The 18 Best Things To Do In Gayo Lues Aceh

The 18 Best Things To Do In Gayo Lues Aceh

The name Gayo Lues may still be very foreign to the ears of most Indonesians. You need to know that Gayo Lues is a district located in Aceh Province and has extraordinary charm.

It is said that according to the beliefs of the local community, Gayo land is the top quality g*nja producing area. It is also called the land of a thousand hills since most of its terrain is hilly.

The natural conditions also affect Gayo Lues’ tourist attractions, which are very beautiful and amazed.

Besides a thousand hills, Gayo Lues is also the origin of the Samaan traditional dance, which is very popular in foreign countries. The name Gayo Lues itself has the meaning of Gunung Luas.

In this area, there are the Deratan mountains, which are gorgeous. This condition is what makes the local government strive to continue to develop tourism in Gayo Lues.

The 18 Best Things To Do In Gayo Lues Aceh

If you are on holiday in Aceh, do not miss visiting tourist spots in Gayo Lues.

1.Princess Betung Hot Spring/Pemandian Air Panas Putri Betung

The first tourist spot in Gayo Lues is Putri Betung Hot Spring. You should not miss this bath when visiting Gayo Lues.

This hot spring bath offers breathtaking and natural scenery; many visitors soak to cure diseases, particularly skin diseases.

Soaking in a pool near the wild will undoubtedly give you a different sensation and make you feel more relaxed. The location of this hot spring is located in the district of Putri Betung, Gayo Lues.

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2.Genting Tree House/Rumah Pohon Genting

This Genting Tree House is on Jalan Pining Gaja Village, Pining, Gayo Lues, about 15 kilometers from Blangkejeren.

Because Genting Tree House is still not fully open, it’s included in the new type of tourism. 

Gayo Lues’, Previously, this tour was purchased by Wajidman, a resident of Bustanul Salam.

After being purchased, this place is managed to become an exciting tourist spot as it is today. When visiting Genting Tree House, you can sit in the cottage provided.

You can drink coffee while looking at the expanse of pine trees from above the height. Besides, from the height of this treehouse, you can see the hills as if the country is above the clouds.

This view can be an exciting photo spot for those of you who like to take pictures. Thus, if you visit this tourist spot, you can get stunning photos to upload to your social media.

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3.Rerebe Blue Pond Waterfall/Air Terjun Kolam Biru Rerebe

The next tourist spot is Rerebe Blue Pond Waterfall. The beauty of this waterfall is so mesmerizing and stunning.

Uniquely, besides having a waterfall, this tourist spot also has a blue lake commonly called the Blue Pond.

This pool is quite spacious and looks different from other waterfalls. The conditions around this waterfall seem so natural that it is suitable for those of you who yearn for the true nuances of nature.

However, you should know that the condition of the facilities here is still quite tricky, so you should prepare enough supplies.

The road leading to this waterfall is in poor condition, making it hard to reach. As soon as you get this waterfall, the fatigue from the trip will have already paid off.

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This tourist spot does have a unique name and certainly provides an exciting experience for you to visit.

Agusen itself is a tourist village that was deliberately developed for tourist purposes. Agusen’s location is in Agusen Village. Blangkejeren, Gayo Lues.

You can participate in a variety of activities at this tourist village, including picking coffee with farmers. You can play in the river with clear water and marvel at the beautiful views of the village while exploring the forest.

No need to worry when you explore this village because there will be a guide from the village ready to accompany you around this tourist village. Make sure you bring your fishing gear if you enjoy fishing.

As for the facilities available in this tourist, the village is also quite complete, starting from a place to stay, bathroom, etc. If you miss the natural and beautiful village feel, then come to Agusen tourist village.

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5.Berawang Pungkih/Berawang Pungkih

Location: Uken, Agusen Tourism Village, Gayo Lues

In Gayo Lues, most tourist attractions are still found in Agusen, but this tourist attraction offers a more specific destination to tourists.

Berawang Pungkih is a natural bathing place that visitors can use to bathe in the Agusen river area.

The location of this river bath is still very natural, and it has clear water. If you plan to climb Mount Leuser, take a moment to rest and enjoy the incredible scenery at Berawang Pungkih.

Visitors to Berawang Pungkih usually swim or bathe and hike, camp, and watch birds.

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6.Seven Level Waterfall/Air Terjun Tujuh Tingkat

Location: Pantan Weather Village, Pantan Weather District, Gayo Lues

Another natural tourism that you should not miss when visiting Gayo Lues is the Seven-Level Waterfall. This waterfall tour is located in Pantan Cuaca Village, Pantan Cuaca, Gayo Lues.

This waterfall tour is awe-inspiring, so you must visit it when you go to Gayo Lues. Seven Level Waterfall may still be less famous, and road access to this waterfall is also quite tricky.

Though the road conditions are rough, your fatigue will pay off when you see how beautiful the waterfall is.

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Ketambe is a tourist attraction located in Gunung Leuser National Park. Ketambe is very popular with rafting activities because of its location close to the Alas River.

Not only rafting, but you can also do other activities such as bird watching and trekking. You can also head to Mount Lesuer National Park if you want to explore more widely.

Certainly, Ketambe can be an option for those of you who like adventure and challenge.

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8.Love Hill/Bukit Cinta

There is a lot of natural beauty at this tourist destination. As the name suggests, Bukit Cinta offers hill tours with a beautiful, natural panorama.

From the top of Cinta hill, you can see shady trees and pine forest scenery from a distance. Besides, there are also tree houses that look neatly lined and can be used by tourists to rest.

When visiting Bukit Cinta, tourists can also enjoy a cup of coffee while looking at the calm and beautiful natural scenery. You can sit in a treehouse so you can feel the stunning nuances of nature from above the heights.

