism locations in Southeast Aceh. The location of Jambur Mamang is about 13 kilometers from Kutacane City.

Usually, when the holidays arrive, many people come to Jambur Mamang for a vacation with family.

Among the water tourism destinations in Jambur Mamang, there are rafting spots and a place to relax with natural scenery. Location Jl. Jambur Mamang Ds. Tanjung Lama Kec. Darul Hasanah.

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11.Gulo Waterfall/Air Terjun Gulo 

Gulo Waterfall is located at the foot of Mount Leuser and is often dubbed as a hidden paradise in Aceh. Precisely this waterfall is located in Gulo Village, Darul Hasanah District, Southeast Aceh.

When you visit Gulo Waterfall, you can enjoy the fantastic natural scenery. Moreover, the waterfall is quite heavy but safe for visitors to blend beauty that pampers the eyes.

Through the forest, you have to cross a path to arrive at the waterfall location. The roar of the waterfall is heard from a distance making you more impatient to get closer to this waterfall.

The waterfall is surrounded by rocks that add to the beauty of the surroundings.

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12.Ketambe Waterfall/Air Terjun Ketambe

Ketambe waterfall is one of the free tourist attractions in Ketambe Subdistrict, Southeast Aceh.

To get to Ketambe Waterfall, you can take about 15 minutes from the most prominent resort in Ketambe District.

This waterfall has a relatively low height with a slight water discharge. Usually, this waterfall becomes a family tourist location on weekends or holidays.

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13.Kuta Reh Fort/Benteng Kuta Reh

Kuta Reh Fort is a fortification that holds a very proud history for the people of Southeast Aceh.

This fort became a silent witness to the war of life and death of Acehnese freedom fighters who were against the Dutch colonial.

The Dutch colonial tried to conquer the entire Aceh region, including the Southeast Aceh area. 

The war cost 4,000 Acehnese fighters their lives, and it was the most brutal rejection effort the colonials experienced during their time in Indonesia.

When visiting Kuta Reh Fort, tourists can see the museum built not far from the castle lokaso. The museum has documentation and evidence leftover from the war.

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14.Goyang Beach/Pantai Goyang

Goyang Beach is one of the unique beaches in Southeast Aceh. Goyang Beach gets its name from the waru trees that line its coast.

The waru trees produced a sound similar to the rhythm of the music that resembled dancing people.

When visiting Goyang Beach, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the natural panorama while grilling fish or chicken. With an affordable admission price, you can see the beauty of marine nature.

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15.East Coast/Pantai Timur

Tourists often feel confused about this tourist attraction when accompanied by a guide because this East Coast is not a beach tourism destination despite its name.

Many people do not know the origin of the name of this tourist spot that has no white sand or sea.

It is an irrigation dam that serves as a tourist attraction on the East Coast. When visiting the East Coast, tourists can play in fresh and clear dam water.

The air around the East Coast is guaranteed to be clean because it is free of pollutants. There are still no facilities at this tourist spot, such as food stalls or toilets, so it is unfortunate.

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16.Lawe Attitude/ Lawe Sikap

Lawe Sikap offers a waterfall tour as well as a trip to Pondok Arohen Pecantik Lawe Sikap. This tourist spot consists of a row of palm trees for the promotion of palm sugar.

Palm sugar is one of the mainstay commodities of Southeast Aceh. Palm sugar has become increasingly popular over the years, so it is no wonder that it would want to continue so.

In this tourist area, the most problematic cottages have been managed with the local community. Even this tourist spot is also becoming increasingly popular among travelers.

When arriving at Pondok Arohen Pecantuk Lawe Sikap, tourists can enjoy a serving of coffee using palm sugar.

The taste of the drink becomes more delicious and legit but it does not make enough. While enjoying a cup of warm drink, you can see a panorama of green nature that refreshes the eyes.

In this tourist attraction, the cost of beverages is essentially doubled with the admission price, which is approximately Rp 5,000.

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17.Lawe Ger-Ger Hot Spring/Pemandian Air Panas Lawe Ger-Ger

This tourist spot is a hot spring that comes directly from the mountains. However, this hot water does not contain sulfur at all, so it remains safe and odorless. You can reach this hot spring in 20 minutes from Kutacane.

18.Bakbahu Waterfall/Air Terjun Bakbahu

This nature tourism is located in Bakbahu Village, Deleng Pokhisen, Southeast Aceh. Bakbahu Waterfall has similar conditions to Lawe Sikap Waterfall with road access that is still quite difficult.

With its surrounding greenery, this waterfall offers stunning beauty. Although the waterfall does not discharge heavy water, it is a relaxing place to unwind.

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19.Waterpark in Kutacane/Waterpark di Kutacane

The next tourist spot in Southeast Aceh is the water playground located in the center of the district capital.

The local government-run waterpark is located next to Gor Kab, Aceh Tenggara. This swimming pool or water park is a favorite spot for family tourists on weekends or holiday seasons.

No wonder many children and families come here to spend vacation time while getting wet.

There is also an Intan Waterboom in Lawe Perbunga village and Pondok Jamnis, which offers a mini water park. Since it is privately run, the pools and rides at both places need to be used at Rogoh Kocek.

Each ticket costs between 5 and 10 thousand rupiahs per person to enter.

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20.Alas and Kutacane Culinary/Situs Rumah Adat

While on vacation, you can’t miss out on the typical cuisine of Southeast Aceh. Enjoy a variety of delicious cuisine typical of the Alas tribe and Kutacane.

You can try a variety of modern menus. Traditional foods such as lemang, telor apam, Tasak telu, fruit cake kum-kum, and Ayam labar (manukh labakh) can not escape their process.

There are a few coffee shops in Southeast Aceh that you can visit, including Pasbell Chill, Alabas Coffee, D’Lungi Garden Cafe, and finally, The History Cafe & Lounge. Southeast Aceh’s 5 cafes are a favorite hangout spot for young people.

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Here are some recommendations of tourist attractions in Southeast Aceh that can guide your travels. These tourist attractions are very affordable so that you can enjoy a pleasant budget vacation.

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