16 Top Tourist Attractions In Bener Meriah, Aceh

16 Top Tourist Attractions in Bener Meriah, Aceh

Bener Meriah is a district located in Aceh Province that may not be so well known to Indonesians or foreigners.

You need to know that Bener Meriah Regency is a district of central Aceh. Bener Meriah consists of 10 subdistricts, and its capital is Simpang Tiga Redelong.

Still, Bener Meriah is full of treasures that must be explored when visiting the district.

Certainly not much different from other districts in Aceh, the tourist attractions in Bener Meriah offer beauty and charm that is guaranteed to amaze anyone.

Most of the residents in the Bener Meriah area are Gayo Tribe, Acehnese, and Javanese. Of course, this makes the culture and customs in Bener Meriah quite diverse.

If you have the opportunity to visit Bener Meriah, especially during the holidays, do not miss seeing tourist attractions in Bener Meriah and learning about the distinctive culture in this district.

16 Top Tourist Attractions in Bener Meriah, Aceh

The following is a list of tourist attractions that will be given to reference those of you who wish to vacation in Bener Meriah.

1.Simpang Balik Hot Spring/Kolam Air Panas Simpang Balik

The first tourist spot in Bener Meriah is Simpang Balik Hot Spring. This tourist spot has been so popular and visited by many tourists.

If you visit this bathing pool, you can find 2 hot spring pools consisting of a collection for men and a pool for women.

Of course, by soaking in this hot spring pool, you can get a variety of benefits that are good for the health of the body.

The local people believe that soaking in this hot spring pool can help cure skin diseases.

If you are interested in visiting Simpang Balik Hot Spring, come to Simpang Balik Village, Wih Pesam, about 8 kilometers from the capital of Bener Meriah Regency.

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2.Radio Rimba Raya Monument/Monumen Radio Rimba Raya

Radio Rimba Raya Monument – a monument built to commemorate the history of Radio Rimba Raya – is the next tourist attraction.

You need to know that Radio Rimba Raya does have a significant role in defending Indonesia from Dutch aggression.

Through Radio Rimba Raya, Indonesia can show its existence to the outside world. Acehnese heroes also used the radio to proclaim the message for freedom fighters to continue to fight to defend Indonesia from Dutch colonialism.

This monument was inaugurated on October 27, 1987, by Bustanil Arifin, who served as Minister of Cooperatives / Head of Bulog.

The location of this monument is in Kampung Rime Raya, Rime Gayo Gate, Bener Meriah. Besides being known as a historical monument, this monument is also a destination for the Acehnese people.

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3.Tansaran Bidin Waterfall/Air Terjun Tansaran Bidin

Bener Meriah also holds natural tourism potential that you should not miss, namely Tansaran Bidin Waterfall. This waterfall is located in Tansaran Bidin Village, Bandar, Bener Meriah.

Tansaran Bidin Waterfall has a height of 50 meters and is perfect for those of you who like an adventure. It is not yet possible for vehicles to access this waterfall.

Thus visitors must walk for 20 minutes to get to the location of the waterfall. You have to endure a long journey, but the effort is worth it when you have the chance to witness the waterfall rising rapidly and dazzling yours.

The cool air and surrounding green scenery make you feel integrated with nature, and all fatigue feels gone.

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4.Reje Ilang Waterfall/Air Terjun Reje Ilang

Bener Meriah preserves a million natural wonders that are still very natural, including the Reje Ilang Waterfall.

This waterfall tourist spot is located in an area that is far from residential areas. That’s why when you travel to Reje Ilang waterfall, it takes a 1000 meter trip from Meriah Jaya village as the nearest village.

Its remote location also means that this waterfall has very few facilities. Therefore, if you are traveling to Reje Ilang Waterfall, you should bring your supplies with you.

The beauty of the waterfall combined with the scenery that is still very natural will make your tour this time more enjoyable.

Are you interested in visiting Reje Ilang Waterfall? The location of Reje Ilang Waterfall is in the village of Meriah Jaya, Timang Gajah, Bener Meriah.

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5.Bintang Musara Waterfall/Air Terjun Bintang Musara

Still around the waterfall tour in Bener Meriah? Bintang Musara waterfall is an exciting waterfall tour that is still relatively new since it has not been found for a long time.

Therefore, it is no wonder that this waterfall still needs a lot of attention so that the facilities are improved for the convenience of visitors.

The rush of waterfalls and the river’s flow below will undoubtedly be an attraction that you should not miss.

The nuances are so natural it is felt around this waterfall to give a calm and soothing impression.

If you want to visit Bintang Musara waterfall then please come to Bintang Musara, Banda District, Bener Meriah. If you find it challenging to get to the waterfall’s location, you can ask the residents for help to deliver you.

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6.Tomb of Datu Beru/Makam Datu Beru

While visiting Bener Meriah, tourists can enjoy historical tours as well as natural attractions. Datu Beru, the Tomb of Datu Beru, is a popular historical destination.

The name Datu Beru is a very influential person in Gayo with the actual name Qurrata’aini. But as a child, the name of the character is known as Datu Beru.

Therefore, Datu Beru is also known as Datu Beru Tomb. Tourist spots like this can also be used as pilgrimages and dig up information about Aceh’s history.

When you visit Datu Beru Tomb, you can travel and increase your historical knowledge. The location of this tomb is in Tunyang Village, Kec. Timang Gajah, Bener Meriah.

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7.Samar Rafting Factory/Arung Jeram Samar Kilang

ImageOpens in a new tab.

Visit The Samar Rafting Factory in Kampung Samar Kilang Kab for those who like challenges and unnecessary things. Bener Meriah.

Samar Rafting Tour This refinery is still classified as new and is in the process of being developed. 

If you want to try the fun of playing Rafting Samar Kilang then come to Sungai Jambu Aye, Kampung Samar Kilang.