If you are curious about the beauty of Bukit Cinta, then come to The Village Of Fundraising, District Blangkejeren, Gayo Lues.

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Location: Dusun Kedah, Penosan Sepakat, Blangjerango Subdistrict, Gayo Lues

The next tourist attraction is Kedah, devoted solely to nature tourism, exhibiting biological diversity and beautiful natural environments.

Due to this attractive characteristic, it is no wonder that domestic and foreign tourists so favor Kedah and

Usually, foreign tourists who come here want to see orang-utans and other large animals such as rhino hornbills and siamang directly.

Most who come to Kedah are foreign tourists because they want to get closer to the rare animals in this place.

You need to know that the location of Kedah is also at the gate to Mount Leuser. Come to Kedah Hamlet, Penosan Sepakat, Blangjerango Subdistrict, Gayo Lues to visit Kedah.

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10.Gunung Leuser National Park/Taman Nasional Gunung Leuser

After you pass Kedah, then you can continue the journey to get to Gunung Leuser National Park.

This tourist spot is very protected because it serves a vital function to protect and preserve the biodiversity and ecosystems of Gunung Leuser National Park.

Many endangered animals are protected in this national park, ranging from Sumatran Rhinoceros, Orang Utan, Sumatran Elephant, Honey Bear, and Sumatran Tiger.

Since this national park is protected, you need to be careful not to damage the surrounding environment when visiting the park.

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Location: Kutenpayang Subdistrict, Gayo Lues

This tourist attraction is located in Kutenpayang Subdistrict, Gayo Lues. This Blangtasik is the perfect choice for those who want to travel with their family or loved ones.

Blangtasik offers a stunning natural panorama and a clean environment, including a lake surrounded by pine trees that provide a breathtaking wild scene.

Blangtasik is the right choice to unwind since it offers fresh air and a very calm atmosphere.

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12.English Village Tourism/Wisata Kampung Inggris

Gayo Lues also has a unique tourist attraction worth visiting, namely the English Village tour, which can be found in Agusen, Blangkejeren, Gayo Lues.

The natural river waters of Kampung Inggris combine with a breathtaking natural panorama. Water from this calm river comes from the forest of Gunung Leuser, so it is still spotless.

Kampung, England already has adequate facilities, so tourists don’t need to worry about traveling there.

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13.Lipet Cape/Tanjung Lipet

Location: Toa, Agusen Tourism Village, Gayo Lues

This tourist spot is a river valley on a steep rock cliff and surrounded by natural forests.

To see Tanjung Lipet, come to Toa, the Agusen tourism village. The natural beauty of Gunung Leuser National Park is one of the reasons to visit Tanjung Lipet.

While in Tanjung Lipet, you can do some exciting activities such as rapids tubing, trekking, wildlife camping, birdwatching, and so on.

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14.Highland Gayo Lues/Highland Gayo Lues

Location: Takengon area, Gayo Lues

The next tourist spot that you can visit while in Gayo Lues is Highland Gayo Lues. This Highland Peak is located in a very strategic corner in the Takengon area.

If you are climbing this peak, you do not have to have difficulty because this peak has a staircase that tourists can easily climb.

When you reach the top of Gayo Lues Highland, you can find lovely spots with stunning natural beauty.

The combination of lake and city views seems to offer an exotic panorama. From this peak, you can see the activities of fishers looking for fish in the lake area.

You can see the vast expanse of natural landscapes and a sky dotted with clouds from a distance. For those of you looking to unwind, this tourist spot is a perfect choice.

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15.Akang Siwah Waterfall/Air Terjun Akang Siwah

This natural tourist attraction offers natural beauty that is sure to amaze anyone. This waterfall allows you to feel calm and fresh with a breathtaking view of nature.

If you want to visit Akang Siwah Waterfall, then the location of this waterfall is about 6 kilometers from Blangkejeran. Waterfall has three levels, making the view very impressive. 

Kedah is the sound of thundering waterfalls combined with clean air that certainly provides tranquility that is very relaxing for the eyes and mind.

But when you are in this waterfall area, you should be careful because the waterfall is quite slippery. Even so, the beauty of Akang Siwah waterfall is guaranteed to mesmerize visitors.

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16.Saman Cultural Festival (FBS)/Festival Budaya Saman (FBS)

The Saman Cultural Festival (FBS), which is an opportunity to experience a rich cultural experience, is also present in Gayo Lues, in addition to the wonders of nature that will amaze you.

In FBS, a dance performance is not performed with a large number of dancers; it contains as few as 5000 to 10,000 dancers.

The Ministry of Education and Culture organizes FBS, and Gayo Lues was one of the districts that had the chance to type it.

The implementation of FBS has often produced cultural materials and attempts to continue preserving saman dance as one of Indonesia’s cultures.

People in gayo lues usually organize bejamu Saman on religious holidays such as Maulid al-Nabi, Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha.

Most often, the implementation of FBS involves 1 village and 11 subdistricts being sorted in the BEJMU Saman commissary. 

If you like the culture of the Archipelago, then come to Gayo Lues to watch FBS, which is routinely held every year.

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17.Uyem Beriring

The next tourist spot in Gayo Lues is Uyem Beriring. This attraction offers the charm of natural tourism in an instagrammable pine forest. This attraction is relatively new and a pity to miss.

18.Bur Reko/Bur Reko

The last tourist spot in Gayo Lues that we recommend is bur reko, a hilly area with stunning natural beauty.

You will feel relaxed after a visit to Bur Reko. Enjoy nature by using hammocks while enjoying the breezy mountain air.

There is a feeling that time has stopped, and the mind has calmed down.

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Here is an explanation of the recommendations of tourist attractions in Gayo Lues that may interest you. 

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