Lake Lut Tawar - The Mysterious Lake You Should Visit

Lake Lut Tawar – The Mysterious Lake You Should Visit

Gayo Plateau is part of the Bukit Barisan Mountains, so it is not surprising that it has stunning natural features, yet it is still well maintained.

There is a tourist attraction here that is often visited because of its beautiful surroundings and convenient location. 

In Gayo, it is called Lake Lut Tawar. It is named Freshwater Sea Lake.

It covers an area of 5,472 hectares, has a length of about 17 kilometers, and a width of 3 kilometers, with a depth of about 50 to 80 meters.

Lake Lut Tawar gets its name from its general location, making it look like an ocean, even though it contains freshwater.

The stunning views of the blue lake and green row hills make it an ideal place to enjoy nature.

You can see ferrets, bobcats, pangolins, hedgehogs, siamangs, deer, and many more among the wild animals. Some of these animals are protected and cannot be hunted.

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The following is a full review of the beauty and location of Lake Lut Tawar:

The Mystery of Lake Lut Tawar

Lake Lut Tawar is a beautiful lake where the beauty is disputed, but a mystery remains. The following are some of them:

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1. Legend Of Princess Ijo

Lake Lut Tawar is guarded by a creature that resembles a mermaid, and the creature is named Princess Ijo. The trust has long since grown in the Takengon Society.

In addition, there was also a creature that looked like a dragon that was caught on camera coming out of the bottom of Lake Lut Tawar in 2001.

2. Lembide

Another mystery surrounding Lake Lut Tawar is its blood-sucking inhabitants. Visitors who swim in the water often have their blood sucked.

Every year, there are drowning victims, and they usually have bite marks on their feet, similar to those in Dracula movies.

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3. Active Bombs That Cannot Be Lifted

When Indonesia was still colonized, the Gayo tribe had its history. An active bomb weighing about 1.5 tons is believed to have been found.

Approximately 18 meters of water were found beneath the active bomb. Besides the bomb, there are also several other armed devices such as pineapple bombs, bullets, weapons, and other small bombs.

Some of them, including a giant bomb, were not brought to the mainland. Because part of the thing is attached to a rock, it must be careful when picking it up.

Many other mystical things are connected to the bomb, such as residents of the area believing that East Lut Lake is inhabited by creatures capable of defending the bomb.

Residents have been discussing the mystery around Lake Lut Tawar, believing some of the events above.

 Although none of that has been proven accurate, we must respect and respect the beliefs of the surrounding residents.

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Location of Lake Lut Tawar

The location of East Lut Lake is in Gayo Highlands, Central Aceh Regency, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Province.

How to go to Lake Lut Tawar

Takengon, the capital of Central Aceh, is only about 10 minutes drive from Lake Lut Tawar.

Those outside Aceh must take an airplane and land at Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport in Banda Aceh. From there you can take a public bus or rent a car to get to Takengon.

Approximately 32 km will be covered on this trip, which will take 8-9 hours to complete. However, you will be rewarded with a stunning view along the way.

Travel time is about three to four hours from Medan. Road conditions are a bit winding.

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Lake Lut Tawar Opening Hours

Lake Lut Tawar’s beautiful operating hours are 24 hours nonstop from Monday to Sunday. It’s available anytime you want.

Bargain Lake Lut Tickets

The entrance ticket of Lake Lut Tawar has not been determined, so it’s still free.

Amenities of Lake Lut Tawar

Facilities in Lake Lut Tawar include:

  • Car or motorcycle parking area
  • Food and beverage stalls
  • A place to sit around
  • Mosque
  • Inn

Best Things To Do In Lake Lut Tawar

1. The Beauty Of Lake Lut Tawar

Upon entering this one tourist spot, you will be greeted with a beautiful stretch of blue water. Your first impression will be that you’re on an island high in the sky.

However, you are actually in a huge lake with blue water, the color of the high seas. Besides, you will see the beautiful mountain range of hill lines that add to the beauty of Lake Lut Tawar.

Starting from Bukit Ujung Toweran to Bukit Ujung Bale Atu. They are covered with trees that are very shady and green.

You can take a motorboat or a bicycle for a ride around the lake and get a sense of its beauty.

Swimming is not recommended in this lake because the depth ranges between 50 and 80 meters.

Because of that, it cannot be used for swimming activities, especially if you do not have any swimming experience.

2. Dedalu Pier

There is a pier above the lake in Dedalu Village, Lut Tawar Subdistrict. From here, you can see the beauty of Lake Lut Tawar. 

It is a popular place for visitors to take pictures on this pier.

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3. Camping And Fishing Activities

Lut Tawar often fishes in the lake where there is an endemic species of fish known as the Depik Fish.

Depik fish look similar to anchoic fish, and their bodies are small and colorful. Crispy and savory, it tastes great when fried.

Additionally, you can do camping activities with community friends or an institution. Lake Lut Tawar immediately caught the attention of campers.

The air will feel cold if you spend the night in the open with only the stars, so wear warm clothes.

4. Watch The Lut Tawar Festival

Every year in December, there are always festival activities in Lake Lut Tawar. Many exciting activities have been planned, such as the Lut Tawar Cultural Arts Stage, the Gayo Art Carnival, the Gayo Art Village, and the Boat Racing Competition.

Many of these activities are animated by singers from the capital and local, regional areas. Its purpose is to encourage visitors to continue to visit Lake Lut Tawar.

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