Because it is located in a natural and beautiful area, it is no wonder that the atmosphere around this river is very fresh and pampering to the eyes.

Rafting is the perfect way to enjoy nature while experiencing a challenge.

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8.Burni Telong Peak/Puncak Burni Telong

The next tourist spot in Bener Meriah is The Peak of Telong Earth. There is a struggle to reach this tourist attraction as well.

This mountain is up to 2600 meters above sea level, which is certainly not so high but also not so low. If you want to climb the hill in the Bener Meriah area, Burni Telong Peak is the right choice.

If you are lucky when climbing this peak, you can find edelweiss flowers but do not pick them as edelweiss is rare.

When you visit this peak, you will also be able to enjoy the view of the clouds. You can feel as if you are in space above the clouds.

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9.Lut Kucak Lake/Danau Lut Kucak

In Aceh, the Fresh Sea is the most famous lake. But if you visit Bener Meriah, then do not miss the opportunity to visit Lake Lut Kucak.

Even though this lake holds a large amount of potential, it was neglected and unkempt in the past.

But now, Lake Lut Kucak has changed and officially became a tourist destination in Bener Meriah.

The location of Lut Kucak Lake is close to Burni Telong, so when you visit this lake, you will be surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.

It has a beautiful and fresh atmosphere, perfect for unwinding when you arrive at this lake.

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10.Hot Spring Of Lampahan City/Air Panas Bandar Lampahan

Bandar Lampahan still has a hot spring, which is known as the hot spring of Bener Meriah. It is the perfect spot for you to unwind and relax your body at this tourist spot.

This tourist spot offers several facilities such as tire rental, public toilets, and a relaxing pool.

Bandar Lampahan, Timang Gajah, and Bener Meriah are all worth visiting. Bandar Lampahan hot spring is usually always crowded with tourists, especially on weekends.

In this tourist spot with an affordable ticket price, you will not have to worry if you want to soak in hot water as much as you want.

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11.Climbing Mount Geureudong/Mendaki Gunung Geureudong

The location of Mount Geureudong makes it ideal for mountain climbers. This mountain has stunning and unique natural scenery.

There is also a vast expanse of grassland, green natural scenery, and tropical rainforest. Even on this mountain, you can also find fauna such as Sumatran elephants and other types of animals.

Mount Geureudong has an altitude of 2,885 meters above sea level. According to the path chosen by the climber, the distance of the climb on the mountain is determined.

Climbing Mount GeureudoGeureudong is an unforgettable experience.

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12.Kala Semayon Bridge/Jembatan Kala Semayon

This tourist attraction is a suspension and swinging bridge located in Jamur Ujung Village. The bridge has existed for a few years now. This bridge is being used as an alternative route to connect Suka Ramai Village. 

This bridge was not functioning during the erosion of the cliff wall due to river water.

The bridge is now used as a connecting bridge and a tourist attraction in this area after being repaired.

This bridge is unique because it is made of planks for the floor, and it can swing. There is a net around the bridge that serves as a safety measure for visitors.

The bridge holder is made of steel wire, so it can safely be traversed by motorcycles.

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13.Festive Coffee Harvest Festival/Festival Panen Kopi Bener Meriah

Bener Meriah held a Coffee Harvest Festival to revitalize the harvest in conjunction with the harvest of coffee to revitalize the crop.

At this festival, there is a lot of entertainment and exciting education presented to visitors. The types of shows shown include coffee and photography, fashion shows in coffee plantations, coffee sorting competitions, etc.

The festival is held in Kampung Rambele and Seladang Café, Bener Meriah. The festival is held once a year, but it will be held regularly and has become a popular tourist attraction in Bener Meriah.

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14.Wih Ni Kulus/Wih Ni Kulus

The next tourist spot is still related to nature tourism, namely Wih Ni Kulus. This tourist spot presents an incredible and beautiful tour, so it is suitable for unwinding.

From the Gayo plateau, Wih Ni Kulus offers cold spring baths.

This tour presents a beautiful natural panorama and natural limits, which add to the overall appeal of this tour.

But when visiting this tourist attraction, especially among mua-mudi, you should not do unnecessary things because it can violate the written rules that have been made in this tourist attraction.

However, usually, this tourist spot is always crowded with tourists who are taking their families.

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15.Pentago Valley/Lembah Pentago

Pentago Valley tourism stands for Gayo Plateau Gem Valley, which can be visited while on vacation. Pentago Valley is located in Kampung Blang Tamp Pentago Valley Meriah.

Among the exciting tourist facilities offered by nature, tourism is outbound areas, bicycle races, fishing galatama, and attractions picking plantations.

Pentago Valley offers the concept of ecotourism with a very natural atmosphere. When visiting this tourist spot, you can hear the sound of water, birds, and wind soothing to hear.

Here are the types of trees and plants neatly arranged. Moreover, there is a prominent river in the valley and bamboo trees neatly lined up.

In addition, there are plantations of bananas, sawo, jackfruit, coffee, and avocados. Even when the harvest arrives, tourists can pick fruits on this plantation.

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16.Traditional Horse Racing/Pacuan Kuda Tradisional

The next tour is related to cultural tourism, one of which is Traditional Horse Racing, where horse racing is a routine agenda held during the celebration of the independence of The Republic of Indonesia.

Usually, this event is held lively for one week. Usually, this annual event is stored in an open field in Bener Meriah.

If you want to see the excitement of traditional horses, come in August to celebrate Indonesia’s independence day.

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Here is the list of tourist attractions in Bener Meriah that can be enjoyed during the holidays.

Nowadays, traveling to Bener Meriah is no longer confusing since there are many choices of tourist attractions available. These tourist attractions offer uniqueness and charm that you should not miss.

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